Dementia – the third biggest killer of human health

Dementia – the third biggest killer of human health

Wang Aunt, who lives in a certain district, found that Wang Dabo, a veteran temper who has always been tolerant, has a good temper. Recently, he often loses his time, often finds his own clothes, admits his toothbrush, and his temper is violent. He once overcharged the orderer.2 yuan, there was a quarrel for 1 hour, and Aunt Wang was in a hurry and heartache. What should I do if I had a high blood pressure? I quickly found out 2 yuan from my pocket and said that this was just the number of reporters.The 2 yuan received has been returned, and the matter has been settled.

  What makes Wang Aunt puzzled is that Wang Dabo has been sitting in a specialist clinic in a hospital after he retired. For more than 30 years of medical treatment, he sometimes wrote the name of the drug, the dose was not complete, or the prescription was not signed, and the time was not written.Very angry, but helpless.

Wang Dabo is also very self-blaming, always feels that his memory is declining.

Aunt Wang and his sons also thought that it was hard work. If the rest was not good, he would let him quit his job, walk around and play and strengthen nutrition.

  Until one day, Wang Dabo disappeared on his way out. His son and relatives and friends searched for advertisements on TV. They reported to the police station, the dock, and the station ran all over.

Dozens of people found the middle of the night from the morning, all exhausted, but still disappeared.

Aunt Wang cried sadly.

At 5 o’clock in the morning, suddenly the phone rang, saying that Wang Dabo was rescued by the taxi driver, and the taxi driver did not intend to see the tracing notice when he was watching dinner.

At this time, the family found that Wang Dabo was indeed sick, and he was not very ill. He immediately went to the hospital for examination and was diagnosed as “late stage of Alzheimer’s disease”. At this time, he had lost the best time for early treatment. Although he was treated in a variety of ways, his condition was stillGradually increased, memory gradually diminished, slowly with his wife, children do not know, and stayed stupid, incontinence, and eventually squatted in bed, and died of kidney failure.

  Wang Dabo’s Alzheimer’s disease is a common disease in old age.

Simply put, this disease is a complication caused by dysfunction of the brain of the elderly. It is characterized by mental decline and changes in daily behavior and personality, leading to social interaction, work, study, thinking judgment, decline in living ability, and serious cases.I can’t even live normally.

It is a group of syndromes of advanced brain dysfunction caused by organic damage to chronic or progressive brain structures, mainly characterized by advanced functions of the cerebral cortex (including memory, ability to deal with everyday problems, language and communication skills, emotional response)The control of the comprehensive damage of the acquired nature.

  Patients with Alzheimer’s disease are generally conscious and do not have coma symptoms, but the condition will gradually worsen, and finally there are many symptoms and some complications, which occupy an important position in the disease spectrum and death of the elderly.

  In the past century, the proportion of the elderly has increased by 2-3 times.

By the year 2000, the population of the world’s 5 billion people aged 65 or over accounted for 4.

2.3 billion, the number of senior citizens over 80 years old has exceeded 10 million.

According to incomplete statistics, the rate of severe Alzheimer’s disease among people over 65 years old is 5%-8%, and by the age of 80, the proportion has risen to 15%-20%.

Alzheimer’s has quietly approached us.

The consequences of dementia disease are serious.

According to statistics, Alzheimer’s disease has become the leading cause of death in the elderly in modern society, and it is the leading cause of disability and inability to live independently.

It is enough to reduce the quality of life of patients, but also brings serious harm and heavy burden to society and families.

The course of dementia is progressive, usually 2-8 years. It is rare for people who have survived for more than 20 years. It is even rarer to relieve and stop progression by themselves.

As the condition worsens, the patient becomes sluggish, has no desire, stays in bed for a long time, can’t take care of himself, often suffers from cough, pneumonia, fracture, urinary tract infection, malnutrition and other secondary physical diseases or death due to exhaustion. Alzheimer’s disease hasIt is the third biggest threat to human health after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer.

