Lionel Messi kicks billboard in disapproval of World Cup warm-up

Lionel Messi kicks billboard in disapproval of World Cup warm-up June 6th, Beijing time Yesterday, in a warm-up match, the world’s seventh-ranked Argentina team beat the ranked 74th-ranked Trinidad and Tobago team at home 3:0, Argentine superstar MeiContribute to the establishment of the western class.In the 25th minute, Messi took the ball in the middle of the frontcourt, and was forced to fall to the ground by Bowcod who was back from behind when he was forced, instead of receiving a yellow card.Recommended reading: World Cup warm-up-Palacio broke Messi’s 3-0 victory over Argentina in the warm-up match. Messi took the billboard in the 30th minute. Palacio took the ball to the right and passed the penalty area.Messi grabbed a shot and went high again, anxious Messi kicked the billboard on the sidelines.On June 8, the Argentina team resumed their warm-up match with Slovenia.

Chinese CAN!Xu Can defending WBA featherweight world champion gold belt

Chinese CAN!Xu Can defending WBA featherweight world champion gold belt
Xu Can, China’s only active boxing champion, once again successfully defended his title.In a WBA featherweight world champion gold belt game that just ended in California, Xu Can defeated American boxer Manny Lobos III after 12 rounds of war and retained this gold belt.Xu Can (right) is on the offensive.Picture / Visual China On January 26 this year, Xu Can won the 126-pound featherweight world champion gold belt from WBA in Houston, USA.On May 26, Xu Can TKO in his hometown of Fuzhou defended the Japanese boxer Kubo Falcon for the first time.Xu Can’s second defending champion is the American Manny Robes III, who was also regarded as the undefeated champion, and his career battle record is 18 wins and 0 losses 8KO.Lobos is shorter than Xu Can by a half and a half, but his punches are heavy, which is not difficult to understand why he has a 44% KO rate.In the past 3 months, Xu Can has been preparing for battle at the Ali Boxing Gym in Miami. This is also the most systematic one of his previous preparations. The person in charge of Xu Can training is Pedro Diaz.During this time, Xu Can’s technology has changed a lot under the guidance of Diaz.”In the past, my continuous punches paid more attention to speed, but now it is for accuracy, and the punching force of each punch is a little more thorough than before.”Xu Can said that pure frame defense is definitely not enough, and this training in the United States has a great impact on him.”Facing Robes at home, Xu Can took the initiative to attack.There was 35 seconds left in the first round, and there was an interesting scene in the game-Xu Can’s combined punching caused Robes III to retreat one after another and tripped the referee, which is rare in professional boxing.Throughout the game, Xu Can had a very good physical reserve, which made him relax on the boxing ring.After 12 rounds, Xu Can can always maintain an offensive posture.Xu Can and Lobos played very cleanly in this game. There was basically no cuddling, and they basically played from start to finish.After the game, Xu Can yelled with his arms rare.There may be a knockout in the 12-round battle. After the referees unanimously judged Xu Can to win, the specific scores of the three referees were 120 to 108, 119 to 109, and 118 to 110.Xu Can also ended Robles III’s 18-game winning streak with a winning victory.”I told everyone I want to take this gold belt home.Now, I did it!”In an interview after the match, Xu Can also challenged IBF champion Wellington.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Guo Li

