Wheat germ

Wheat germ

In Japan, many people mix wheat germ powder with fresh milk for breakfast.

  Wheat germ oil and wheat germ powder are very common in Japan. There are a number of wheat germ products in some famous Japanese large supermarkets, such as ION and Xiyou Supermarket.

For convenience and nutrition, many office workers cook wheat germ powder with milk in the morning and eat a banana.

  Is there any nutritional emphasis on this combination of wheat germ and milk?

Wang Yongjian, secretary general of the Xi’an Nutrition Society, said that milk and wheat germ are both very nutritious foods, which are almost the nutritional components required by the human body and have different nutritional structures.

  The most precious nutrients in wheat germ are omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Vitamin E maintains cell activity and has a good antioxidant effect.

Lack of vitamin E can cause atherosclerosis, senile degenerative diseases, etc., and then affect the development of the brain.

Therefore, many families will appropriately supplement their children with vitamin E in their diets. At the same time, the elderly can also take in more vitamin E by eating wheat germ.

  In milk, it is mainly supplemented with calcium and protein.

The two can basically achieve the complementarity of an animal nutrient and a plant nutrient.

In fact, vitamin E is a precious vitamin, but it is also a lipid-soluble vitamin, so when they encounter it by chance, it can promote the absorption of vitamin E by the body.

In milk, the trace content is about 3 grams per 100 grams. Although the trace content is not very high, it can help the body to absorb vitamin E.

  Therefore, the combination of wheat germ and milk is still very reasonable and worth promoting.

But these are that these two foods don’t have high carbohydrate content, so it is better to eat some cereal staple foods, not for breakfast alone.

Coping with Year-on Syndrome

Coping with Year-on Syndrome

Negative emotions related to Chinese New Year are called “Yuanguan syndrome”.

The so-called “sad year is sad”, the closer we get to the Spring Festival, our various psychological symptoms become apparent.

  In the new year, I am old and I have not improved.

  At the end of the year, companies are busy summarizing the year-end, or judging year-end awards at different levels and performance, and personnel are often adjusted after the Spring Festival at the end of the year.subtle.

At this time, people who have particularly high expectations of themselves are always extremely nervous.

They hope to get enough encouragement, but once the reality and ideals are too different, it is easy to lose their mindset and create a sense of failure and worry.

  In addition, in the face of the end of the year and the coming of the new year, many white-collar workers will worry about the “year-end review.””The goal was not achieved”, “I did not work well in the previous year”, and too many young people began to grow older for themselves.

  The worries caused by these reviews can seriously affect daily life, and even some people will have depression at this time. These people are often in a state of anxiety, irritability, boredom and helplessness, living consciously tired, boring, and even thinking that life is meaningless.
  I am very busy. I am annoyed when the year is closed. Everyone has to greet the most important long holiday of the year. At the same time, at the end of the year, many affairs will be concentrated in this period. Everyone ‘s work and life rhythm will be accelerated.Work pressures have risen, and expectations and frustrations in all areas have become particularly pronounced.

Some people, when they cannot bear this kind of mental stress, often cannot control themselves and lose their self-control. They are extremely nervous, depressed and depressed, which causes their emotions to drop and stop, and even cynical mentality causes various imbalances.psychological.

  I want to go home, I ca n’t go home. We are all annoyed in recent days. The heavy snow in the south has interrupted traffic and even stopped the footsteps of the people who came home.

Many were forced to stay at the train station, and some even refunded their tickets and couldn’t return home.

The harsh reality and the birth of the Spring Festival tide have created a strong anxiety. Buying tickets, waiting for tickets, picking up tickets, getting on the bus and getting home, many people face a difficult process. In the process, it will inevitably form a great deal.If the psychological stress and negative emotions increase day by day, reset the anger and aggressive behavior to point to others or society.

  At the same time, many people will not be able to go home due to work and other reasons, and stay alone in the new year for some New Years. Some people will also have various emotions such as distortion, sadness, and depression due to cold and loneliness.

  Overcome the “Yuanguan Syndrome” trilogy. Why do some people have the “Yuanguan Syndrome” at the end of the year? The key to the problem is not the “Yuanguan”, but because they usually have some of their own personality problems.Under various pressures, a concentrated outbreak occurred.

The main ways to deal with it are as follows: First, change your personality that is easy to worry about.

