University campus depressed pandemic

University campus “depressed” pandemic

Psychologists point out that improving depression tolerance and more autonomously bearing the consequences of their behaviors can effectively dispel depression. Senior Wang Xiao Wang, turned around last night and didn’t sleep all night.
“It’s not because of the postgraduate entrance examination and job search that it’s too stressful!
After going online to get rid of depression, you can find yourself more depressed after returning from the virtual online game world to reality.
Xiao Wang told reporters distressed.
  Xiao Wang recently knows his postgraduate entrance examination results, but the score line has not come out.
He judged that he might be a little bit behind, but maybe there is still a glimmer of hope, which can’t stand up, making him restless.
“There are more and more graduate students. Listening to everyone’s evaluation, this year’s foreign language is not difficult, but for me, it is precisely the foreign language that hinders me.
Muttered Xiao Wang.
  The future of graduate studies is uncertain. Relatives have helped to contact a good work unit. In the eyes of the classmates, Xiao Wang’s good fortune is good, but Xiao Wang’s heart is depressed: “My mother has no work and the family’s economic conditionsNot very good, it is not easy for me to study.
After college, I ca n’t find a good job on my own, and I need relatives to help me with the relationship. Moreover, my parents may have to spend a lot of money on this, ashamed.
I’m still hesitant-is it to swear the end of the postgraduate entrance examination?
Or take this job opportunity to go to work first?
“These three words have become his mantra.
  Xiao Li, a junior student, although he has not yet faced the pressure of employment and postgraduate entrance examination, often puts “depression” in his mouth.
“有时候必须去操场上奔跑,否则会窒息”,小李说,“系里风气很不好,谁优秀大家就‘灭’谁,所以,我在报名参加君政学者评选的时候,都没Dare to tell the people in the dormitory that I’m really afraid of extracurricular activities. ”
  Not familiar with some “strange phenomena” in the school is the main reason for Xiao Li’s depression.
In the second half of 2003, Xiao Li’s faculty and department wanted to develop a group of reserve party members, and their monitors were among them.
“平日里,班长尽职尽责,任劳任怨,成绩又好,可公示期间,竟有人跑到系里说他‘待人不够真诚’,班长入党的事情就此泡了汤”,小李告诉记者,每年评奖学金When this happens, such strange things always happen. Some students who are excellent in all aspects will often be unfairly evaluated by some students, and eventually they can only pass by the scholarship.
Xiao Li told reporters, “One of the popular words on the campus Internet is ‘I’m so depressed.'”
  It should be said that the word “depressed” has been popular on university campuses for a long time.
Fan Fuquan, a professor of applied psychology at the Institute of Education at Tsinghua University, told reporters that she first heard the word on a student discussion group six years ago, and it was “really serious” at that time. Later, the word gradually becameThe mantra of many students.
A media survey of university buzzwords once showed that “depressed” topped the list with a 55.2% turnout. Recently, a teacher from a college in Jilin Province told reporters that after visiting his 12 classes, he found that 80%The above students claimed to be “depressed.”
  The “depressive wind” on the university campus has no tendency to stop. When talking about the topic of “depression” with students, there is always a lot to say.
The reporter found that freshman students were mostly depressed about “the university in reality is not the same as the ivory tower in imagination”, “the top student in middle school, and became an ordinary member at the university”, “the loss of motivation and life goals”,Sophomores are mostly depressed because of “sensitive interpersonal relationships on campus”, “partial malpractices in colleges and departments”, and “social injustice that reveals the gap between the rich and the poor on campus”.A series of problems caused by love “and depressed.
  ”Depression is a general reflection of psychological sub-healthy emotions,” said Professor Shen Jian, a member of the College Student Psychological Counseling Committee of China.
Last year, the Jilin Provincial Department of Education’s College Students’ Mental Health Task Force distributed more than 3,000 sample questionnaires to 15 colleges and universities in the province. The results show that 46.7% of college students have “psychological problems or need attention”.
As one of the team’s contributors, Jian Shen told reporters that the survey showed that college students’ psychological problems are mainly manifested in obsessive-compulsive tendencies, depression, hostility, interpersonal sensitivity, paranoia, anxiety, etc., “and these will cause depression.
  ”The depression of college students should be viewed dialectically.
Depression is the confusion and pain of college students when facing difficulties. I think and I am here. People have pain, which proves that he is thinking.
“Tian Yu Yu, a teacher at Jilin University who has been working as a student for many years, said that the campus depression is popular and it reflects the contradictions and turbulence in the social transformation period in universities.
He said that in the period of social transformation, the redistribution of interests and intensified competition have brought more pressure on people and caused deviations in psychological identity. Depression is more common.
On the one hand, social problems have become complicated. On the other hand, the new generation of college students are mostly single children, and their ability to resist setbacks has declined. Some of them have been long-standing problems among college students.
  Professor Fan Fuzhen divides depressed college students into three types: the first is ridiculous. For them, “depression” is just fashionable words hanging on their mouths. As long as they are uncomfortable, they all call “depression”; secondThis type is maladaptive, and they often feel depressed; the third type is really psychologically disturbing. Instead of saying “depressed”, these students are the most dangerous.
In general, special attention needs to be given to the latter two college students.
  ”It’s like holding a cup. It’s okay for a while. After 24 hours, you can exhaust your arm.
What do you always do with depression?
You complain that the environment and conditions of the university are not as good as you think, but have you made full use of the existing environment and conditions?The light is depressed. If you don’t do anything, you can’t see the future and you will become more depressed.

