Check out 10 herbal tea recipes for colds

Check out 10 herbal tea recipes for colds

In the Tang Dynasty, there was the saying that “medicine tea cures all diseases”. Nowadays, colds are popular, and there are many herbal medicines for contagious colds. For the current symptoms of influenza and colds, let’s take a lookSee the 10 herbal tea recipes recommended by Chinese medicine experts for treating colds.

  1. Walnut, onion and ginger medicinal tea: 5 grams of walnut kernels, 25 grams of onion white, 25 grams of ginger, 15 grams of black tea leaves, treating colds, fever, chills, headaches, etc.

It is suitable to smash the above medicines, add them to the casserole with black tea leaves, add water to cook, remove the residue and take the juice, daily preparation, warm the soup, cover with bed, wait for sweat, and avoid the wind.

The principle is published in light white, Tongyang, ginger Xinxing table, are all Xinwen products, containing a large amount of volatile oil.

Modern research has confirmed that the volatile oil contained in scallion white is mainly allicin, which has an inhibitory effect on staphylococci, dysenteriae and streptococci. Walnut kernels nourish the lungs and kidneys, and with ginger to strengthen its effect, together treat colds and colds.

  2, Cangzhu Guanzhong herbal tea: Cangzhu, Guanzhong equal parts, to prevent influenza.

The usage method is to grind the fine powder of the two flavors together and wrap them with cloth, each package is 30 grams, brew with boiling water, and drink frequently instead of tea.

The principle is that Cangzhu has a preventive effect on colds, and Guanzhong decoction has an inhibitory effect on various influenza viruses.

  3, Banlangen green leaf medicinal tea: take Banlangen root, large green leaves each 50 grams, wild chrysanthemum, honeysuckle 30 grams each.

Add the same to the cup and use boiling water to brew tea and replace it.

It has better curative effect on preventing colds, epidemic encephalitis and epidemic respiratory infections.

  4. Herbal tea of perilla leaf: 16 grams of perilla leaf, add brown sugar in moderation, treat early cold.

Usage is to knead dried perilla leaves into coarse powder, brew in boiling water, add sugar to dissolve, and drink tea frequently.

The principle is that perilla leaves have a bitter taste, warm nature, return to the spleen, and lung meridians, and have the functions of publishing cold and spreading qi, so it is suitable for the early stage of cold and cold.

  5, ginger sugar medicinal tea: take 3 slices of ginger, brown sugar amount.

Use boiling water, 1?
2 times, warm service at any time.

For colds, fever, headache, cough or nausea, vomiting, bloating, stomach pain and other symptoms.

  6, dandelion medicinal tea: dandelion 20 grams, attending viral, influenza.

The usage method is to dry and chop dandelion before flowering, fry the water, substitute for tea, daily preparation, use 3?
5 days.

The principle is that dandelion water decoction has an inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus and a certain therapeutic effect on influenza virus.

  7, mulberry syrup and almond medicinal tea: mulberry leaves, yellow chrysanthemum, almonds 10 grams each, the amount of white sugar, attending cold cough.

The usage method is to decoction the above three medicines, mix with white sugar, substitute tea.

The principle is mulberry leaf bitter, sweet, enters the lung, liver meridian, can relieve wind and heat, clear liver and eyesight.

Yellow chrysanthemum is slightly cold, sweet, bitter, enters the liver, lung meridian, and functions like mulberry leaves, can detoxify.

Amygdala is mild and enters the lungs and the large intestine.

White granulated sugar is sweet and cold, and plays a role in clearing wind and clearing heat, and declaring lungs and relieving cough.

  8. Ginger and perilla leaf tea: take ginger and perilla leaves 3 grams each.

Put it into the cup and brew with boiling water for 10 minutes, mix it with tea, and take it twice in the morning and evening.

Suitable for colds such as cold and cold, headache and fever.

  9, Guanzhong Banlangen medicinal tea: take Guanzhong, Banlangen 30 grams each, licorice 15 grams.

After the above 3 flavors of Chinese medicine boiled water are brewed, the tea is blended.

Poisonous anti-influenza virus has good curative effect.

