Yangtze Power (600900): a model of global hydropower leading value investment

Yangtze Power (600900): a model of global hydropower leading value investment
Global hydropower leader, scarce resources and strong earnings.The company’s main business is large-scale hydropower operations, which is already a global leader in hydropower with an installed capacity of 4,549.50,000 kilowatts, accounting for 12 of the country’s hydropower installed capacity.9%.Currently, it operates and manages four giant hydropower stations in the Three Gorges, Gezhouba, Xiluodu, and Xiangjiaba. It is the strategic backbone power source for “west to east power transmission”. The power transmission scope passes through East China Power Grid, Central China Power Grid, and China Southern Power Grid to benefit 14 provinces and cities nationwide.From 2016 to 2018, the company realized revenue of RMB 489/501/512 million, with an annual growth of +3.2% / + 2.5% / 2.1%, the net profit attributable to the mother is RMB 2.082 / 223.226 million, with an annual increase of +14.0% / + 7.1% / + 1.6%, affected by incoming water in the third quarter, the first three quarters of 2019 to achieve revenue and net profit of 38.1 billion (-2.5%) / 178 ppm (-0.5%), a slight drop in the short term, the overall profit is strong and stable, the gross profit margin in 2016-2018 is 60%, and the net profit margin is more than 40%.The company’s net operating cash flow for the years 16-18 was 390/397/397 trillion, with abundant cash flow. The issue charge price is stable, with both value and growth.From 2016 to 2018, the company achieved 2060 power generation.6/2108.9/2154.800 million kilowatt hours, generating 853 in the first half of 2019.89 (+5.01%), the third quarter of the dry water supply affected the power generation 748.300 million kilowatt hours (-9.6%), the overall steady growth rate of volatility of power generation, the company can smooth its performance change by disposing of long-term equity investment and other means during periods of low water supply.In terms of electricity prices, the company’s average on-grid electricity prices for 2016-2018 remained stable after a significant increase in 2016, with an average price of 276.80, 276.78, 276.86 yuan / MWh, the market ratio is 11.02%, volume and price are always stable.Currently, two giant turbines are under construction. It is estimated that by 2022 Wudongde (10.2 million kilowatts) and Baihetan (16 million kilowatts) will be put into production and the total installed capacity will increase to 716厦门夜网9.50,000 kilowatts, achieving leapfrog growth. Layout of white paper trading business to achieve overseas expansion.The company plans to acquire Peru’s largest power company LDS Company83.64% equity, the transaction base purchase price is 35.$ 9 billion (non-final acquisition price).LDS company accounts for 28% of the Peruvian city. In addition to the power distribution business, it also has 100,000 kilowatts and about 73 put into operation.70,000 kilowatt hydropower reserve project.In the past three years, LDS has been operating better overall, with long-term stable profitability and abundant cash flow.After the acquisition, the company will continue to improve the company’s leading edge and competitiveness in the field of hydropower, providing a good foundation for future overview and overseas market advantages. Dividends are high, and countercyclical debt is strong.2016-2020 the company promises that the pricing is not less than 0.65 yuan cash dividends, 2021-2025 cash dividends at no less than 70% of the net profit realized in the year.The medium and long-term dividend yield is maintained at a relatively high level of about 4%, and the properties of countercyclical bonds are strong. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.Without considering mergers and acquisitions, the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 1.04/1.04/1.05 yuan, corresponding to PE17x / 17x / 17x, for the first time, it has given an “overweight” rating. risk warning.Water supply risk, electricity price change risk, M & A progress may be lower than expected, and overseas risks.

Oupai Home (603833): Focus on channel transformation, reorganization and restructuring

Oupai Home (603833): Focus on channel transformation, reorganization and restructuring

The company disclosed its 2019 annual report, with steady growth in revenue and profits. The company’s H1 revenue in 2019 was 55.

100,000 yuan (+13 compared with the same period last year).

72%), net profit attributable to mother 6.

