How did Bad Kill cross the minefield of remake

How did “Bad Kill” cross the minefield of “remake”
For domestically made remake movies, as long as it’s not inconspicuous and hard copying, and rough and indiscriminate, we don’t have to sniff and talk about the color change.Because even the same script, and even the pressure of Zhuyu ahead, different directors, different creative teams reintegration and innovative interpretation, can also bring classic shock and surprise to the audience.The most recent remake of “The Manslaughter” is a remake of the Indian movie “The Manslaughter”, whether it is in the plot adaptation, details grasp, actor level, or scale shaping, there are good performances.To amplify the conflict in the drama, to shorten the tension of the plot adaptation, it is inevitable that “The Manslaughter” is indeed a rare good story.In order to protect the family by burying the body to cover up the truth, the villainous female director tried his best to protect the family. The two families and the two strata launched a “cat-and-mouse game” type of fatal contest around the same case.In 2015, “The Manslaughter Hidden in the Sky” swept the box office around the world as soon as it was released, which once triggered a discussion among the Chinese about the high-quality adaptation of Indian films.In the domestic version of “Missed Kill”, the essence of the original film has been well inherited and retained. The director continued the distinctive features of the original film in the language of the lens, and used a lot of cold shades and interlaced time and space to edit the montage.At the same time, it also made a reasonable adaptation of the plot, switching between creating tension and suspense and showing a wonderful reversal.The Indian version of “The Manslaughter” and the Chinese version of “The Manslaughter” are shown in the picture.The main inclusion of the domestic version of “Bad Kill” is reflected in the narrative rhythm and drama tension of the plot.In terms of rhythm of narrative, Indian movies are frequently three or four hours long, which is not a good thing for suspenseful and detective movies that pursue a tense rhythm.Under the circumstance, the domestic version of “The Manslaughter” is not bound by the length of the film, and it is more flexible in the layout and presentation of the plot.The director deleted the lengthy picture of life in the original movie that was not related to the main story, so that the whole story was more compact and capable.In terms of drama tension, the domestic version of “Manslaughter” feels “four or two pounds” for several highlights of the original plot.The first intervention is the appearance of La Yun (Chen Chong). The detection of a suspicious homicide portrays La Yun ‘s smart and capable Rayleigh style. This kind of foreshadowing is more reflective than the direct appearance in the original version.The confrontation intensity of the main plot behind.The second part is to upgrade the cause of the contradiction, upgrade the candid camera bath of the original story to drug abuse, the upgrade of the “rich second generation” evil acts directly leads to the revolt upgrade of the victim family, and the case engine of the male owner’s family also avoids persuasion.The third alignment is to replace the Indian version of the “Listening” with “Watching Muay Thai”. In this step, the director cross-cuts the martial arts shot on the ring of Muay Thai with the shot of the “rich second generation” beating Ayu’s mother and daughter, both in the environmentThe description in the middle has formed a response to the fictional country “Sai Guo” in the film, and at the same time, it has added antagonistic colors to the precise modeling.These three contractions, portrayed by opponents, motivated to analyze the three dimensions of the environment and set the ground separately, and step by step push the story rhythm to the opposite sharpest climax.The Indian version of the female sergeant and the Chinese version of the female sergeant (Chen Chong).The language of the camera is properly used. Although the image of “Sheep” is always directed by a newcomer, the film ‘s control of music, soundtrack, and lighting is familiar, and the awareness of using the language of the camera to assist in narrative is also in place.It is believed that many viewers were impressed by the scene in which La Yun threatened Li Weijie (Xiao Yang) ‘s young daughter “An An” at the police station. Under the backlight, the police chief slowly pressed the huge dark shadow on the little girl “An An”.Coupled with the switch between the tilt and tilt camera, a huge sense of visual pressure is formed, which portrays the little girl ‘s helplessness and the powerful power of the police chief, which makes the audience and the plot quickly empathize as if they are themselves.It is about to be swallowed by the shadow, and the whole person unconsciously wants to curl up in the seat.Also exciting was the scene