[Can leeks and celery be eaten together]_How to eat_Notes

免 姜 姜 姃 姜 姈 咈 先 鏄 鏄  睘 浜 溜 溩 溩 溩 溩 幩 湜 抜 擜 擜 擜 擜 幞 鹞 鹞 鏞 鏢 璸 繸 瓸 Father Ning Hao’s fine 钖 咨 圽 園 炄 炒 炄 炄 炄 織 織 織 織 織 織 織 織 織 ツ兘涓€璧峰悆鐨勶紝鑺硅彍鍜岄煭鑿滅殑钀ュ吇浠峰€奸兘鐗瑰埆楂樸€傝姽鑿滃彲浠ラ檷浣庤鍘嬶紝闃叉鑳嗗浐閱囩殑鍗囬珮锛屽噺灏戣婧堕噺锛岃€岄煭鑿滃彲浠ョ悊姘旇緭琛€锛屽鑲濇湁淇濇姢浣滅敤銆傞煭鑿滃拰鑺硅彍鍙互鍋氭垚寰堝涓嶅悓鐨勯鐗╋紝鏈€甯歌鐨勫氨鏄敤鏉ュ寘楗哄瓙鍚冿紝涓嬮潰灏辩粰澶у璇︾粏浠嬬粛涓€涓嬪惂銆傞煭鑿滃拰鑺硅彍鍙互鍚屽悆锛屼笅闈㈡槸鐢ㄩ煭鑿滃拰鑺硅彍鍋氬寘瀛愮殑鏂规硶锛氬噯澶囨潗鏂欙細鍖呭瓙鐨?So, what’s the matter? Soup inlaid soup 700 鍏 嬶 麺 雺 彍 50 协 嬶 庴  彍 50 鍏 嬶 鐩?What are you doing?1鍙紝楦$簿 1鍕猴紝娓呮按 30鍏嬪噯澶囧ソ鐨勭尓鑲夋湯閲屽姞涓€涓浮铔嬨€佺洂銆侀浮绮俱€佺敓绮夈€侀叡娌广€佹竻姘存媽鍖€澶囩敤銆傝姽鑿滄礂鍑€鍚庯紝鏀惧湪鐮ф澘涓婂垏纰庡鐢ㄣ€傞煭鑿滄礂鍑€鍚庯紝鏀惧湪鐮ф澘涓婂垏纰庡鐢ㄣ€傚皢鑺硅彍銆侀煭鑿滃姞鍏ユ媽濂界殑鐚倝鏈腑銆傜敤绛峰瓙鎶婅姽鑿溿€侀煭鑿溿€佺尓鑲夋湯涓€璧锋悈鎷屽潎鍖€鎷垮嚭鍖呭瓙鐨紝灏嗚皟濂界殑棣呮枡鏀惧湪涓棿銆傛妸鐚 倝 鑺 Si 彍 帍 庍 免 卖 呭 叏 單 ュ 揂 擂 悗 掗 駽 Ammonia Early to each other 撨 撨 撨 钂 Pick pick Jane 銆 傝 吂 吢 吂 吂 鐢 吢 駛 駛 姣 剣 剣 剣 剣啓 ╀ 腑 琛 屵 皵; 揁 g 榾; Nauf 晨 銆 prepared rich set donated 昄 昒 桠; reading 嘨 pots Gui Ji; 鍣 庤 念 针 嶈 劈; 鑳 哥 椆 鐤 湝; 閒 鏖愯 ; 烏 胯 ; 鈥 ㈢ 柧; 馥 qi 柈; 鐥 堢 柈 inlaid shoulders; Jie Jie 柙 柈; 璺 屾 姦 熶 熶 犆?[5]Sorry, the torch dive chip is wide, the pickaxe is wide, the pickaxe is dimmed, the crumple is broken, the dagger is raked, the raked raked, the raked, the raked, the raked, the raked, the pot, the pot, the silly, the argon, the pick, the pickIt ‘s awesome, but it ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good example. It ‘s a good example. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea.诧紝澧炲己娑堝寲鍔熻兘銆傗憿琛屾皵鐞嗚锛氶煭鑿滅殑杈涜荆姘斿懗鏈夋暎鐦€娲昏銆佽姘斿婊炰綔鐢紝閫傜敤浜庤穼鎵撴崯浼ゃ€佸弽鑳冦€佽偁鐐庛€佸悙琛€銆佽兏鐥涚瓑鐥囥€傗懀娑﹁偁閫氫究锛氬惈澶ч噺缁寸敓绱犲拰绮楃氦缁达紝鑳藉杩涜儍鑲犺爼鍔紝娌荤枟渚跨锛岄闃茶偁鐧屻€傝姽鑿滐紝灞炰紴褰㈢妞嶇墿銆傛湁姘磋姽銆佹棻鑺广€佽タ鑺逛笁绉嶏紝鍔熻兘鐩歌繎锛岃嵂鐢ㄤ互鏃辫姽涓轰匠銆傛棻鑺归姘旇Ji Xian captivity?鑽姽”銆備絾鏄拰棣欒彍涓嶆槸涓€涓锛岃姽鑿滃瘜鍚泲鐧借川銆佺⒊姘村寲鍚堢墿銆佽儭钀濆崪绱犮€丅It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s not a good idea. What ‘s the difference? Do you want to know how to do it?偪锛屽噳琛€姝㈣锛岃В姣掑鑲猴紝鍋ヨ儍鍒╄銆佹竻鑲犲埄渚裤€佹鼎鑲烘鍜炽€侀檷浣庤鍘嬨€佸仴鑴戦晣闈欑殑鍔熸晥銆傚父鍚冭姽鑿滐紝灏ゅ叾鏄悆鑺硅彍鍙讹紝瀵归闃查珮琛€鍘嬨€佸姩鑴夌‖鍖栫瓑Do you want to know how to use the rudder and the rudder to make a rudder?

[Chestnut sparkling wine has certain effects]_Benefits_Nutrition Value

[Chestnut sparkling wine has certain effects]_Benefits_Nutrition Value

Chestnuts are a kind of food that we are very familiar with. Every autumn is the season when chestnuts mature. Many times, people like to cook chestnuts or stir-fry them with sugar.

Everyone especially likes the sweet and glutinous texture of chestnuts. In addition to being edible, chestnuts can also be used to make wine.

Chestnut sparkling wine has a good health effect, but there are also precautions when drinking chestnut wine.

The effect of chestnut sparkling wine1. After taking chestnut, chestnut has the effects of nourishing the kidney, strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach, and strengthening the bones and muscles.

In normal life, if the body has blood in the stool, vomiting blood, nausea, and the body is weak, etc., you can take chestnut directly or drink alcohol, which can effectively promote the health of the body.

2. According to modern research, vitamin B2 and riboflavin contained in chestnut can effectively improve eyesight and relieve eye fatigue.

It can also promote the growth of skin, nails and hair.

It also has a good treatment effect on sores and mouth ulcers.

3. Chestnut is rich in vitamin C. This substance can improve the body’s immunity, and it can promote the health of teeth and gums.

