Workplace hard work: rookie vs old fritters

Workplace hard work: rookie vs old fritters

Only a low-key success in Cocoa returned to Canada from studying abroad, corresponding to the employment of foreign companies is not hesitant.

She thinks she is fluent in spoken English and has a thorough knowledge of her professional knowledge. She tries to hold a bronzing diploma-Vancouver University of British Columbia.

Therefore, Coco was suddenly very confident during the interview, and the answer was rash.

I can see that the interviewer is very satisfied with Coco.

Near the end, she wanted the interviewer to declare her passing. Who knew that the interviewer suddenly picked up the resume and read it to himself? When he saw the name of the university, he suddenly said: “There are two good universities in Vancouver.The University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University on the mountain . “Coco was particularly pleased because she was very familiar with the two universities, so she began to make endless speeches, blindly expressing the strength of the” mountain “argument, the argumentAssets and the University of British Columbia are incomparable. Graduates out there are not good at finding jobs because of lack of comprehensive ability . When Coco saw the interviewer’s face became hot, she had no chance to recover.

After asking the staff who were present afterwards, I knew that the interviewer had graduated from the mountain university and was also classified by Coco as part of “not strong enough”.

  The alarm bell reminds that although schools have advantages and disadvantages, graduating from a prestigious school does not mean that they have strong abilities.

If you graduated from a prestigious school, don’t just compare it with others, the interviewer will naturally weigh it.

Like Coco, it is a pity to just hit the “South Wall”.

When talking about professional knowledge, you can talk about it. Keep a low profile elsewhere, so that others do not think you are too public.

Also don’t do things that hurt others to elevate yourself, otherwise the interviewer will feel that your character is wrong.

  For a while, the waves were calm and usually called a “crazy girl” by a friend. On the day of the interview, she was dressed as a professional. She also cut her short hair and turned into a “lady”.

When the interview was halfway through, the interviewer told Tao that many of the clerks recruited by our company had the opportunity to face foreign businessmen. Foreigners were very fancy about whether you would disguise yourself, otherwise you felt that you did not respect him.

Peach listened respectfully, but blossomed in her heart.

As soon as the interviewer finished speaking, she put the carry-on bag on the place. After opening, the interviewer’s eyes were straight and began to have a wide range of cosmetics such as eye shadows, lip glosses, etc. This is where peaches are ready to go to the bar for entertainment with friends after the interview.Yes, it actually came in handy.

After interviewing for a moment, the interviewer seriously judged that Tao’s cosmetics were too much, too colorful, and lost the professional female style.

Peach heard that half of her anger had come to her heart. She felt that the interviewer could not live with her clearly, and she immediately patted the case: “You talk too bullying, it wo n’t work, then it wo n’t work, just pull it down. Do I not have this job?Can’t live?

“The interviewer also thundered, and immediately said” Out “!

  The alarm bell reminds: When facing aggressive interviewers, the most important principle is not to be irritated, not to mention that the other person is too bullying because the questions they are asking are too sharp.

Absolutely, the other person’s personality is not friendly at all, or if you want to give the job applicant a disappointment first, you must not get angry, otherwise, even if your other conditions are better, you will lose the interview.

Honestly, some companies think that professional competence is better than everything, and the personality of employees is not very important; but there are also many companies that think that teamwork is more important than anything.”Method” is often used by interviewers as a way to eliminate most candidates.

  When Shou Deyun opened to see sunrise Awen went to the interview, she was sitting opposite the “Great Emperor” who was both the boss and the interviewer, and she tried to calm herself.

Awen was basically able to answer the interviewer’s questions, but when she looked at the interviewer’s disapproval, she became suspicious.

After answering each question, the interviewer just nodded and asked the next questions.

A Wen felt that the interviewer was playing the sea of tactics, and she had to take patience to fight against him.

In the end, A Wen felt that it was a miracle to be able to answer all the questions of the interviewer, and it did not matter whether he was accepted.