  Some people are naturally prone to worry, and the way of thinking is very easy to go to extremes. When facing a year-end summary or various busy situations at the end of the year, some people will immediately think from an emergency and dangerous perspective, and they will only worry about the mode of reaction.Distress and anxiety are created, which severely hurts their confidence, which also reduces work efficiency.

  Second, we should clearly understand ourselves. At the end of the year, we will make a summary of ourselves, but we must first determine how long you have been involved in companies, certain industries, related fields, certain positions, and clearly understand your position before summing up.Today ‘s achievements are also clearer and clearer.

Excessive demands and expectations on yourself will lead to professional confusion and frustration.

  Thirdly, to accept your own emotions, you must accept your own emotions. The emergence of bad emotions has an inevitable reason. It is a warning to some imperfections in you. The best way is to listen to its voice.

At the same time, we must know that bad emotions will naturally occur, and they will naturally decay or disappear.

  After accepting, let the bad emotions be fully vented.

Research by psychologists has found that the more ideological or emotional communication with a person, the lower the incidence of mental illness.

Therefore, years ago, I tried to contact more with friends or relatives, support each other and encourage.

Six principles of spring and timely health diet

Six principles of spring and timely health diet

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic?

Stress in the question: “Spring March, this is to say Chen, the world is born, everything is proud.”

Indeed, in the early spring of February, although it is spring and cold, it is warm and cold, but the sunshine of the sun, the green grass, and the scent of the spring that flows through our bodies are all evident: this is aEverything is glory, a thriving season!

  Of course, this is also the most active period of our human physiology and metabolism. Let us follow the footsteps of spring and start the spring health exercise!

First of all, TCM health care believes that the human body must obey the laws of yin and yang in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and adapt to the climate change of cold and hot in one year to maintain health and longevity.

As an important part of the diet, it is necessary to determine different dietary principles and requirements according to the climatic characteristics of different seasons and the physiological characteristics of the human body.

According to the principles of spring diet, through my research and a large number of related literatures, the following is summarized as follows: Principle 1: In the early spring, choose to convert higher staple foods and add enough protein.

In the early spring, the temperature is still cold, and the human body needs to consume a certain amount of energy to maintain the cold function.

Therefore, the nutrient structure during early spring should be based on high content. In addition to cereals, foods such as soybeans, sesame, peanuts, and walnuts should be added, and the brakes should be replenished with energy.

In addition, due to the cold stimulation, the decomposition of protein in the body may accelerate, causing the body’s resistance to decrease and cause disease.

Therefore, it is necessary to supplement high-quality protein foods such as eggs, fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, rabbit meat and soy products during the early spring.

The above foods are rich in methionine, and methionine has the function of enhancing the body’s cold tolerance.

  Principle 2: Appropriately increase the proportion of fruits and vegetables in the diet to supplement enough vitamins and inorganic salts.

Spring is also the season when the climate changes from cold to warm, temperature changes penetrate, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms begin to repeat, vitality is strengthened, and it is easy to invade the human body and cause disease, such as common angular cheilitis, glossitis, night blindness and certain skin in spring.Diseases, etc., most of which are caused by lack of nutrition caused by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the proportion of fruits and vegetables in the diet should be appropriately increased in the diet to get enough vitamins and inorganic salts.

Cabbage, rapeseed, bell pepper, tomato and other fresh vegetables and citrus, lemon and other fruits add vitamin C, have anti-viral effect; carrots, leeks and other yellow-green vegetables, vitamin A, has the role of protecting and enhancing the upper respiratory tract mucosa and respiratory organsThe function of the cells can enhance the invasion against various pathogenic factors; foods supplemented with vitamin E should also be eaten to improve the body’s immune function and enhance the body’s disease resistance.

The kinds of foods include sesame, cyan cabbage, cauliflower and the like.

In addition, from the point of view of scientific diet, the relative proportion of protein, small amount, and a small amount of nutrient substitutions should be added in the spring to enhance the resistance, prevent overeating, and avoid causing liver dysfunction and abnormal bile secretion.

  Principle 3: The diet should be light, avoid greasy, cold and irritating food.

In the spring, the thick taste of the winter should be changed to mild and plain. In animal foods, high-fat foods such as fat meat should be eaten. Because the greasy food is easy to produce fullness after eating, the human body will also experience fatigue.

Diet should be warm, avoid cold.

People with stomach cold can often eat some ginger to drive the cold and warm the stomach.