  Summary: Alzheimer’s disease is a no return

Cardio-cerebral vascular prevention fluid is a reminder or a life-saving straw

Cardio-cerebral vascular prevention fluid is a reminder or a life-saving straw

These days when I went to the countryside, I saw too many strange things. When I went to work in the morning, a large number of elderly people were waiting at the door of the clinic. For unknown reasons, I thought it was a patient who was visiting a doctor. When I asked a colleague, I knew that many of them were free of disease.Older people, or just controlled hypertension, type 2 diabetes, old patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, infusion of health care fluid, twice a year, can prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, I am reallyIt is obvious that whoever said that the injection of health care fluid twice a year can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and who has done research in this area, and who has a credible statistical analysis of statistics, which people are not talking about, these people simply do not listen,It can only be with him.

Let’s not say whether we can achieve preventive effects. Let’s talk about the harm of infusion.

Infusion reaction First, the entry of foreign substances into the human body is very dangerous. Infusion intravenous infusion requires very high purity of the drug. If there are impurities in the drug, the needle will enter the blood vessel directly, which will cause infusion reaction, chills, chills, facial andFour limbs cyanosis, followed by fever, body temperature up to 41?
42 ° C.

Can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, irritability, convulsions, etc., severe cases may have coma, blood pressure, shock and respiratory failure and other symptoms leading to death.

Heart failure, pulmonary edema due to the rapid rate of drip, input too much liquid in a short period of time, so that the circulating blood volume increased sharply, the heart burden is too heavy.

The patient suddenly felt chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing foamy bloody sputum; in severe cases, the thin sputum rushed into the mouth and nose, and the lungs showed wet rales, and the heart rate was fast.

Phlebitis due to high long-term infusion concentration, irritant implanted drugs, or intravenously placed irritating plastic tubes for a long time to cause chemical inflammatory reactions in the local vein wall; also due to aseptic operation during infusionSevere local infections.

A red line appears along the vein, and the local tissue is red, swollen, burning, painful, sometimes accompanied by systemic symptoms such as chills and fever.

Air embolism Because the air in the infusion tube is not exhausted, the catheter connection is not tight, there is a leak; compressed infusion, blood transfusion is not guarded at the side, the risk of air embolism often occurs.

The air entering the vein is first taken to the right atrium and then into the right ventricle.

If the amount of air is small, it is pressed into the pulmonary artery by the right ventricle, and dispersed into the pulmonary arterioles, and finally to the capillaries, thereby damaging the replacement. If the amount of air is large, the air will enter the entrance of the artery in the right ventricle, so that the blood cannot enter.Gas exchange in the lungs causes severe hypoxia, which causes the patient to die.

Even some people lose their activity after a few days of fluid loss. The usual activities are usually breathless. The physical strength is not as good as before. It must be continuous for recovery. I have seen an article. This situation may be due to impurities in the drug.Deposition in the lungs causes the lung tissue to be mechanized and the ventilation is reduced.

So, taking so many risks, is it really the purpose of preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases?

The answer is no, there is no data to show that it can prevent the effect. On the contrary, there are many patients with new cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the health care fluid.

I just want to think about health care fluids, preventive fluids, and even some grassroots rural doctors who don’t even discourage such behaviors. They also encourage residents to lose health care fluids. Why?

Three words, earn money, or even regardless of whether the patient has infusion or not, all require infusion, but also a sentence, the infusion is fast, how many people are harmed.

Drug abuse, overdose, and over-indications, and these people have become local doctors, ridiculous, terrible medical status in China.

Reveal the mystery of the ten longevity

Reveal the mystery of the ten longevity

According to the British “New Scientist” magazine, “Daily Express” recently reported that authoritative scientists from universities and research institutions around the world have conducted systematic research and analysis on the longevity archives of the past 50 years, and recently summarized 10 longevity secrets.It is claimed that if people live according to these simple health rules, the probability of living to 100 years old will increase greatly.

  The secret of a happy marriage perfect family happy marriage and perfect family is the first secret of longevity.

Studies have shown that marriage can give men two years of life and two years of life.

Linda Witt, an expert at the University of Chicago, found that a married man with a cardiovascular disease can live for four years longer than a divorced man with a healthy heart; a married man who smokes more than one pack a day and a divorced who never smokesThe life span of men is almost the same.

Scientists have discovered that a lifelong companion, a group of cute children or a good friend, can potentially increase a person’s life.

  Tip 2 The living environment and healthy living place also have a great impact on longevity.