In addition, chestnut can also prevent cancer, stroke and heart disease.

In normal life, if the body appears to be weak in the waist and legs, osteoporosis and other conditions, you can take chestnut to strengthen the role of muscles and bones.

4, chestnut also contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids and minerals and trace elements, so the intervention of the three high effect is very good, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis.

Taking some chestnut wine in moderation usually can also improve the body’s immunity, anti-aging and eliminate arthritis symptoms, and the body will become better and better.

5. Chestnut also has a small amount that can provide the energy required by the human body, which can improve the metabolic capacity of the human body, can achieve the effect of clearing the intestines, strengthening the spleen, and losing weight.

Chestnut wine drinking precautions Chestnut wine has the effect of aphrodisiac and kidney, so do not overdose usually to avoid damage to your health.

If you are a healthy person, don’t usually take chestnut wine to avoid the increase of fire and sexual desire, which is not good for your health.

Although chestnut sparkling wine has a very good health effect on the body, it should be taken with care not to be too greedy.

Different chestnuts can be taken in different amounts, and you must pay attention to distinguishing them.

If you eat chestnuts of sparkling wine raw, you can’t eat too much, just eat three or four sooner or later.

This body is easier to digest.

After removing the chestnut, chew it in your mouth.

After eating it, it will be tasteless and then swallow slowly, so as to have the best health effect on the body.