  Principle 4: The spring diet should save money and increase temper.

The famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen, said: “Spring is good for saving acid and increasing sweetness to raise temper.

“The meaning is that when spring comes, people should eat less sour food and eat more sweet foods, so the benefit is to replenish the spleen and stomach of the human body.

Spring is the liver gas, according to the theory of Chinese medicine five elements, liver is wood, spleen is soil, soil and wood grams, that is, liver can damage the spleen, affecting the digestive function of the spleen.

And Chinese medicine believes that the five flavors into the five internal organs, and the acid into the liver, into the spleen, so if you eat more sour food, it will enhance the function of the liver, so that the liver is more prone to hemiplegia, this will hurt the spleen and stomach.

In view of this, the spring diet nursed back to health, should choose Gan Wenzhi products, avoid acid and phlegm, mainly to replenish temper, so you can eat more jujube, yam, casserole and so on.

  Principle 5: According to the individual’s physical condition and condition, the food is supplemented.

The motherland medicine proposed that “spring health needs food supplement.”

However, according to the characteristics of the yang yang in the spring, it is necessary to choose the diet that is flat and clear, so as not to be counterproductive.

The following types of people are most suitable for spring tonic: middle-aged and elderly people have premature aging; and various chronic diseases and body shape are thin; backache, dizziness, sallow complexion, and mental wilting; spring climate change is large, easy to catch cold after being cold;In the past, there was a history of acute attacks in the spring, but now the author has not been sent; in the summer there are people with low fever in the summer.

Those who belong to the above situation, conservative use of the spring season, according to personal physique and condition, choose the appropriate food supplement method to prevent and cure diseases.

The details are as follows: 1 If the elderly have yin deficiency and internal heat, they can use the method of clearing.

Kinds of foods include pears, lotus roots, leeks, lilies, turtles, snails, etc.

These foods are cold in food and have a heat-clearing effect after eating, which helps to improve the bad constitution.

  2 Deficiency of the body, you can eat more walnuts, sputum and other foods; 3 heavy humidity, when eating wet food, such as dried lotus leaves, lotus seeds and so on.

  4 For children, the elderly, usually or boil some orange peel, radish, pear or jingle tea, can be gasified, heat, lungs, protect the respiratory tract.

  5 old-age tonic in the recovery period or after the recovery period, generally should be cool, plain, delicious, easy to digest food, rice porridge, glutinous rice porridge, red bean porridge, lotus porridge, green vegetable puree, fluffy pineWait.Avoid eating too sweet, fried, cold and non-digestible foods to avoid damage to the damaged function.

  Principle 6: It is difficult to buy spring to vent, and the fat-removing detoxification is at the time.

  Throughout the winter, most people are in a state of stagnation: they live in a simple state, reduce their exercise, and prefer foods that are rich in taste. In the winter, a small amount of small amounts and toxins accumulate in the body.

The old saying goes: “It is difficult to buy spring to vent,” meaning that “the spring cellulite detoxification is at the time.”

  One thing here is that don’t blindly believe in folk detoxification drugs. In fact, simple apples and fresh milk have very good detoxification effects.

Please get up in the morning to have a cup of fresh milk and eat an apple.

Mild and beneficial, but also detoxification effect.

Other fruits, such as strawberries, cherries, and grapes, also have good detoxification effects.

There is also kelp mung bean soup, because the glial components in kelp can promote the discharge of toxic substances in the body, mung bean is cold and cold, can clear away heat and detoxification, so, this soup, toxins will naturally be discharged through the urine.

It’s good to have a good soup, and you don’t need to vent so hard, try it out!

Sexual inexperienced new sexual love guidance

Sexual inexperienced new sexual love guidance

Not everyone is a master of sex. It is really difficult to guarantee the quality of the first-time love when people who have insufficient sexual experience.

You must maintain a correct attitude and take some special measures to let the first-time love reset the blessings.

  This technique applies to people: girls under the age of 20 may be virgins or virgins. In short, there is little experience in sex.

  The effect that this technique can achieve: If it is a real physical passion to make love with a mature young woman, then having sex with a young girl with little experience is a dreamlike dream that is confusing and intoxicating.

  The correct attitude: Because girls do not have little or no love experience, so when a girl makes love, you should be proactive, help her, enlighten her, so that the two can better cross Wushan.

Teenage girls may be nervous when they start making love because of their shyness or lack of experience.