Scientists suspect that it is related to water quality.

In addition, the neighborhood, the living environment is very important to health.

Scientists have studied older residents in a poor area of Missouri, USA, and found that poor air quality and dirty streets have tripled their chances of getting sick in their later years.

  The secret three wines are healthy and countless scientific research shows that drinking wine, eating chocolate, and snoozing are good for human health.

The fruit contains fruit antioxidants.

Eating chocolate often lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke.

Sufficient sleep is also good for the human body. Scientists suggest that unless you can adjust the circadian clock, sleeping, or staying up late, is harmful to your health.

  The fourth secret to exercise brain and brain disease to prevent disease and longevity is to exercise your brain.

Studies have shown that some clever, high-education, and literature-related work can prevent people from premature aging and avoid brain contractions or Alzheimer’s disease.

Intellectual challenges can make a person’s brain sharper and thus prevent disease.

  The secret of five diseases is better than cure and cure disease. If your family has a history of illness, you should go to the hospital for inspection.

The secret to eating low-fat food science proves that limiting excessive overlap is good for longevity, which means that you must eat low-fat, low-transfer foods.

Experiments in mice have shown that limiting migration can extend the lifespan of mice by 30%.

  Tip 7 Enjoy the fun of life. Seven requires people to dare to pursue something fun in life.

  Tips Eight embrace new technology scientists suggest that those seeking longevity should try to enjoy new technology.

Because I embrace new technology, I feel younger.

  The secret of the nine longevity secrets is to make life full of smiles and happier.

Dutch researchers have found that older people who are optimistic about life are half as likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease as older people with negative outlook on life.

  Tip 10 The low-radiation “New Scientist” magazine proposed the tenth longevity secret is properly exposed to some kind of low radiation.

According to the American biologist Joan Smith, mild X-ray exposure, mild sun exposure or sauna can cause “stressful stimulation”.

A small amount of “stress” helps the body’s self-healing system, which can extend the life of the person.

Very food: five weapons of fattening

Very food: five weapons of fattening

First place: Chocolate biscuits eat 6 tablets a day, convert 302cal, fatten 14kg a year, every afternoon tea time, if you feel hungry, come to chocolate chip cookies.

Although the book on weight loss says that celery and carrot sticks should be used instead of snacks, these vegetables and fruits are healthy but have no taste, so take a few pieces of your favorite chocolate biscuits to fill your hunger.

But do you know what’s in the chocolate chip cookie?

The answer is: a lot of sugar and a lot of oil.

If you use chocolate biscuits every day to satisfy the desire of your mouth, it will take only half a year to get 7 kilograms. If you continue this year, 14 kilograms of meat will move with you.

Behind the delicious is the trap of high migration waiting for you, and the high-oil and high-sugar foods will age easily.

  Suggestion: If you want to get antioxidant effects, with the addition of polyphenols from chocolate, it is better to drink a little low-conversion green tea.

  Second place: The chocolate bar eats one every day, transforms about 280cal, and gains 13 kilograms a year. If you don’t have time to eat a meal, it’s more than a real chocolate bar. Is it a small snack for you?

If you really use a chocolate bar to fill your hunger, don’t make up for a full meal later.

Because the moment of a chocolate bar is equivalent to half the meal.

If you can’t get rid of the rich chocolate and the rich taste of the caramel and peanuts in your life, then it is recommended that you pay attention to the number on the scale, and eat such high-quality snacks every day.difficult.

In addition, the high sugar content contained in the chocolate bar is still an accomplice to oxidation and will accelerate your aging.

  Suggestion: If you can’t stop eating a chocolate bar every day, it’s best to find time to jog for half an hour every day to balance the small chocolate bar.

  Third place: Canned juice drink a can of 500ml a day, converted 255cal, 12 kg a year fat know that vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, but are too lazy to eat fruit.

Since you haven’t eaten fruit, use juice instead.

However, the use of fruit juice instead of fruit does not allow for the intake of sufficient minerals and vitamins. This is because many minerals and vitamins have been lost in the process of fruit juice formation.

The only remaining vitamin C is also reduced by the light factor.

If you look carefully at the signs on the canned juice, you can see that most of the juice is concentrated and reduced, and a lot of sugar is added.