However, it turned out that Awen’s decision was correct, because she received a post-admission notice four days later.

  Alarm bell reminder: Interviewers sometimes “show” in front of job candidates, the purpose is to put pressure on you to see your ability to adjust your emotions.

Some jobs are “high-pressure jobs” that require a lot of patience and pressure resistance.

Therefore, when it comes to interviewers who have difficulty getting the job done, it is the time to show job candidates’ resilience. If they answer questions well, they are often easily hired by employers.

Yoga bowel cleansing, not everyone can do it

Yoga bowel cleansing, not everyone can do it

In too many yoga halls in our city, the words of yoga bowel cleansing class are often seen, that is, the method of clearing the bowel is only using yoga + saline without drugs.

In the dry weather of autumn, this kind of fitness method has attracted many people’s attention.

The reporter specially experienced according to his method.

  [Personal experience]Yoga bowel cleansing needs to be performed on an empty stomach in the morning. When I wake up at 8 am, I do n’t eat anything. First, prepare 1,000 ml of warm saline (two mineral water bottles + one spoon of salt, taste slightly salty, but it is bestStill buy 0.

9% saline), adding in one breath.

Hey, don’t say, it’s really difficult to drink so much water in the early morning minutes.

I just drank a little sickly and vomited, and my stomach was bulging.

At this time, compared to the six methods of yoga detox, I started to do one by one.

Because of the comparison of the pictures and the action, I completed all the actions in only 15 minutes.

After I finished, I had a reaction in my stomach . I went to the toilet a total of 2 times this day, and it was very easy. It seemed that I had exhausted all the toilets.

In order to maintain the effect and let the stomach and intestines rest, I drank white porridge that day, and my stomach became flat, and I was relaxed for a while, but I was a bit dry and hungry.

  [Netizen comment]After practicing yoga for bowel cleansing, the reporter went online to check the feedback of other netizens ‘experience. Everyone was mixed: Yoyo: I have done it, the effect is really good, but the salt water is really hard to drink, drink it all at onceWith 3 liters of saline, the stomach’s absorptive capacity is inherently limited, and those brines simply flow to the intermediates.

And in the intermediate, also because the osmotic pressure of saline is relatively high, the small intestine has to secrete a large amount of digestive juice to replace it. In this way, it is all liquid in itself, it is strange to not have diarrhea!

  Whoilold: I tried it twice and it worked.

I think salt water is not difficult to drink, it tastes better than drinking pure white water.

Even if you lose weight, it will take some water off your body, so it may be slightly thinner.

But it won’t be long before it recovers.

  The skin is: I tried this, I drank a lot of hay, and I felt like vomiting.

It’s pulled, but not a lot, and it’s thin.

My feeling is that salt has marinated the water in my body.

  Pearl milk tea: I tried it once, and the stomach hurt for 3 days. I didn’t want to eat anything. The stomach was bloated and uncomfortable, which hurt my body.

Coupled with diarrhea, the whole person collapsed.

  [Expertise]Yoga bowel cleansing, also known as Shangkajie bowel method, is available in yoga studios.

The amount of water you drink at a time is about 1000 ml, you don’t need to drink 3000 ml at all, and add a small amount of salt to it. Some trainers (if often constipated or stubborn constipation) also need to add a certain amount of lemon juice or grapefruitjuice.

Then with some specific asanas, the water that is drunk quickly is pressed into the coupling, softening and disintegrating the stool.

Proper exercise will not cause a large amount of water to be absorbed, putting a burden on the kidneys.

However, Shangka Jiechang method is generally used in conjunction with fasting therapy. There are strict habits such as diet, which are for the treatment of some chronic diseases and require the guidance of experienced teachers.

Therefore, it is not suitable for all people, and it is not recommended to practice often.

As a health care method, ordinary yoga practitioners can do it several times a year, and those with special needs can do it once more under the guidance of a teacher.