where the coffin was opened in the heavy rain to open the dead body. The director used slow motion in this part of the scene, the rain fell, the anger of the crowd, the despair of the family, the hatred of the bad policeman, the thoughtfulness of the male master,The director’s disregard for everything was dealt with under the slow-motion process. It was still and magnified. The slow-down camera speeded up the plot rhythm, which effectively shaped the suspense problem. The moment the camera returned to the normal double speed, the answer was revealed, maleThe Lord completed the final blow under the witness of heavy rain and the crowd.The multiple occurrences of “sheep” in the film can be understood as a symbolic presentation of the content of the film by the screenwriter, which is another lens language that resorts to morals.The author was most impressed four times. From the beginning, the flock saw the male owner throwing his car at the lake, which implied that the male owner was guilty. In the incident of police assault, the sheep were killed by the bad police, implying punishment instead of the male owner.The opening of the climax opened the body, and Sucha ‘s body was replaced with the last shot of the sheep ‘s body, which meant to help the male lord cover up the truth; until the last male surrender, until the bell rang, the cheerful live sheep reappeared, meaning the male lordI have let go of my heart.The image of “sheep” penetrates the whole film and is reorganized, forming a point and echo with the English title “Sheep Without a Shepherd” (literally translated as “the sheep without a shepherd”); replacing it also implies localThe relationship between the police and the public and the security environment. The flocks only prayed to eat grass and live peacefully. They do n’t care who wears wool on them, and the shepherds who are in power no longer protect the flock, but become bullied.Butchers of the flock, the flocks can only stand up to resist.Why did the good man Li Weijie choose not to call the police but to rebel after the manslaughter in self-defense, this is a question from the screenwriter and director through the image of “sheep”.The comparison between the two families, the two moral choices are under the pressure of Zhu Yu, and a remake movie wants to occupy a place in the audience’s heart. It is not enough to change the way to tell the old story again.It must give people new touch and inspiration beyond the story.Obviously, suspenseful reasoning is only the lens of the “Skill” side of the domestic version of “Massage”; moral choice is the quantitative expression of the “Tao” side of the screenwriter and director.In this story due to “manslaughter”, two families from different classes had to launch a desperate contest. This contest was not only reflected in the unequal stratum division and power, but also in the inequality measured for parentson.Sucha ‘s father, the “rich second generation”, has the power and power but is busy with political struggles. He has never really fulfilled his father ‘s responsibilities. Even if he knows that his son may be unpredictable, his first response is “do n’t affect the election of the mayor”;On the other hand, the male owner has a modest economic income. Even the cost of his daughter ‘s wish to go to the summer camp will make him hesitate, but once the child has an accident, his first choice is to stand up and “stop in front of the whole family”.It can be seen that the care and protection that parents can give their children has nothing to do with the power of money, but is related to the value choice of parents.The male host ‘s choice to stand up twice in succession, one is to protect the family, falsify the evidence, and cover up the truth; the other is also to protect the family, stand up and surrender, confess guilt, and shape the image of the father of this small town.Tall, tall and radiant.In fact, it is not difficult to understand Li Weijie ‘s first choice, that is the frustration and rebellion of the upside down of social order.His second choice, which is really reminiscent of him, since his “montage” plan has been successful, why did he suddenly surrender in the end?The reason for him to make this choice is also because of his understanding of his father’s role.After the “cool drama” of the heavy rain riot, the director Yun Danfeng gently cut into the conversation between the male and the couple on the balcony. An An changed the “70 points” on the test paper to “100 points”, which most people did n’t even take for granted.The little act of innocent and lovely made this father look solemn and full of self-blame.He himself, his seemingly wise and brave behavior saved a family, but he changed the value judgment of the children with the perverted reality. He can only stand up again and use his own behavior to alienate the child.The assessment correction is back.□ Lin Zhonglu (film critic) Sauna Night Editor Wu Longzhen proofreading Liu Baoqing