So, if you think that drinking juice is more nutritious and comes in a can every day, the high sugar in the juice will cause you to add 12 kilograms of weight after one year.

  Suggestion: For the sake of body and health, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits is definitely the only rule to maintain the body.

  Fourth place: Ordinary cola drinks a can of 375 ml a day, converts 168cal, and gains 8 kilograms a year. Coke is the most popular drink for everyone. When you eat hamburger fries, of course, you have to have cola. When everyone gathers to share the delicious pizza.It is also the taste of pizza with cola.

However, even if they don’t match food, many people develop the habit of drinking a cola a day.

This is because of the caffeine and special formula of Coke, which is easy to addictive.

Although there are already low-caliber colas on the market, there are still many people who cannot adapt to the special taste of sugar substitutes.

If you can’t have a cola without a day, it’s best to do a little more exercise to consume the extra tracks.

Because one can a day, you can get 8 kg fat after one year.

Even more frightening is that the cola you drink will not only make you feel full, but the heavy taste of Coke will also allow you to eat more food.

Not just cola, other sodas, SARS, etc. are also less to drink.

  Suggestion: If you really can’t give up cola, it’s best to use a low-calorie cola.

  Fifth place: Beer drinks a can of 375 ml a day, converts 147cal, a year of fat 7 kg friends to gather together or when singing, beer is indispensable to help the role.

However, only one can of beer a day will be exchanged for 7 kilograms a year later.

This is why beer has the name of liquid bread, and people who drink beer often get a heavy beer belly.

In addition to impurities, the beer contains almost no nutrients, so it does not help you in addition to getting fat.

If you want to taste the beer’s wheat aroma, it’s best to try it out, don’t get into the habit of drinking beer every day, and don’t drink beer before going to bed. Because beer has a diuretic effect, drinking before going to bed will cause a lot of water.Accumulation in the body can also cause frequent urination at night.

  Recommendation: Use beer to enter the dish.

By heating the beer, most of the alcohol is evaporated, which not only adds an alternative fragrance, but also avoids the high calorie burden of alcohol.

Pilates attack body size

Pilates attack body size

The plate training method, the scientific name “Static Muscle Strengthening”, is a unique training system for balancing the body. It uses the combination of breathing and exercise to enhance the effect of human breathing on human movement, thereby improving the body’s motor function.In order to balance the skin and restore physical therapy, the effect is very remarkable.

The difference between Pilates and Yoga is in the simplest and simplest way. The former is that the dynamic shell is static.

  Fitness Club Yoga and Pilates’ respective scenery yoga, two familiar words, have become the most popular and popular items in large and small fitness clubs.

Why does yoga “give everyone a favor”?

In addition to weight loss and body sculpting, yoga also has the role of self-cultivation. Those who insist on practicing yoga for a long time will face the things around with a calm and calm heart. Invisible, the pressure is reduced, life becomes easier, so high-pressure lifeWhite-collar women like to use yoga as a way to relax and decompress them.

  However, only yoga can’t satisfy people’s increasing taste.

The sublimation version of yoga in the previous month – Pilates has landed in Guangzhou, and it has been a whirlwind.

Prior to this, Pilates had swept through Hollywood in the United States, and many big-name stars are eager to see it.

Madonna practiced Pilates. At the age of four, she still showed a beautiful figure at the concert. After Elizabeth Haley gave birth to her child, she quickly leaned over with Pilates and continued to twist her water snake. Pilates is aA collection of yoga, dance, gymnastics body training.

Oriental sports such as yoga and Tai Chi focus on breathing and concentration of mind; Western sports focus on muscle physical training.

Pilates combines the concepts of both, highlighting the “body axis”, which is the strengthening of the abdomen to achieve the purpose of body shaping.

  Speaking of the difference between Pilates and yoga, the most concise sentence is that the former is dynamic and the outer shell is static.

Of course, you have to lift your legs while doing yoga, but the point is to reach a certain position, and then use your strength, balance, and toughness to maintain a posture.

Pilates, the focus is on the process of completing a certain position, it does not care that you do not reach the most perfect posture.

Pilates’ weight loss is absolutely first-class, and it is a good thing. It has become the favorite baby of many Hollywood stars.

