Meditation heaven in yoga

Meditation heaven in yoga

In meditation heaven in yoga, the so-called happiness state really wants to experience it.

If one day the yoga effort is so deep that drilling is like opening a tap arbitrarily, you can immediately get a full body of happiness, then how good it is.

  Every morning dawn dawned, and three or five birds on the sycamore tree outside the window began to cheer.

  Get up in a very relieved mood.

  Put on a fine cotton checkered dressing gown, press your legs, stretch your waist, and feel healthy.

  Cross-legged on the exercise mat, click on the device in your hand.

The music of “Yoga Yoga” by Taiwan yogi Zhang Huanlan is leisurely and flying.

At the same time as my music is flying my thoughts, and the physical organs that hold my thoughts.

Imagine yourself as a small mushroom cloud in the blue sky and white clouds, relax and experience the climax of passion.

Because I feel that my spirit and flesh are united and flying.

  An hour later, when the last note disappeared, my mood was full.

Enough to face the pain and anxiety of work all day alone.

  There is an interesting little story about yoga.

Anne, who had only immigrated to the United States for 3 years, finally broke up with her husband due to emotional problems.

After the divorce, Anne was in a low mood and followed the advice of a good friend to sign up for a yoga class.

Soon, she became fascinated by the frustrations between yoga and exhalation, her physiology slowly regained her warmth.

Soon after, she became hooked on her yoga instructor.

The coach is also an American of Irish descent.

  A year later, the yoga instructor became her close husband.

Two people Qingqing drove out for my honeymoon.

That day, they went to a forested place, set up a camping tent, and built a pair of connecting fires.

Late at night and high in the moon, the two hugged each other and fell asleep.

Before dawn, Annie felt cold and had a very unusual feeling.

Opening her eyes, she saw a huge python with great horror, and even more horrible, most of her husband’s body had been swallowed by the python.

Annie could only faintly hear her husband calling her to call someone in the struggle.

  Annie stumbled over and started the car.

Annie knew that the nearest village was also 15 minutes away.

It takes half an hour to go back and forth.

Can her husband persist?

Tears and sweat wet Annie’s placket.

But a miracle happened.

When Annie asked the villagers to rush back and shoot the python, she opened the belly of the python, and found that her husband was closing his hands in yoga meditation.

Taking the nearby hospital of her husband, the doctor checked that everything was normal, but a large area of his skin had been damaged by the acid juice in the python’s stomach.

  This story sounds a bit like the plot in a Hollywood horror movie.

But sometimes, life is more exciting than movies.

Interestingly, the version of this story was also spoken by a high-nosed foreigner who was practicing yoga in his stuttered Chinese.

He didn’t know much about Confucius Laozi in Eastern culture, but he was very familiar with and obsessed with yoga.

  However, in recent days, I read the biography of Su Dongpo written by Mr. Lin Yutang. It was unexpectedly read that Su Dongpo and his younger brother Su Zi have been practicing yoga for 12 years.In his “Health Theory”, he described in detail the benefits of happiness and spiritual balance brought by practicing yoga.

He said that the meditation first controlled the breathing and reached a spiritual state. The consciousness of everything in the universe gradually disappeared, and finally the mind completely lost its subjective and objective sense of opposition and entered a state of complete vacuum.

At this time, he could even detect the slight tremor from the spine bone to the brain, and the vigorous growth of hair throughout the body in the hair follicles.

  I’m not very worried that one day I will have a chance to take a trip to the python’s belly, but I really want to experience the so-called happiness state.

If one day the yoga effort is so deep that drilling is like opening a tap arbitrarily, you can immediately get a full body of happiness, then how good it should be.

9 big lies in the gym

9 big lies in the gym

Their phone calls from girlfriends, the experience of fitness coaches, celebrity news on tabloids, shopping ads on TV . they have two things in common: they are widely spread without scientific basis.

The WebMD website summarizes the 9 most common fake “fitness tips” by interviewing professional physicians and sports instructors.


Running on a treadmill is less harmful to weight than running on the road.

  The truth: Both put pressure on the knee joint and cause injury.

The best way is to use multiple forms of aerobic exercise, such as stairs or bicycles.


Sit-ups can help remove the abdomen.

  The truth: Sit-ups do exercise abdominal muscles, but they can’t do anything for your aunt.

Other than surgical resection, you can’t simply select an aunt and remove it.

Aunt Burn is a systematic engineering of the whole body.


Aerobic exercise can continue the metabolism level for several hours after exercise.

  Truth: Outside of exercise, the only person you burn 20 calories more per day than an unfit person?

Quite a MM bean.


Swimming is a great way to lose weight.

