He Min, National People’s Congress: Proposal to increase policy support for the characteristic agricultural industry in old areas

He Min, National People’s Congress: Proposal to increase policy support for the characteristic agricultural industry in old areas
“Bazhong City has achieved breakthrough achievements in the development of characteristic agriculture, but there are also problems such as insufficient development of characteristic agriculture industry, difficulty in financing for enterprises, insufficient influence of brand recognition, and low market share of products.During the two sessions of the National People’s Congress, He Min, the representative of the National People’s Congress and the chairman of Sichuan Hao Cai Tou Industrial Co., Ltd., proposed to actively develop characteristic industries to help Pakistan and China get rid of poverty.Breakthrough, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province made a breakthrough in the development of tea, walnut, authentic medicinal materials, and ecological farming in accordance with the decision to “accelerate the construction of a demonstration zone for the revitalization of the old revolutionary region in Sichuan and Shaanxi, and to step out of the Qinba Mountainous Area to overcome poverty and tackle a new path of green development”Agriculture, the city’s tea base area reaches 870,000 mu, with an output value of 5.5 billion yuan; the walnut base area reaches 1.36 million mu, with a comprehensive output value of 4 billion yuan; the authentic medicinal material base area reaches 780,000 mu, with an output value of 4.5 billion yuan;There are 220,000 pigs, 150,000 Qingyu pigs, 7.49 million Bashan chickens, and the city ‘s comprehensive output value of ecological breeding is 2.1 billion yuan.Among the 699 impoverished villages in the city, about 30% of the villages develop the tea industry, 40% of the villages develop the walnut industry, 35% of the villages develop the authentic medicinal materials industry, and 85% of the villages develop the ecological aquaculture industry to increase the income of the rich and get rid of poverty on schedule.He Min suggested that, from the larger scale of the country, the policy support for the development of characteristic agricultural industries in old revolutionary base areas and remote poor areas, especially infrastructure, product processing, cold chain logistics and other projects, should be given priority to the development of special agricultural industries in old revolutionary base areas and remote poor areas.The supporting projects are tilted, and national-level agricultural product advantages zones, leading enterprises, and modern agricultural industrial parks are declared to be established in old revolutionary areas and remote poverty-stricken areas.At the same time, He Min suggested that the national finance and financial departments set up special development funds in corporate mortgages and credit guarantees to provide diversified financial support for enterprises that develop characteristic agricultural industries in old revolutionary areas and remote poverty-stricken areas; it is recommended that the agricultural and rural departments introduce preferential policiesTo support the old revolutionary base areas in terms of expenditures, enterprises in remote and poor areas to participate in major domestic agricultural products display and sales activities, encourage agricultural and rural theme programs to enter the old revolutionary base areas, remote poor areas, and help promote special agricultural products.Sauna, Ye Wang, Wang Yang, picture source supplement, photo editor Li Yan proofreading Wang Xin

[Efficacy and role of white peony root]_White peony root_Nutritional value_Benefits