Don’t be too anxious at this time, take it slowly, gently undress her, and eliminate her tension.

It is also because of the shyness that the girl does not open like a mature young woman and can quickly enter the state.

Therefore, you can do enough foreplay and do more for the sensitive parts, so that the girls can get into the intoxicated state better, which is conducive to sex.

  correct practice: some young girls because of the small number of sex, the vagina will be tight, the pain to bear when making love is very powerful.

They will yell at the pain, so they usually catch the man’s buttocks and hands to relieve the pain.

At this time, the man should also bear the bitter pain of the girl, do not break free, let the girlfriend grasp your body, even if you are bloody.

When a man inserts the penis into the vagina, the girl may be very painful. At this time, the man should not pull out the penis because of his soft heart and then insert it, and keep inserting until it succeeds.

Because getting in and out will only make your girlfriend more painful, and the woman may refuse to insert you again because you are too afraid of pain after you pull out the penis. You will really regret it.

  When a young girl is having sex, she may be nervous, shy, painful, etc. The cooperation with the man will not be very good. At this time, the man must insist on a long time, so that he can cope with many unexpected situations and prevent the troubles.In order to make the process of making love perfect.

If a man feels that he is not confident enough in these areas, it is best to shoot it once before making love, so that when you make love with your teenage friend, you will stick to it longer, the penis is stronger, and when you are having sex.It will be smoother.

  In addition, if a girl is not able to cooperate with a man because she has no experience, shyness, etc. when she is having sex, if the man still adopts the method of men and women, it will be very troublesome to do, and even the vaginal mouth can’t find it.Especially when men are also lack of sexual experience.

Therefore, it is better to use both sides to be more comfortable, and to be able to make love more quickly.

For example, use your girlfriend’s seat on the flat and wide desktop edge, fork your legs, and you stand facing her, in this case, the girlfriend’s pussy is right at your penis, you can clearly see the woman’s genitalsThe vagina can be quickly found, and after insertion, the inserted penis can be conveniently held by hand, so that the insertion of the penis can be performed better.

  Because the girl has less experience in sex, when making love, she should remind her from time to time how to pose, not to worry about herself.

In the specific way of making love, it is best to start with only the usual way of making love. Don’t use some rare and alternative ways of making love in the first place, which may make the girl feel scared or disgusted.

  Wait until the number of sex between the two is more, and then slowly adopt some other stimulating and rare ways of making love, so that girls will adapt.

When making love, don’t be too aggressive and be gentle.

Because girls do not pay attention to physiological sensory stimulation like young women, more often it is aimed at the feeling of being loved, and the spiritual requirements are a little more.

The gentle movements reached her satisfaction, and the too urgent action caused her to feel uncomfortable or even painful.

In addition, to make love with girls, the environment of making love should be as comfortable as possible, so as to better eliminate the tension of the girl, so that the girl can be more open when making love.

Successful use of weight loss psychology

Successful use of weight loss psychology

Appetite and emotion-related views can be understood by most people.

According to psychologists’ research, obese people will eat more than usual when they encounter high-worry situations, while those with normal weights will not get enough when they encounter high-worry situations.

Other related studies have also pointed out that in many different emotional scenarios, obese people will increase their appetite.

Both studies were done simultaneously for normal weight and overweight.

The results of this part of the study can confirm that the excess is more interested in food than the normal weight.

  According to psychologists, obese people are not only sensitive to the general public, but also other clues related to food. Even if the stomach is not hungry, as long as the food is currently, it will not be as polite as a thin person.

  Interpreting your “Slim Consciousness” and “Surprising Hormone” is the key to the success of the slimming method in the brain. You should try to find other pleasures of “eat” and you can rely on eating. This is the way of thinking about losing weight.

The secret of success is to miss yourself and you will be able to lose weight successfully. Don’t doubt that you will become thinner.

Only by insisting on not giving up can you lose weight from the “excessive body”.

  Are there any common psychological disorders for dieters?

  How dieters view their own weight loss plans has a great impact on the success or failure of the entire weight loss program.

Dieting is easier to succeed if you have a challenging idea and a mentality to overcome.

Usually, the psychological barriers of dieters are as follows: (1) Whether the efforts I am making now are worthwhile: Many dieters often have doubts after experiencing some friction: they have worked hard for a long time, away from ideals.There is still a long way to go, is it worth to continue?

Sometimes I even want to eat and drink a lot, in order to reminisce about the “food” thoughts of losing weight.

