The ten-man Milan made Juve so embarrassed that Ibrahim missed the second round of the account 9 years ago

The ten-man Milan made Juve so embarrassed that Ibrahim missed the second round of the account 9 years ago
The second match of the first leg of the semifinals of the Italian Cup ended this morning. AC Milan took a 1-1 home draw against Juventus with only ten players in the final 20 minutes.Rebic scored a goal for Milan.Although this is only the semifinal of the Italian Cup, the enthusiasm of the fans is quite high.According to statistics, as early as two days before the start of the game, the event has successfully sold more than 70,000 tickets, this number also broke the historical highest data in the semifinals of the Italian Cup.In this game, Milan’s offensive is in full swing, with a total of 21 shots and 11 positive shots.According to statistics, this is the first time Juventus has been shot by opponents at least 11 times in a single game after nearly 7 intervals in August 2013.After this campaign, Milan also ended the game that has been happening for more than three years. Facing Juve’s 9-game losing streak, they last unbeaten against Juventus and returned to the 2016 Italian Super Cup.Than 1, Milan won the penalty shootout.After a draw, all pressure from the two teams came to the second round in the early hours of March 5, Beijing time.Unfortunately, all three Milan generals will be forced to be absent, including the team’s new leader Ibrahimovic.Things are going to return to the 2010-2011 season of the Italian Cup semi-finals, Milan is out with a total score of 3 to 4, Ibrahimovic received a yellow card in the 69th minute.After this season, Ibrahimovic left Serie A.In the first half of the battle, Ibrahimovic knocked down Derricht to yellow in the fight.Due to problems left over by history, Ibrahimovic will miss the second round of Juventus due to the two yellow cards in the Italian Cup.In addition to Ibrahimovic, Castillejo, who also gradually had two yellow cards, and Special Olympics, who was sent off for two yellows and one red, also missed the second round match with Juve.This is undoubtedly a huge blow to the coach’s tactical arrangement and troop morale. Whether Milan can go further in the Italian Cup has become a huge unknown.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Yang Xuli