The new mustard greens in the early days are very fresh. The umbrellas are very popular, and the shopping is very easy. The real power of the world is very strong. The world is strong.濞佷笓瀹朵粙缁嶏纴锏借妽鍏锋湁缂扑腑姝㈢棝銆侀晣鐥涖€佹姢鑲濈瓑璇稿鍔熸晥銆?涓€銆佺櫧鑺嶇殑鍔熸晥涓庝綔鐢?1 銆 丸  蹇 冭  绠 $ 郴 缁 殑 擑 揤 揤 Gallium ╁ 紶 鍵 秵 唸 唷 ㄨ 剦 亄 骷 嫤 唤 唅 铡?d-鍎胯尪绮惧拰娌¢瀛愰吀涔欓叝鏈夋姉琛€鏍撳拰鎶楄灏忔澘鑱氶泦浣滅敤)銆?銆佹姢鑲濅綔鐢ㄥ鍥涙隘鍖栫⒊銆侀粍鏇查湁姣掔礌B1銆丏-鍗婁钩绯栬兒鎵€鑷磋倽鎹熶激鏈夋槑鏄句繚鎶や綔鐢ㄣ€?What is the best way to do it? I do n’t know how to donate it to you. I do n’t want to donate it to you. I do n’t want to donate it to you.Do you want to buy it?銆侀晣鐥涗綔鐢ㄨ兘鎶戝埗灏忛紶鎵綋銆佸樁鍙€佺儹鏉垮弽搴旓紝瀵瑰悧鍟℃姂鍒舵壄浣撳弽搴旀湁鍗忓悓浣滅敤锛屽苟鑳藉鎶楁垔鍥涘攽鎵€鑷存儕鍘ャ€?浜屻€佺櫧鑺嶇殑鍔熸晥 鍏昏鏌旇倽锛岀紦涓鐥涳紝鏁涢槾鏀舵睏銆傛不鑳歌吂鑳佽倠鐤肩棝锛屾郴鐥㈣吂The tweezers are very difficult to use. They are very difficult to use. They are very difficult to get through. It ‘s very difficult to get through the Internet. It ‘s very effective. It ‘s very effective.儊鑲嬬柤鐥涳紝鑲濆尯鐥涳紝鑳嗗泭鐐庤儐缁撶煶鐤肩棝鑰呭疁椋燂紱娉荤棦鑵圭棝锛屽濂宠缁忚吂鐥涜€呭疁椋燂紱鑷睏鏄撴睏鐩楁睏鑰呭疁椋燂紱鑵撹偁鑲岀棄鎸涳紝鍥涜偄鎷樻寷鐤肩棝锛屼笉瀹夎吙缁煎悎鐥囨偅鑰呭疁椋燂紱鍚岀敇鑽夐厤鍚堢敤鍙互缂撹В鍚勭鑳歌吂鍙婂洓鑲㈢柤鐥涖€傚繉锛氱櫧鑺嶆€у瘨锛岃櫄瀵掓€ц吂鐥涙硠娉昏€呭繉椋燂紱灏忓効鍑洪夯鐤规湡闂村繉椋燂紱鏈嶇敤涓嵂钘滆姦鑰呭繉椋熴€?涓夈€佺櫧鑺嶇殑7澶ц嵂鐞嗕琔 鐢?1.I ‘m going to talk about it: I ‘m going to go to the silicon factory, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it.卞反姣斿Ε閽犵殑鐫$湢鏃堕棿锛屾姂鍒跺洜鑵硅厰娉ㄥ皠閱嬮吀鎵€寮曡捣鐨勬壄浣撳弽搴斿拰瀵规姉鎴婂洓鍞戞墍鑷存儕鍘?2.鑺嶈嵂鐢欏鐙楃殑鍐犵姸琛€绠″強鍚庤偄琛€绠℃湁鎵╁紶浣滅敤.3.It ‘s so easy to use it. It ‘s a slap in the air. It ‘s a common practice. It ‘s very easy to use it.4.Sorry, it’s a bitch?You are in the middle of the world, and you are not sure how to do it. What are you going to do? Do you want to talk to each other? Do you want to talk to each other?Peng Huan wiped out.5,鎶楃値浣滅敤:鑺嶈嵂鐢欏瑙掑弶鑿滆兌寮曡捣鐨勫ぇ榧犺冻閮ㄨ偪鑳€鍙戠敓鏈夋樉钁楃殑鎶楃値浣滅敤.6.鎶楄倽鎹熶激:鐧借妽鎬荤敊鍙姂鍒跺皬榧犺倽鎹熶激琛€娓呰胺涓欒浆姘ㄩ叾(GPT)鐨勫崌楂樺強琛€娴嗕钩閰歌劚姘㈤叾(LDH)娲绘€х殑澧為珮锛涘鑲濊剰鐥呯悊缁勭粐鏀瑰彉锛岀櫧鑺嶆€荤敊涔熸湁涓€瀹氫繚鎶や綔鐢?7 calendar calendar: sorrow and sorrow: use of picks and picks to succumb to sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, and sorrows.姝ゅ灏氭湁闄嶄綆鑵鸿儼铔嬬櫧閰舵晥浠枫€佹姉鑿岀瓑浣滅敤銆?

[Eating a few cucumbers a day can lose weight]_Cucumber_Slimming_How to eat

[Eating a few cucumbers a day can lose weight]_Cucumber_Slimming_How to eat

It is said that weight loss experts said that eating cucumber does have a weight loss effect, but it is not effective to eat casually. Everyone must know how to eat cucumbers correctly, but also need to master the amount of cucumbers. The following is the right way to lose weight by eating cucumbers.Tell everyone.

First, can cucumbers lose weight? Because cucumbers have high moisture and low content, people who want to lose weight often eat cucumbers. It is very good!

It is good to cook soup or make salad.

If you do n’t like that, you can also use crunchy cucumber with low-fat yogurt or cream, so that the effect of weight loss is very good!

Chewing raw cucumber is also an exercise for the chewing muscle, and the fiber in cucumber can help digestion, and can also be used as a prevention and treatment method for constipation.