“Professor Shen Jian pointed out that if the depression of college students is accumulated for a long time, it will definitely have an adverse effect on their own growth.

He suggested that college students strengthen self-regulation, take the initiative to adapt to the environment, face the reality with optimism, and improve themselves.

Professor Fan Fuzhen also pointed out that colleges and universities should provide targeted services to help college students resolve depression, guide everyone to increase their tolerance for frustration, establish a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and bear their own consequences more autonomously and responsibly.

Your face tells you if it’s healthy

Your face tells you if it’s healthy

Chinese medicine believes that the five senses are closely related to the health of the five internal organs of the body, and the quality of the five senses can reveal clues about human health.

Therefore, as long as you observe some changes in the face when looking in the mirror every morning, and then comprehensively comprehend the symptoms, you can roughly grasp the health status of the internal organs.

  Eyes: reflect liver problems. Perspective: yellowing of whites of the eyes: it indicates that the liver and gallbladder have developed bile into a yellow-green liquid, which is secreted by liver cells and stored in the gallbladder.

When the gallbladder or liver is not functioning, it will cause cholestasis and flow into the blood, which will cause yellowing of the eyes.

This is why the eyes and skin of people with hepatitis become yellow.

  Eyelid paleness: Be careful of anemia. If the blood vessels on the mucous membrane of the eyelid are too light to the point where it is almost invisible, it may be anemia.

Women are more likely to develop symptoms of anemia because of their special physiological period.

Therefore, you’d better open your eyelids and check them in the mirror often.

In addition, you can also correct the symptoms of acute dizziness, palpitations after a little exercise, wheezing, dry and dull skin, hair loss, brittle nails and other symptoms to determine whether it is anemia.

  Eyelid edema: Poor water metabolism or not drinking a lot of water before going to bed, but some people always find their eyelids edema in the morning, which is the result of the inability of the body’s water regulating function to function properly.

There are many reasons for the imbalance of water metabolism, such as decreased kidney function or gastrointestinal function, and heart disease.

Exactly where the problem is, you need to make a comprehensive system of symptoms to determine.

If the eyelids are swollen and prone to fatigue, dry mouth, and poor urination, it may be a decline in renal function.

  The doctor reminds: Sometimes there are some yellow and white pupae on the eyelids that do not cause pain. This is because extra aunts are accumulated in the body, which is a sign that the prostate is too high in the body; if a stye grows on the eyelids, it reminds youRecently, too much stress, lack of sleep or unfortunate, too much protein intake, severe lack of vegetables and fruits, need symptomatic treatment.

  Tongue: Reflecting the five internal organs to achieve visual perspective: Tongue redness: Excessive heat accumulation If the entire tongue looks very red, it means that there is too much heat accumulation in the body and it is in a state of insufficient water, often accompanied by symptoms such as fever.

  Pale tongue: weak body, excessive white tongue means insufficient blood, that is, the severity of anemia, often accompanied by easy fatigue, dizziness, palpitation and other symptoms.

In addition, when the body temperature is too low, it will also cause poor blood circulation and make the tongue pale. Pay attention to distinguish.

  Violet on the tongue: When the body is thick and dense in blood, the viscosity of the blood increases, causing poor blood circulation and causing the tongue to become purple.

People with purple tongues usually have symptoms of stiff skull, low back pain, dysmenorrhea, etc. If purple spots appear on the tongue, it means that the blood vessels in the body are blocked and blood circulation is not smooth.

  The doctor reminds that the tongue coating is thick and the tongue surface is almost invisible, which may be caused by poor gastrointestinal function caused by factors such as overeating.

In addition, when major diseases occur, the tongue coating also thickens.

The condition where the tongue coating is so thin that it is almost invisible is a sign of weakness or allergies.

Tongue coating is as smooth as a mirror and a precursor to peptic ulcer; rough tongue means malnutrition.