3.3 billion yuan (+15 compared with the same period last year).


Among them, the company’s single Q2 achieved revenue of 33.

7.0 billion (+12 compared with the same period last year).

51%), net profit attributable to mother 5.

4.1 billion (+13 compared with the same period last year).


Profitability remained stable, and cash flow continued to be healthy.

2019H1 company gross profit margin 37.

62% (decade +0.

39pct), the net profit attributable to the mother 11.

48% (decade +0.


In the hardcover housing market, the company also has good bargaining power. The overlap of large businesses has significantly lowered its profit margin. Conversion. The company continues to tap its potential through informationization and other means to improve channel efficiency.At the same time profit margins remain stable.

Company’s 2019H1 cash flow from operating activities 5.

4.4 billion (+86 year-on-year.


Focusing on channel transformation and adapting to the trend of traffic fragmentation In the past two years, the channels of the household industry have gradually become fragmented, and the passenger flow of traditional retail channels is facing changes. Terminal demand is scattered in bulk, package, and baggage occupation modes.

(1) Bulk business continues to contribute to the company’s performance growth.

As of the end of June 2019, the company has gradually entered into strategic cooperation agreements with 47 of the top 100 domestic real estate developers.

(2) As a new model explored, the self-contained large home has achieved remarkable results in the first half of the year.

As of June 2019, the company has 210 large-scale home furnishing stores and 43 large-scale customers.

In the second half of the year, the company will further strengthen its foundation and increase support for assembly dealers.

Earnings forecast and investment recommendations 夜来香体验网 The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is 4 respectively.

50, 5.

42, 6.

54 yuan / share, closing price on August 29 corresponds to 2019 PE26.

2 times.

The company leads the industry’s development trend by expanding new channels for self-contained home furnishings, using strong brands, products, and strong channels to maintain stable performance. We believe that the company should be given an estimated premium that exceeds the industry average.

Give the company a reasonable estimate of about 27 times PE, corresponding to a reasonable value of 121 yuan per share in 2019, and maintain the company’s “Buy” rating.

Risks suggest that the land continues to be sluggish, and industry competition is intensifying, resulting in pressure on the company’s growth; new categories are pushed less than expected; new channels are pushed 武汉夜网论坛 less than expected.

Women’s skin needs to be caressed every inch_1

Women’s skin needs caress every inch

The hot sun, the rising temperature, and various injuries make summer the natural enemy of women’s skin.

This season, women need to caress most, from head to toe, every inch of skin desires care.

  Let your hair block the sun ● Source of injury: As soon as summer arrives in the pool, many people like to soak in the rippling pool, which is cool and pleasant.

In fact, the reflectivity of water in the face of ultraviolet light is almost 100%.

In other words, swimming in the open-air swimming pool is more of a double test than exercise in the sun.

In addition, the bleach (salt object) and salt contained in the water in the swimming pool are alkaline, which will damage the hair scales and cuticle of the skin, making the hair rough, knotted, and dry.

  ● Caressing method: Moisturizing Many people know that their skin needs to be moisturized, but they don’t know that their hair should also be moisturized.

In the summer, the best weapon for hair against the sun is to nourish and moisturize.

Kao (China) has researched Chinese hair for many years and found that the hair of Orientals is round and thick, and ordinary added nutrients are not easy to penetrate into the hair core, and it is more difficult to repair.

Therefore, protection becomes particularly important.

For general protection, you can choose some high moisturizing care products, some Yaxianzi “smooth moisturizing” series products, the biggest benefit of this series is that in addition to nourishing, it also adds 50% of moisturizing ingredients-camellia oil andKorean Ginseng Extract.

Blocks 100% of the pool’s exposure in the water-oil balance.

  Jade back to exfoliate ● Source of injury: horny, acne Remember in Zhang Yeyi’s sexy jade back in “Yan Ban”.

In summer, you need to wear a backless dress or a halter top, and there is a little acne on the scene.