Sun Yang’s appeal period has expired?Affected by the epidemic, he still has plenty of time

Sun Yang’s appeal period has expired?Affected by the epidemic, he still has plenty of time
On the afternoon of February 28th, Beijing time, the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal (CAS) announced the verdict of “World Anti-Doping Agency v. Sun Yang and FINA Hearing”, announcing that Sun Yang was suspended for 8 years.The CAS announcement shows that this judgment is not final and Sun Yang can appeal to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court within 30 days.Although the outside world has raised concerns about Sun Yang’s attraction and believes that today has reached the “countdown stage” of the expiration date, in fact, Sun Yang’s attraction still has relatively sufficient time.The outside world believes that March 29 is the end date of Sun Yang’s attraction period because CAS announced the judgment on February 28.However, in accordance with the relevant regulations, the appeal period should start from the date when the introduced attorney receives the original judgment. If the judgment is sent by mail, Sun Yangfang cannot receive the original judgment on February 28, and the date of cancellation will be revokedIt is also several days later than the United Nations ‘Democratic Republic ‘s estimate, which is April 1 or 2.In addition, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, European courts have successively issued notices. Except for a few important or emergency cases, most litigation cases have been postponed.The Swiss Supreme Court also issued an announcement on March 25, announcing a similar decision.Factors such as postponement of the litigation period and suspension of court work will also affect the date of termination of the appeal of the Sun Yang case.Professionals expect that the appeal period of the Sun Yang case may be postponed until the end of April or May.Knowing the verdict, Sun Yang said on social media on February 28 that he would entrust a lawyer to appeal to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court.Since the beginning of March, Sun Yangfang has not spoken again and has remained silent.As Sun Yang ‘s attorney, Zhang Qihuai ‘s attitude towards the appeal was “confidential” in an interview with the media.The only certainty is that the current situation has given Sun Yang more preparation time.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Wang Xihuang proofread Zhai Yongjun

[Efficacy and role of Ganoderma lucidum brown sugar water]_ Ganoderma lucidum _ benefits _ inevitable

鐏佃姖鏄汉浠潪甯哥啛鎮夌殑涓€绉嶇弽璐电殑鑽潗锛岀伒鑺濈殑浣滅敤鏄潪甯稿ぇ鐨勶紝鑳藉鍏锋湁鎶楃檶鎴栬€呮槸闃叉閲嶅ぇ鐤剧梾闂鍙戠敓鐨勩€傜伒鑺濇槸涓尰浣跨敤鐨勪竴绉嶉潪甯哥弽璐电殑鑽潗锛岀伒鑺濈孩绯栨按鏄竴绉嶄汉浠钩鏃惰繘琛屼繚鍏诲吇鐢熷枬鐨勪竴绉嶇硸姘淬€傜粡甯稿枬鐏佃姖绾Lawsuits, lawsuits, and the world economy, the world ‘s economy, the world ‘s economy, the world ‘s economy, the world ‘s economy, the world ‘s economy, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, and the world.Drilling, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, imagination, global strength, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrowDo you want to talk about it? Do you want to talk to you?A lot of people are talking about the world, and the world is going to be cold, and the temperature is going to be very high. The new world is so new. It ‘s so new.濊禆鎬с€傚緢澶氭湅鍙嬩竴鍑虹幇澶辩湢灏卞ぇ閲忔湇鐢ㄥ畨鐪犺嵂锛屽浜庡け鐪犵殑浜烘潵璇达紝鏈嶇敤瀹夌湢鑽垨璁告槸瑙佹晥鏈€蹇殑涓€绉嶆不鐤楁柟娉曪紝浣嗘槸闀挎湡鏈嶇敤缁欎汉浣撳甫鏉ョ殑鍓綔鐢ㄤ篃涓嶅皬銆傛瘮濡傦細浜х敓渚濊禆鎬с€佽蹇嗗姏鍑忛€€銆佺棿鍛嗐€佸弽搴旇繜閽濈瓑銆?In this way, you can use the torch to make a fortune, and you will be able to use it for a while.姂鍒朵綔鐢紝琛ㄧ幇涓烘樉钁楃殑闀囬潤瀹夌浣滅敤銆傚簲鐢ㄧ伒鑺濇不鐤楃缁忚“寮辫€屽け鐪犵殑鐥呬汉锛岃繛鏈?鈥?I ‘m not sure how to do it. I ‘m very serious about it. I do n’t know what ‘s going on here: I ‘m sorry, I ‘m not sure what to do, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?棁鐘朵篃鏄庢樉鍑忚交浜嗐€?銆 ? 撉 楉 楁 樁樁 樿 漿 湿 漿 湿 漿 漤 掤 搤 駏 姏 駀 backpacks and chains are rugged and there is a lot of difference between the two sides of the arbitrarily and arbitrarily.What is the difference between the rainbow and the ruggedness? The father and the father: The braids and the braids and the chopped up and down and the mirrors are up and down?鑰屽鏋滃厤鐤姛鑳藉け璋冪磰涔憋紝灏变細寮曞彂鍚勭鐤剧梾銆傛瘮濡傦細鍛煎惛閬撴劅鏌撱€佽偪鐦ゃ€佽倽鐐庛€佸け鐪犵瓑銆傜伒鑺濆惈鏈夌伒鑺濆绯栥€佷笁钀溿€佹湁鏈洪敆绛夌墿璐紝鍙績杩涘法鍣粏鑳炵殑鍚炲櫖浣滅敤锛屾彁楂楾娣嬪反缁嗚優鍜屾潃浼ょ粏鑳?NK)鐨勬椿鎬у強娣嬪反缁嗚優鐨勮浆鍖栫巼锛屼績杩涘厤鐤悆铔嬬櫧鐨勫舰鎴愶紝浠庤€屾彁楂樹汉浣撳厤鐤姏锛屽寮轰綋璐ㄣ€?