Second, cucumbers have less sugar, are rich in fiber, delicious and convenient, so many friends who lose weight like to eat cucumbers, so as to reduce energy absorption. In fact, eating cucumbers to lose weight also makes some sense. Cucumbers contain propanol acetate.It can inhibit the carbohydrates in food from turning into aunts in the body, which is a good weight loss food.

Third, although eating cucumber has a certain weight-loss effect, it cannot be eaten in large quantities for a long time, because if you only eat cucumber for a long time, it will easily cause nutritional deficiency.

Therefore, it should be accompanied by a balanced diet, give full play to its advantages, and avoid eating too single, so as to build a good physical basis for weight loss and daily diet.

Want a bit of your own food, be well-trained and exercise a lot, so that you can achieve effective weight loss!

Fourth, in addition to the weight-loss effect of cucumber, there are dehumidification, lipid-lowering, diuretic, analgesic, and promoting digestion.

In particular, the cellulose contained in cucumber can effectively promote the excretion of spoiled food in the intestine, and the contained propanol, ethanol, and glyceric acid can inhibit the conversion of sugars into feces.Hyperlipidemia patients are also very beneficial.

Fifth, the benefits of eating cucumber 1, detox cucumber water in the body is like a broom to remove waste deposited in the body.

Eating cucumber often can dissolve kidney stones.

2, vitamin supplements Cucumber contains most of the vitamins that the body needs every day.

Vitamin supplements strengthen the immune system and radiate radiance.

Add carrots and spinach for more powerful effects.

It is also good to apply cucumber slices or cucumber juice to the skin, because it contains about 12% of vitamin C needed by the human body every day.

3. Fresh oral cucumber juice can heal potential gums.

Cut a slice of cucumber and press it over your mouth for one minute with your tongue. The phytochemicals can kill harmful bacteria and give a fresh breath.

Hua Tailai (603659) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Expected Growth Multi-Business Blossom

Hua Tailai (603659) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Expected Growth Multi-Business Blossom

This report reads: The company’s 2018 net profit increased by 32%, and Q4 performance improved significantly from the previous quarter, and gradually increased operating cash flow by 778%, showing a good operating quality, replacement, cover film, lithium battery equipment multi-business bloom.

Key points of investment: Performance is in line with expectations, maintaining target price and increasing holdings.

Since the price of polyamide raw materials and graphitization processing costs have increased since the second half of 2018, the company’s gross profit margin has increased, so the company’s profit forecast for 2019-2021 is adjusted to 1.

81 (-0.

02), 2.

41 (-0.

09), 2.

97 yuan, maintaining the target price of 78.

71 yuan, maintaining the overweight level.

Q4 has a good profit and a large increase in cash flow.

The company’s profit growth rate is slower than its income growth rate, mainly due to the decrease in monthly gross profit margin.

In terms of quarters, Q1-Q4 deducted non-net profits were 1.

04, 1.



59 trillion, a significant quarter-on-quarter growth.

Q1-Q4 comprehensive gross profit margins were 36.

5%, 34.

8%, 29.

6%, 29.

At 06%, the gross profit margin gradually 四川耍耍网 stabilized after experiencing an extension in the third quarter; Q1-Q4 deducted non-net margin was 18.

12%, 14.

55%, 12.

5%, 15.

59%, the net profit margin increased significantly in the fourth quarter, mainly due to scale effects.

The initial operating cash flow was 3.

300 million, a 778% increase, showing a good quality of operations.

Monthly sales have increased significantly, and gross margins have increased.

Maximum income for permanent materials19.

800 million, an increase of 35% in ten years, sales volume2.

93 Initially, the annual increase was 24%, and the unit price was 6.

760,000 / ton, up 8.


Due to the increase in raw material prices and graphitization processing costs, although the company’s sales price has increased, the additional gross profit margin has still dropped from 37% to 32%, a decrease 深圳桑拿网 of 5 percentage points. At the end of 2018, the company’s large-scale production capacity was replaced by 3The threshold of 5 is gradually reached, and Inner Mongolia 5 can be gradually completed by supplementing the supporting graphitization capacity, further improving the repeatability of profitability, and the subsequent gross profit margin will gradually stabilize.

Initially realized profit 4.

200 million, an increase of 11%.

Risk warning: Long-term gross margin expansion exceeds expected catalysts: companies enter international high-end supply chain

Pacific Bird (603877) Company’s 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Q3 Revenue Accelerates Quarterly and Improves Significantly

Pacific Bird (603877) Company’s 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Q3 Revenue Accelerates Quarterly and Improves Significantly

Guide to this report: The company’s performance has improved quarter by quarter, vigorously expanding the construction of direct sales channels, improving the quality of single-store operations, enhancing brand strength, and maintaining an increase in holdings.