The cause of acne at the top may be horny.

Although the front-end skin is less exposed, it is not easy to clean, and most people think that the back-end is not dirty, so there is no need to deliberately clean it.

In fact, the upper part is also easier to sweat, the pores are more likely to be blocked by sweat, and the stratum corneum is long.

  ● Caressing methods: care, massage, always pay attention to clean the back when bathing.

It is best not to use the traditional hard loofah tendon, which will scratch the skin. You can use a soft body brush to clean the hard-to-touch back.

Every two weeks, you can use the exfoliating massage cream to massage gently.

Exfoliating the skin, the skin breathes smoothly, and the acne naturally does not grow.

If you already have acne, you can buy some anti-inflammatory lotion designed for acne skin, such as containing alcohol, salicylic acid and other ingredients, which can inhibit oil secretion, calm and astringent skin, and can be used in daily maintenance.

  Powder neck soothes wrinkles ● Source of injury: Sweat The powder neck is an important part of revealing a woman’s age, and it is also the most likely to be ignored by skin care.

This part is where sweat accumulates more. The salt in the sweat and the dust stuck to it by the sweat in the air constitute erosion to the skin.

There was sweat, but I didn’t pay attention to cleaning, I hurt, but I didn’t pay attention to care, and the wrinkles creeped up to the woman’s neck.

  ● Caressing method: care, massage implanted skin is very sensitive, pay attention to cleaning frequently.

The main thing is not to let sweat stains stay on the skin as much as possible. You can use Avene soothing spray to relax the skin and keep it moisturized.

When going out, use a sunscreen specially developed for the skin on the neck. The application method is from bottom to top. Sticking to the massage can also prevent horizontal streaks and loose skin on the neck.

 Jinlian Run Yirun both feet ● Source of injury: old skin, horny feet bear the weight of the whole body, has been doing the work of walking, plus long-term wearing high-heeled shoes, thick cocoons on the soles of the feet have been accumulated in one place for a long time, but also accumulatedExcessive aging of keratin and calluse skin, this piece of maintenance work requires long-term struggle.

  ● Caressing method: Use a physical grindstone to exfoliate the feet, once a week, to avoid waxy, dull feet and thick cocoons.

In addition, wearing appropriate shoes and wearing shoes with high or narrow toes for a long time can easily cause improper force on the shoes and excessive friction to produce thick cocoons.



Introduction of ginseng Ginseng (English: Ginseng), a perennial herb, prefers a cool, humid climate, and grows at an altitude of 500 ° C with a small temperature difference between day and night.
Coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forests or mixed trees forests on 1100m gentle slopes or slopes.

Because the roots are hypertrophic and shaped like a spindle, they often have bifurcations, and they look like human heads, hands, feet, and limbs, so they are called ginseng.

The elegant name of ancient ginseng is called Huang Jing, Goblin, Divine Grass.

Ginseng is known as the “King of Herbs” and is one of the famous “Three Treasures of the Northeast” (ginseng, mink, antler). It is a precious medicinal material that is well-known both at home and abroad.

  The nutritional value of ginsengI isolated more than 30 kinds of ginsenosides from red ginseng, raw sun ginseng or white ginseng (can be divided into three groups, namely oleanolic acid group, original ginseng polysaccharide group and original ginseng triol group), respectivelyGinsenoside (ginsenoside) -RX (Note: X = 0, a1, a2, a3, b1, b2, b3, c, d, e, f, g1, g2, g3, h1, h2, h3, s1,s2), there are still fake ginsenoside F11 and so on.

Saponin is the material basis of the physiological activity of ginseng. When the concentration is separated, due to the action of dilute acid, the hydroxyl groups and ethylenic rings in the side chain of the molecule synthesize ginseng base and ginsenotriol. Both ginseng polysaccharide and ginseng triol are trinaphthalene compounds.

