People who love to wipe here generally live long

People who love to wipe here generally live long

Longevity is a temptation for anyone, but according to people’s living habits, it is actually very difficult to want longevity.

In fact, there are many habits in life that are beneficial to longevity. So what are the scientific methods of longevity?

The following editor will explain it to everyone!

  When we are tired, we are often used to rubbing our faces or ears, and we will feel a lot more energetic after rubbing.

  Rub your face when you are tired. Rub your face comfortably, and your eyes are bright, so you feel refreshed.

Rubbing your face can also stretch your facial nerves and muscles, or prevent facial paralysis, vision loss, and colds.

  When rubbing your face, the strength is slightly heavier, and the speed is preferably 1 time per second.

Rub your face 3 times a day?
5 times, each time more than 5 minutes, until the ends feel hot and dry.

  People with dry skin should not rub their face too hard, and don’t do it too fast, so as not to rub the skin.

Zhuang Ping pointed out that if the face is rubbed too hard, it can easily cause blood pressure to rise, and it should be stopped.

  Rub the ears and ears with dense acupoints to reach all parts of the human body. When the human body is sick, it is usually displayed on the ears.

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about the kidney opening to the ears, and often rubbing the ears can replenish the kidney and strengthen the waist.

  Zhuang Ping pointed out that rubbing the ears with the outer ear wheel (the part of the cartilage rolled up inwardly in the ear) can promote the filling of capillaries and the improvement of mutual circulation.

Be careful not to press too hard when rubbing your ears.

  Need to be reminded that elderly people with severe hypertension have ear ulcers, and some patients with tumors should avoid rubbing their ears.

  Rubbing the waist and eyes The waist and eyes are located at the top four fingers of the pelvis.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the waist and eyes are “with veins” and are where the kidneys are.

The kidneys are warm and cold, and massaging the waist and eyes can warm the kidneys and yang, and the qi and blood can be smoothed.

Rubbing the waist, eyes and palms with the palm can not only dredge the belt and strengthen the lumbar spine, but also can serially solidify the kidney and prolong life.

  During the massage, both hands rub against the heat, press tightly on the waist and eyes, pause for a while, and then rub down firmly.

Do 50 each time?
100 times a day, morning and evening.

Gently fist in both hands after rubbing, and use the fists or fists to rotate and massage the waist and eyes every 5 minutes.

  Rubbing the feet, the human body merges in the reflex area on the feet, and often rubbing the feet can insert the effects of nourishing the brain and nourishing kidneys, nourishing and calming the nerves, and promoting blood circulation, and can also cure forgetfulness, insomnia, indigestion, decreased appetite, abdominal distension, constipation, and heart, liver, Bile and other organs implanted.

  There are two types of rubbing feet: dry rubbing and wet rubbing.

The method is to hold the front of the left instep with your left hand, and rub it up and down along the sole with your right hand 100 times to make the soles feel hot; use your left hand to rub the soles of the right feet.

The intensity of kneading should be comfortable.

When wet rubbing, put your feet in a warm water basin, soak until the feet become red, and then rub them dry.

Zhuang Ping reminds diabetic patients to rub their feet carefully.

  Conclusion: From the above knowledge we can grind, in fact, longevity can also be rubbed out by our hands.

In fact, longevity is not very far away from us. As long as we usually do a good job in health care and protect our bodies, longevity can be achieved.

Hope the above knowledge can help everyone!