In fact, weight loss is a difficult thing. The weight gain is not ten days and a half. It will take longer to lose weight.

As long as you stick to it, the dawn is in sight.

  (2) Dieting is the only way to lose weight: adhering to dieting and exercise programs will eventually yield good results, but not just dieting and exercise.

Good habits, stable mental state, scientific adjuvant therapy, etc. all play an important role.

Although weight loss has an effect, it does not mean that the weight loss program can end, and it is impossible to return to the original lifestyle.

Losing weight brings you a healthy lifestyle and is a more significant harvest than dieting itself.

  (3) This method I have tried or tried otherwise has no effect, and now there is no need to use it again: In fact, different methods are applicable to different people or different periods of the same person.

As long as you understand that this method is correct and scientific, once you are applicable, you must relentlessly stick to it.

It is necessary to constantly look for the reasons for failure in the past or others, and try to avoid or correct them, so that we can go to the road to success earlier.

  (4) The psychological barrier to tomorrow’s resumption tomorrow.

Have you noticed that the more you want to lose weight, the more you think of food, and then you feel that you are very sad, you have to say goodbye to all kinds of delicious food, so often deceive yourself, tell yourself that you can eat it quickly, and start dieting tomorrow.If you say this every day, you will eat more than before and become fatter.

To break through the psychological barrier of tomorrow’s resurrection, we must change this idea. You are not on a diet, nor do you need food. You just choose alternative nutritious food, and you are a good person, not a trash can.Put it in your stomach and give it a positive attitude. Losing weight is no longer a bitter.

  How should dieters adjust their emotions?

  The stability of the mental emotions of dieters is often the key to whether weight loss can be carried out smoothly.

  The first thing you need to know about weight loss is a very correct thing. It can make you fit and make you healthier and more enjoyable. It is an admirable thing to be determined to lose weight. It is great to be able to lose weight for a long time.

In fact, there are thousands of ways to lose weight, but they all require great perseverance and perseverance to be effective.

  Losing weight requires happy self-confidence for every friend who loses weight, we want to gently greet you first: Are you happy today?

Do you live in the shadow of obesity?

Is it because of homework, work, business pressure and temper, low mood, or use food to distract?

Are you envious of slimming successful models, stars and young ladies, or want to make a decision to diet for a week?

You may have experienced all this and failed, but are you discouraged?

Then, from now on, let all these bad moods go to hell, you have to be happy to lose weight, confidently to lose weight.

  Is there any reason to be happy?

Is there any way to make you confident?  Now let me ask you: What are the reasons for not being happy?

Why are there no confidence?

You are only a little fatter. It is because you have or have had bad habits of eating and moving now. This bad disease makes you overweight. Since it is a bad fault, there is a need for correction. There is no reason to refuse.Wiping off the smudges of the sand, who would be unhappy to wipe away the smudges?

A friend will say that I can’t change this bad problem, so I have no confidence!

So, do you think that obesity is a hindrance?

If you don’t care, your mind is balanced, you don’t change it. If you can’t tolerate your fat, how difficult is it to make up for losing weight?

What’s more, it’s getting rid of bad things!

If you are a contradictory girl and want to lose weight, and you don’t want to grieve your mouth, after all, the temptation of this world is still awkward, then it is a little trouble, you have to ask a nutritionist, let him calculate for you,The extent to which your mouth is allowed is not bad. What food you eat does not increase fat.

So no matter what, you have no reason not to be happy!

  If you have happiness, you have confidence. With both, losing weight will be successful!

Are you ready now?

Are you determined?

8 new healthy diets for new mothers

8 new healthy diets for new mothers


Swimming implementation method: swimming can be carried out regardless of season.

Swimming 1-2 times a week, the bodybuilding of the breast is indeed a big problem.

  Function principle: The pressure of water on the thorax can not only exercise the respiratory muscles, but also develop the chest muscles.


Manipulative massage method: Apply a light breast for 3-5 minutes every night before going to sleep, then massage the palm from left to right 20 times around the breast, and insist on massage for 2-3 months.

  Principle of action: Breast massage can promote the secretion of hormones from the gonads, so that the ovaries secrete estrogen, thereby promoting the development of the breast, and not letting the breasts lose weight because of weight loss.


How to drink yogurt: 2-3 times a day to add 250ml of yogurt to reduce the intake of meat.