Gastritis, frail Qi, and those who have recovered from a serious illness are not suitable for practicing this method.

  This method of bowel cleansing differs from person to person. Generally, kidney function is not good, people with poor stomach are not suitable, and not everyone is effective, because there are many reasons for constipation.

Therefore, under normal physical conditions, it is okay to occasionally be so clear.

In addition, drinking too much salt water is not good for the body and it will increase the burden on the kidneys, so 750ml-1000ml is enough.

It is not recommended to drink it in one breath, it is best to drink it within two hours, the burden on the stomach and kidneys is slightly lighter.

Spring Cough Xiaobian teach you some recipes

Spring Cough Xiaobian teach you some recipes

The old saying goes, “Remedies can cure serious illnesses, and herbal medicine can kill famous doctors.”

Recipes are based on past experience and are passed down from generation to generation.

Here are a few small remedies for treating remedies for cough, everyone can try.

  One recipe: 1 raw pear, 10 dried lychees, 3 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiong, a small amount of rock sugar.

  [Preparation and use]Pears are cut into hearts, dried lychees are peeled and shelled with nucleus, and the medicine is steamed and eaten while hot, once a day, and can be cured in 3-5 days.

  [Indication]Interpretation of Feng Han Cough Xiaobian: What is Feng Han Cough?

  Traditional Chinese medicine uses dialectics to classify coughs into five types based on different characteristics of cough: wind and cold cough: spitting, accompanied by headache, nasal congestion, runny nose, cold and fever, and can be treated with Xingsu powder.

The therapy consists of dredging wind and dispersing cold, declaring lungs and relieving cough.

  Wind-heat cough: fever, dry mouth, spitting, and sore throat.

It can be treated with Sangju. The medical theory is Shufengqingre, phlegm and cough.

  Dry cough: dry cough, less phlegm, dry lips and throat.

You can use Liangzhusan or Qingzao Jiufei Decoction to dry the lungs.

  Phlegm cough: phlegm is thick and snoring in the throat, chest tightness, shortness of breath may occur.

It can be treated with Erchen Decoction, which has the effect of strengthening spleen and dampness, resolving phlegm and relieving cough.

  Physical Cough: When you cough, your hair will turn pale, your face will turn pale, your two skins (face bones under your eyes) will turn red, you won’t be able to lift your breath or your hands and feet will become feverish.

Optional treatment with Maimendong Decoction or Bufei Decoction.

Should start from nourishing lung qi, moistening lungs and coughing.

  Recipe 2: 5 grams of tea, 100 grams of white radish.

  [Preparation and use method]Brew tea leaves with boiling water to extract juice, then slice the radish, cook in a pot, season with salt, and pour the tea juice and eat.

2 times a day.

  [Indications]Cough and sputum due to bronchitis.

  Recipe 3: Almonds, mulberry leaves, burdock seeds 9 grams each, bellflower, mint leaves 5 grams each.

  [System usage]Shuijianbi, 2 times a day.

  [Indications]Wind-heat cough.

  Recipe 4: 25 grams of mulberry leaves, 15 grams each of almonds and rock sugar.

  [Preparation]Use 2 bowls of water and fry into 1 bowl. Warm and warm while serving.

  [Indication]Cough due to cold.

  Recipe five: white radish, one pear each, 30 grams of raw honey, 7 white pepper, as described in ephedra.

  [System usage]Put the medicine in a bowl and steam it.

Take it.

  [Indication]Cough due to cold.

Develop a simple and effective muscle-building diet plan

Develop a simple and effective muscle-building diet plan

Muscle building is a comprehensive and complex process.

It requires proper exercise, and the diet is enough for this very important position. How to eat well and eat effectively is very learned and very particular about it.

  The first meal: breakfast because there is no food supply overnight, the body urgently needs metabolism, especially flashing, stepping on to provide energy for the first few hours of work.

Composite fibers “burn” very slowly and provide energy lastingly, which is a better choice.

