Women’s Weekly Detox Program

Women’s Weekly Detox Program

Initially, toxins can be quickly eliminated, but if indigestion, it will cause the toxins to stay at the beginning and be reabsorbed, causing great harm to health.

  7 Day Diet Detox Treatment The following is the “7 Day Diet Detox Treatment” recommended by experts.

Because toxins in the body make the blood oxidize and become acidic, and the circulation is not smooth, this course of treatment is mainly vegetables and fruits. Most of them are alkaline, which can neutralize excessive acidic substances in the body and dissolve toxins accumulated in cells.

As people tend to feel hungry and tired for the first day or two, to avoid affecting work, it is recommended to start this course on Saturday.

  Day 1-2 1.

Get up: a cup of warm white water, white water with honey or hot lemon juice 2.

Breakfast: 1 fruit 3.

Morning: a small amount of dried fruit 4.

Lunch: 1 bowl of coarse rice + 2 servings of vegetables 5.

Afternoon: Homemade fruit juice (1 kg of apples, pears, grapes, mangoes, or strawberries and other juices are added to the same amount of water.

Adding water to the juice can help clean the digestive tract) 6.

Dinner: 1 serving of vegetables 7.

Before going to bed: Vitamin supplement expert analysis: It is easy to feel aging for the first one or two days, especially at night, it is recommended to go to bed early to avoid unbearable newborns.

If you really want to eat, eat apples or grapes.

In addition, drink plenty of water throughout the day, and choose warm white water, white water with honey or hot lemon juice, do not drink carbonated drinks such as cola, and milk or coffee.

But be careful not to drink too much water before going to bed.

  Days 3-7 1.

Get up: a cup of warm white water, white water with honey or hot lemon juice 2.

Breakfast: oatmeal + 1 vegetable / 1 fruit / 1 fruit salad 3.

Morning: 1 fruit + a small amount of dried fruit 4.

Lunch: 1 bowl of coarse rice / 1 bowl of flour rice porridge + 2 servings of vegetables + 1 serving of fish + 1 serving of beans 5.

Afternoon: 1 fruit / 1 fruit salad 6.

Dinner: 1 vegetable + 1 fish + 1 legume 7.

Evening: 1 fruit 8.

Before going to bed: Vitamin supplement expert analysis: Do not use salad dressing for fruit salad, substitute apple juice, lemon juice or natural yogurt without milk.

Choose olive oil for cooking oil, and do not use too much during cooking, and do not use too many seasonings, especially salt, otherwise it may cause potassium deficiency and urine and sweat.

Vegetables can be eaten raw, because raw vegetables can provide a lot of fiber and help detoxify.

Also pay attention to the rich variety of foods to try every day.

  TIPS3: Detox food blacklist fruits NO: oranges (too strong acidity), avocado, banana (too much starch, too much fat) vegetables NO: tomatoes, spinach (too strong acidity) beans NO: lentils (too easy to swell)Gas)) Dried fruit NO: Peanut (too much starch, too much fat) Other NO: Bread, milk or milk-containing products (not easily digestible) Chocolate, sugar (disturbance of glycemic index caused by appetite) caffeine, alcohol (irritating to the stomach)Too big) Living habits Drinking more water can promote metabolism, reduce the time that feces stay in the body, reduce the absorption of toxins, and dissolve toxins.

It is best to drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach every morning.

In addition, drinking water in the morning can reduce blood viscosity and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Eat vegetarian food two days a week to give your stomach a chance to rest.

  Because too much greasy or irritating food will produce a lot of toxins in the metabolism, causing a huge burden on the stomach.

  Eat more fresh and organic foods. Eat more fresh and organic foods. Eat less processed foods, instant foods, and refreshing beverages because they contain a lot of preservatives and pigments.

  Controlling salt absorption in your daily diet. Excessive salt can lead to urination, sweating, and accumulation of water in the body.

If you have a strong taste, you can try replacing salt with celery and other vegetables with natural salty taste.