  Principle of action: Yogurt for the abdomen caused by constipation and accumulation of toxins in the body, the legs have a better weight loss effect, and it is rich in protein, good for some skin care.


How to take vitamin E: Eat foods containing vitamin E and vitamin B, such as cabbage, cauliflower, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and milk, pork liver, beef, mushrooms, etc., or take vitamin pills daily.

  Principle of action: Hormone plays an important role in breast development and maintaining its fullness and elasticity. Vitamin E and vitamin B are beneficial to hormone secretion.


How to eat natto: Add 50 grams of natto to add soy sauce (sushi sauce), and add some spice, such as chili, curry, to double the slimming effect.

  Function principle: Natto is rich in potassium, and has high nutritional value. In addition to being helpful for breast enhancement, it is no problem to use it to replace the absorption of nutrients in a meal, and the absorbed heat is greatly reduced.


Blowing balloon implementation method: first prepare a big balloon, blow it 3 times a day, make a deep breath before blowing the balloon, then try to exhale, blow 5-10 times, then gradually increase the amount of air blowing, so as not to blowBalloons are standard.

  Principle of action: Blowing a balloon requires deep breathing, which can increase a person’s lung capacity, promote metabolism, consume energy and fat, and thus lose weight.

At the same time, deep breathing is also a chest-extension exercise that can exercise the chest muscles and make the chest firm.


The method of eating green papaya: stewing pork ribs with green papaya is the most classic green papaya breast soup.

  Principle of action: Green papaya contains a lot of papaya enzymes, which can decompose proteins, sugars, and MM most hateful cockroaches.

The rich papain enzyme in papaya is beneficial to the development of the mammary gland, stimulates the secretion of female hormones, and the breast is smooth, achieving the purpose of breast enlargement.


Method of supplementing collagen: Eat more trotters, hooves, beef tendons, chicken wings, pigskin and other foods, or take specially extracted collagen.

  The principle of action: trotters, hooves, beef tendons, chicken wings, pigskin and other foods rich in collagen, can nourish the breasts, and will not increase fat.

Daily kitchen assistant, teach you to make a grain rice

Daily kitchen assistant, teach you to make a “grain rice”

Everyone knows the benefits of eating miscellaneous grains, but it is really troublesome to do something special.
You may wish to improve it during cooking, add some coarse grains, and turn the rice into a multigrain rice.
The production method is very simple, the key is to grasp the soaking and cooking time of the raw materials.
  Examples are as follows: raw materials for a cup of rice, half a cup of glutinous rice, 1/4 cup of millet, 1/4 cup of barley, 1/4 cup of black rice and 8 dried red dates.
First, barley and black rice should be soaked in cold water for 8 hours in advance. After soaking, put rice, glutinous rice and millet into the rice cooker. Add the appropriate amount of water according to the ratio of cooking. Since barley and black rice are hard, water can be compared.Usually add more, probably a quantity of rice cooker.
Then add red dates and cook as you normally cook.
  You can also try adding other grains, as long as the hardness is matched.
The ratio can be set according to your own preferences. Generally speaking, the ratio of rice, glutinous rice and other foods is at least 1:1 or higher, otherwise the meal will be loose.
  For real whole grain rice, you can use black glutinous rice, red glutinous rice, buckwheat, oats, brown rice, red beans, soybeans, white beans, mung beans, black beans, according to the appropriate proportion of the number of people, first soaked in hot water for 2 to 3 hoursThe rice cooked after soaking will make the body easier to absorb and digest, and the taste is soft and rotten.
Then, it is cooked in a rice cooker and then eaten for about 1 hour. The same amount of water is one more than the average white rice.
  The benefits of coarse grains are very high, but it is not suitable for excessive intake, especially for people with poor stomach and digestive function.

Welcome to the “Ecological Gardener” in the oil tanker of Debao Town, Yilong Experimental Area, Southwestern Guizhou

Welcome to the “Ecological Gardener” in the oil tanker of Debao Town, Yilong Experimental Area, Southwestern Guizhou

Surrounded by green hills, the river flows through, the Buyi residences shine, the golden rice buds, the Chinese medicine health museum, the natural practice field, the Buddhist health temple, the ecological breeding and other forms have begun to take shape, and the local people’s spiritual outlookA beautiful new country picture of “People’s Rich and Ecological Beauty” is slowly unfolding here. On the morning of September 16th, the first oil-stained village of Maoshanshu Village, Deshan Town, Yilong Experimental Area, Southwest Guizhou Province, is a national leisure agriculture and rural tourism.The star-rated enterprise awarding ceremony and the launching ceremony of the ecological, pastoral and home trial operation, the full-fledged villagers of Ayougou, singing and dancing, warmly welcome tourists from both inside and outside the province to experience the B&B culture of the Buyi people in southwest Guizhou.