Investment Highlights: Maintain Overweight Rating: Maintain EPS of 2019-2021.



73 yuan, with reference to comparable peers giving about 12 times PE in 2019, raising the target price to 16.

50 RMB.

The Q3 optimization trend is obvious, and the mergers of various brands have improved.

Company Q1-Q3 earns 50.

3.0 billion, an increase of 2.

36%, net profit 2.

07 billion (yoy-26.

78%), and performance was in line with expectations.

Q1 / Q2 / Q3 revenue growth was -4.

46% / 1.

99% / 9.

55%, showing a seasonal improvement trend.

Peacebird women’s clothing business is 北京桑拿洗浴保健 doing well, with revenue of 18.

5.1 billion, an increase of 1.

33% (H1 is -2.

58%), gross profit margin 56.

84% (+2.


Due to the rapid expansion of men’s clothing in the early period, the channel inventory was backlogged, and the revenue was 16.

48 billion (-1% year-on-year.

06%), gross profit margin fell by 2.

3pct, but the decline has narrowed.

Rakucho and children’s clothing income 6.


9.3 billion, an increase of 11.

27% / 5.

69%, continuing the growth trend.

Increased brand promotion and direct sales channel construction, and inventory levels remained stable.

The rate for the period is +2 per second.

16pct, mainly because the sales expense ratio increases by 3 every year.

02 points.

The company expanded its brand promotion efforts and the construction of direct sales channels, improved the profit quality of single stores, and increased the sales expense ratio to improve overall quality.

Inventory 21.

2.4 billion, unchanged from the same period last year, and inventory levels were properly controlled. Increased direct store expansion, optimized franchise channel structure, and maintained high growth online.

The direct development trend is good, and some franchised stores have gradually phased out the adjustment stage, and the revenue and gross profit margin have increased.

With the end of optimization and adjustment, the profitability of franchise channels is expected to pick up.

The company focused on improving the profitability of stores and improving the quality of operations, and increased the proportion of directly-operated stores.

Termination of Q3 direct-operated stores opened a net of 109, joined 255 net-closed stores, single-store profit increased.

Online income12.

86 billion (+14 compared to the same period last year).

28%), double-eleven pre-sale performance was good, laying the foundation for Q4 e-commerce growth.

Risk warning: clothing consumption is less than expected, and store development exceeds expectations.

Guizhou Moutai (600519) first quarterly report commented: The first quarter was again the main cause of product upgrades