  The truth: Swimming can increase lung capacity, relax muscles, and eliminate tension, but unless you swim for a few hours a day, swimming alone will not reduce it.


Yoga can relieve all back pain.

  Truth: What if your back pain is caused by muscle fatigue?


Is this the back pain of the earliest person sitting in the office?


Yoga is for you.

But if it is a back pain caused by a spinal problem, such as a lumbar disc herniation, yoga will not only help, it will worsen the symptoms.


If you do not sweat, you will not have enough exercise.

  Truth: Sweating is just a way for the body to cool, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the burning rate.


As long as you feel good, you don’t count too much exercise.

  Truth: Symptoms of excessive exercise usually appear after a day or two.

No matter how good it feels, if you don’t exercise for a long period of time, you must do it gradually.


It is safer to exercise with the fitness equipment in the professional gym.

  The truth: This is the case when you properly adjust your fitness equipment to your height and weight.


If you don’t feel sore muscles, you’re not doing it right.
  Truth: It’s normal to feel a mild muscle soreness a day or two after exercise, but if you feel pain in the part of the exercise, the more likely answer is that you are already injured.

Zhao Benshan’s old health care relies on retiring the newcomers to take over

Zhao Benshan’s old health care relies on retiring the newcomers to take over

Extraordinary news, in an entertainment program, Guo Degang talked about Zhao Benshan, one is a newcomer to the Spring Festival Evening, and the other is a 21-year-old man performing in the Spring Festival Gala. The dialogue between the two of them has attracted a lot of attention.
What is even more surprising is that Zhao Benshan announced on the show that he will always withdraw from the stage of the essay and the stage of the Spring Festival Evening. From next year, he will stop performing the essays and the Spring Festival Evening of any TV. This news immediately attracted a lot of attention.
  Zhao Benshan has retired from the Spring Festival Evening stage this year, which has disappointed many fans of Zhao Benshan. Everyone expressed their respect for this 21-year-old essay star performing in the Spring Evening, and expressed concern about the body of Teacher Zhao Benshan, because they are rumored to be teacher Zhao Benshan.Exiting the Spring Festival Evening is due to physical reasons, can this old man still appear in the Spring Festival Evening next year?
Many viewers are expecting and worrying, but things that surprise and surprise everyone happen.
  In a recent entertainment show, Zhao Benshan talked about Guo Degang. At the scene, Zhao Benshan announced that he would permanently withdraw from the stage and the Spring Festival Evening stage. He will not play any TV night of the Spring Festival Evening next year.
When the news came out, it immediately detonated the audience’s topic. Such a must-have actor for the Spring Festival Evening exited. He couldn’t see his wonderful performance in the spring evening anymore. This made many viewers regret.And sad.
Why is Zhao Benshan no longer on the Spring Festival Gala?
Is it because of physical reasons?
>>>>> Xiaobian recommended: internal adjustment of external care wrinkle six treatments to postpone the years to protect youth according to the symptoms of sweating feet to detect their own health situation Sun Yi Yang nest protection private secret recipes business marriage self-confidence high female health road sign – how to get rid of the cervix糜烂  此次的这档综艺节目是郭德纲主持的,今年郭德纲将出现在春晚的舞台上,这次的两人对话也被看做春晚第一演员的新老交替,郭德纲将顶替赵本山成为春晚的顶梁柱This is what the audience hopes to see. I hope that Guo Degang can become Zhao Benshan and continue to bring laughter to thousands of families, so that everyone can be happy on the New Year’s Eve.
  Guo Degang also asked Zhao Benshan why he made such a decision.
Zhao Benshan is also very calm answer: I really can’t act, the pressure is there, every year’s Spring Festival Evening is very stressful, there is no good year in 21 years, my physical condition is not allowed to continue to play.I have a serious cervical spondylosis. I can’t go there if I accidentally turn around, so I dare not play again.
Guo Degang immediately recommended a Kang Xing cervical vertebra treatment instrument to Zhao Benshan, and also expressed Guo Degang’s concern.
What is the effect of Kangxing cervical vertebra treatment instrument?
>>>>> Xiaobian recommended: internal adjustment of external care wrinkle six treatments to postpone the years to protect youth according to the symptoms of sweating feet to detect their own health situation Sun Yi Yang nest protection private secret recipes business marriage self-confidence high female health road sign – how to get rid of the cervix糜烂  赵本山也是很奇怪为什么郭德纲要向他推荐康星颈椎治疗仪,有什么效果啊。Guo Degang said: This cervical vertebra treatment instrument is very effective for cervical spondylosis. It can relieve all kinds of pain quickly in 7 days of use. It only takes one month to completely eliminate the symptoms of cervical spondylosis. It should be used for a long time and long-term use.Can completely get rid of all kinds of symptoms, and play a non-repetitive effect.
  Zhao Benshan immediately came to the interest and was very concerned about this Kangxing cervical vertebra treatment instrument. He said that my cervical spondylosis has been for many years. Does this Tan’s cervical vertebra treatment instrument have any effect on me?
Guo Degang said: I am partnering with Yu Qian, you know, old cervical spondylosis, every time you go to the stage to use this instrument to treat it before you dare to go on stage. Now his cervical spondylosis is basically good, now he is still using it, mainly to do notRepeatedly, I saw that the effect is good. I usually use it properly, and prevention is the main thing.
I suggest you try it.
Click on the official website to view: other effects of Kang Xing cervical vertebra treatment instrument >>>>> Xiao Bian recommended: internal adjustment of external feeding wrinkle six treatments to delay the years to protect youth according to the symptoms of sweating feet to detect their own health situation Sun Yi Yang nest protection private secret recipeOperating a marriage confident high female health road sign – how to get rid of cervical erosion