It has not only gradually reduced the problem of losing a few pounds of fat, Pilates can also make the muscles strong and rich, and the body looks physique.

Ten tips for how cardiovascular exercise exercises cardiovascular exercise

Ten tips for how cardiovascular exercise exercises cardiovascular exercise

Don’t go on a flat road or use a flat run on a treadmill. Your goal should be to run the mountain or increase the treadmill slope.

The mountain run mode increases heart rate while increasing calorie burn.

It also has the advantage of enhancing the strength of the legs and improving the running posture and the speed of the bounce.

Don’t hold the armrests, but don’t hold the armrests when you use the cardiovascular exercise treadmill. Keep your arms forward and backward, don’t cross the body (which will reduce the efficiency of your workout). Outdoor sports, if possible, can be interspersed.Outdoor sports to increase the diversity of sports and improve indoor sports, such as the boringness of treadmill sports.

Mountain biking and trail running are scaled down on uneven roads to enhance sporting enthusiasm and balance.

Although the body part of the exercise is rare, it is equally important to stabilize the muscles.

Temporary exercise can be used to increase the intensity of exercise and increase the efficiency of exercise to the limit.

Combine full sprint time with low intensity workout or rest.

For example, you can try a 100-meter sprint run and then return to the initial state of repeated sprints by walking or jogging. 8 to 10 sprints can let you reach the unique state of your own movement.

Rally exercise can also help with cardiovascular and strength.

Using a two-handed rally to exercise can only improve lung function and increase heart rate to the highest level by spending only a fraction of the time of traditional exercise.

The more you exercise, the less you choose to take 6 to 8 minutes of physical exercise, and the tension exercise and cardiovascular-based exercise can be used as a fast-paced exercise.

Perform the first exercise, while the rhythm enters the next exercise program, repeating the exercise mode after two minutes of rest after each cycle of exercise.

Maintain the rate using a heart rate monitor or GPS to record the distance, rate and calories burned.

Track changes in each data to help improve and promote your workout plan and prevent your movement from shifting.

Making exercise less boring Listening to music while exercising can increase your motivation and reduce burnout.

Choosing some high-speed and fast-paced music will keep you passionate about your sport throughout the sport.

Exercise with your partner in the gym. Treadmill exercise with a group of friends can make the atmosphere enjoyable.

Discussing exercise skills with others can increase your motivation and avoid some wrong ways of exercising.

Physical exercise requires planning and continuous treadmills. To achieve results, it is necessary to plan and persist in your exercise.

Whether you wake up in the morning, after lunch or after work, your body should be suitable for your workout at any time of the day.

Stick to your exercise plan, of course, your exercise goals should be set in a state you can reach.

Quick-acting, shrinking, waist-waist meal, beautiful figure show

Quick-acting, shrinking, waist-waist meal, beautiful figure show

Thin waist and flat stomach, can eat it.

Eat more high-fiber vegetables, less food that is easy to grow meat, especially meat that is easy to cause constipation, remember to eat less. Breakfast → ham sandwich 1 material whole wheat toast 2; low-fat cheese,1 slice of plain ham; 1 cup of sugar-free tea.

  Fat trap: In general, 10g milk balls are about 30kcal in an instant, and the conversion of sugar packets is also 30kcal. If you drink tea without sugar or creamer, you should use 喔.

  Lunch→Sushi, miso soup 1 material white rice 125g; 1 egg; 1 teaspoon oil; carrot, cucumber 40g each; seaweed 1?
2 sheets; lettuce 10g.

  2 materials tofu 55g (about 1/4 box); miso 10g; grape 10?
12 capsules.

  Fat trap: The sushi itself is not high in transients, but many sushi sold on the surface of the city are filled with fish, meat or mayonnaise, so pay special attention; if you can do it yourself, in addition to being more hygienic, you can control the range.

  Dinner → two-color salad, celery flower branch, radish ribs soup 1 material cooked asparagus, white broccoli 50g each; salad dressing 15g (about 3 tablespoons).

  2 materials celery 50g; flower branch 30g; guava 1/2.

  Fat trap: As long as you have enough to eat, don’t overdo it. It is recommended to eat more vegetables instead of starchy foods, to reduce the excessive feeling, and not to accumulate too much.