  Organic acids and esters are: citric acid, isocitric acid, fumaric acid, ketoglutarate, oleic acid, linoleic acid, maleic acid, malic acid, acetic acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid, ginseng acid, salicylic acidAcids, vanillic acid, p-hydroxycinnamic acid, triglycerides, palmitic acid, triglycerides, alpha, gamma-dipalmitate, trilinolein, glycosyldiglycerides.

  Vitamins are: Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Niacin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin and Nicotinamide.

  Sterols and their compounds are: β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, carotene, campesterol, ginsenoside P and ester sterols.

  In addition, ginseng still contains: adenosine invertase, L-aspartase, β-amylase, sucrose invertase; maltitol, octadecane, behenyl phenol, ginseng flavone and copper, zinc, iron,More than 20 trace elements such as manganese.

  The saponin composition of ginseng stems and leaves is basically the same as that of roots.

The total saponin content of ginseng, ginseng buds, ginseng leaves, ginseng flowers, ginseng fruits, etc. is higher than that of roots, and it is worth further use.

  Efficacy and effects of ginseng1. Ginseng tastes sweet, slightly bitter, mildly warm, returns to the spleen, lungs, heart, kidney meridian, Qixiongrun, rising more than falling; has qi tonic, spleen and lungs, NingxinThe effect of nourishing and nourishing blood.

  2. Ginseng treats serious illness, chronic illness, blood loss, dehydration caused by dehydration, diminished fatigue; lack of food, lack of temper, vomiting and diarrhea; shortness of breath, shortness of breath, cough, and weakness of heart qi;Insomnia, dreams, amazement, forgetfulness, physical weakness and sweating; thirst for thirst, thirst; chlorosis of blood deficiency, dizziness; impotence of kidney deficiency, frequent urination, and qi deficiency.

  Ginseng is suitable for crowd 1.

Suitable for the weak, the lack of qi and blood, the shortness of breath, the anemia, the neurasthenia.


Those with actual heat syndrome, damp heat syndrome, and righteousness are not allowed to take it.

  How to eat ginseng?


Ginseng can replenish vitality, save danger, and is the first item for treating futility. Therefore, it is often used for vitality to be removed, and the symptoms of fatigue and fatigue are slight.

Any serious illness, chronic illness, blood loss, sweating, vomiting, and inferiority will lead to a pale complexion, debilitating spirit, endless Dafa, and slight pulse, which is similar to the urgent use of this product.


Those with spleen deficiency, loss of appetite, thin yellow muscles and fatigue, can be compatible with Atractylodes, Poria, Licorice, tonic.


Avoid iron, do not use iron pan, aluminum pan for frying.


The tonic is cooked, and the purging fire is raw.

  Daquan practice 1, raw materials of red date ginseng soup: 20 red dates, 9 grams of ginseng, sea rice, 1 egg, 10 grams of sesame oil, vegetable oil, salt, onion, coriander each.

  Practices: 1. Peel the red dates and wash them; wash the ginseng, cut into thin slices and set aside.

  2. Set the pot on the fire, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with high heat, add red dates, ginseng slices, cover with the pot and cook for 2 hours.

  2, ginseng walnut soup ingredients: 3 grams of ginseng, 3 pieces of walnut meat.

  Practice: 1.

Take 3 grams of ginseng, 3 pieces of walnut meat, and serve them in decoction.


Once a day.

Use 5?7 days.

  3, ginseng porridge ingredients: 10 grams of ginseng, 15 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of rice, sugar.
  Practices: 1. Soak ginseng with water and cut into thin slices; lotus seeds are made with water to remove the heart; the previous rice is washed out.

  2. Set the pot on the fire, add an appropriate amount of water, lotus seeds, and previous rice, boil over high heat, add ginseng slices, cook with gentle heat, and add sugar to taste.