Watch out: getting up a habit early can cause liver poisoning

Watch out: getting up a habit early can cause liver poisoning

The liver is an important organ in the body responsible for digestion and metabolism.

Even small liver damage can be life threatening.

“The Times of India” published an article on November 4th, publishing “the nine killers of liver damage” summarized by experts in the United States, Britain, Canada, India and Israel.

  1, lack of sleep.

Nowadays, many people have the habit of working or playing at night, but staying up late is the most likely to get liver disease.

The reason is that during sleep, the human body will enter a self-repair mode, and often staying up late will not only cause insufficient sleep, reduce body resistance, but also affect the liver’s self-repair at night.

People who have been infected with the hepatitis virus staying up late will make the illness worse.

The American Sleep Association expert Professor Neil Collin said that “late sleepers” should work hard to adjust the schedule, it is best to fall asleep before 11 o’clock every night, to ensure that you sleep enough 7 nights?
In 8 hours, killing allows the liver to effectively detoxify and guarantees overall health.

  2. Do not urinate in time after getting up in the morning.

Dr. Daniel Paraty, an expert from the European Liver Research Association, said that detoxification in the body can be done through urination, sweating, and defecation.

Urinate as soon as possible after getting up in the morning, and the toxin accumulated overnight can be excreted in time to prevent the toxin from staying in the body and cause liver “poisoning”.

  3. Overeating.

Many people know that eating too much can increase the burden on the body and cause obese liver.

Dr. Paradi pointed out that overeating not only harms upstream health, but also easily causes a significant increase in free radicals in the body.

The key role of the liver is to help the body deal with free radicals, eliminate toxins, and purify the blood.

The more free radicals in your body, the more severe your liver damage.

  4. Don’t eat breakfast.

Nutrition experts say that eating breakfast helps neutralize stomach acid and protect the liver, reducing the risk of diabetes, diabetes, gallstones, constipation and many other diseases.

Dr. Hermit Surrey, a holistic nutritionist in Ontario, Canada, said a healthy breakfast can extend satiety and avoid liver damage.

  5. Take too much medicine.

The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a study title that long-term use of drugs such as painkillers can exacerbate the burden of liver detoxification and lead to high blood pressure damage.

The head of the new study, Dr. Kenneth Simpson, an expert at the Royal Hospital of Edinburgh, UK, said that there are many drugs and their metabolites that can easily cause liver damage and lead to drug-induced hepatitis (referred to as drug liver).

These drugs include antibiotics, antipyretic and analgesics, antipsychotics, antidepressants, antiepileptics, sedatives, antihyperthyroid drugs, antitumor drugs, hypoglycemic agents and cardiovascular drugs.

Therefore, taking the medicine must strictly follow the doctor’s order and take it under the guidance of a doctor.

  6. Excessive intake of processed foods.

Dr. Hida Kiran Zara Hussein, a registered nutritional therapist in India, said that many processed foods have added a variety of food additives such as preservatives, colorants, artificial sweeteners.

These additions contain a large number of difficult-to-decompose chemicals in the human body, which will increase the burden of liver detoxification and cause liver damage.

  7, preference for fried food.

A study reported by CBS found that eating fried foods for a month can cause significant changes in the liver, triggering changes in hepatitis-like enzymes.

Dr. Drew Oden, a famous American medical expert, pointed out that the accumulation of fats and saturated fatty acids can cause unfortunate liver.

Unhealthy cooking oils increase the risk of heart disease and liver disease.

Relatively speaking, olive oil and sesame oil are healthier.