  10, onion ginger tea: 10 grams of onion, 3 grams of ginger, brown sugar amount.

Wash and slice the shallots and ginger, add them to the casserole with brown sugar, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil for 10 minutes.

Take the juice while it is hot and drink it.

It can relieve sweat, relieve symptoms such as exogenous wind chills, head, chills, nasal congestion and runny nose.

Learn to be tepid in the workplace

Learn to be tepid in the workplace

In fact, encountering setbacks at work, not paying attention to abilities, colluding with colleagues, vicious competition, or inadequate corporate systems and environment, openness, and high unemployment rates are all causes of workplace anger.

In addition to external factors, their own problems are also critical, such as mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia; In addition, they are too inflexible and think that they are sacrificing for others, or like to control and instruct others, alsoEasy to cause workplace anger.

  Anger is an emotion. The conflict between external stimuli and self-awareness does not disappear in a vacuum.

If the anger is not handled well, it will have many consequences. In addition to being unhappy, it is easy to offend others, make interpersonal relationships worse, lead to unsuccessful work, and even lose jobs.

In addition, anger can also cause physical distortions, such as insomnia and stomach pain.

  As for anger, we should usually cultivate a positive management style.

Learn to treat others with compassion, and think more of each other.

Knowing how to face others, learn to be humble, and not stubbornly regret can avoid disrupting relationships.

  In addition, it is important to choose the emotional management method that suits you.

It is recommended to adjust through muscle relaxation and deep breathing. It can also help soothe emotions through meditation.

Humor also has the function of eliminating anger, which can help you get new ideas from the following ideas, and it is also a servo of interpersonal relationships.

Do not want to be angry office workers, remind yourself from time to time: ‘Smile is better than anger.

“Absolutely, going out and walking more is a good way to adjust to bad moods. Let the anger transform the sweat away from the body and start again.

A philosopher once said: “Anger is the real enemy of human beings.” Learning to manage the anger of the workplace is as important as improving work efficiency.

  However, venting anger is not entirely possible.

Anger is sometimes used to defend one’s rights, thereby regaining control and improving psychological symptoms, while also warning the other party not to violate their own bottom line.

Cheating is a selfish desire

Cheating is a selfish desire

Cheating is more than sex.

  Performance is entertaining, giving people fantasy and happiness.

  Sex inherits life.

  Sex itself is sinless, and sex itself is holy.

  What makes sex ashamed with dirty concepts and definitions?

  Cheating speaks of an unknown emotion, is it the end of the relationship or betrayal?

Is it pure emotion or unspeakable shame.

  One love word is giving and returning.

  Give emotions to gain emotions.

Is the stolen emotion too selfish?

  How authentic and reliable is the stolen emotion?

  We all know that the results of cheating are not very good, and neither will be complete.

  If you say that you are not stealing sex, you can’t believe it, it’s just a joke.

  Cheating must have sex.

Sometimes cheating starts with stealing sex.

  It is impossible to cheat without sex.

  Who stole his heart while cheating?

  Cheating is entirely an anticipation and loss of emotions, and an expense other than emotions.

  Cheating is optional.

Then since there is no need, there is no possibility.

  Secretly stealing sex is actually a game of emotions, a game of sex, sooner or later, when you get bored.

  It is too difficult to steal people’s hearts.

There is only one true destination for the human heart, and stealing the human heart is completely unimportant, only what you know is important.

  The psychology of cheating is completely a sexual impulse, it is a momentary pleasure, and there is no long-term idea at all.

  Most married women can’t stand the temptation and seduce of men, but the inferiority of men is that they want to possess all the women they want.

  Women are more emotionally fragile and are more likely to be moved by the seductive language of men.

  Sometimes women think of it once, anyway, and once they say yes, they don’t expect that there will be once or again after one time, until they get tired.

  Sex is the most difficult thing for everyone to test, because everyone needs that kind of comfort, and sex itself is nature.

So an experiment or adventure has an emotional no return.

  Secretly stealing sex is not something that everyone knows. Sometimes stealing sex is also accompanied by the danger of life and many costs. Why do some people still go straight?