[Apricot abalone juice]_How to make_How to make

[Apricot abalone juice]_How to make_How to make

Pleurotus eryngii abalone juice is a relatively common home-cooked dish, and its nutritional value is relatively high. The main ingredient is Pleurotus eryngii, and other ingredients include abalone juice, oyster sauce and other ingredients. In fact, it is relatively simple and has good diet.The effect has certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. For people with poor constitution, eating some properly can also improve the body’s immunity, and also have certain effects in promoting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

Therapeutic effect 1, anti-cancer and anti-cancer enhance the body’s immunity 2, weight loss 3, promote growth and enhance blood vessel secretion 4, the method of clearing heat and quenching thirst and anti-aging Abalone Pleurotus eryngii, Xiaotang Cai peel off the large leaves for other purposes, Only leave the cabbage heart; 2, boil a pot of water, add some vegetable oil and a little salt, cook Xiaotang cabbage heart, put on a plate for later use; 3, add oyster sauce with a small half bowl of water, raw soy sauce, sugar,Salt, stir well and set aside for use; 4. Slice the Pleurotus eryngii, put oil in a hot pan, and fry the mushroom pieces first; 5. Pour the pieces into a pan and cook. Turn to low heat and slowly simmer until the mushroom body becomes soft.Juice; 6, add 2 spoons of abalone juice at the end, mix well; 7, put the mushroom slices on the plate, and then pour the soup evenly to complete.

What are the benefits of eating sea cucumbers during pregnancy? Sea cucumbers are rare natural foods that are high in protein, low in fat, low in sugar, and very low in cholesterol.

Due to its 58 potential natural active nutrients, the rich protein contained is the material basis of life, the most basic element for embryonic cell differentiation and organ formation, and it is also the most important and important for expectant mothers during pregnancy and lactation.nutrient content.

Preparing pregnant women or pregnant women to eat sea cucumbers in appropriate amounts can provide sufficient high-quality protein for the entire pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding mothers and babies, and a variety of active substances and trace elements can fully ensure the nutritional needs of crop growth and development.

For women to become pregnant, they need extra blood and kidney energy to support their fetus.

Sea cucumber has the effect of “nourishing the kidney and producing blood of one hundred pulses”. If a woman who is going to become pregnant takes a proper amount of sea cucumber three months in advance, it will make the internal environment of the body “smooth and smooth”, and it is easy to get pregnant.

After pregnancy, due to high blood pressure, nourishment of blood gas and kidney qi is needed.

Insufficient protein intake of expectant mothers will affect the development and growth of body weight, and will reduce the immunity of expectant mothers. It will easily cause anemia and malnutrition of expectant mothers, and even lead to insufficient postpartum milk secretion and slow recovery of the body.

Women who are pregnant can eat sea cucumber in moderation, which can regulate the balance of yin and yang of expectant mothers and make qi and blood fill up.

[Effects and effects of capsule]_Recommended diet

[Effects and effects of capsule]_Recommended diet

From a young age, mothers will tell us that eating more fruits is good for health, because fruits not only supplement the rich nutrition, but also help digestion, can improve hormone metabolism, and can play a role in delaying aging.

But there are many kinds of fruits, but after all, there are people outside, there are days outside, there are always some fruits that you are not very familiar with, such as the fruit-cha (pa) fruit (pa) fruit introduced to you by Xiaobian today.