  8, eat half-ripe or burnt food.

Dr. Hussein said that food that is half-baked or overcooked (especially meat) can also cause high blood pressure.

Studies have found that drunk shrimp, oysters, and half-baked shellfish often carry bacteria and parasites. Once acute pancreatitis and ulcer disease occur, it can easily lead to worsening liver disease and even induce liver coma.

  9, excessive drinking.

Dr. Nemo Ashe, an expert on hepatology at Zef Medical Research Center in Israel, said that excessive drinking will reduce the liver’s ability to purify the blood, leading to increased toxins in the body, causing liver damage and a variety of diseases.
In addition, competing wines can easily lead to liver poisoning and induce hepatitis.
Long-term excessive drinking can easily lead to cirrhosis.

Dr. Ashe said that drinking more than two glasses (25 ml) of high-strength alcohol a day can hurt the liver.

Your face tells you if it’s healthy

Your face tells you if it’s healthy

Chinese medicine believes that the five senses are closely related to the health of the five internal organs of the body, and the quality of the five senses can reveal clues about human health.

Therefore, as long as you observe some changes in the face when looking in the mirror every morning, and then comprehensively comprehend the symptoms, you can roughly grasp the health status of the internal organs.

  Eyes: reflect liver problems. Perspective: yellowing of whites of the eyes: it indicates that the liver and gallbladder have developed bile into a yellow-green liquid, which is secreted by liver cells and stored in the gallbladder.

When the gallbladder or liver is not functioning, it will cause cholestasis and flow into the blood, which will cause yellowing of the eyes.

This is why the eyes and skin of people with hepatitis become yellow.

  Eyelid paleness: Be careful of anemia. If the blood vessels on the mucous membrane of the eyelid are too light to the point where it is almost invisible, it may be anemia.

Women are more likely to develop symptoms of anemia because of their special physiological period.

Therefore, you’d better open your eyelids and check them in the mirror often.

In addition, you can also correct the symptoms of acute dizziness, palpitations after a little exercise, wheezing, dry and dull skin, hair loss, brittle nails and other symptoms to determine whether it is anemia.

  Eyelid edema: Poor water metabolism or not drinking a lot of water before going to bed, but some people always find their eyelids edema in the morning, which is the result of the inability of the body’s water regulating function to function properly.

There are many reasons for the imbalance of water metabolism, such as decreased kidney function or gastrointestinal function, and heart disease.

Exactly where the problem is, you need to make a comprehensive system of symptoms to determine.

If the eyelids are swollen and prone to fatigue, dry mouth, and poor urination, it may be a decline in renal function.

  The doctor reminds: Sometimes there are some yellow and white pupae on the eyelids that do not cause pain. This is because extra aunts are accumulated in the body, which is a sign that the prostate is too high in the body; if a stye grows on the eyelids, it reminds youRecently, too much stress, lack of sleep or unfortunate, too much protein intake, severe lack of vegetables and fruits, need symptomatic treatment.

  Tongue: Reflecting the five internal organs to achieve visual perspective: Tongue redness: Excessive heat accumulation If the entire tongue looks very red, it means that there is too much heat accumulation in the body and it is in a state of insufficient water, often accompanied by symptoms such as fever.

  Pale tongue: weak body, excessive white tongue means insufficient blood, that is, the severity of anemia, often accompanied by easy fatigue, dizziness, palpitation and other symptoms.

In addition, when the body temperature is too low, it will also cause poor blood circulation and make the tongue pale. Pay attention to distinguish.

  Violet on the tongue: When the body is thick and dense in blood, the viscosity of the blood increases, causing poor blood circulation and causing the tongue to become purple.

People with purple tongues usually have symptoms of stiff skull, low back pain, dysmenorrhea, etc. If purple spots appear on the tongue, it means that the blood vessels in the body are blocked and blood circulation is not smooth.

  The doctor reminds that the tongue coating is thick and the tongue surface is almost invisible, which may be caused by poor gastrointestinal function caused by factors such as overeating.

In addition, when major diseases occur, the tongue coating also thickens.

The condition where the tongue coating is so thin that it is almost invisible is a sign of weakness or allergies.

Tongue coating is as smooth as a mirror and a precursor to peptic ulcer; rough tongue means malnutrition.

Coping with Year-on Syndrome

Coping with Year-on Syndrome

Negative emotions related to Chinese New Year are called “Yuanguan syndrome”.

The so-called “sad year is sad”, the closer we get to the Spring Festival, our various psychological symptoms become apparent.

  In the new year, I am old and I have not improved.