  Proper supplementation of antioxidants Proper supplementation of antioxidants Some vitamin C, E and other antioxidants to help eliminate free radicals in the body Do not eat too fast, chew more so that it can secrete saliva, neutralize various toxic substances, cause a benign chain reaction, excreteMore toxins.

Meditation heaven in yoga

Meditation heaven in yoga

In meditation heaven in yoga, the so-called happiness state really wants to experience it.

If one day the yoga effort is so deep that drilling is like opening a tap arbitrarily, you can immediately get a full body of happiness, then how good it is.

  Every morning dawn dawned, and three or five birds on the sycamore tree outside the window began to cheer.

  Get up in a very relieved mood.

  Put on a fine cotton checkered dressing gown, press your legs, stretch your waist, and feel healthy.

  Cross-legged on the exercise mat, click on the device in your hand.

The music of “Yoga Yoga” by Taiwan yogi Zhang Huanlan is leisurely and flying.

At the same time as my music is flying my thoughts, and the physical organs that hold my thoughts.

Imagine yourself as a small mushroom cloud in the blue sky and white clouds, relax and experience the climax of passion.

Because I feel that my spirit and flesh are united and flying.

  An hour later, when the last note disappeared, my mood was full.

Enough to face the pain and anxiety of work all day alone.

  There is an interesting little story about yoga.

Anne, who had only immigrated to the United States for 3 years, finally broke up with her husband due to emotional problems.

After the divorce, Anne was in a low mood and followed the advice of a good friend to sign up for a yoga class.

Soon, she became fascinated by the frustrations between yoga and exhalation, her physiology slowly regained her warmth.

Soon after, she became hooked on her yoga instructor.

The coach is also an American of Irish descent.

  A year later, the yoga instructor became her close husband.

Two people Qingqing drove out for my honeymoon.

That day, they went to a forested place, set up a camping tent, and built a pair of connecting fires.

Late at night and high in the moon, the two hugged each other and fell asleep.

Before dawn, Annie felt cold and had a very unusual feeling.

Opening her eyes, she saw a huge python with great horror, and even more horrible, most of her husband’s body had been swallowed by the python.

Annie could only faintly hear her husband calling her to call someone in the struggle.

  Annie stumbled over and started the car.

Annie knew that the nearest village was also 15 minutes away.

It takes half an hour to go back and forth.

Can her husband persist?

Tears and sweat wet Annie’s placket.

But a miracle happened.

When Annie asked the villagers to rush back and shoot the python, she opened the belly of the python, and found that her husband was closing his hands in yoga meditation.

Taking the nearby hospital of her husband, the doctor checked that everything was normal, but a large area of his skin had been damaged by the acid juice in the python’s stomach.

  This story sounds a bit like the plot in a Hollywood horror movie.

But sometimes, life is more exciting than movies.

Interestingly, the version of this story was also spoken by a high-nosed foreigner who was practicing yoga in his stuttered Chinese.

He didn’t know much about Confucius Laozi in Eastern culture, but he was very familiar with and obsessed with yoga.

  However, in recent days, I read the biography of Su Dongpo written by Mr. Lin Yutang. It was unexpectedly read that Su Dongpo and his younger brother Su Zi have been practicing yoga for 12 years.In his “Health Theory”, he described in detail the benefits of happiness and spiritual balance brought by practicing yoga.

He said that the meditation first controlled the breathing and reached a spiritual state. The consciousness of everything in the universe gradually disappeared, and finally the mind completely lost its subjective and objective sense of opposition and entered a state of complete vacuum.

At this time, he could even detect the slight tremor from the spine bone to the brain, and the vigorous growth of hair throughout the body in the hair follicles.

  I’m not very worried that one day I will have a chance to take a trip to the python’s belly, but I really want to experience the so-called happiness state.

If one day the yoga effort is so deep that drilling is like opening a tap arbitrarily, you can immediately get a full body of happiness, then how good it should be.