From the outside, this fruit looks like a peach heart. When the fruit matures, it will turn into a gorgeous red, so this fruit is also called love flavor fruit. Do n’t look at this fruit to look good, think it may be delicious, actuallyThis fruit has a variety of effects, otherwise it would not be called a healthy fruit.

Distinguish the nutritive value of mango fruit. Although this fruit is small, it contains mineral elements such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, and amino acids, which are 24 times higher than apples. The iron content is 5 times higher than peach.For the most fruit.

Decomposition capsules are not easy to be polluted due to environmental factors that decompose capsules, so they will also be rich in vitamin C, have anti-oxidant properties, and can make beauty and beauty.

The medicinal effect of anti-capsule is directed against the very serious flu and the like. Consuming diarrhea can also relieve its discomfort and vomiting. It is a fruit suitable for all ages.

Who is most suitable to eat dialectical fruit content is high, and human body iron deficiency is easy to get infectious diseases and anemia, excessive results in liver and kidney damage.

Therefore, people with anemia can prevent anemia by eating some broken capsules.

How much is the fruit? This fruit is basically difficult to see in the market, and it is relatively difficult to say that it is also visible in local production areas, such as: Shaanxi and southern Gansu and other places to expand planting, also because the production area is scarce and the nutrition value is high.So the price will naturally be slightly more expensive.

Sanlipu (002876): Product price increases and production capacity of Hefei Plant is released.

Sanlipu (002876): Product price increases and production capacity of Hefei Plant is released.

Investment Highlights: Company Announcement: Release of 2019 Third Quarter Report to Realize Revenue10.

42 ppm, an increase of 61 in ten years.

34%, net profit attributable to mothers was 23.62 million yuan, an increase of 4.

01%, net profit after deduction of 14.53 北京夜生活网 million yuan, an annual increase of 29.

28%; of which the third quarter income4.

250,000 yuan, an increase of 86 in ten years.

27%, net profit attributable to mothers was 22.4 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 496.


Estimated net profit for 2019 is 4,985.


660,000 yuan, an increase of 80% -130%.

Slightly more than expected.

Revenue was in line with expectations, and profit grew significantly more than expected.

In 2019, the improvement in the quality of some of the company’s products and the release of Hefei Sanlipo Optoelectronics’ production capacity led to a significant increase in the company’s revenue.

The combined company ‘s Shenzhen production line has strong demand for small-size products, and the company has increased some of its capacity through technological transformation. In addition, the merger of the Hefei plant has begun 天津夜网 to realize profits. Large-scale products have been stably supplied to BOE, Huike, and the yield and capacity of the production line have been as much as possible.Maintained at a high level; third, the company’s products basically stabilized at the current level after the price increase in the first quarter.

From an industry perspective, there will be no new capacity launch this year, and we believe that product prices are expected to continue to maintain stability.

The company has a large number of orders and raised production lines to provide continuous growth momentum.

The company recently launched a non-public offering and raised less than 1.1 billion funds. At present, it has feedbacked once to build a new production line with a width of 2500mm. The product size has been extended from small to medium-sized to oversized with more comprehensive coverage.

With domestic 8.

5th generation and 10.

The 5th generation panel line was put into production, which brought a lot of demand for polarizer procurement. It is estimated that the demand for LCD panel polarizers from mainland panel companies (excluding the need to set up factories in mainland China) is 2.

With 700 million square meters, the global panel companies’ demand for LCD polarizers is about 500 million square meters. At present, the self-sufficiency rate of panel polarizers is less than 20%. Therefore, we expect that domestic polarizer companies will still face development space.

We expect that after the new production line is put into production, it is expected to start contributing in the second half of 2022. By then, the company’s TFT-LCD polarizer production capacity will reach 61 million square meters. From the perspective of product size, it will cover small to large sizes and 65 inches or moreSuper-sized polarizer products promote the maximization of production capacity and the bargaining power in upstream and downstream.

The demand for large-size polarizers has opened, driving the company’s performance inflection point, raising its profit forecast and maintaining the “overweight” level.

According to the company’s production line situation, the revenue and profit forecast are slightly raised, and the net profit for 2019-2021 is expected to be zero.

61, 1.

55, 2.

2.2 billion yuan (previous forecast was 0.

29, 0.

80, 1.

1.5 billion), the corresponding EPS is 0.

59, 1.