  At the end of the year, companies are busy summarizing the year-end, or judging year-end awards at different levels and performance, and personnel are often adjusted after the Spring Festival at the end of the year.subtle.

At this time, people who have particularly high expectations of themselves are always extremely nervous.

They hope to get enough encouragement, but once the reality and ideals are too different, it is easy to lose their mindset and create a sense of failure and worry.

  In addition, in the face of the end of the year and the coming of the new year, many white-collar workers will worry about the “year-end review.””The goal was not achieved”, “I did not work well in the previous year”, and too many young people began to grow older for themselves.

  The worries caused by these reviews can seriously affect daily life, and even some people will have depression at this time. These people are often in a state of anxiety, irritability, boredom and helplessness, living consciously tired, boring, and even thinking that life is meaningless.
  I am very busy. I am annoyed when the year is closed. Everyone has to greet the most important long holiday of the year. At the same time, at the end of the year, many affairs will be concentrated in this period. Everyone ‘s work and life rhythm will be accelerated.Work pressures have risen, and expectations and frustrations in all areas have become particularly pronounced.

Some people, when they cannot bear this kind of mental stress, often cannot control themselves and lose their self-control. They are extremely nervous, depressed and depressed, which causes their emotions to drop and stop, and even cynical mentality causes various imbalances.psychological.

  I want to go home, I ca n’t go home. We are all annoyed in recent days. The heavy snow in the south has interrupted traffic and even stopped the footsteps of the people who came home.

Many were forced to stay at the train station, and some even refunded their tickets and couldn’t return home.

The harsh reality and the birth of the Spring Festival tide have created a strong anxiety. Buying tickets, waiting for tickets, picking up tickets, getting on the bus and getting home, many people face a difficult process. In the process, it will inevitably form a great deal.If the psychological stress and negative emotions increase day by day, reset the anger and aggressive behavior to point to others or society.

  At the same time, many people will not be able to go home due to work and other reasons, and stay alone in the new year for some New Years. Some people will also have various emotions such as distortion, sadness, and depression due to cold and loneliness.

  Overcome the “Yuanguan Syndrome” trilogy. Why do some people have the “Yuanguan Syndrome” at the end of the year? The key to the problem is not the “Yuanguan”, but because they usually have some of their own personality problems.Under various pressures, a concentrated outbreak occurred.

The main ways to deal with it are as follows: First, change your personality that is easy to worry about.

  Some people are naturally prone to worry, and the way of thinking is very easy to go to extremes. When facing a year-end summary or various busy situations at the end of the year, some people will immediately think from an emergency and dangerous perspective, and they will only worry about the mode of reaction.Distress and anxiety are created, which severely hurts their confidence, which also reduces work efficiency.

  Second, we should clearly understand ourselves. At the end of the year, we will make a summary of ourselves, but we must first determine how long you have been involved in companies, certain industries, related fields, certain positions, and clearly understand your position before summing up.Today ‘s achievements are also clearer and clearer.

Excessive demands and expectations on yourself will lead to professional confusion and frustration.

  Thirdly, to accept your own emotions, you must accept your own emotions. The emergence of bad emotions has an inevitable reason. It is a warning to some imperfections in you. The best way is to listen to its voice.

At the same time, we must know that bad emotions will naturally occur, and they will naturally decay or disappear.

  After accepting, let the bad emotions be fully vented.

Research by psychologists has found that the more ideological or emotional communication with a person, the lower the incidence of mental illness.

Therefore, years ago, I tried to contact more with friends or relatives, support each other and encourage.

Remember not to eat for two hours before practicing yoga

Remember not to eat for two hours before practicing yoga

At present, in some large and medium-sized cities, practicing yoga is becoming the “new favorite” for some people to exercise and cultivate themselves.

Yoga experts warn that there are four issues to pay attention to when practicing yoga.

  Indian yoga master, executive director of the Asian Yoga Association, training director of the Chinese Yoga Tutor Training Academy, Vicham said that yoga can improve the health of the brain, spine, glands and living organisms.

  The current popular yoga practice types can be roughly divided into women’s yoga, men’s yoga, children’s yoga and middle-aged and elderly yoga, which can be described as suitable for young and old.

However, Wickham reminded that when practicing yoga, pay attention to the following issues: First, yoga is suitable for fasting. It is best not to eat for two hours before practicing.

If you feel particularly obese, you can eat liquid food (such as milk) or snacks half an hour before practicing yoga.

Take a break for half an hour before practicing before eating. It is best to eat some fresh vegetables, fruits and soy products, eat a small amount of meat, and do not overeating.

At the same time, should not eat fried, grilled, irritating food, drink less cola and other drinks.

