Lip balm can remove makeup

Lip balm can remove makeup

Makeup remover is a very important step in skin care. Choosing the right makeup remover will not only make cleaning work easier, but also benefit the skin.

In addition to using common makeup removers, some skin care products can also be turned into mild but powerful makeup removers.

  Gentle and powerful makeup remover coup 1: Remove lip gloss from lip balm. Some lip glosses and eye shadows with pearl and sequins can make your eyes and lips shine even more.Upset.

It is also impossible to pull the delicate skin of the eyes and lips with force, and using a cotton pad to remove makeup products again and again cannot be cleaned.

  The lip balm is basically inseparable from petroleum jelly and waxy. Its size is greasy and sticky, it is easy to stick to sequins, and it is mild and non-irritating. It is very suitable for the delicate skin of the eyes and lips.

Just take a cotton swab and apply a lip balm, then wipe it gently to remove the troublesome pearl glitter.

  Gentle and powerful makeup remover coup 2: Moisturizer remove mascara Brush thickly with several layers of waterproof mascara can make people instantly get charming eyes, but not easy to remove makeup.

However, when removing makeup, you will find that the mascara that has been dried out becomes thick and hard, especially when it is cold, it is difficult to completely remove the dry and mascara with makeup remover.

  The moisturizer contains rich oils, which can soften the dead dead skin cells. Similarly, it can also soften dry mascara, making it easier to remove eyelashes.

Just use a cotton swab to dip a small amount of moisturizer and gently apply it to the eyelashes. After a while, the eyelashes will return to a soft state.

  Gentle and powerful makeup removal coup 3: How can alcohol cotton remove false eyelashes and remove false eyelashes without bothering to pull and easily remove it?

A small piece of cotton with alcohol can help you.

First wipe off the false eyelash glue with an alcohol cotton ball, and then point your fingers at the skin of the outer corner of the eye and gently peel it off from the inside to easily remove the false eyelashes.

  Gentle and powerful makeup remover coup 4: Baby oil removal body painting is a sign of young people’s self-characteristic whether it is on the body or on the side, but behind the scenery, special paint makes it difficult to remove ordinary makeup products.Clean, if rubbed repeatedly, it will hurt the skin surface and make the skin rough.

  Baby oil has the ability to dissolve oily dirt on wet skin, and it has a mild and irritating property, and can easily dissolve painted pigments.

You can use a wet wipe to wipe the painted area first to wipe out most of the color, and then use a cotton swab moistened with baby oil to gently wipe the dissolved oil.

  Gentle and powerful makeup remover coup 5: Baby wipes remove light makeup If you go out and get used to the light makeup mm, you can complete the makeup removal without spending a lot of money on various professional makeup removers.

As long as you use a baby moisturizing towel, it is not only gentle in nature, but also non-irritating to the skin. It can also dissolve and wipe as a light makeup removal for you.

Not only the effect is obvious, the use is convenient, and the skin will feel moisturized after using it.