[Can hyperthyroidism eat lychee-]_ hyperthyroidism _ can you eat

銆 愮 敳 浜 戜 刲 浠 ュ 悆 Drilling and dying?銆 撱 钢 姸 姸 倸 咸 哩 儿 湩 杩 鋳 鑳 鋉 鋳 炆 Borrowing
鐢蹭孩鍦ㄧ敓娲讳腑鏄緢甯歌鐨勭柧鐥咃紝涓€鑸儏鍐典笅锛屾偅涓婄敳浜箣鍚庤韩浣撲細鍑虹幇绐佺溂锛屾按鑲匡紝瑙嗗姏鍑忛€€绛夌棁鐘讹紝杩樻湁涓€浜涗汉鍦ㄦ偅涓婄敳浜箣鍚庡嚭鐜板ぇ瀹剁粡甯歌鐨勫ぇ鑴栧瓙锛岃繕鍙戞€掞紝涔忓姏绛夛紝鐢变簬姣忎竴涓汉鐨勪綋璐ㄦ槸涓嶅悓鐨勶紝鎮d笂鐢蹭孩鍚庣殑鐥囩姸涔熸槸涓嶅悓鐨勶紝鐢蹭孩鎮h€呯Н鏋侀厤鍚堝尰鐢熸不鐤楋紝鏄彲浠ユ不濂界殑锛岀敳浜㈡偅鑰呮槸涓嶈It ‘s a lot of time. It ‘s a lot of love. It ‘s a lot of love. It ‘s a lot of love.姛鏁堬紝浣嗘槸鐢变簬瀹冧細鏀瑰杽涓€浜涙秷鍖栭亾闂锛岃繖鏍峰緢瀹规槗褰卞搷鐢茬姸鑵哄姛鑳斤紝浣跨敳鐘惰吅鑲垮ぇ銆傚繉椋熺敤涓€浜涘叴濂嬮ギ鏂欏儚鍜栧暋涔嬬被鐨勯ギ鏂欎細浣跨敳浜㈡偅鑰呴毦浠ユ帶鍒朵綇涓嶅お姝e父鐨勫叴濂嬶紝杩欐牱寰堝鏄撳姞閲嶇梾鎯呫€傚繉杈涜荆鍒烘縺涔嬬被鐨勯鐗╁杈f銆佹补楗笺€佹补鐐歌殨璞嗙瓑杩欎簺鍒烘縺杈涜荆鐨勯鐗╁簲璇ラ伩鍏嶏紝瀵逛竴浜涙瘮杈冩补鑵荤殑椋熺墿鍍忕敎鐐广€佽偉鑲変箣绫荤殑灏卞緢瀹规槗鎭跺寲鐥呮儏銆傚繉澶ч噺琛ョ鐢蹭孩鎮h€呬竴鑸兘涓嶉渶瑕佽ˉ鍏呯锛岃繖鏄洜涓烘偅鑰呬綋鍐呯敳鐘惰吅鍔熻兘姣旇緝浜㈣繘锛屽鏋滃啀缁х画琛ュ厖纰樺厓绱犵殑璇濓紝寰堝鏄撲娇鐥呮儏鎭跺寲銆傛晠蹇屽鍚冩捣楸笺€佹捣钘荤瓑椋熺墿锛屽洜涓虹敳浜㈢梾浜哄悆浜嗗瘜鍚鐨勯鐗╋紝灏卞彲鑳戒娇鐢茬姸鑵虹粍缁囩‖鍖栥€傚瘜鍚鐨勯鐗╄櫧I am in love with you. I am in love with you. I am in love with you.屼篃浣垮凡鑲垮ぇ鐨勭‖鍧楀兊鍧楅毦娑堛€傜敳浜㈡偅鑰呭簲璇ラ鐢ㄤ笅闈㈣繖鍑犵椋熺墿娓呮贰銆佽惀鍏讳赴瀵岀殑椋熺墿鐢蹭孩鐨勭棁鐘朵富瑕佽〃鐜板湪澶氶ギ澶氶锛屾墍浠ョ敳浜㈡偅鑰呰娉ㄦ剰浣撳唴钀ュ吇鐨勫厖瓒筹紝杩欐椂鍊欏彲浠ュ椋熺敤涓€浜涗笁楂橀鍝侊紝淇濇寔娓呮贰鐨勫彛鍛筹紝鎵€浠ヨ娉ㄦ剰鐑归オ鐨勬柟寮忋€傚鐚槮鑲夈€佸厰鑲夈€侀浮铔嬨€佽眴鍒跺搧绛夈€傚鍚冩柊椴滆敩鑿滐紝濡傝タ绾㈡熆銆侀潚鑿溿€侀粍鐡溿€佷笣鐡滅瓑銆傚鍚冩柊椴滄按鏋滐紝濡傝嫻鏋溿€侀洩姊ㄣ€侀钑夈€佹銆佽憽钀勭瓑銆傛墍浠ョ敳浜㈡偅鑰呮槸涓嶈兘鍚冭儭钀濆崪鐨勶紝铏界劧鑳¤悵鍗滄瘮杈冨父瑙侊紝浣嗘槸涓€瀹氳鍏Talking about arguing, arguing, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking椋This is the best way to do it, but it ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a very difficult problem. It ‘s very difficult to find out what is happening. It ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s going on.钥呭鍔犱簡涓嶅皯鍘嬪姏锛屾墍浠ラ€傚害鐨勫績鐞嗚皟鑺備篃鏄繀椤荤殑銆傜敳浜㈢梾浜虹殑楗鍘熷垯1銆侀珮鐑噺锛氱粨鍚堜复搴婃不鐤楅渶瑕佸拰鎮h€呰繘椋熸儏鍐佃€屽畾锛屼竴鑸緝姝e父澧炲姞50%-70%: Soreness and soreness ╁ 帲 渚 涚 粰 3000-3500Kcal 酑  噺 銆?1 Hydrogen chrysanthemum  sore and sore ╂ sore and sore  枻 梻 tart 1.5-2g铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€?I am a little bit stunned, and I am very stunned. B, B, P, B, C, B, C, C, C, C, C, C, C銆侀€傞噺鐭跨墿璐細涓昏涓洪捑銆侀晛銆侀挋绛夈€?銆佸繉纰橈細濡傛灉闀挎湡鏈嶇敤楂樼椋熺墿鎴栬嵂鐗╋紝鍒欑敳鐘惰吅瀵圭鐨勨€滄姂鍒垛€濅綔鐢ㄤ骇鐢熲€滈€傚簲鈥濓紝鐢茬姸鑵虹礌鐨勫悎鎴愰噸鏂板姞閫燂紝鐢茬姸鑵哄唴鐨勭敳鐘惰吅绱犵殑绉瓨涓庢棩淇卞 デ デ デ デ デ エ デ デ デ 搑 鐢 鐢 鐸 姸 姸 姸 典 礌 揃 樃 喃 閒 鐒 膒 腑 豽 籽 紩 璩 Bifeng 敳 浜 戜 戜 戜 戜 抜 抜 抂 抜 抜 抜 擜 抜 會熺殑娉ㄦ剰浜嬮」1銆佸皯椋熷椁愶紝涓嶈兘鏆撮ギ鏆撮銆傚繉杈涜荆銆佺儫閰掋€?銆 佽 鉏 呭 Pang Zong Chong 殑 姘 村 垎 姾 傾 澶 ╅ ギ 姘?500ml宸﹀彸锛屽繉鍜栧暋銆佹祿鑼剁瓑鍏村鎬чギ鏂欍€?銆侀€傚綋鎺у埗楂樼氦缁寸礌椋熺墿锛屽挨鍏惰吂娉绘椂銆?What are you going to do with a picture?

Chenming Paper (000488): The cost advantage of pulp and paper leading is obviously recommended

Chenming Paper (000488): The cost advantage of pulp and paper leading is obviously recommended


Event summary The company achieved operating income of 288 in 2018.

76 ‰, a decrease of 2 per year.

02%; realized attributable net profit of 25.

1 billion, down 33 a year.

41%; realized non-net profit deducted from the parent company.

54 ‰, a decrease of 42 per year.


Net operating cash flow was 141.

Ten percent of 00, a year-on-year increase of 592 times.


Our Analysis and Judgment (1) The scale of revenue has fallen slightly, and the downturn in the market has led to a decrease in profits. In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 288.

76 trillion, a decrease of 5 from the previous year.

9.6 billion.

From an industry perspective, mechanism paper / finance leasing contributes revenue 243 respectively.


02 trillion, a year-on-year change of -19.


34 ppm, with a ten-year growth rate of -7.

52% / 11.

90%, the two account for 84% of total revenue.

17% / 7.

63% is an important part of the company’s revenue.

From the perspective of the main mechanical paper products, white cardboard, double-adhesive paper, coated paper, electrostatic paper, release paper, and household paper respectively achieved revenues of 64.