The home was initiated by Mao Xingqian, the chairman of the Kirin Organic Farmers Cooperative of the Southwestern Guizhou Province. So far, more than 40 farmers of the cooperative have invested more than 15 million to create an “ecology”?





The company adheres to the concept of TCM health and health service base + eco-tourism + leisure health, and relies on the beautiful ecological landscape of the locality to open a homestay, a traditional Chinese medicine health center, a natural practice field, a Buddhist health temple, and ecological breeding.

After more than a year of construction and renovation, the transition has begun to take shape.

Entrepreneur leader Mao Xingqian said that the deep hometown complex, I chose to return to the hometown to start a business, although after many hardships, but finally saw the results, the village environment is more beautiful, the breeding industry has gradually developed, the village a lot of youngPeople are returning to the village from outside to work, leaving behind children, leaving behind the elderly are also less, although the investment can not see the return for a short time, but I do not regret it.

Entering the oil tanker village, the concept of “ecology”, “idyllic” and “home” is everywhere.

The reporter saw that more than 50 acres of golden rice fields are located in the center of the park. The clear river flows through the park from the north and south sides. 100 houses are built around the rice fields. All the houses are named according to the name of the Chinese herbal medicine.

Wu Yangshen, the chief planner of the park, said that there is no big demolition and large-scale construction here. We fully respect the local folk culture, the living habits and geographical environment of the masses, and we only carry out transformation and upgrading on the existing basis.

Our B&B has fully preserved the spacious and bright Chinese traditional residential buildings, with warm winters and cool summers, and unique styles. Our grilles, beds, pillows, sofa covers, etc. combine the craftsmanship of our local Buyi people; our Chinese medicine regimenThe pavilion is an advantage resource that fully utilizes the cooperative food and medicine dual-use Chinese herbal medicine demonstration base, and combines traditional Chinese medicine health care to provide Chinese medicine nursing physiological therapy services for tourists.

What we eat here also represents “ecological organicity”. For example, the vegetables we eat are grown by the villagers themselves; the fish, chicken, and pork we eat are also raised by the villagers themselves; including the stone glutinous rice wine we drink, which is also brewed by the cooperative.We are going to offer a “home” health experience to our visitors.

According to reports, the Southwestern Guizhou Kirin Organic Farmers Professional Cooperative has developed organic rice, winter wheat, honeysuckle, Dendrobium, safflower, wormwood planting nearly 500 acres, farmers directly benefiting 350 people, driving each household’s annual income increased by 20%.

The cooperative directly resettled more than 40 young and middle-aged farmers, and the average monthly salary was over 2,500 yuan.

The cooperative “Ecological·Country·Home” project allows the villagers to get more benefits and use a clean and hygienic five-star public toilet; the surrounding area of the house becomes more clean and sanitary, and the special sanitation is cleaned on time; the village has broadband access.Free internet access; the road to the home, the wooden plank road makes travel more convenient; the garden threshold, the construction of the farm road, makes the field work more convenient.

The cooperative also hired expert teachers to teach the villagers, train their scenic spots management services, and develop common knowledge such as farmhouse music. The villagers’ vision and employability were improved.



The “home” has created the “original nourishment” of leisure agriculture, providing tourists with a comprehensive tourism mode of sightseeing, leisure and health, and explored the development model of ecological pastoral + health care and leisure + leisure tourism.

Cheng Tianfu, former vice chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Conference and honorary president of the Guizhou Provincial Association of Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Development, said.

It is reported that the “Korean Entrepreneurship Army” awarded by the Yilin Organic Farmers Cooperative in Southwestern Guizhou Province has been awarded the “Young Entrepreneurship Army” award by the Guizhou Provincial Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Development Promotion Association.Base” title.

At the same time, it was awarded the title of “Four-Star” by the National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Star Enterprise (Park) Evaluation Committee. It is the only four-star enterprise in Guizhou that won the national leisure agriculture and rural tourism in 2017.

Colorful Guizhou activities of the authority issued: Vincent

What should the elderly pay for long-term medication pay attention to?