[Efficacy and role of squid mother dried]_Advantages_Benefits

銆 愰 Stupid catalpa and 阝 駞 姛 堁 堜 笌 湤 护 銆 慱 鐩 婂 _ 濂 BOR
You can’t wait for a while. You can’t stop it. You can’t stop it. You can’t stop it. You can’t stop it. You can’t do it. You can’t do it. You can’t do it.仛娉曪紝閰嶆枡濂藉喅瀹氫簡楸块奔鐨勫懗閬撱€傞笨楸肩‖纭殑锛屼环鍊奸潪甯搁珮銆傞笨楸兼瘝骞叉湁涓嶅悓鐨勫懗閬擄紝鍙互褰撻浂椋熴€傞笨楸兼槸涓€绉嶆捣浜у搧锛屽畠鏈変竴鑲¢潪甯搁噸鐨勮叆鍛炽€傛墍浠ュ湪閰嶆枡涓婇潰瑕佹敞鎰忛€夌敤涓€浜涘彲浠ュ幓鑵ュ懗鐨勪笢瑗匡紝浣嗗張涓嶈兘鎺╃洊楸块奔鐨勫懗閬撱€傚姛鏁堬細楸块奔鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勯挋銆佺7銆侀搧鍏冪礌锛屽楠ㄩ鍙戣偛鍜岄€犺鍗佸垎鏈夌泭锛屽彲浠ユ湁鏁堟不鐤楄传琛€銆傞笨楸煎瘜鍚泲鐧借川鍙婁汉浣撴墍闇€鐨勬皑鍩洪吀锛岃繕鏄惈鏈夊ぇ閲忕墰榛勯吀鐨勪竴绉嶄綆鐑噺椋熷搧銆傚彲鎶戝埗琛€娑蹭腑鐨勮儐鍥洪唶鍚噺锛岀紦瑙g柌鍔筹紝鎭㈠瑙嗗姏锛屾敼鍠勮倽鑴忓姛鑳姐€傛墍鍚殑澶氳偨鍜岀绛夌熆鐗╄川鏈夋姉鐥呮瘨銆佹姉灏勭嚎浣滅敤銆備腑鍖昏涓猴紝楸块奔鏈夋粙闃村吇鑳冦€佽ˉ铏氭鼎鑲ょ殑鍔熸晥銆?What is the effect of the rainbow? Admitting that the hydrogen is very strong?Do you want to read the details? 30 technetium?0鍏嬨€傛俯棣ㄦ彁绀猴細1.楸块奔鎬у瘨鍑夛紝鑴捐儍铏氬瘨鐨勪汉搴斿皯鍚冦€?.楸块奔鍚儐鍥洪唶杈冨锛岄珮琛€鑴傘€侀珮鑳嗗浐閱囥€佸姩鑴夌‖鍖栫瓑蹇冭绠$梾鍙婅倽鐥呮偅鑰呮厧椋熴€?.楸块奔鏄彂鐗╋紝婀跨柟銆佽崹楹荤柟绛夌毊鑲ょ梾鎮h€呭繉椋熴€?.楸块奔涓湁涓€绉嶅鑲芥垚鍒嗭紝鑻ユ湭鐓€忓氨椋熺敤锛屼細瀵艰嚧鑳冭偁鍔熻兘澶辫皟銆?.You can’t wait for a long time to come and go. Could you please tell me how to do it? If you don’t know what to do, don’t you want to do it? Do you know what you are going to do? Ⅰ7% 绾 ⒈ 銆?%鐭崇伆姘淬€?0%寮€姘?”Is it effective? Is it a delicate girl, ramming the rambling block, and becoming rich, chopped, thin, linden, stupid, difficult, 12?string together?80 ounces?Adidas?If you want to squeeze the delicate girl, you will be able to squeeze it.鑼跺寵锛岄潚钁辫尭2鑼跺寵锛岀硸2/3鑼跺寵锛岄唻锛岄夯娌瑰悇1鑼跺寵锛岀敓鎶斤紝寮€姘村悇2姹ゅ寵璋 冩 枡 / 罐 屾 枡: 氲 タ 飺 Silicon 紟 紟 紟 紟 枡 氱 洂 1/8 gong 蝺 pets?Do you have a stubborn penny?/ 4 Gong squandering admiration for the mischievous girl  鈒 青 杩 囩 囩 ▼ 鈥?.鍏堝皢鑺辨绮掓崳纰庢垚绮夌姸锛屽啀涓庡叾浠栨眮鏂欐贩鍖€锛屽鐢?2.The stupid and the hard-wondering people are arrogant and arrogant.瑗胯姽鍘荤粡缁滐紝绾靛垏寮€鍐嶆枩鍒囨垚闀垮潡锛屾斁鍏ョ叜鐑粴姘翠腑娴搁€忥紝鎹炲嚭娌ュ共锛屽姞鍏ヨ 皟 紟 紡 湡 鱷 屽 睡; 4.楸块奔鐢ㄥぇ瀛旂瑠绡辩洓鐫€锛屾斁婊氭按鎴栦笂姹や腑锛屾蹈鑷抽笨楸艰姳寰嵎锛屽彇鍑烘播骞诧紝鍔犺皟鍛虫枡鎷屽寑;5.I ‘m going to go back and forth, and I ‘m going to say something, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to talk about it, I ‘m going to talk about it, I ‘m going to talk about it.師鏂欙細楸块奔銆佽姖楹绘补銆佽懕澶淬€佽殱娌广€佺帀绫崇綈澶淬€佽眴鐡i叡銆侀叡娌广€佷笜姣旀矙鎷夐Rui Guo:。Jacaranda?cm瀹斤紝3cm闀跨殑鍧椼€?。娲嬭懕鍒囦笣锛岀帀绫崇綈澶村幓鎺夋按鍒嗐€?.灏嗘矙鎷夐叡銆侀叡娌广€佽殱娌广€佽眴鐡i叡銆佽姖楹绘补鍜屽湪涓€璧凤紝鍐嶅拰楸块奔鎷屽湪涓€璧凤紝揀?5 嗒 嗛 挓 宸 ﹀ 劸 銆?.Hao?鍊掑叆閿呭唴鐐掞紝鏈€鍚庡€掑叆鐜夌背绮掋€傝荆鐐掗笨楸间笣鐨勫埗浣滄柟娉曢笨楸?00 鬏 嬶 纴 读?0 嬏 嬶 疴 菰 訰 記 25 鍏 嬶 庴 傀 身 steady and beautiful?5 What’s the matter?00 Weibi Ren Chán ц Yan 10 Weibi Ren Wei Qian crop child forking f3 Birenoutang tired last 25 Weibi Ren Fort ℃ 300  Ju Jiao Ying schematic complement adze Yenju 5 Weibi Ren Ye Qi drama 1.5 guns?銆佸彇鍑€楸块奔鍧楋紝鍘昏啘锛屾礂鍑€锛屽垏鎴?鍘樼背闀匡紝2鍘樼背瀹界殑涓濓紝娉″叆娓呮按涓€?It ‘s hard to find a solution. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s hard to find a solution. It ‘s not easy to get it.寮€锛屽€掑叆楸块奔涓濓紝绋嶇叜涓€涓嬶紝鎹炲嚭锛屽緟鐢ㄣ€?銆佸共绾㈣荆妞掓摝鍑€锛屽幓钂傛牴锛屽幓绫斤紝鍒囨垚缁嗕笣;澶ц懕鍘荤毊锛屾礂鍑€锛屽垏纰?Are you afraid of being sorrowful?5鍏嬭姳鐢熸补锛屾椇鐏儳鑷充簲鎴愮儹鏃讹紝鏀惧叆骞茬孩杈f涓濄€侀叡娌广€佺洂銆侀唻鐐掑嚑涓嬶紝鍊掑叆浣欎笅鐨勯浮姹ゃ€侀笨楸硷紝鐑у紑锛屾斁鍏ユ箍娣€绮夛紝鍕捐姟锛屾斁鍏ヨ懕鏈紝娣嬩笂鑺濋夯娌癸紝鍑洪攨锛屽叆锛屽嵆鍙€?

[Benefits and Disadvantages of Coffee]_Think_ Harm

[Benefits and Disadvantages of Coffee]_Think_ Harm

Coffee is a kind of beverage that people like to drink. In recent years, more and more young people like to drink a cup of coffee after work and leisure. Coffee has certain nutritional value and it has a certain effect on promoting metabolism.Effect, at the same time it also has the effect of hangover, the most obvious effect is refreshing, of course, usually pay attention to the amount of coffee, do not drink too much, too much drinking will also cause adverse effects on the body.