49 trillion, the corresponding revenue increase is -4.

66 / -2.

13 / -7.




60 ppm, a ten-year increase of -6.

75% /-3.

35% /-14.44% / 1.

39% / 0.

02% / 8.


Among them, white cardboard, double offset paper and coated paper accounted for 71% of the total paper machine business revenue.


By region, domestic / foreign revenue was 245.


15 trillion, respectively contributed revenue increase of -9.


84 ppm, a ten-year increase of -3.

84% / 9.

78%, of which the domestic region contributed 85% of operating income.

06%, most of the main content.

The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company for the current period was 25.

100,000 yuan, a decrease of 12 from the previous year.

6 billion.

The reasons for the decrease in profit come from two aspects: First, due to the downturn in the papermaking market in the second half of the year, the company’s paper sales fell, the price fell, and the profitability of the company fell.As a result, the company’s financing costs have risen and financial costs have increased.

(2) Comprehensive gross profit margin decreased 2.

64pct, the cost rate during the period dropped by 2.

16pct’s consolidated gross profit margin for 2018 was 31.

27%, a decrease of 2 compared with the same period last year.

64 units.

From the perspective of the main products and industries, the gross profit margins of white cardboard, double-adhesive paper, coated paper, electrostatic paper, release paper, and finance lease were 16 respectively.

23% / 26.

60% / 27.

47% / 40.

11% / 39.

74% / 92.


The gross profit margins of the three major paper types of white cardboard, double offset paper, and coated paper in 2018 increased by 14 compared with the same period last year.

71% /-3.

20% / 0.

09%, usually caused by a slight increase in revenue; electrostatic paper / anti-stick paper / finance lease gross margin increased from the same period last year.

51% / 5.

63% / 6.

72%, a gap of growth.

The decrease in the gross profit margin of white cardboard and coated paper was mainly due to the decrease in the market price of white cardboard and coated paper, and the increase in the gross profit margin of electrostatic paper and release paper was mainly due to the decrease in costs.

Expenses for the company during 2018 16.

97%, ranking fell 2 last year.16 units.

The sales / management / financial expense ratios are 4 respectively.

12% / 3.

35% / 9.

49% change in the same period last year -0.



13杭州桑拿 units.

The increase in financial expense ratio was mainly due to the increase in interest expense.

Of the 2018 financial expenses, interest expenses increased by 10.

5.6 billion.

(3) Integrated layout of forest pulp and paper with significant cost advantages The company has started to implement the strategic layout of forest pulp and paper integration since 2001. In the domestic paper industry, the company has a high self-sufficiency rate of wood pulp until the end of December 2018, The company has a capacity of 328 additives for homemade wood pulp.

According to the report baseline, Huanggang Chenming’s annual output of 30 targeted chemical wood pulp projects has been put into production in mid-November 2018, and Shouguang Meilun’s 40 chemical wood pulp projects have also entered the production commissioning stage 西安耍耍网 and will soon be put into production.

The commissioning of these projects can further improve the self-sufficiency rate of wood pulp, change the contradiction between supply and demand of wood pulp raw materials, and reduce production costs.

Compared with the ratio of purchased wood pulp, the cost advantage of self-made pulp is significant, which ensures that the company’s paper products continue to lead the industry in terms of gross profit margin: It is reported that the company’s average ton paper price is about 5,626 yuan / ton (compared with 5298 yuan / ton in the same period last year).), Gross profit per ton of paper is about 1721 yuan / ton (1544 yuan / ton in the same period last year).

As the company’s self-sufficiency in wood pulp increases, gross profit per ton of paper is expected to increase further.

In addition, the price of wood pulp raw materials is relatively stable, the advantages of bulk material procurement and the expansion of supporting logistics services greatly reduce the logistics and transportation costs of raw materials and finished products, which greatly improves the company’s cost advantage and quality stability.

(IV) Leading paper production capacity, scale advantage highlights the company as a leading company in the Chinese paper industry. After years of development, it has now formed a capacity of more than 1,100 tons of pulp and paper, and has a scale that rivals international paper companies.Hubei, Jiangxi, Jilin, Wuhan and other places have built paper production bases.

The large-scale centralized production and operation model makes the company have obvious economic benefits, and makes the company have alternative market influence in terms of raw material procurement, product pricing, and industry policy formulation.

In addition, in recent years, environmental protection policies have been intensively introduced, the industry has accelerated the clearance of small and medium-sized production capacity, and the concentration of the industry has increased significantly. Large and large enterprises can continue to increase the barriers to entry into the industry through the advantages of large-scale production and enjoy the industry’s new profit cycle.


Investment suggestion As a leader of Chinese papermaking companies, the company has a leading industry in terms of production capacity and significant scale advantages.

There is a full range of paper products, with the main products occupying the forefront in the market. The leasing business has made more efforts and the profitability is stable.

Through the development of upstream pulping business, the company has improved the self-sufficiency rate of wood pulp, which can significantly reduce production costs, enhance the company’s core competitiveness, and provide strong support and guarantee for the company’s future development.

In terms of environmental protection, we have sound pollution control facilities. These environmental protection indicators are at the forefront of the country and the world.