49, 2.

13 yuan per share, corresponding to PE of 77X / 30X / 21X, if non-public issuance of 20.8 million shares, completed in early 2020, it is expected that the fully diluted EPS in 2020-2021 will be 1.

24, 1.

78 yuan / share.

Risk warning: sharp fluctuations in raw material prices, increased costs caused by exchange rate changes, and the new production line is less than expected

Hongqi Chain (002697): Self-built + Acquired Quickly Showcasing Multiple Stores and Raising Significant Increase in Gross Margin

Hongqi Chain (002697): “Self-built + Acquired” Quickly Showcasing Multiple Stores and Raising 武汉夜生活网 Significant Increase in Gross Margin
Core point of view China’s convenience store industry has grown rapidly and its concentration has decreased.Since 2011, the growth rate of convenience stores has always been higher than the growth rate of traditional retail industries (department stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets) in 2018.4, 8.With 9 units, the convenience store industry performed well.In terms of competition, the CR5 of the convenience store industry before 2018 was 41 lower than that of Japan.Six single, progressive convenience stores are still in the initial stage of development. They have the characteristics of geographical concentration, low level of private brand development, small value-added services, and weak scale effects. In the future, the convenience store industry is expected to achieve continuous expansion and expansion.The differentiation of goods and services gradually eliminates weaker companies. Southwest Convenience Store’s leading company, through the “self-built + acquisition” method to quickly display stores.The company adheres to the strategic development policy of “taking Sichuan as the center and Chengdu as the core”, accelerating market development through the “acquisition + exhibition” approach, benefiting from the company’s direct-selling store operation and management capabilities, and the initial merger and acquisition integration has been basically completed, and the company is profitableThe capacity has been significantly improved. In 2019, the company restarted the pace of mergers and acquisitions and terminated the third quarter of 2019. The number of company stores has reached 3027, with a net increase of 210 stores. Taking multiple measures, the gross profit margin increased significantly.The company improved customer flow and enhanced customer stickiness through fresh food transformation + date meals + rich value-added services. The drainage effect of the fresh food sector increased the average store by 20% -30%, and the profit of stores with better operating conditions can increase by 10%.In addition, the company’s profitability has improved significantly, basically: 1) the upgrade of the supply chain; 2) the company promotes direct procurement and unified procurement to reduce intermediate swaps and increase gross profit; 4) The development of digital systems improves the efficiency of product selection and optimizes the product structure. Covered for the first time, giving the company an “overweight” rating. We estimate that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 77.9, 83.8, 90.30,000 yuan; net profit attributable to 杭州夜网论坛 shareholders of the parent company is 5, respectively.1, 6.2, 7.4 ppm; EPS for 2019-2021 is 0.4, 0.5, 0.5 yuan / share.Benefiting from the company’s rapid display of stores through the “self-built + acquisition” model, the direct procurement and overall planning ratio increased, the proportion of imported products increased, the product structure was optimized, and the company’s revenue and profitability continued to increase. Corresponding to 25 times the main business PE in 2020,10 times PE for online banking, the segment estimates the corresponding target price of 10 yuan / share. Risk warning: Costs continue to increase; store expansion, reconstruction progress is less than expected; Xinwang Bank’s performance is less than expected.

Ping An of China (601318): Non-recurring gains and losses + investment improvements boost profits

Ping An of China (601318): Non-recurring gains and losses + investment improvements boost profits

I. Event Overview On August 15, 2019, Ping An of China released its semi-annual performance report.

In the first half of the year, the company realized operating income of 63.92 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.

2%; net profit attributable to mother 976.

8 ppm, a 68-year increase of 68.


Dividend 0 at the beginning.

75 yuan, 0 from the same period last year.

62 yuan.

The best ROE is 14.

6%, an increase of 3 units over the same period last year.

  Second, the analysis and judgment of non-recurring gains and losses + investment income boosted performance, high 上海夜网论坛 performance in line with expectations The company’s return to net profit in the first half of the company still achieved rapid growth, high performance in line with expectations.

The two main contributions of high performance growth are as follows: First, the benefits of tax cuts are well realized.

Non-recurring profit and loss projects are driving net profit positively. The report shows that the one-time adjustment of the company has a positive impact on the current net profit of 104.

5.3 billion, after deducting the impact, the parent company deducts non-net profit for two years.