Guizhou Moutai (600519) first quarterly report commented: The first quarter was again the main cause of product upgrades
Commentary event: The company announced the first quarter report of 2019, reporting total annual revenue of 224.8.1 billion yuan, an increase of 22.21%; main income 216.4.4 billion, an increase of 23.92%; net profit attributable to mother 112.2.1 billion yuan, an increase of 31.91%; deduct non-net profit 113.02 trillion, with an increase of 32.79%.Report gross sales margin 92.11%, an increase of 0 per year / mo.8pct / 0.97 points; net sales margin 55.05%, an increase of 2 per year / mo.77 points / 3.68 points. First, the income and profits exceeded the guidance of advance notice. Moutai liquor digested the advance receipts, and the series of liquor continued to grow in the first quarter. The income increased by 22.21%, 31.91%, exceeding 20% and 30% of the performance forecast guidelines.However, the advance collection ranking dropped 21 at the end of last year.9.2 billion, lower than market expectations. At the same time, the net cash flow from operating activities was 11 due to the impact of salaries and taxes, payment of employees’ salaries and reduction of interest income.89 trillion, a significant decline in one year.On the whole, except for the apparent revenue and profit growth faster than expected, the quality of the statement is only basically in line with expectations. Report first-class alcohol revenue 216.3 billion, an increase of 23.93%.Among them, Maotai Liquor earned 194.9.8 billion yuan, an increase of 23.67%; series wine income 21.32 trillion, with an increase of 26.29%.Based on taxes and additional judgments, the report estimates that the true shipment of Moutai liquor is close to 7,000 tons.Taking into account the situation of advance payment at the end of the first quarter and changes in advance receipts, gradually digesting some of the previous advance receipts in the first quarter, and at the same time confirm some advance payments at the end of the first quarter.liqueur.The actual shipment plus the advance receipt adjustment amounted to about 8,470 tons, about 150 tons more than our turbocharger, and the amount increased by 6 each time.About 5%, better than expected. The increase in product mix and ton wine prices is in line with expectations, contributing most of the revenue and increasing profits. The growth of the series of wines was slightly more than expected, especially after the company optimized its marketing network layout, cleaned and eliminated 494 sauce and fragrance series wine dealers, and also achieved rapid growth.In terms of volume and price, there may be more than expected, which is 5% less than our expected volume and a price increase of 17% is better. Second, the advance payment is lower than expected but can be explained and accepted. It does not affect the main logic and task completion. Based on the end of March, the payment policy was relaxed.The quarterly advance payment has decreased. The reasons for our judgment include: 1) the final punishment of the Moutai dealer and the corresponding planned amount was recovered, and the amount outside the plan was correspondingly reduced, and the total payment amount according to the distribution contract would be reduced; 2) 3 At the end of the month, the planned payment in June was released, but the actual arrival occurred in early April; 3) The volume of boutique Moutai at the end of last year may be partly included in advance receipts, so after confirming the revenue in the first quarter, some previous advance receipts were digested. According to the current market conditions of Moutai, considering the tight supply and demand, and the enthusiasm of dealers to make payments, we believe that although advance receipts are still being adjusted, smoothed and stabilized, the reasonable increase in advance receipts does not affect the company’s development.The main logic is mainly affected by the payment policy and the adjustment of the distribution contract.Excluding changes in advance receipts, the report reports that the combined company’s main income has grown.57%, better than the expected target of 14%, to achieve a good start, the gradual task is still a high probability. Third, the sales expense ratio improved significantly, the management expense ratio was generally flat, and the net profit margin increased the reported sales expense ratio3.88%, down by 1 every year.26pct, the improvement is relatively obvious. The main reason is that the expansion of the series of wine channels last year. This year, the expansion of the optimized marketing 南京夜网论坛 network layout has decreased, which has led to the expansion of revenue scale and the decline in sales expense ratio.In the first quarter report, there were situations such as digesting advance receipts and recognizing revenue in advance. The higher revenue was also the reason for the decline in the sales expense ratio.The expected level of annual sales expense ratio is expected to improve slightly from last year.Calculating the R & D expenses, the management expense ratio is generally the same as that of the same period last year, so it will be relatively stable. The product mix of Moutai and series of wines is being upgraded, and the price of wine per ton has increased, driving the increase in gross profit margin. There is still room to consider the price increase of non-standard products; the structural upgrade is not over; at the same time, whether it is to increase direct sales, direct sales, or set up a sales company, the ex-factory price will be higher than the original ex-factory price when it was given to the dealer, and tons of wineThere is still room for further improvement in prices, and gross margins will increase in the future. Thanks to the upward gross profit margin, the sales expense ratio improved, and the net profit margin reached 55%, a significant increase. Fourth, static look at the first-level volume parity, price rises, profitability improvement, profit elasticity indicators we adhere to the original judgment: in 2019, the sales of Moutai may not increase or slightly increase, revenue, profit growth mainly depends on non-standard productsFurther price increases, structural upgrades and channel adjustments have increased the price of wine per ton. Based on the above judgments and logic, we expect the profit growth of Moutai, Guizhou, in 2019 to be much more optimistic than the market.The sales volume of Moutai in 2018 exceeded expectations, and the price per ton of wine was lower than expected. Therefore, in the case of a high performance base, if you want to continue to achieve revenue growth of more than 14%, you must accelerate product structure upgrades and channel adjustments. These two measures are ultimatelyAll reflect the increase in the price of tons of wine. Basically speaking, sales of Moutai and series wines may be almost the same, but the rapid increase in the price of tons of wine drives the improvement of profitability. Under the trend of slow decline in the expense rate, we think that the profit in 2019 can be seen more optimistically.Some, it may exceed market expectations again. Fifth, profit forecast 2019 is a crucial year for Maotai Group to sprint 100 billion yuan. The proportion of listed companies’ contribution to group revenue and profit is very high.The stated goal of a 14% increase in the revenue of listed companies is likely to be achieved, and the company’s merger has shown full confidence.At the same time, according to the division of the target task, we also think that it is not difficult to achieve.The judgment of our scale market is that the net profit in 2019 will benefit from the increase in ton price, and the flexibility will be somewhat. Taking into account the company’s business plan and growth logic, we predict that the company’s revenue growth rate in 2019-2021 will be 15%, 13%, and 14%, and the net profit growth rate will be 27%, 16%, and 16%, corresponding to EPS.35 years old 52, 41.32, 47.94 yuan. Without considering the supplementary price increase of Pfeiffer, we predict that the company’s revenue will increase by 13% and profit will increase by 16% in 2020.If Pfeiffer raises its price next year, it will definitely continue to increase its growth rate next year. 6. Future estimates and pricing take into account that foreign countries have seized the pricing power of Moutai, will not easily reduce their holdings, and may continue to buy, and that in the future, Moutai will still maintain a certain growth rate, and the volume of alcohol produced will be from the current one.2In the early stage, it increased to 4 in 5 years.Above 5 and 5 in the longer term, the ex-factory price will still have room for breakthrough and the net profit margin will still increase accordingly.Therefore, it is reasonable for Moutai to maintain an estimated hub of about 25 times in the next few years. In 2019, the PE of Maotai was about 23 times. Taking into account the rationality and sustainability of pricing, we price the company at a reasonable estimate of 2020, that is, 25 times the PE, with a target price of 1030 yuan, corresponding to a PE of 2019 of 29.Times. Considering that the expected highs of Moutai in 2017 and 2018 were 35 times and 30 times the PE of the appropriate annual performance, given the current blue chip stocks and the domestic and foreign funds swarming to buy, the PE was given 25 times PE in 2020 or 29 in 2019. The PE pricing is relatively reasonable. According to our profit forecast, the market value of the target price of 1030 yuan is 1.3 trillion, the corresponding PE of 2021 is 21.5 times.This target price and corresponding market value may also be a level that Moutai will maintain for quite a long time.Unless the company continues to increase the ex-factory price and maximize supply, the bar will accelerate the growth of profits again, otherwise the company’s estimate level will continue to increase and become the upper limit of the estimates and market value in the next two years. 7. When looking at prices and risks in a rational way, we may find that the absolute contradiction and the target price are very high, but through the continuous purchase of the market, today’s closing price is 952.37 yuan, the previous day’s high of 990 yuan, a step away from the target price of 1030 yuan.We should be rational and consider Moutai, whether it is the price of wine or stock prices.Since Moutai has become a benchmark and the focus of the whole society, many things are easily magnified.At the same time, it also breeds certain risks. The greatest uncertainty in the future of Moutai is still the estimated level. We see that the sustainable adjustment in the second half of 2018 is estimated to return.If market sentiment and funding preferences change in the future, Moutai’s estimated hub will fall from 25 times to about 20 times, then the pressure it can withstand is relatively speaking. Risk reminder: The short-term exit of QFII and Kitakami funds may be the company’s biggest negative, and the proceeds of its sales are problems encountered in the sales of Maotai, the rapid growth of revenue and profits, or overseas financial fluctuations, and tight fundsContinue to withdraw.Other fundamentals are difficult to constitute an adverse impact on the company.