  Basically, the dress should be light and comfortable, with the armor on the body part, lifting and bending.

Take off your belt, jewelry, glasses and other items, practice barefoot, sit, lie down, kneel on a mat or rug to complete the movement. Do not practice on smooth ground to avoid spraining your body.

  Again, do what you can, and don’t compare yourself to others, just make your own limit.

The focus of yoga practice is on the process and not the outcome.

At the same time, do not take a bath within half an hour after the exercise to avoid cold invasion and affect the exercise effect and physical health.

  In the end, Wickham reminded that it is best not to practice yoga for children before the age of six, otherwise the reorganized children’s bone development will have a certain impact.

Men can’t cope with women’s magic

Men can’t cope with women’s “magic”

You have to explain what “magicism” is. Magnification is a subjective imagination that has nothing to hear and see, and of course it becomes a symptom, which is close to “magicism”!
For example, the “victimization delusion” that women generally have is the expansion of the “inflammation” phenomenon.
This is because women are accustomed to “thinking” first, and then “wish what they want,” and finally become a “victim”. They are constrained by certain stereotypes, such as “home flowers have no wildflower fragrance”, “men haveMoney goes bad “,” domestic violence = male violence “and so on.
  What are women’s delusions?
For example, after a new marriage, her husband’s romantic and attentive attitude is worse than falling in love. Women begin to worry that the bride is depreciated into a mother-in-law, and her husband’s enthusiasm disappears!
Is the phrase “marriage is the grave of love” conclusive?
If you get pregnant soon, it will be even more trembling. First of all, you are worried about your increasingly bloated body. The two have sex with each other and become an extremely delicate and intimate embarrassing period. Secondly, because the pregnant woman is physically and mentally vulnerable, it is moreFeeling the man’s reactions sensitively, he added a lot of imagination in his wild thoughts.
  Next, during the period of mutual adjustment, because women always place too much bets on family and marriage relationships, the other party’s every move inevitably gives it meaning, and it always suffers, and then from the clues, try to figure out and judge whether the man hasIf you change your mind, especially if men often return late, it is even more “suspected”, and they ca n’t swallow more and more, and they wo n’t sleep at night.
Inconvenience occurs when you are not sure, but emotions spread on other small things, and men are often confused, which should prove their “stereotype”: Women are emotional animals!
  In fact, men have been relieved since the first day of marriage: they are finally married, and there is no reason not to concentrate on your career!
So he saved the energy of chasing his wife and moved to work. In addition to returning to the achievement pursuit of his male social role, he also devoted himself to earning more money to settle the family, so as to complete a man to support his family.responsibility.
 However, because it is not easy to work hard outside, they are mostly devoted to foreign affairs, and they are afraid to miss every entertainment, including shopping malls or just buddies, because they do not know which business opportunities come to them?
Which network will change your destiny?
The color of the wine is only a foil, and it may be a small spark to burn the gun. However, most men are sober-headed that they have not thought about their homes, and they have nothing to do with whether they love their wife or not.
  On the other hand, the more anxious and suspicious a woman looks, the deeper the men’s defense psychology. Whether men really have ghosts in their hearts, or are not good at communicating, they are not used to expressing their inner thoughts. In short, they are too poor to copeAggressive or women who always wash their faces with tears, simply close the door of communication: “Whatever you think, I will take care of the family anyway.”
At this point, the relationship between the two really became more and more indifferent.
  Seriously, “thinking” is the most difficult to crack. Since there is subjective cognition in it, for example, men are flowery and have imagination support. For example, there must be women outside, and the result is delusion of victimization: he betrayed meHe doesn’t want this home anymore .
This bit of process, the average man can not cope, because his attention is still outside, which is also his male value, so he is sometimes treated as a woman, just to make trouble, can be comparedUnderneath, he was easily attracted by the sensible and understanding women outside, and involuntarily hid in another gentle harbor.
  Many marriages are disturbing, all stemming from the woman’s sense of insecurity, disturbing the relationship that was originally peaceful.
Imagine that if women are very happy in their own world, and only take part of their energy to interact with their husbands, it is likely that the time when two people meet becomes precious and quality. They can be good partners who have nothing to say.In the state of preservation, so that marriage can go a long way!

Six principles of spring and timely health diet

Six principles of spring and timely health diet

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic?

Stress in the question: “Spring March, this is to say Chen, the world is born, everything is proud.”

Indeed, in the early spring of February, although it is spring and cold, it is warm and cold, but the sunshine of the sun, the green grass, and the scent of the spring that flows through our bodies are all evident: this is aEverything is glory, a thriving season!