The benefits of drinking coffee Coffee is becoming more and more sought after by young people, whether they are studying or working, they like to get a cup of coffee for themselves.

So what are the benefits of drinking coffee?

1. Coffee contains certain nutrients.

Nicotinic acid in coffee contains vitamin B, which is higher in roasted coffee beans.

And there are free fatty acids, caffeine, tannic acid and so on.

2. Coffee has arthritis on the skin.

Coffee can promote metabolic functions, activate digestive organs, and has a great effect on constipation.

Bathing with coffee powder is a kind of warming therapy, which has the effect of losing weight.

3. Coffee has a hangover function.

Drinking coffee after drinking will rapidly oxidize the acetaldehyde converted from alcohol, decompose it into water and carbon dioxide and expel it from the body.

4. Coffee can eliminate fatigue.

To eliminate fatigue, it is necessary to supplement nutrition, rest and sleep, and promote metabolic functions, and coffee has these functions.

5. Three cups of coffee a day can prevent gallstones.

For caffeinated coffee, it can stimulate the gallbladder to contract and reduce the cholesterol that easily forms gallstones in the bile. The latest Harvard researchers found that men who drink two to three cups of coffee a day have a gallstone chance of less than 40%.
The disadvantages of drinking coffee are two-sided. Since we know the benefits of drinking so much coffee, we might as well look at the disadvantages of drinking coffee again.

1. Add chaos when nervous.

Caffeine helps increase alertness, sensitivity, memory and concentration.

But more than the amount of coffee you usually mix in, it will produce a similar amount of stimulant and cause nervousness.

For those who expect severe disorders, caffeine can cause symptoms such as sweating, palpitations, and tinnitus in the palms of the hands.

2. Exacerbate hypertension.

Because caffeine itself has analgesic effects, it is often combined with other simple analgesics. However, if you take it in large amounts for a long time, if you already have high blood pressure, using a large amount of caffeine will only make your situation worse.

Because caffeine alone can increase blood pressure, if you add emotional tension, you will have a dangerous multiplicative effect. Therefore, people at high risk of hypertension should avoid drinking caffeinated beverages when they are under stress at work.
Some people who have the habit of drinking coffee all year long think they are immune to the effects of caffeine, but this is not the case. A study shows that after drinking a cup of coffee, the blood pressure can rise for up to 12 hours.

3. Stimulate osteoporosis.

Caffeine itself has a good diuretic effect. If you drink coffee for a long time, it will easily lead to bone loss, which will adversely affect the preservation of bone mass. For women, it may increase the threat of osteoporosis.

But at least, people who lack enough calcium in their foods, or people who don’t move often, and postmenopausal women, the reason is the loss of calcium caused by estrogen. These conditions are combined with a lot of caffeine.May pose a threat to bone.

If you can enjoy it in a reasonable amount, you can still do it.

Qibin Group (601636): The strategy of entering the high-end pharmaceutical glass value-added electronic glass is becoming clearer

Qibin Group (601636): The strategy of entering the high-end pharmaceutical glass value-added electronic glass is becoming clearer

The company plans to invest in a neutral borosilicate medicinal glass project. The project is planned to be constructed in phases. The construction scale is 3 kiln and 8 lines 100 tons / day (kiln output) neutral borosilicate medicinal glass tube, as well as product deep processing.The total investment is about 600 million yuan.

This time, it is planned to invest in the construction of the first phase of the neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass tube project in Zixing City, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. The total planned investment for this phase of the project is 155.28 million yuan, of which 100 million yuan is self-raised.The company raised 69.2 million yuan in fundraising expenses, followed by the company’s business partners and other key management personnel to invest in the establishment of a follow-up investment platform and investment (30.80 million yuan), and the remaining 55.28 million yuan applied for loan settlement.

Comment: Medicine glass is another direction for the company’s high-end products after electronic glass. After achieving the world’s best scale, the company released a mid-to-long-term development plan this year, formulated “one body and two wings” and “strengthened and enlarged”The development strategy of the “two wings” is the high-end of the product. Electronic glass is only a step in the high-end of the company’s products. It is currently progressing smoothly and is expected to be officially delivered in Q2 next year.

The company’s goal perception does not stop there. This entry into military medical glass is another direction for the company to seize the high-end market ranking.

According to the content of the 2017 consistency assessment, the drug glass market is expected to usher in quality enhancement and expansion. The consistency evaluation policy reached by the State Food and Drug Administration in 2017 clearly requires that the packaging materials used by generic drugs should be consistent with the original research drugs.All drugs use neutral borosilicate glass.

The implementation of the preliminary policy means that the packaging of nitrate medicines is turned on neutral5.

0 The borosilicate glass substitute is a safe way to use ordinary soda-lime glass, and the replacement ratio will increase year by year.

From the international perspective, except for a few countries such as China and India, the import of neutral borosilicate glass in China is based on the use of neutral borosilicate glass as the raw material for cartridges, vials, sodium and sodium hydroxide.Pre-filled bottle.

The domestic products packaged with neutral borosilicate glass are mainly divided into freeze-dried medicines, water injection medicines, biological medicines and other high-end medicines or medicines converted for export.