What should the elderly pay for long-term medication pay attention to?

For the elderly who take drugs for a long time, what should be paid attention to during the medication?

Let’s take a look at it together!

  According to statistics, prescription drugs for the elderly account for 23%?
40%, over-the-counter drugs account for 40%?

We often see the words “children’s discretion” on the drug label, but many people do not understand that the “discretion” rule applies equally to the elderly.

  According to the “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” regulations, the elderly over the age of 60, the amount of medication is equivalent to 3 / 4 of the amount of adult medication, can not increase the amount of medication.

For the elderly over 80 years old, only 1/2 of the adult amount can be given.

  Older people are prone to adverse reactions or poisoning due to poor tolerance. They need to take medication from a small dose. Older people who are younger, lighter, and have poorer physical conditions should use drugs at their discretion.

In addition, the elderly often suffer from a variety of diseases at the same time. When taking the medicine, they should first take the treatment of acute and severe drugs. After the condition is stable, take other drugs instead of other alternative treatments, and do not use multiple drugs together.

  The elderly should not use more than 5 drugs at the same time.

Experts said that it is necessary to clarify the treatment goals, seize the main contradictions, and choose the main drug treatment.

Anyone who does not improve the efficacy and is poorly tolerated may not be considered for discontinuation to reduce the amount of medication.

If multiple conditions are required for a critically ill condition, the five drug principles should be followed after the condition is stable.

  Experts suggest that patients who take long-term medication should go to the hospital for physical examination on a regular basis, and the brakes can be found in time to prevent damage caused by drug accumulation.

At least 45 years of age or older, at least twice a year to ensure a full physical examination; elderly people with long-term chronic diseases, it is best to check the body regularly according to the disease.

For patients who take certain drugs for a long time, special tests should be done regularly.

Let the winter air get wet

Let the winter air get wet

Experts reminded that the use of winter heating and air conditioning, built-in indoor air is very easy to dry, and slender a variety of diseases.

Therefore, we must find ways to moisten the living room and ensure that the family spends a humid, healthy winter.

  Dry air is easy to cause disease. Do not underestimate the effect of air humidity. Excessively dry air can induce various diseases.

When the air humidity is too low, the mucous membranes of the human nose and lungs are dehydrated, the elasticity is reduced, the dust in the air, bacteria and the like are easily attached to the mucous membrane, which stimulates the throat to cause coughing, and is also prone to bronchitis, pain and other respiratory diseases.
In addition, the flu virus will multiply in a dry environment.

  In addition, long-term stay in the air dry home, people will often feel dry and tight skin, dizziness and drowsiness, reduced responsiveness, decreased body resistance, increased chances of getting sick.

  Air-conditioned houses need anti-drying experts to remind them that air-conditioned rooms must comply with the air-conditioning temperature. The air humidity often far exceeds the comfort and health standards required by the human body, especially in the winter, when the warm air makes our skin abnormally dry., and extremely easy to dry mouth, so air-conditioned rooms should pay more attention to increase air humidity.

  Air humidification methods need to live in a humid environment, to eliminate the leakage caused by dry air, we need to actively humidify the air, medical experts introduced many tips for humidifying the air.

  It is best to have a hygrometer at home, and the brakes are always in control of the air humidity.

  Sprinkle some water on the ground, drag the floor with a wet mop every day, or put a basin of water on the ground to help increase humidity.

  Before going to bed every night, put two wet towels on the heater to prevent the air from drying at night.

  In the winter, raising a few fish at home, or raising a few pots of daffodils, can adjust the relative humidity in the room, which will make the room full of fragrance.

  Buy a self-adjusting humidification amount, preferably a humidifier with a sterilization function, which can effectively improve the humidity of the living room.

  In addition, we must also pay attention to the body to hydrate every day, drink plenty of water every day, eat more fruits and vegetables, apples, grapefruit, oranges, etc. to both add water and vitamins, to prevent dry lips, dry skin is good.

  It is also necessary to add water and nutrients to the diet: eat more porridge such as millet porridge, vegetable porridge, etc. It is also a good choice to make soup with vegetables and eggs, spinach, rapeseed, tomatoes and eggs.

In addition, Chinese cabbage is also a good choice for hydrating and supplementing nutrition, which can be used for frying or stewing.

For those who are prone to dry cough in winter, you can eat some lily, white fungus and so on.