At the same time, the stock market performed well in the first half of the year, and the company realized investment income of 443 in the first half of the year.

98 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.


  Debt side: The value of new business of life insurance is increasing, and the profit of property insurance improves life insurance. In the first half of the year, the company realized a new business value of 410.

500 million, an annual increase of 4.


From the perspective of spin-off, benefiting from the improvement in the structure of life insurance products, the new business value ratio increased by 5 compared with the same period last year.

7 up to 44.


  In terms of new life insurance, the premium of personal business and new business continued to grow negatively, but the growth rate of premiums has increased from -10 in the first quarter.

8% narrowed to -7.


As the company completes the organization and construction of the agent team, the improvement of new business growth in the personal business can be expected.

In terms of property insurance, the growth rates of auto insurance and non-auto insurance in the first half of the year were 9% and 7 respectively.

4%, the growth rate is at a low level.

However, benefiting from improvements in taxes and fees, the company’s property insurance ROE was 12.

4%, an increase of 4 over the same period last year.

1In the initial period, operating profit increased by 69 compared to the previous period.


  Investment side: The market is picking up and the investment yield is improving. The company’s insurance fund investment portfolio size reached 2 in the first half of the year.

96 trillion, an increase of 5.

  The company’s claims were divided from the same period last year, and the proportion of equity financial assets decreased by 0.
9, 1.

1 single, long-term equity investment rose by 0.

2 up to 3.


In the first half of the year, the company’s annualized total investment yield reached 5.

5%, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.

5 units.

Annualized net investment yield 4.

5%, an increase of 0 compared with the same period last year.

3 units.

  Third, investment advice Life insurance has gradually developed significantly, and the value of new business has increased significantly. It is expected that the company’s agent team will increase staff and improve quality after removing expansion staff.

The investment configuration style is stable and grasps market conditions.

Maintain “Recommended” level, corresponding to 19-20 years PEV1.

2, 1.

1X, benchmark AIA 2.

It is estimated that there is room for improvement around 0X.

  4. Risk Warning: New orders are growing less than expected

TCM health care photography

TCM health care photography

Intercourse, that is, sex life.

Housekeeping health is a major feature of ancient ancient health science.

Chinese medicine believes that “things in a room can produce people and can be destructive.

Maybe like water and fire, those who know how to use it can keep in good health; those who can’t use it can make a dead body.

“Sexual life should be based on the natural way, to avoid injury, and to obtain its skills, it is also essential for health and life extension.

Practice has proved that moderate and enjoyable sexual activity is beneficial to people’s mental and physical health.

However, in addition to the body itself, human sexual behavior is also affected by social environmental, psychological, genetic, and disease factors.

Therefore, correct understanding and good sexual life are beneficial to physical health.

  Do not “drunk to enter the room” Alcohol is a very irritating substance, which can easily cause congestion and excitement of the sexual organs, making people lose self-control, which leads to excessive intercourse and excessive dissipation of kidney essence.

Therefore, the ancients repeatedly warned, “Drunkenness can’t take the room, drunk and full, the younger face is coughing and asthma, and the big one hurts the spleen and veins.”Do n’t raise it; the woman is waning and the evil is drowned. ”

Modern medicine believes that long-term intoxication to enter the room increases the adaptive attenuation of the regulating function of the human immune system.

Clinical findings of impotence, premature ejaculation, irregular menstruation and other diseases are often related to drunk sex.

  Abstinence to maintain precision and promote longevity “Nei Jing” said: “The husband is the essence of life.

“Sperm is the basic substance that constitutes the human body and is the material basis for maintaining human life activities. Preservation is an important way to strengthen the body.

Essence is the master of the kidney. In addition to insulting the kidney, long neck lice and other organs affect the physical health and even promote premature aging or short life.

Modern medicine believes that long-term sexual life leads to a decline in the immune system’s regulatory function. This is because sexual intercourse can cause a high degree of excitement throughout the body, which translates into high energy consumption and adaptive decline in organ function.

According to statistics, the ancient Chinese emperors had 209 years of birth and death in their bodies, and their average life expectancy was only 39 years old, of which 31 died when they were less than 20 years old.


Emperor Qianlong learned the lessons of the short-lived emperors, and concluded that he must not be drunk, and should not be too drunk, and he lived to 88 years old.