At present, the neutral borosilicate glass tubes required in China mainly rely on imports, with an annual demand of about 3,000 tons, and are often subject to foreign companies’ monopoly on prices and fluctuations in supply periods.Anhydrocarbon, test tubes, etc. are imported more than 200 million pieces per year, equivalent to 2,000 tons of glass tube demand. At present, the domestic imports of neutral borosilicate glass tubes are mainly monopolized by Germany’s SCHOTT, Japan Electric Glass, and Corning in the United States. According to China Glass NetworkAccording to the information, the length of SCHOTT neutral borosilicate glass tube in Germany is about 27,000 yuan / ton. According to this calculation, the domestic replacement space for light domestic products is about 1.3 billion, which is all over the country.

0 Borosilicate glass is gradually replacing ordinary soda-lime glass, and the demand for borosilicate glass is expected to grow rapidly in the future. According to the International Reportlinker report, the global pharmaceutical glass market will reach 220 in 2025.

500 million US dollars, India and China’s emerging markets will grow 9%, China will become one of the major consumers of pharmaceutical glass packaging bottles.

The senior executives of this project forced follow-up investment All senior executives of this investment company followed up with a total of 101 participants in the neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass tube project (Phase 1), of which 42 were senior investment managers at the deputy general manager level or above.People, 48 volunteers (excluding the deputy general manager), 2 volunteers for the neutral borosilicate medicinal glass tube project (Phase 1), 8 qualified candidates for other projects, foreign (Malaysia) 1 person following the vote.

Among the members of the board of directors and supervisors who participated in the project are Mr. Zhang Baizhong, director and president, Mr. Yao Peiwu, chairman and secretary, Mr. Zhang Guoming, director and chief financial officer, Mr. Ling Genluo, director and vice president, Ms. Yingying Hou, and supervisor Wang LiMr. Yong.

Mandatory follow-up investment ensures that the interests of senior management and listed companies are consistent, which is conducive to improving the probability of project success.

A win-win culture is conducive to the realization of medium- and long-term development planning. The company’s Fuling Qibin Electronic Glass Co., Ltd. intends to implement investment and project investment with key management personnel such as business partners of the capital increase and share expansion company.

The key management personnel such as the company’s business partners set up a follow-up investment platform (5 limited partnerships) to raise funds of RMB 31.64 million to increase capital and invest in Fuling Electronic Glass Company.

After the capital increase, the registered capital of Liling Electronic Glass 武汉夜生活网 Company increased from 150 million yuan to 181.64 million yuan, and the follow-up investment platform will receive Liling Electronic Glass Company17.

4191% equity.

Whether it is the company’s business partner plan, employee shareholding plan, or the follow-up investment mechanism of electronic glass and medicine glass, fully reflecting Qibin Group’s motivation, willingness to share, and strive to achieve a win-win situation in the process of transforming into a professional manager systemWe believe that this is an important guarantee for the company’s mid- and long-term development planning.

Reiterate the “Buy” rating. We expect the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 89.

400 million, 98.

200 million, 104.

USD 900 million, increasing by 6 each year.

8%, 9.

7%, 6.

8%; net profit attributable 杭州桑拿 to mothers is 13.

300 million, 15.

900 million, 17.

300 million, an increase of 10 each year.

4%, 19.

2%, 8.


EPS are 0.

50, 0.

59 and 0.

64 yuan / share, corresponding PE is 9/7 / 7x.

We believe that the changes in the glass supply and demand pattern provide the basis for the stability of the industry’s long-term profitability. As a leader in the industry, the company has a clear development strategy and incentive schemes in place. A win-win culture is an important guarantee for the strategy to achieve.Marginal, re-buy rating. Risks suggest that glass prices have fallen sharply; raw material prices have risen sharply.

Hailan House (600398): The revenue growth of the main brand in 19Q1 turned positive and the momentum of stabilization has been transformed

Hailan House (600398): The revenue growth of the main brand in 19Q1 turned positive and the momentum of stabilization has been transformed

Investment highlights: 19Q1 revenue growth 5.

23%, net profit increased by 6.


In 1Q1, the company realized revenue of 61 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 5.

23%, net profit attributable to mother 12.

1 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.


Gross profit margin 43.

59%, an increase of 3 per year.

69pct, net interest rate 19.

9%, a year to raise 0.


In terms of revenue, the main brand HLA revenue is 5 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 2.

16%, the earlier 18Q3, 18Q4 -2.

57%, -0.

42% improvement; women’s clothing brand Ijutu income 3.

4 ppm, an increase of ten years.

At 06%, the Aiju Rabbit brand is still in the process of adjustment, resulting in a breakthrough in growth rate fluctuations (18Q3, 18Q4 revenue growth rate: 3.

27%, -19.

43%); total revenue of other retail brands1.

400 million, because the scale is still small, the growth rate is 1139%.

Product upgrades, channel improvements, and the main brand HLA stabilized and grew.

The highlight of the company’s business in 19Q1 was the stabilization of the revenue growth rate of the main brand, with a single brand revenue growth rate of 2.

16%, the earlier 18Q3, 18Q4 -2.

57%, -0.

42% improved; the number of stores in Q1 increased by 72 nets, and the number of directly operated stores increased by 14 nets, with direct sales accounting for 4% (18Q1: 1%).

We believe that the scope of improvement of the main brands: ① product popularity and marketability; ② and the optimization of channels brought by the development of shopping malls.