  Of course, this is also the most active period of our human physiology and metabolism. Let us follow the footsteps of spring and start the spring health exercise!

First of all, TCM health care believes that the human body must obey the laws of yin and yang in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and adapt to the climate change of cold and hot in one year to maintain health and longevity.

As an important part of the diet, it is necessary to determine different dietary principles and requirements according to the climatic characteristics of different seasons and the physiological characteristics of the human body.

According to the principles of spring diet, through my research and a large number of related literatures, the following is summarized as follows: Principle 1: In the early spring, choose to convert higher staple foods and add enough protein.

In the early spring, the temperature is still cold, and the human body needs to consume a certain amount of energy to maintain the cold function.

Therefore, the nutrient structure during early spring should be based on high content. In addition to cereals, foods such as soybeans, sesame, peanuts, and walnuts should be added, and the brakes should be replenished with energy.

In addition, due to the cold stimulation, the decomposition of protein in the body may accelerate, causing the body’s resistance to decrease and cause disease.

Therefore, it is necessary to supplement high-quality protein foods such as eggs, fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, rabbit meat and soy products during the early spring.

The above foods are rich in methionine, and methionine has the function of enhancing the body’s cold tolerance.

  Principle 2: Appropriately increase the proportion of fruits and vegetables in the diet to supplement enough vitamins and inorganic salts.

Spring is also the season when the climate changes from cold to warm, temperature changes penetrate, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms begin to repeat, vitality is strengthened, and it is easy to invade the human body and cause disease, such as common angular cheilitis, glossitis, night blindness and certain skin in spring.Diseases, etc., most of which are caused by lack of nutrition caused by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the proportion of fruits and vegetables in the diet should be appropriately increased in the diet to get enough vitamins and inorganic salts.

Cabbage, rapeseed, bell pepper, tomato and other fresh vegetables and citrus, lemon and other fruits add vitamin C, have anti-viral effect; carrots, leeks and other yellow-green vegetables, vitamin A, has the role of protecting and enhancing the upper respiratory tract mucosa and respiratory organsThe function of the cells can enhance the invasion against various pathogenic factors; foods supplemented with vitamin E should also be eaten to improve the body’s immune function and enhance the body’s disease resistance.

The kinds of foods include sesame, cyan cabbage, cauliflower and the like.

In addition, from the point of view of scientific diet, the relative proportion of protein, small amount, and a small amount of nutrient substitutions should be added in the spring to enhance the resistance, prevent overeating, and avoid causing liver dysfunction and abnormal bile secretion.

  Principle 3: The diet should be light, avoid greasy, cold and irritating food.

In the spring, the thick taste of the winter should be changed to mild and plain. In animal foods, high-fat foods such as fat meat should be eaten. Because the greasy food is easy to produce fullness after eating, the human body will also experience fatigue.

Diet should be warm, avoid cold.

People with stomach cold can often eat some ginger to drive the cold and warm the stomach.

  Principle 4: The spring diet should save money and increase temper.

The famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen, said: “Spring is good for saving acid and increasing sweetness to raise temper.

“The meaning is that when spring comes, people should eat less sour food and eat more sweet foods, so the benefit is to replenish the spleen and stomach of the human body.

Spring is the liver gas, according to the theory of Chinese medicine five elements, liver is wood, spleen is soil, soil and wood grams, that is, liver can damage the spleen, affecting the digestive function of the spleen.

And Chinese medicine believes that the five flavors into the five internal organs, and the acid into the liver, into the spleen, so if you eat more sour food, it will enhance the function of the liver, so that the liver is more prone to hemiplegia, this will hurt the spleen and stomach.

In view of this, the spring diet nursed back to health, should choose Gan Wenzhi products, avoid acid and phlegm, mainly to replenish temper, so you can eat more jujube, yam, casserole and so on.

  Principle 5: According to the individual’s physical condition and condition, the food is supplemented.

The motherland medicine proposed that “spring health needs food supplement.”

However, according to the characteristics of the yang yang in the spring, it is necessary to choose the diet that is flat and clear, so as not to be counterproductive.

The following types of people are most suitable for spring tonic: middle-aged and elderly people have premature aging; and various chronic diseases and body shape are thin; backache, dizziness, sallow complexion, and mental wilting; spring climate change is large, easy to catch cold after being cold;In the past, there was a history of acute attacks in the spring, but now the author has not been sent; in the summer there are people with low fever in the summer.

Those who belong to the above situation, conservative use of the spring season, according to personal physique and condition, choose the appropriate food supplement method to prevent and cure diseases.

The details are as follows: 1 If the elderly have yin deficiency and internal heat, they can use the method of clearing.