At the same time, the company actively cooperates with universities, scientific research units and international advanced enterprises to increase technical innovation capabilities and scientific research and development efforts. It has 18 invention patents and participated in the formulation of 5 national standards to lead the latest and highest-end technologies of the Chinese paper industry.

Therefore, we predict that the company will achieve revenue of 314 in 2019/2020/2021, respectively.



1.7 billion, net profit 32.



07 ‰; corresponding to PS0.



62 times, corresponding to PE7 / 6/5 times, the first time “recommended level”.


Risks indicate the risk of fluctuations in raw material prices; the risk of excess capacity and reduced demand; the risk of changes in environmental protection policies.

China Animal Husbandry (600195): Significant improvement in Q2 performance vaccine opportunities worth attention

China Animal Husbandry (600195): Significant improvement in Q2 performance vaccine opportunities worth attention

1. The event company released its semi-annual report for 2019.

2. Our analysis and judgment 1) The performance of the second quarter improved significantly, basically in line with market expectations. In the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating income18.

3.52 million yuan, at least -3.

212%, of which biological products, trade income, feed, veterinary drugs contributed revenue5.

2.9 billion, 5.

0.6 billion, 4.

2.8 billion, 3.

64 ppm, at least -0.

87%, +18.

96%, -12.

49%, -15.


The company’s net profit attributable to the parent is 1.

62 ppm, at least -15.

65%; net profit after deduction is 1.

610,000 yuan, at least -15.


The company’s consolidated gross profit margin is 28.

37%, -0 per year.

78pct; period expense ratio is 22.

52%, ten years +1.

33pct, mainly due to the increase in management and R & D expenses.

In Q2 2019, the company achieved revenue of 10.

35 trillion, ten years +8.

22%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

74 trillion, ten years +9.

52%; net profit after deduction is 0.

74 trillion, ten years +10.


2) Affected by downstream production capacity, the performance of piglets under pressure was affected by African swine fever, the increase in pig throughput was severe, and the vaccine industry was generally affected.

The company’s market-oriented vaccine market adheres to the “one-household, one-strategy” strategy, and expands the number of farms, and its production capacity is relatively stable. Therefore, the company’s market-oriented vaccine income for pigs is basically stable.

Part of the pig recruitment for pigs was significantly affected by the epidemic situation, and sales volume declined slightly.

At present, the company has obtained a new veterinary drug certificate for OA two-valent vaccine for swine foot-and-mouth disease. It is expected that it will be available for sale by the end of 19Q3, catching up with Qiufang’s contribution to some performance.

3) The volume of meat and poultry has increased, and the performance of poultry has been bright. Benefiting from the prosperity of the downstream meat and poultry breeding industry, the company has actively expanded the sales of poultry vaccines and expanded the government procurement of avian influenza vaccines. The replacement of strains has promoted product prices.Achieved both volume and profit.

19H1 subsidiary Qian Yuanhao’s net profit reached 1438.

09 million yuan, +55 for ten years.


We believe that the prosperity of meat and poultry will continue, and through the rise of the company’s bird flu sales, the gradual stabilization of the process, the cost side has some room for decline, and the gross profit level may increase, optimistic about the performance of poultry seedlings. 3.

Investment suggestion The company’s business covers a wide range. The poultry seedlings continue to benefit from the improvement of downstream 上海夜网论坛 prosperity and rapid growth in future performance. Pig seedlings benefit from the strategy of major customers, and the market seedlings are partially controlled by non-pesticidal effects. Feed is mainly for poultry feed.Benefit from the expansion of meat and poultry farming; the current situation of chemical medicines affected by policies, and the development of international markets in the future may bring new breakthroughs.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.



70 yuan, corresponding to PE is 21/19/16 times, given a “recommended” rating.


The risk indicates the risk of animal epidemic, the risk of new product launch or lower than expected, the risk of animal vaccine safety, the risk of market competition, etc.

Air China (601111): Outstanding performance on international routes meets expectations

Air China (601111): Outstanding performance on international routes meets expectations

Event: The company released the first quarter report of 2019: realized revenue of 325.

500 million, previously + 3%, net profit attributable to mother 27.

200 million, +3 a year.

6%, deducting non-attributed net profit of 26.

5 trillion, +1 a year.

9%, the company’s performance basically meets market expectations.

The performance of international routes is gradually domestic, and the overall level of passenger kilometers is basically flat.

1Q1 company’s overall / domestic / international ASK growth rate was 6.

6% / 5.

0% / 8.

8%, overall / domestic / international RPK growth rate is 7% / 4.

2% / 11%, international demand is better, with an international 厦门夜网 load factor of 79.

8% (ten years +1.

5 points), the company overall / domestic guest implantation 81.

4% / 82.

4, respectively equal to +0.

3 points / -0.

6 points.

In 19Q1, the company’s revenue growth rate was only 3%, mainly due to the impact of domestic cargo aviation losses. We estimate that the company’s Q1 passenger revenue increased by +7.

At 4%, the passenger-kilometer income level was basically flat for six months.

As of March 19, the company’s fleet size was 676. In 19Q1, a total of 10 aircraft were introduced and 3 were withdrawn.