  Of course, you also need to absorb proteins to maintain a constant flow of amino acids in the blood, which helps prevent muscles from catabolizing them.

This meal should provide about 50 grams of protein.

  Second meal: Snack in the morning About 3 hours after breakfast is time to eat again.

This is one of the smaller meals of the day, and it only requires the body to get energy for the rest of the morning and maintain a constant amino acid flow in the blood.

  The amino acids come from protein, and the protein in this meal replaces chicken breast meat, or high protein powder.

You can add some vitamins, such as fruits.

Fruit is also a good source of cellulose, which is often lacking in the diet of most bodybuilders.

  Third meal: lunch The focus of the lunch is protein, which also includes complex glucose and vegetables.

Protein foods such as beef, salmon, etc. are good choices for the muscle growth phase because they can provide extra impurities in addition to protein.

Salmon and other fish contain healthy aunts.

  In some other aspects, such as potatoes, rice and pasta.

  Fourth meal: Like the snack in the morning before training, the main purpose of this meal is to ensure a continuous flow of amino acids in the blood.

It should be implanted at least one hour before training.

During the muscle gain phase, you replace one.

High protein drink, plus some carbohydrates.

  Fifth meal: The meal after training and dinner consists of two parts. The first is a drink that is absorbed within 30 minutes after training.

Absolutely you are trying to increase muscle mass or reduce body fat. At this time, you should add simple bones to supplement the glycogen reserve consumed during training.

The ideal way is to supplement protein and glucose in a ratio of 1: 2.

It is ideal to absorb 25-30 grams of protein, because you must ensure sufficient amino acids to rebuild muscle, and you cannot slow down the simple protein absorption due to excessive protein absorption.

  The second part of the meal is supplemented about an hour after the snack. It consists of solid food and should include a complex mixture (such as rice, potatoes) and high-quality protein (such as steak), and eat plenty of vegetables.

  Meal 6: Late Night Snack The most important part of this meal is protein to ensure that amino acids are provided to the body when sleeping.

If you want to eat, you can absorb a small amount of impurities.

Of course, most bodybuilders avoid carbohydrates completely at night because they are more likely to turn into aunts at rest.

What are the symptoms of keratitis?

Has keratitis affected vision?

What are the symptoms of keratitis?

Has keratitis affected vision?

In life, we often hear that someone has keratitis.

So what is keratitis?

What are the symptoms of general keratitis?

Does this situation affect people’s vision?

What are the symptoms of keratitis?

The cornea is a transparent tissue with a certain thickness on the surface of our black eye beads. The inflammation of the cornea is keratitis.

There are many types of corneal arthritis, and each patient may be different.

There may be: eye pain, red eyes, feeling things in the eyes, fear of seeing light, tearing, eyelid jumping, decreased vision, excessive eyelids, etc.

Does keratitis affect vision?

When keratitis is not cured, it will obviously affect vision.

If the inflammation has been cured, and whether keratitis affects vision, it is mainly because of how serious the fatality is.

Whether it is at the center or the periphery of the cornea, it only affects the shallowest surface of the cornea, or it forms a deeper ulcer.

(1) If the fluorescence range is shallow, there is no trace after the treatment, or even if there are residual traces, the position of the displacement around the cornea, that is, the circle outside the black eyeball, may have no effect on vision orHas little effect.

(2) If the inflammation range is deep, there will be obvious wound marks after the treatment, and even the offset position in the center of the cornea, that is, the pupil area, has a great influence on vision.

(3) The condition is particularly serious. Some of the whole eyeballs will be affected and removed. It is completely invisible.

How to prevent keratitis?

Pay attention to eye hygiene, eye drops that are not free to use antibiotics, etc. Eye drops that require prescription can be purchased; do not rub your eyes with dirty hands, so that your invisible eyes should be hygienic; if you have any problems with your eyes, you should see them promptly; if you have diabetes,Other chronic diseases such as dry eye syndrome also need timely and effective treatment.