100 meters sprint skills and precautions

100 meters sprint skills and precautions

Our best fitness exercise is running. Running is divided into sprint, middle and long distance running and long distance running. Different distances, running skills and precautions are different. Therefore, to run 100 meters sprint, we need to know aboutKnowledge.

Let ‘s learn the 100-meter sprint skills with the editor and start with the following aspects.

  100m Dash Tips 1.

Inhale deeply before the game and try not to breathe during the game.


The center of gravity of the first 30 meters is forward, the mid-range adjustment is back, and the last 30 meters is ready to press the line forward.


Keep your fingers straight as you swing your arms. Think of it like a saw.


Toes are used for starting, and replaced with forefoot during midrange and later.


The swing arm should have strength and speed.


When running, you need to be confident. Before you run, you should excite yourself and make your brain run, so that you can rush out at a faster speed when you start.


When running, keep your focus high. This is also a little trick. You have to imagine yourself as tall as 1 meter and 9 feet with a straight waist.


When running, you must have your own rhythm, not to be disturbed by external factors such as the rhythm of others.


Keep your feet on the ground with your forefoot, and push your feet back hard. Lift your legs and do n’t raise them too high. This will lengthen your air time and set obstacles for your good performance.With all your strength, move your steps.

  The sprint event is an extreme intensity work event.

Physiology and biochemistry theory believes that extreme-strength work belongs to energy supplied by anaerobic metabolism.

The sprint technique requires the human torso to lean forward slightly, but not to bend down.

Both arms should be bent on the body side to swing back and forth.

It can be seen that sprint technology is particularly demanding. It is an intense sport that requires full body coordination, fast response, high change and high intensity.

  Sprint training should start from the following aspects: Developing explosive power to practice a 100-meter sprint requires us to have good explosive power. Explosive power is determined by two organic components, namely speed and strength. The two points can be improved through daily persistent practice.

Therefore, the following practice methods can be used: deep jump, vertical jump, weighted vertical jump, weighted squat jump, weighted squat, weighted lunge swap jump and so on.

  Second, flexible exercise. Some friends think that running 100 meters is not related to flexibility. In fact, otherwise, the quality of flexibility refers to the amplitude of the movement of various joints and the contractility of muscle ligaments. I want to replace the more accurate forward in running., We need to have good flexibility.