The ancients talked about the drama and health of sex

The ancients talked about the “drama” and health of sex

Ancient Chinese medicine emphasized that there must be a sufficient preparation stage from the spiritual to the physical before sexual life. We cannot blindly make quick progress. Only through tenderness, snuggle, touch, and love words can we achieve spiritual harmony and sexual desire on both sides.Appropriate things, the result will be happy and coordinated, will also play a role in life extension.
  The ancient book of traditional Chinese medicine “Yangsheng Fang” refers to the preparatory activities used by the house before the event as “drama.
The specific methods are: Xu (spoken sentence) (slowly exhale), Xu Bao, Xu Fu (slightly snuggled and attached), Xu Cao (slightly manipulative), Xu shaking (slowly shaking), and appropriately cooperate with qigong guidanceInducement (such as sucking each other’s mouth Tianjin, Italian Shou Dantian, closed eyes, thinking, sucking gas and so on).
In this way, not only can the passions of both parties be moved, and the heart can be refreshed. If it is often done, it can also have the effect of preventing old age and disease.
“Dong Xuanzi” also believes that the “harmony” (ie drama) of the room before the event is required for sexual harmony.
There is a fairly straightforward account of how to do this.
For example: “The man sits and holds the woman in his arms, so he stretches his waist, touches Yuyu, Shen Yanwan, Suxianmu, and agrees with one another, embraces Chale, spreads in two forms, and makes two mouths (mouth) .” and so on.A series of actions.
As a result, “masculine yin” and “feminine yang” are gradually synchronized with each other, and then they act naturally and enjoyably, which is beneficial to physical and mental health.
This is consistent with the claim that modernity knowledge requires stimulation of “emotional zones”.
  ”Yufang Zhiyao” pointed out: When the normal men and women “love contract, both happy,” can achieve the “female vibrancy, male stems flourish” effect.
If after the “drama”, you are still not excited and think it may be “frequently caused by internal diseases”, you should actively treat or control sexual intercourse.
“The Minutes of Guangxi” states that “Couples are not in harmony with each other, although the relationship is not beautiful”, if one side still cannot inspire passion through touching and hugging, one should not force marriage.
“Dong Xuanzi” said: “If a man shakes a woman, he should not, a woman moves but a man disobeys, which directly harms the man but also harms the woman.”
“The Secret of the Jade Room” also has such a paragraph: “I want to make a strong handover today, the jade stem can’t afford it, my face is ashamed, my sweat is like a bead, my heart is greedy, I can help my hand .
The main idea is that after the “He Zhi”, the men and women did not reach the “sense of harmony and sympathy”, barely handed over, because of the tension, the penis could not be erected, and the heart felt ashamed and sweaty, but they kept on, Greedy for a moment of joy, help each other by hand, forced intercourse.
In fact, this is far from reaching a state of psychological and physical coordination, it is also easy to damage health, and may form a vicious circle in spirit, so it is very undesirable.
  The “drama” of men and women, to achieve the desired effect, has a close relationship with family harmony and the feelings of couples.
In particular, the gentleness and thoughtfulness of the man is very important.
“Guangxi Minutes” believes that: if a man has “bad-hearted nature, often with grudges”, or “loves but not special”, “betrays his wife, prostitution wife” and other bad virtues, he will give his wifeTrauma left in the soul, the woman will be “loveless” at the time of intercourse, and she will have a feeling of “resentment and increased suspicion”.
Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the cultivation of husband and wife’s feelings and respect each other.
In addition, the “drama” of the room before the event should also be selected “not cold, not hot, not hungry” and “emotional tranquility”, because this will help to concentrate and achieve a smooth body.
This kind of sex life can make “men endure bad, women get rid of all diseases, mind entertaining, strong strength”.
  It is also worth mentioning that the “drama” of men and women should also include multiple forms of sexual intercourse.
“Health Prescription” proposes “Ten Festivals”, all of which are imitation life names when animals such as tigers, cicadas, locusts, fishes, apes, etc. are mated.”,” Crane Neck “,” Rabbit Sucker “and other sexual postures, and made a more detailed description.
In the past, these works that were often regarded as “indecent obscene” were ashamed to express.
But the ancients believed that they can make men and women happy and treat many diseases.
In fact, these asanas help to overcome the monotonous sex life and increase boudoir fun.
Some modern sex medical experts also believe that sexual intercourse with different postures can prevent certain sexual dysfunction diseases.
Nowadays, we should give proper evaluation to the ancient people’s exploration-oriented cognition, and we must not obliterate it.