In 2018, the company proposed that “fabrics are the soul of clothing”, focusing on developing product quality and improving consumer acceptance.

And the company continues to expand shopping mall channels to increase brand exposure in new traffic gathering places.

Due to the potential for direct investment in some shopping malls, the proportion of the company’s direct sales has increased, confirming the fact that new channels are being developed.

High-quality traffic, the proportion of high-single stores has increased, and appropriate single brands have a high base in 18Q1 (revenue +9.

48%), still achieved stable growth and reversed the trend of 18H2 offset.

We judge that the direction of the main brand’s return to growth has been rebuilt. Through channel optimization in 2019, the same store will continue to improve; when the main brand accounted for 南京夜网论坛 about 80% of revenue (2018, 19Q1: 79%, 82%) margins improved,The company’s overall business may achieve accelerated growth.

Gross profit margin continued to increase and entered the harvest period of management value.

1Q1 company gross margin was 43.

59%, an increase of 3 per year.

69 points, of which the gross profit margin of the main brand is 45.

70%, an increase of 4 per year.74pct, the gross profit of the main brand accounted for 86% of the company’s overall gross profit (19Q1).

We believe that the improvement of the company’s gross profit margin is a reflection of the brand’s bargaining power of channel franchisees.

The company uses a direct franchise franchise model. Franchisees provide store opening funds. The company is responsible for store location selection, employee recruitment training, product selection, logistics and after-sales.

Ranking the traditional franchise model, the company has assumed more management functions.

As the company scales up and its brand power increases, its appeal to franchisees increases.

Therefore, the company has the bargaining power to obtain more profits on the value chain and enter the harvest period of management value.

We judge that the overall gross profit margin in 2019 will be significantly improved compared to 2018, and profitability will be enhanced.

Product innovation of traditional brands.

The company’s brand is mainly developed in the 2-4 line. In the past, it was more people-friendly in product design.

As consumers demand higher product quality and higher fashion, the company is also making adjustments to its products.

Put forward the concept of “fabric is the soul of clothing” and develop functional fabrics.

In terms of product design, we have seen the increase in fashion models and fashion models. In March 2018, the company cooperated with Shangying to develop a “Big Trouble in Heaven” co-branded T-shirt to strengthen style development capabilities.

We believe that the main brand gradually changes in style and tone, adapting to the aesthetic concepts of modern consumers, and the acceptance of products in the market will improve in the future.

Multi-brand layout to cultivate long-term growth points.

In addition to the restoration of the main brand, the company’s new brand layout is advancing steadily, and reserves are reserved for long-term development.

In 2017-2018, the company successively developed urban workplace women’s clothing OVV, technology new men’s clothing AEX, trendy brand black whale, and home living hall Hailan preferred, and obtained 52% of the CUHK children’s clothing brand “boy and girl” through holding 52%.

The company uses its own retail management capabilities to empower new brands and tap new growth points in multiple apparel market segments.

We are optimistic about the forward-looking nature of the company’s multi-point layout and promote the cultivation of new growth points in the future.

Profit forecast and estimation.

We expect a net profit of 36 in 2019 and 2020.

9, 39.

700 million, a six-year growth rate of 6.

86%, 7.


The company’s 2019 PE evaluation interval is 12-15 times, corresponding to a reasonable value interval 9.


30 yuan, maintain the “preliminary market” rating.

risk warning.

Terminal retail was weak, and new brand expansion failed to meet expectations.

Three Gorges Water Conservancy (600116): Improving incoming water during the flood season to help reduce the decline in self-generated electricity

Three Gorges Water Conservancy (600116): Improving incoming water during the flood season to help reduce the decline in self-generated electricity

The main points of the report describe the company’s announcement of the completion of the first three quarters of 2019 and the completion of on-grid power: As of September 30, 2019, the hydropower stations of the company’s subsidiaries and holding companies have gradually completed the power generation5.

604.1 billion kWh, a decline of 6 per year.

93%; complete online power 5.

576 billion kWh, a decline of 6 per year.


Incident comment The water supply in the flood season improved, and the decline in self-generated electricity generation narrowed in the first three quarters.

The water supply of the company’s power plant in the river basin improved during the flood season, and power generation was achieved in the third quarter.

3.7 billion kWh, an increase of 45 in ten years.


On the whole, the hydropower stations of the company’s subsidiaries and holding companies gradually completed the power generation in the first three quarters of 20195.

604.1 billion kWh, a decline of 6 per year.

93%, of which: Chongqing area 5.

352.8 billion kWh, a decline of 6 per year.

36%; Yunnan area where the Mengyahe 2nd power plant is located is 0.

251.3 billion kWh, a decrease of 17 per year.


In the first half of the year, the company benefited from the 19 million yuan of special subsidy funds for rural power grid transformation received in advance, and the deferred income of the rural power grid loan repayment funds transferred to other incomes, but the high external power cost income still showed relatively small results in the first half of the year.Situation.
From the first three quarters, although the company ‘s self-power generation volume still needs to be reduced and more high-priced outsourced power needs to be purchased, the water supply in the flood season has improved.Significantly narrowing will definitely ease the decrease of the company’s increase in performance.

The “Four Networks Convergence” aims to bring the core value of the Three Gorges Power into Yucheng transaction.