It is of great significance in sprinting, especially for enhancing the stride of athletes. Therefore, the following methods are usually used in training: forward bending exercises; pulling the leg; longitudinal and transverse arm forks; ribsQuick flexion and extension before and after the body; kicking (front, side, and outside swing in four aspects), sitting cross-legged on the knees, etc .; fast squat exercises.

  Third, the transformation of action speed is the key to sprint training. The commonly used methods are auxiliary practice, repetition, competition and game.

Among them, the competition method is a method often used for speed training. Because the speed practice time is short, the competition method is often used, which can make athletes emotionally high and show maximum speed.

Like the competition method, it can stimulate the athletes’ high mood. At the same time, it can cause various movement changes during the game, and it can also prevent the form of “speed obstacle” caused by the regular arrangement of exercises that show maximum speed.

  100-meter sprint precautions What are the 100-meter sprints that we often see? 100-meter sprints in competitions require us to have strong explosive power and impact to help us achieve a good place in the race, of course, we also need to rely onOur own physical fitness and physical fitness can improve our own speed and endurance. What are the precautions when running a 100-meter sprint?


Warming up is essential. It is very important to prepare for warm-up before the race. Full warm-up can excite all joints and muscles of the body, and it is easier to accept the 100 meters afterwards.

Don’t take too long, just about 30 minutes.

One minute before the game, you can press your legs and do a few abdomen jumps, which makes you excited.

  The 100-meter run is divided into three parts: start-run, half-run, and sprint.
First of all, the reaction must be quick when starting and take the lead.
In addition, you need to increase your pace, speed up your cadence, and swing your arms while running.

Finally, you must not slow down when sprinting, and must make a line-pressing action at the end to grab time.

In normal times, you can do more exercises such as raising legs, running backwards, jogging, 30 meters, 50 meters, 120 meters, etc. to enhance your physical fitness.


Eat less or no sugary food before sprinting (from today to three days before the game), and start to eat more Gaotang food three days before the game. Eat 80% full on the day of the game.Glucose water concentration is 40%.

Eat three more vitamin C tablets.

Don’t eat chocolate.

Do your best preparations before exercise.

Track and field can easily cause injuries to muscles, joints and ligaments, especially the lower limbs.

The only way to prevent this is through pre-match preparations.

The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to get hurt.

You can perform activities on the shoulder, elbow, back and waist muscles, legs and knee joints on the basis of jogging. Must be active?
But don’t spend too much energy, jog a few laps.

  The 100-meter sprint precautions are the main content that many of our sprinters need to pay special attention to. Only by paying attention to all of these precautions can we more effectively improve our own sprint speed.Bring more advance damage to ourselves.

  Everyone knows that the 100-meter sprint competition requires a person to have explosive power, to be able to explode in an instant, to win at a speed of speed, so we need to continue training to improve our speed by accident.

Hope the introduction of this article will help everyone!

Snoring implies that you have a health problem

Snoring implies that you have a health problem

Some people think that “slamming like thunder” is a sign of sleeping soundly, but it is not.

People with frequent snoring generally have hidden health hazards, and heavy snoring not only affects family rest and the quality of their own sleep, but also induces hypertension, diabetes, and severe death from sudden belching.

Because he was hard to detect, snoring became a “killer” lurking in sleep.

  After more than half of people snoring and falling asleep, including the relaxation of the whole body’s nerves inside the respiratory tract, muscle relaxation, the respiratory tract gradually decreases due to muscle relaxation, and the sound of airflow through the slender airways is snoring.

Because snoring occurs during sleep, many people don’t know if they are snoring, and they don’t know much about the dangers of snoring.

Yes, a set of survey data: Of the 6,826 people over 30 years old, 57 had snoring to varying degrees.

1%, 33 of them were mild.

4%, medium and severe snoring accounted for 23.


  That is to say, 5 out of 10 people are snoring, and at least two of those who are endangering health are severely snoring.

  Snoring is a serious threat to health. Physiological snoring sounds are delicate, gentle, gentle, and even. They often occur when the body is overtired or drinking too much, and after smoking.

  In patients with sleep apnea syndrome, the snoring sound can reach 80 decibels, and the snoring sound is intermittent. Sleep apnea often occurs, and hypoxia causes hypoxia.

When the level of oxygen in the body drops, the carotid artery sends instructions to the nervous system to raise blood pressure to deliver more oxygen.

  Repeated severe snoring over a long period of time repeatedly reduces the oxygen level, and the nervous system continuously receives a boost signal, which induces hypertension.