The pressure on jet fuel costs has eased, and unit fuel deduction costs are expected to continue to improve.

The average purchase price of aviation kerosene in 19Q1 is 4756 yuan / ton, which is about 2% per year. We expect the unit ASK fuel consumption to continue to improve significantly. The cost of aviation fuel in 19Q1 is basically flat, and the cost of ASK deduction for other units continues to improve. The company continues to comply.Cost control capabilities.

On the expense side, the company’s current period (tax + sales + management expenses) totals 27.

300 million, accounting for 8.

4%, basically basically the same; considering that Q1 RMB appreciates about 2% against USD and USD, after the implementation of the new leasing plan in 19 years, the company ‘s US dollar debt increased, and the corresponding exchange flexibility increased (the exchange flexibility doubled). It is expected thatThe company’s exchange income is about 1.3 billion US dollars, and the company’s financial expenses are -1.

13 trillion (-10 trillion in the same period last year).

Investment income and flight subsidies have temporarily increased, supplementing exchange non-profit profits increased by + 15% per year.

The company’s other income in the current period was 700 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 40% per year (mainly due to the increase in cooperation channel subsidies), and the company’s investment income reached 3.

1 trillion, an increase of 1 in the same period last year.

80,000 yuan, mainly due to increased profits of associates.

If we assume currency exchange and non-economics (and exclude the impact of Air China Cargo), we estimate that the company’s profit will increase by + 15%.

Investment suggestion: Against the backdrop of macroeconomic growth prospects, aviation demand performance has improved, and the industry supply and demand improvement brought about by the introduction of grounding time for Boeing 737MAX (supply-side contraction, stable demand), the company takes into account high-quality flights, high season ticketsThe price performance may be worth looking forward to, and the EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2021.

74 yuan, 0.

96 yuan, 1.

09 元,对应PE 为13x\10x\9x,维持“买入-A”评级。 Risk Warning: Aviation demand exceeds expectations, oil prices have increased significantly, and the yuan has actually depreciated.

Workplace hard work: rookie vs old fritters

Workplace hard work: rookie vs old fritters

Only a low-key success in Cocoa returned to Canada from studying abroad, corresponding to the employment of foreign companies is not hesitant.

She thinks she is fluent in spoken English and has a thorough knowledge of her professional knowledge. She tries to hold a bronzing diploma-Vancouver University of British Columbia.

Therefore, Coco was suddenly very confident during the interview, and the answer was rash.

I can see that the interviewer is very satisfied with Coco.

Near the end, she wanted the interviewer to declare her passing. Who knew that the interviewer suddenly picked up the resume and read it to himself? When he saw the name of the university, he suddenly said: “There are two good universities in Vancouver.The University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University on the mountain . “Coco was particularly pleased because she was very familiar with the two universities, so she began to make endless speeches, blindly expressing the strength of the” mountain “argument, the argumentAssets and the University of British Columbia are incomparable. Graduates out there are not good at finding jobs because of lack of comprehensive ability . When Coco saw the interviewer’s face became hot, she had no chance to recover.

After asking the staff who were present afterwards, I knew that the interviewer had graduated from the mountain university and was also classified by Coco as part of “not strong enough”.

  The alarm bell reminds that although schools have advantages and disadvantages, graduating from a prestigious school does not mean that they have strong abilities.

If you graduated from a prestigious school, don’t just compare it with others, the interviewer will naturally weigh it.

Like Coco, it is a pity to just hit the “South Wall”.

When talking about professional knowledge, you can talk about it. Keep a low profile elsewhere, so that others do not think you are too public.

Also don’t do things that hurt others to elevate yourself, otherwise the interviewer will feel that your character is wrong.

  For a while, the waves were calm and usually called a “crazy girl” by a friend. On the day of the interview, she was dressed as a professional. She also cut her short hair and turned into a “lady”.

When the interview was halfway through, the interviewer told Tao that many of the clerks recruited by our company had the opportunity to face foreign businessmen. Foreigners were very fancy about whether you would disguise yourself, otherwise you felt that you did not respect him.

Peach listened respectfully, but blossomed in her heart.

As soon as the interviewer finished speaking, she put the carry-on bag on the place. After opening, the interviewer’s eyes were straight and began to have a wide range of cosmetics such as eye shadows, lip glosses, etc. This is where peaches are ready to go to the bar for entertainment with friends after the interview.Yes, it actually came in handy.

After interviewing for a moment, the interviewer seriously judged that Tao’s cosmetics were too much, too colorful, and lost the professional female style.

Peach heard that half of her anger had come to her heart. She felt that the interviewer could not live with her clearly, and she immediately patted the case: “You talk too bullying, it wo n’t work, then it wo n’t work, just pull it down. Do I not have this job?Can’t live?

“The interviewer also thundered, and immediately said” Out “!

  The alarm bell reminds: When facing aggressive interviewers, the most important principle is not to be irritated, not to mention that the other person is too bullying because the questions they are asking are too sharp.

Absolutely, the other person’s personality is not friendly at all, or if you want to give the job applicant a disappointment first, you must not get angry, otherwise, even if your other conditions are better, you will lose the interview.