The company intends to acquire United Energy 88 by issuing shares and convertible corporate bonds and paying cash to purchase assets.

55% equity, 100% equity of Changxing Power.

After the asset reorganization is completed, the company will directly hold United Energy 88.

55% equity, indirectly holding United Energy10.

95% equity, directly holding 100% equity of Changxing 杭州夜网 Power.

Without considering supporting financing, this acquisition will slightly increase the company’s EPS.

Since United Energy has completed the integration of the two local power grids of Wujiang Industrial and Julong Power, after the completion of the asset integration, the incremental distribution network of the Liangjiang New District to which Changxing Power belongs, the existing Wanzhou Power Grid in Chongqing, Fuling Julong Power, and Qianjiang Wujiang Power”Four network integration” will be realized.

The entry of Three Gorges Power into Chongqing is the core value of this transaction. If we consider the full replacement of the company and the joint purchase of electricity by United Energy in the future, it will be expected to bring 5

6.7 billion results increased.

Investment suggestions and estimates: 南京桑拿论坛 Regarding the company’s asset restructuring for the time being, we expect the company’s EPS in 2019-2021 to be 0.

21 yuan, 0.

24 yuan and 0.

24 yuan, the corresponding PE is 34.

70 times, 31.

06 and 29.

82 times.

Asset restructuring is expected to open the company’s development ceiling and maintain the company’s “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: 1.

Acquisition advances less than expected risks; 2. Risk of worsening power demand.

Three cold food soups for cold and cold in autumn

Three cold food soups for cold and cold in autumn

The cold and cold start, the main symptoms are heavy head or headache, fear of cold, sore limbs and tightness, body fever but no sweat, accompanied by nasal congestion and runny nose.

The patient was conscious of not thirsty, thin and white with expectoration, and he could observe the white and white tongue on the mirror.

Food therapy should be based on Xin Wenjie table.

  The first soup: “Five God Drinks” (put in “Herbal Compendium”) 10 grams of nepeta, sage leaves and ginger are cut into thick pieces, and boiled with 6 grams of tea.

After putting it in, stir with 30g of brown sugar. After boiling, take it under heat and cover it after taking it. If you don’t sweat well, you can take it again after an hour to make you feel cold and relieve your body pain.

Table cold, severe body pain, can be appropriately matched with 6 grams of ephedra, 9 grams of cinnamon sticks to strengthen the power of Xin Wen disperse cold.

  The second soup: “Double White Jade Porridge” (internally from “Yan’s Recipe”), add 50 grams of water to boil the porridge, add boiled sliced Chinese cabbage (mainly with cabbage and vegetables), boiled green onions, and sliced green onions20 grams and 10 grams of ginger are cooked until the cabbage, the green onions become soft, when the porridge is thick, add salt to the pot and eat.

  This porridge can promote sweating, dispel cold, and reconcile stomach qi, make sweating without hurting righteousness, especially suitable for the elderly.

  Third soup: Tofu, ham, mustard soup, tofu, 100 grams, cut into pieces or thick slices, stir-fry with a small amount of peanut oil and 50 grams of ham, add 1,000 grams of broth, boil 10 grams of ginger, sprinkle 30 grams of mustard before boiling, Coriander, seasoned with salt and take while hot.

  In addition to being afraid of cold and body pain, dry colds are often accompanied by loss of appetite and a cold stomach. On the basis of the first two soups, this soup uses mustard, coriander, ginger and pepper to disperse, resulting in tofu, ham tonic and stomach., Increase appetite, and further accelerate the human body’s self-recovery function.

Yoga exercises for spine correction

Yoga exercises for spine correction

How can we practice yoga to relieve the spine?

Practicing spine yoga can effectively nourish the spine.

Today we will learn a few groups of spine yoga with you. You can follow our yoga teaching steps to index, or follow our yoga video tutorials to perform simple spine yoga exercises.

  Lower tibia-forward bending is a yoga movement that we often practice. It is very simple to practice, but it has a very relaxing effect on the nature of our spine. Of course, we need to keep practicing!

  The posture of the lower jaw-forward bending efficiency in the mother’s body has a soothing effect, which can relax and soothe the lower tail, the stiff shoulders, and the boots depositing thoughts.

  1. Prepare two pillows and towels in advance and stack them.

  If you find the right pillows and towels, you can also replace them with our blankets. In short, you need a soft and essential item!

  2. Then, relax your body and knees on the ground to separate them. Place the pillow between the two ends and clamp it. Your hands will hang naturally on your knees and your body will stand upright.

  3. Slowly bend your body forward, lie on the pillow, face down, put your forehead on the towel, relax the upper part, put your arms comfortably next to the pillow, close your eyes, breathe slightly, and stay for 5-10 minutes.

  Note that if you can’t sleep at midnight, you can use this position to let yourself fall asleep slowly.

  The open-back effect helps us to train our spine effectively, making our spine more flexible. Persistence in practice can help us alleviate some very common spinal diseases.

  1. Find a long blanket and place it on the back of your hips.

  2. Slowly lean back, lie on the pillow comfortably with your lower back, touch the top of your head, twist your throat, spread your hands, place on the floor parallel to your eyes, close your eyes and breathe slightly, stay for 5-10 minutes.

  Note that if there is a problem with the cervical spine, you can place a yoga brick or small pillow above the top to relieve head pressure.