In addition, snoring is also the culprit for diseases such as diabetes and myocardial infarction. Severe snoring can even lead to sudden death in the airways.

According to statistics, male snorers are three times more likely than females. Fatty people are more prone to snoring, and snoring is also inherited. Family members often “sing together in the middle of the night”.

  Long-term drinking, anti-snoring, side-by-side snoring, long-term drinking, smoking, sleeping pills, and obese people who are severely stubborn are prone to snoring. Therefore, quitting smoking, losing weight, and banning sleeping pills are a good way to prevent snoring.

  Experts suggest that sewing a golf ball behind your pajamas can reduce lying on your back.

Patients with belching type snoring must be vigilant. Once they find sleep apnea, they should be awakened in time to avoid accidents due to belching.

  Want to know if you are snoring or snoring during sleep breathing monitoring?

Experts recommend that you put a recording device (MP3, etc.) on the bedside at night before going to bed to record the sleep situation. Snoring is recommended for sleep breathing monitoring, whether treatment is needed and how.

If diagnosed with two-way sleep apnea syndrome, it should be treated in time to avoid inducing other diseases or accidents.

  The effect of drug therapy is not ideal. Different surgical methods can be used for different parts and different anatomical structures. Positive airway pressure ventilation with fewer side effects and good therapeutic effect is the preferred method.

Turn idle skincare salted fish over


Turn idle skincare salted fish over

You may be fooled by the counter sales, or bought a lot of skin care products in order to collect points, but when you go home, you either leave it alone or use it a few times to create a dislike that you do n’t like to throw it aside. If you do n’t pay attention, you will create an expiration date.It’s even expired.

How to do it?

  Body lotion = body lotion needs to moisturize our face and our body.

Body lotions, which are about to expire, or have expired, but have not deteriorated, can be used to moisturize our bodies.

Repeat for dry calves and elbows.

  Eye cream / Eye gel = Armor creamA luxury experience.

Winter nails are prone to dry and barbed, and the moisturizing degree of the eye cream is just right for the skin here.

  Moisturizing toner = Pour paper on the mask, apply 10?
15 minutes, hydrating than moisturizing mask.

And because the skin is gentle, it is easier for the skin to absorb, faster than the moisturizing mask, and it can save the procedure of washing off with water, allowing the lotion to penetrate into the skin, which is convenient and fast.

The most important thing is that the daily application will not cause any burden on the skin, and you can quickly use up a bottle of lotion.

  Clean mask = some clean masks on the back are large cans, but I’m afraid it will be difficult to run out.

It is better to use as a back dressing or other place for easy pore insertion (such as the outside of the upper arm), so that your whole body will be smooth and smooth, and the pores will be smooth.

  Facial cleanser = shower gel Facial cleanser is more delicate and moisturizing than normal body wash.

Take a bath with a facial cleanser, wash it cleanly without tightness, and use a large amount. A facial cleanser ca n’t be washed a few times in the bath, it will not be overdue.

Wheat germ

Wheat germ

In Japan, many people mix wheat germ powder with fresh milk for breakfast.

  Wheat germ oil and wheat germ powder are very common in Japan. There are a number of wheat germ products in some famous Japanese large supermarkets, such as ION and Xiyou Supermarket.

For convenience and nutrition, many office workers cook wheat germ powder with milk in the morning and eat a banana.

  Is there any nutritional emphasis on this combination of wheat germ and milk?

Wang Yongjian, secretary general of the Xi’an Nutrition Society, said that milk and wheat germ are both very nutritious foods, which are almost the nutritional components required by the human body and have different nutritional structures.

  The most precious nutrients in wheat germ are omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Vitamin E maintains cell activity and has a good antioxidant effect.

Lack of vitamin E can cause atherosclerosis, senile degenerative diseases, etc., and then affect the development of the brain.

Therefore, many families will appropriately supplement their children with vitamin E in their diets. At the same time, the elderly can also take in more vitamin E by eating wheat germ.

  In milk, it is mainly supplemented with calcium and protein.

The two can basically achieve the complementarity of an animal nutrient and a plant nutrient.

In fact, vitamin E is a precious vitamin, but it is also a lipid-soluble vitamin, so when they encounter it by chance, it can promote the absorption of vitamin E by the body.

In milk, the trace content is about 3 grams per 100 grams. Although the trace content is not very high, it can help the body to absorb vitamin E.

  Therefore, the combination of wheat germ and milk is still very reasonable and worth promoting.

But these are that these two foods don’t have high carbohydrate content, so it is better to eat some cereal staple foods, not for breakfast alone.