Honestly, some companies think that professional competence is better than everything, and the personality of employees is not very important; but there are also many companies that think that teamwork is more important than anything.”Method” is often used by interviewers as a way to eliminate most candidates.

  When Shou Deyun opened to see sunrise Awen went to the interview, she was sitting opposite the “Great Emperor” who was both the boss and the interviewer, and she tried to calm herself.

Awen was basically able to answer the interviewer’s questions, but when she looked at the interviewer’s disapproval, she became suspicious.

After answering each question, the interviewer just nodded and asked the next questions.

A Wen felt that the interviewer was playing the sea of tactics, and she had to take patience to fight against him.

In the end, A Wen felt that it was a miracle to be able to answer all the questions of the interviewer, and it did not matter whether he was accepted.

However, it turned out that Awen’s decision was correct, because she received a post-admission notice four days later.

  Alarm bell reminder: Interviewers sometimes “show” in front of job candidates, the purpose is to put pressure on you to see your ability to adjust your emotions.

Some jobs are “high-pressure jobs” that require a lot of patience and pressure resistance.

Therefore, when it comes to interviewers who have difficulty getting the job done, it is the time to show job candidates’ resilience. If they answer questions well, they are often easily hired by employers.

Yoga bowel cleansing, not everyone can do it

Yoga bowel cleansing, not everyone can do it

In too many yoga halls in our city, the words of yoga bowel cleansing class are often seen, that is, the method of clearing the bowel is only using yoga + saline without drugs.

In the dry weather of autumn, this kind of fitness method has attracted many people’s attention.

The reporter specially experienced according to his method.

  [Personal experience]Yoga bowel cleansing needs to be performed on an empty stomach in the morning. When I wake up at 8 am, I do n’t eat anything. First, prepare 1,000 ml of warm saline (two mineral water bottles + one spoon of salt, taste slightly salty, but it is bestStill buy 0.

9% saline), adding in one breath.

Hey, don’t say, it’s really difficult to drink so much water in the early morning minutes.

I just drank a little sickly and vomited, and my stomach was bulging.

At this time, compared to the six methods of yoga detox, I started to do one by one.

Because of the comparison of the pictures and the action, I completed all the actions in only 15 minutes.

After I finished, I had a reaction in my stomach . I went to the toilet a total of 2 times this day, and it was very easy. It seemed that I had exhausted all the toilets.

In order to maintain the effect and let the stomach and intestines rest, I drank white porridge that day, and my stomach became flat, and I was relaxed for a while, but I was a bit dry and hungry.

  [Netizen comment]After practicing yoga for bowel cleansing, the reporter went online to check the feedback of other netizens ‘experience. Everyone was mixed: Yoyo: I have done it, the effect is really good, but the salt water is really hard to drink, drink it all at onceWith 3 liters of saline, the stomach’s absorptive capacity is inherently limited, and those brines simply flow to the intermediates.

And in the intermediate, also because the osmotic pressure of saline is relatively high, the small intestine has to secrete a large amount of digestive juice to replace it. In this way, it is all liquid in itself, it is strange to not have diarrhea!

  Whoilold: I tried it twice and it worked.

I think salt water is not difficult to drink, it tastes better than drinking pure white water.

Even if you lose weight, it will take some water off your body, so it may be slightly thinner.

But it won’t be long before it recovers.

  The skin is: I tried this, I drank a lot of hay, and I felt like vomiting.

It’s pulled, but not a lot, and it’s thin.

My feeling is that salt has marinated the water in my body.

  Pearl milk tea: I tried it once, and the stomach hurt for 3 days. I didn’t want to eat anything. The stomach was bloated and uncomfortable, which hurt my body.

Coupled with diarrhea, the whole person collapsed.

  [Expertise]Yoga bowel cleansing, also known as Shangkajie bowel method, is available in yoga studios.

The amount of water you drink at a time is about 1000 ml, you don’t need to drink 3000 ml at all, and add a small amount of salt to it. Some trainers (if often constipated or stubborn constipation) also need to add a certain amount of lemon juice or grapefruitjuice.

Then with some specific asanas, the water that is drunk quickly is pressed into the coupling, softening and disintegrating the stool.

Proper exercise will not cause a large amount of water to be absorbed, putting a burden on the kidneys.

However, Shangka Jiechang method is generally used in conjunction with fasting therapy. There are strict habits such as diet, which are for the treatment of some chronic diseases and require the guidance of experienced teachers.

Therefore, it is not suitable for all people, and it is not recommended to practice often.

As a health care method, ordinary yoga practitioners can do it several times a year, and those with special needs can do it once more under the guidance of a teacher.

Gastritis, frail Qi, and those who have recovered from a serious illness are not suitable for practicing this method.

  This method of bowel cleansing differs from person to person. Generally, kidney function is not good, people with poor stomach are not suitable, and not everyone is effective, because there are many reasons for constipation.

Therefore, under normal physical conditions, it is okay to occasionally be so clear.

In addition, drinking too much salt water is not good for the body and it will increase the burden on the kidneys, so 750ml-1000ml is enough.

It is not recommended to drink it in one breath, it is best to drink it within two hours, the burden on the stomach and kidneys is slightly lighter.