  Relax shoulder pressure-butterfly effect relaxes, increase joint flexibility of waist.

  1. Sit up straight, stretch and bend open to the sides of your body, stretch your spine, touch your feet, and place your hands on top.

  2. With your palms on your back, bend your body forward, until your upper body can no longer bend forward, relax your back, align your head, close your eyes and breathe gently. Stay for 5-10 minutes. During the process, straighten your spine and backBack.

  3. Focus your attention on the abdomen and how to lower it towards the ground in order to make the full effect of this posture. Please contract the perineum, which is the pelvic floor muscles.

  Note that if you have high blood pressure or hypertension, do not bend your body forward to the ground, just bend your spine forward to a 45-degree angle.

  Precautions for yoga practice Emotional fluctuations should not be practiced. Yoga is a sport that must be coordinated with the body and mind. If you are angry, worried, or nervous, your muscles are tight. It is best not to practice yoga to avoid injury, only when the muscles are soft.You can practice yoga more healthily and safely.

  After a few classes, I feel that the joints and tendons are sore, which may not be suitable for practicing yoga. Some people are naturally not good in body softness, while yoga is training the body’s softness and extension of muscle strength.In case of joint pain or tendon inflammation, the body may not be soft enough and is not suitable for yoga.

  Pregnant women practicing yoga should be careful. Although there is a so-called pregnant yoga for pregnant women, this refers to people who have been practicing yoga for a long time. If they have never practiced yoga, it is recommended that doctors evaluate the condition during pregnancy after 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  IOP is too high and myopia is high. It is not recommended to bend or stand upside down on the head or foot. It will increase the IOP. Therefore, there are people who have high IOP and high myopia. It is not recommended to practice yoga.

The medicinal value of 11 kinds of vegetables

The medicinal value of 11 kinds of vegetables

In the motherland medicine, there are many vegetables that can be used as medicines.

According to data records, there are more than 100 flavors of common vegetables.


The name of the traditional Chinese medicine Laiyao, which is called Laiyaozi, radish seeds, has antiviral effect.

For migraine, mash the juice with raw radish, pour the juice into the nostril, pour the left pain into the right, and pour the left pain into the left. This method has special effects; radish juice can be used to treat coma after gas poisoning; stew rock sugar with radish juice can cure cough.

  2.Chinese cabbage.

Folk Chinese cabbage served with sugar-sweetened water can treat whooping cough.

Cabbage root, coriander root, and onion root are used in combination with decoction to treat colds and colds.


Leek phospholipid carotene, protein, sulfide, has the function of lowering blood lipids, preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases.

Consumption of leek in summer can eliminate the stagnation and eliminate the effects of spleen and spleen.

Consumption in winter can warm the kidneys and impotence.

Leek decoction and external washing can treat neurodermatitis, smashed topical treatment of urticaria.


It has the effects of warming the kidneys and dispersing colds, and regulating the qi in the stomach.

Cumin (fennel seed) 10?
15 grams of powder at the end of research can treat small intestinal kidney qi.

Fennel stems and leaves are half a catty, refueling, seasoning soup with salt, treatment of dizziness, distress, vomiting, saliva, and rheumatic arthralgia.


Celery leaf nutrition raises the stem, can reduce capillary permeability, increase vascular elasticity, lower blood cholesterol, and has a calming effect. It is a healthy vegetable for patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease; celery mashed juice and brown sugar to treat blood in the stoolIts juice is taken internally and externally to treat gills; use whole celery plus peanut rice, and red jujube soup to cure nephritis.


With aromatic qi and spleen strengthening effect.

Decoction and fumigation can treat prolapse of the anus.

Coriander seeds are ground at a time, 10 grams each time, to treat chest bloating and stuffiness.


It has the effects of laxative and preventing the increase of cholesterol, reducing the treatment of complications such as loss of appetite, fatigue and gastric ulcer; smashing juice, taking it on an empty stomach in the morning, curing stomach heat and pantothenic acid water.

  8.Winter melon.

The melon skin and seeds are used as medicine, which has diuretic, heat-reducing and swelling effects.

Water melon skin decoction can cure urticaria, and melon juice can cure fish poisoning.


Loquat has anti-aging, freckles and other health effects; fresh loquat juice can also treat irritability, urinary system infections, nasal bleeding, etc., boiled and eaten can cure milk.


Consuming asparagus can lower blood pressure, prevent neuralgia, and treat dermatitis, hepatitis, nicotine poisoning, etc., and also prevent cancer and anti-cancer.


Onions can treat non-dysentery enteritis and lower blood sugar; dipping onions with dry red wine can lower blood lipids.