To get healthy, you only need to be in line with your 4-year-old child.

To get healthy, you only need to be in line with your 4-year-old child.

We all know that there are many reasons for being a child to have happiness.

Seeing the snow, laughing at any little joke, you can store your body energy indefinitely in a few minutes.

But do you know that making yourself like a four-year-old child will really make you healthier?

  Whether you are a happy girl of 4 or 40 years old, you can use the following 4 simple ideas as a starting point to make your 2011 a healthy year!

In addition to being a child, what else do you need to do?

  1.Thinking about small changes If change is a directional, slow development, rather than a sudden change in the opening of the morning, I believe we are all willing to bring about change.

  Nowadays, many four-year-old babies are very intelligent. No one wants to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when they sleep at night, or do they want to see Jane the next morning?


  Whether we are learning to adapt to a new habit or to change an old habit, this is your progress.

If you want to eat healthier, then the first and easiest step is to throw away all the foods in your storage room that contain unknown ingredients.

  If you want a better job, set a goal and get in touch with one person every week.

Imagine the slow but steady pace of the baby – remember, the tortoise won the race, not the rabbit.

  2.Does anyone say “take a break”?

  Just think about the phrase that gives you a smile.

  If a four-year-old child goes to work in 30 minutes, sits in front of the computer all day, and then watches TV on the sofa all night, what happens?

  Even if you can’t change or control the time spent on the way to work, everyone should have some changes after getting up.

Give yourself 15 minutes of rest every day.

Get up, walk around the office, or walk around the block.

Breathe some fresh air.

  So, hurry up, OK?

  3.When we are hungry, we can hear this at any time.

  ”Drink your dinner, there are many children in Africa who die because of the newborn.

“No one wants to waste food, but if you force us to eat food because it is already on the plate, it will make you eat too much, not according to your body’s needs.”

  Remember your bottom line: Eat when you feel hungry, of course, when you feel full, you can.

  4.Have a clearness. Have you ever had such an experience when you were a child, and write a New Year plan for yourself at the beginning of the new year?

If this New Year’s plan is an essay, then when the teacher is reading, I believe that you will be very careful to hear that many determinations are very similar to your own, but the difference is that he is very specific.

  This child may not be simply losing weight “I want to be healthier,” or write like this, “When my mother says to go to the supermarket, I have to ask if we can go there by bike.

“And,” I want to practice football every day, so I will get better.

“A clear goal will make us change our track and go on with concern.

Children don’t always do well with unclear expressions or ideas – they like the details they write on paper.

  So we can learn a new maxim from preschoolers – if you can’t put it outside, you probably won’t do it.

  So go, let yourself be like a child.

  In addition to being like a child, what else do we need to do?

I believe that you must have a lot of very good ideas and be very happy to listen.

Thank you, dear, for sharing your thoughts with us. I hope we all have a wonderful 2011!

  So let’s get started now.