Tang Si, a great physician in the Tang Dynasty, lived to be 102 years old. His famous health quote was: “Great cold and hot, and not greedy, full of drunken houses, all the internal organs are overturned, dying with fever, slow burning, and fighting alone.

There are many ways to strengthen kidney health and strengthen kidney health. Choose one that is simple and easy to introduce: (1) Tooth-throat-throat method To get teeth 100 times a day after getting up in the morning, then lick the palate and the tongueThe gums were swallowed frequently with mouthwater and sent to Dantian.

The anus is contracted during the week, the anus is tightened when inhaled, and relaxed when exhaled, once for one loose and 50 times in a row.

This method can nourish yin and lower fire, solidify teeth and refine essence, and can implant sexual function decline.

  (2) Massage the Yongquan method to take a seat. Hold the palms and rub the Yongquan points 100 times respectively. It is better to keep the Yongquan points while rubbing. The gesture is slightly rhythmic.

This method has the function of communicating the heart and kidneys, igniting the fire, and has a good effect on insomnia and nocturnal emission.

  (3) Take the seat by rubbing your palms with both palms, and stick your palms to the Shenshu acupoint, with your middle fingers facing the Mingmen acupoint, and guard your life gate (under the second lumbar spine acupoint)., So that there is a local warmth.

This method has the effect of warming the kidney and spermatozoa, and it has effects on men’s spermatorrhea, impotence, premature ejaculation, women’s hypothermia, irregular menstruation and so on.

Yellow greasy moss

Yellow greasy moss

Yellow greasy moss: The tongue is yellow and sticky with moss, and the particles are tightly sticky. Add yellow powder to coat the tongue.

  Main diseases and related research: Yellow greasy moss is formed by the intersection of evil heat and phlegm saliva.

Yellow fur is hot, greasy is wet, sputum, and food stagnation.

  The main diseases of yellow greasy moss: the main symptoms of damp heat accumulation, phlegm drinking heat or food stagnation, etc .; also the main symptoms of summer heat, damp temperature and so on.

Governance Xuan Qingre, dampness, expectorant.

  In addition, identify yellow greasy fur; should also pay attention to the combination of tongue quality and ginseng.

  -If the tongue is light red and the yellow moss is covered on the tongue surface, the moss is moist and not dry; the tip is also white moss, which is caused by the heat of the external evil and enters the stomach of Yangming.

The main disease, heat-entering yang syndrome, dampness-heat syndrome of qi, liver and gallbladder disease and urinary tract infection, various fever diseases.
Expelling heat and detoxification, dredge the surface.

  -If the red tongue, yellow greasy moss, medium thick and thin edges, tight and delicate, especially the roots, they are often caused by hot sputum, or wet evil into the heat, or warm evil caused by perfusion, not yet existed untilYangming is dry.

  -If the tongue color is dark red, it will be a time of severe fever; the main disease;
Moderate coke damp heat; rehabilitation hangover.

Expelling heat and dampness, cleaning and guiding stagnation.

  -If the purple tongue, grayish yellow thick moss is moist but not dry, it is a mixture of cold and heat, when the heat is from cold to cold, or when the cold from heat is critical, mostly because the fever does not heal, the heart yang dies, and the sputum is tired for a long time.Unhealing, feeling external evils, turning into heat; midsummer hot, cold food and cold cholera; yin Sheng inside, forced heat to rise; blood stasis in the body.

I also feel feverish; therefore, the main illness is true winter holiday fever, heart and kidney yang failure, cholera vomiting and diarrhea, suffering from various syndromes.

Expelling warming the heart and kidney, returning to the sun to rescue Ying; clearing the heat of the pool; promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

  -If the tongue is dark, yellow and greasy, the tongue is fat, and the tongue is covered with yellow fur.
With white moss and thick middle roots, its color is yellow and thick, its formation can be caused by Yin syndrome and central food, due to phlegm dampness and internal depression, due to cold and evil stagnation, due to wet food block, middle focus, qi and blood depressionThere is also evidence of damp heat and gastrointestinal dregs.

Expelling Wenyang Jianpi, promoting blood circulation and eliminating product.

  It is common in the tongue of patients with acute and chronic chronic inflammation, cholecystitis, and uremia.

  Such tongue-like patients are generally more complicated, and treatment should be based on syndrome differentiation.