University campus depressed pandemic

University campus “depressed” pandemic

Psychologists point out that improving depression tolerance and more autonomously bearing the consequences of their behaviors can effectively dispel depression. Senior Wang Xiao Wang, turned around last night and didn’t sleep all night.
“It’s not because of the postgraduate entrance examination and job search that it’s too stressful!
After going online to get rid of depression, you can find yourself more depressed after returning from the virtual online game world to reality.
Xiao Wang told reporters distressed.
  Xiao Wang recently knows his postgraduate entrance examination results, but the score line has not come out.
He judged that he might be a little bit behind, but maybe there is still a glimmer of hope, which can’t stand up, making him restless.
“There are more and more graduate students. Listening to everyone’s evaluation, this year’s foreign language is not difficult, but for me, it is precisely the foreign language that hinders me.
Muttered Xiao Wang.
  The future of graduate studies is uncertain. Relatives have helped to contact a good work unit. In the eyes of the classmates, Xiao Wang’s good fortune is good, but Xiao Wang’s heart is depressed: “My mother has no work and the family’s economic conditionsNot very good, it is not easy for me to study.
After college, I ca n’t find a good job on my own, and I need relatives to help me with the relationship. Moreover, my parents may have to spend a lot of money on this, ashamed.
I’m still hesitant-is it to swear the end of the postgraduate entrance examination?
Or take this job opportunity to go to work first?
“These three words have become his mantra.
  Xiao Li, a junior student, although he has not yet faced the pressure of employment and postgraduate entrance examination, often puts “depression” in his mouth.
“有时候必须去操场上奔跑,否则会窒息”,小李说,“系里风气很不好,谁优秀大家就‘灭’谁,所以,我在报名参加君政学者评选的时候,都没Dare to tell the people in the dormitory that I’m really afraid of extracurricular activities. ”
  Not familiar with some “strange phenomena” in the school is the main reason for Xiao Li’s depression.
In the second half of 2003, Xiao Li’s faculty and department wanted to develop a group of reserve party members, and their monitors were among them.
“平日里,班长尽职尽责,任劳任怨,成绩又好,可公示期间,竟有人跑到系里说他‘待人不够真诚’,班长入党的事情就此泡了汤”,小李告诉记者,每年评奖学金When this happens, such strange things always happen. Some students who are excellent in all aspects will often be unfairly evaluated by some students, and eventually they can only pass by the scholarship.
Xiao Li told reporters, “One of the popular words on the campus Internet is ‘I’m so depressed.'”
  It should be said that the word “depressed” has been popular on university campuses for a long time.
Fan Fuquan, a professor of applied psychology at the Institute of Education at Tsinghua University, told reporters that she first heard the word on a student discussion group six years ago, and it was “really serious” at that time. Later, the word gradually becameThe mantra of many students.
A media survey of university buzzwords once showed that “depressed” topped the list with a 55.2% turnout. Recently, a teacher from a college in Jilin Province told reporters that after visiting his 12 classes, he found that 80%The above students claimed to be “depressed.”
  The “depressive wind” on the university campus has no tendency to stop. When talking about the topic of “depression” with students, there is always a lot to say.
The reporter found that freshman students were mostly depressed about “the university in reality is not the same as the ivory tower in imagination”, “the top student in middle school, and became an ordinary member at the university”, “the loss of motivation and life goals”,Sophomores are mostly depressed because of “sensitive interpersonal relationships on campus”, “partial malpractices in colleges and departments”, and “social injustice that reveals the gap between the rich and the poor on campus”.A series of problems caused by love “and depressed.
  ”Depression is a general reflection of psychological sub-healthy emotions,” said Professor Shen Jian, a member of the College Student Psychological Counseling Committee of China.
Last year, the Jilin Provincial Department of Education’s College Students’ Mental Health Task Force distributed more than 3,000 sample questionnaires to 15 colleges and universities in the province. The results show that 46.7% of college students have “psychological problems or need attention”.
As one of the team’s contributors, Jian Shen told reporters that the survey showed that college students’ psychological problems are mainly manifested in obsessive-compulsive tendencies, depression, hostility, interpersonal sensitivity, paranoia, anxiety, etc., “and these will cause depression.
  ”The depression of college students should be viewed dialectically.
Depression is the confusion and pain of college students when facing difficulties. I think and I am here. People have pain, which proves that he is thinking.
“Tian Yu Yu, a teacher at Jilin University who has been working as a student for many years, said that the campus depression is popular and it reflects the contradictions and turbulence in the social transformation period in universities.
He said that in the period of social transformation, the redistribution of interests and intensified competition have brought more pressure on people and caused deviations in psychological identity. Depression is more common.
On the one hand, social problems have become complicated. On the other hand, the new generation of college students are mostly single children, and their ability to resist setbacks has declined. Some of them have been long-standing problems among college students.
  Professor Fan Fuzhen divides depressed college students into three types: the first is ridiculous. For them, “depression” is just fashionable words hanging on their mouths. As long as they are uncomfortable, they all call “depression”; secondThis type is maladaptive, and they often feel depressed; the third type is really psychologically disturbing. Instead of saying “depressed”, these students are the most dangerous.
In general, special attention needs to be given to the latter two college students.
  ”It’s like holding a cup. It’s okay for a while. After 24 hours, you can exhaust your arm.
What do you always do with depression?
You complain that the environment and conditions of the university are not as good as you think, but have you made full use of the existing environment and conditions?The light is depressed. If you don’t do anything, you can’t see the future and you will become more depressed.

“Professor Shen Jian pointed out that if the depression of college students is accumulated for a long time, it will definitely have an adverse effect on their own growth.

He suggested that college students strengthen self-regulation, take the initiative to adapt to the environment, face the reality with optimism, and improve themselves.

Professor Fan Fuzhen also pointed out that colleges and universities should provide targeted services to help college students resolve depression, guide everyone to increase their tolerance for frustration, establish a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and bear their own consequences more autonomously and responsibly.