Zhao Benshan’s old health care relies on retiring the newcomers to take over

Zhao Benshan’s old health care relies on retiring the newcomers to take over

Extraordinary news, in an entertainment program, Guo Degang talked about Zhao Benshan, one is a newcomer to the Spring Festival Evening, and the other is a 21-year-old man performing in the Spring Festival Gala. The dialogue between the two of them has attracted a lot of attention.
What is even more surprising is that Zhao Benshan announced on the show that he will always withdraw from the stage of the essay and the stage of the Spring Festival Evening. From next year, he will stop performing the essays and the Spring Festival Evening of any TV. This news immediately attracted a lot of attention.
  Zhao Benshan has retired from the Spring Festival Evening stage this year, which has disappointed many fans of Zhao Benshan. Everyone expressed their respect for this 21-year-old essay star performing in the Spring Evening, and expressed concern about the body of Teacher Zhao Benshan, because they are rumored to be teacher Zhao Benshan.Exiting the Spring Festival Evening is due to physical reasons, can this old man still appear in the Spring Festival Evening next year?
Many viewers are expecting and worrying, but things that surprise and surprise everyone happen.
  In a recent entertainment show, Zhao Benshan talked about Guo Degang. At the scene, Zhao Benshan announced that he would permanently withdraw from the stage and the Spring Festival Evening stage. He will not play any TV night of the Spring Festival Evening next year.
When the news came out, it immediately detonated the audience’s topic. Such a must-have actor for the Spring Festival Evening exited. He couldn’t see his wonderful performance in the spring evening anymore. This made many viewers regret.And sad.
Why is Zhao Benshan no longer on the Spring Festival Gala?
Is it because of physical reasons?
>>>>> Xiaobian recommended: internal adjustment of external care wrinkle six treatments to postpone the years to protect youth according to the symptoms of sweating feet to detect their own health situation Sun Yi Yang nest protection private secret recipes business marriage self-confidence high female health road sign – how to get rid of the cervix糜烂  此次的这档综艺节目是郭德纲主持的,今年郭德纲将出现在春晚的舞台上,这次的两人对话也被看做春晚第一演员的新老交替,郭德纲将顶替赵本山成为春晚的顶梁柱This is what the audience hopes to see. I hope that Guo Degang can become Zhao Benshan and continue to bring laughter to thousands of families, so that everyone can be happy on the New Year’s Eve.
  Guo Degang also asked Zhao Benshan why he made such a decision.
Zhao Benshan is also very calm answer: I really can’t act, the pressure is there, every year’s Spring Festival Evening is very stressful, there is no good year in 21 years, my physical condition is not allowed to continue to play.I have a serious cervical spondylosis. I can’t go there if I accidentally turn around, so I dare not play again.
Guo Degang immediately recommended a Kang Xing cervical vertebra treatment instrument to Zhao Benshan, and also expressed Guo Degang’s concern.
What is the effect of Kangxing cervical vertebra treatment instrument?
>>>>> Xiaobian recommended: internal adjustment of external care wrinkle six treatments to postpone the years to protect youth according to the symptoms of sweating feet to detect their own health situation Sun Yi Yang nest protection private secret recipes business marriage self-confidence high female health road sign – how to get rid of the cervix糜烂  赵本山也是很奇怪为什么郭德纲要向他推荐康星颈椎治疗仪,有什么效果啊。Guo Degang said: This cervical vertebra treatment instrument is very effective for cervical spondylosis. It can relieve all kinds of pain quickly in 7 days of use. It only takes one month to completely eliminate the symptoms of cervical spondylosis. It should be used for a long time and long-term use.Can completely get rid of all kinds of symptoms, and play a non-repetitive effect.
  Zhao Benshan immediately came to the interest and was very concerned about this Kangxing cervical vertebra treatment instrument. He said that my cervical spondylosis has been for many years. Does this Tan’s cervical vertebra treatment instrument have any effect on me?
Guo Degang said: I am partnering with Yu Qian, you know, old cervical spondylosis, every time you go to the stage to use this instrument to treat it before you dare to go on stage. Now his cervical spondylosis is basically good, now he is still using it, mainly to do notRepeatedly, I saw that the effect is good. I usually use it properly, and prevention is the main thing.
I suggest you try it.
Click on the official website to view: other effects of Kang Xing cervical vertebra treatment instrument >>>>> Xiao Bian recommended: internal adjustment of external feeding wrinkle six treatments to delay the years to protect youth according to the symptoms of sweating feet to detect their own health situation Sun Yi Yang nest protection private secret recipeOperating a marriage confident high female health road sign – how to get rid of cervical erosion