Kinds of foods include pears, lotus roots, leeks, lilies, turtles, snails, etc.

These foods are cold in food and have a heat-clearing effect after eating, which helps to improve the bad constitution.

  2 Deficiency of the body, you can eat more walnuts, sputum and other foods; 3 heavy humidity, when eating wet food, such as dried lotus leaves, lotus seeds and so on.

  4 For children, the elderly, usually or boil some orange peel, radish, pear or jingle tea, can be gasified, heat, lungs, protect the respiratory tract.

  5 old-age tonic in the recovery period or after the recovery period, generally should be cool, plain, delicious, easy to digest food, rice porridge, glutinous rice porridge, red bean porridge, lotus porridge, green vegetable puree, fluffy pineWait.Avoid eating too sweet, fried, cold and non-digestible foods to avoid damage to the damaged function.

  Principle 6: It is difficult to buy spring to vent, and the fat-removing detoxification is at the time.

  Throughout the winter, most people are in a state of stagnation: they live in a simple state, reduce their exercise, and prefer foods that are rich in taste. In the winter, a small amount of small amounts and toxins accumulate in the body.

The old saying goes: “It is difficult to buy spring to vent,” meaning that “the spring cellulite detoxification is at the time.”

  One thing here is that don’t blindly believe in folk detoxification drugs. In fact, simple apples and fresh milk have very good detoxification effects.

Please get up in the morning to have a cup of fresh milk and eat an apple.

Mild and beneficial, but also detoxification effect.

Other fruits, such as strawberries, cherries, and grapes, also have good detoxification effects.

There is also kelp mung bean soup, because the glial components in kelp can promote the discharge of toxic substances in the body, mung bean is cold and cold, can clear away heat and detoxification, so, this soup, toxins will naturally be discharged through the urine.

It’s good to have a good soup, and you don’t need to vent so hard, try it out!

Ten nutritious foods to eat best before bedtime

Ten nutritious foods to eat best before bedtime

Many people think that eating before bed is not good for the body, especially women who pay attention to body shape, and they feel that eating before bed is not easy to digest and affects the figure. In fact, eating some food before bed helps to relax before bed and improve sleep.quality.

  1. Banana Banana is actually a “sleeping pill” with a peel. It is rich in complex amines and N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine, and it is also rich in magnesium that can relax muscles.

  2. Chrysanthemum tea Chrysanthemum tea has become the first choice for preparing tea drinks before going to bed, mainly because of its gentle soothing effect, and it is the best natural remedy for condensing and calming qi.

  3. It is well known that drinking a cup of warm milk before going to bed helps sleep, because milk contains a type of tryptophan, which can exert sedative effects like amino acids.

And calcium can help the brain make the most of this tryptophan.

Putting mild milk in the bottle will bring you a warm feeling of returning to your childhood, and gently tell you “Relax, everything is fine”.

  4. A large amount of sugar in honey has a stimulating effect, but a small amount of glucose can prompt the brain to secret orexin (phenyldihydrobenzazole), which is a newly discovered neurotransmitter related to thought response.

So a few drops of honey into warm milk or vanilla tea can also help relax before bed.

  5. Oatmeal Oatmeal is likely to be a good bedtime product and contains plenty of N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine.

Boil a small bowl of cereal and mix it with some honey.

Please try to chew hard and widen and make your teeth cavity bigger.

  6. Potatoes A small baked potato will not damage your gastrointestinal tract, instead it can remove acid compounds that block tryptophan for hypnosis.

If mixed with warm milk to make mashed potatoes, the effect will be even better7, almonds and almonds contain both tryptophan and the muscle-relieving medicine-magnesium.

So eating a small amount of nuts that are good for heart health is another good idea for hypnosis. 8, Flaxseed Flaxseed can replace “natural foods that stimulate your mood”, Omega-3 and fatty acids.

When your life is hampered and your mood is low, you may try to sprinkle two tablespoons of flax seeds on your soothing oatmeal, which may have unexpected results.

  9. A toast of whole wheat bread, with tea and honey, can help the body release an insulin, which can make tryptophan reach the human brain and convert it to complex amines there.

It was as if someone whispered in their ears, “It’s time to sleep.”

  10, Every Thanksgiving day, turkeys can be fragrant, which is attributed to turkey, which is considered to be the best source of tryptophan.

But this is only modern folklore.

Tryptophan starts to work when your stomach is basically fasting instead of full, with a fairly small amount of protein instead of a lot.

Put one or two thin slices of turkey on a few whole wheat breads late at night, and maybe you will start your sleep journey in the kitchen.

  If none of the above foods can help you go to sleep, maybe you need to check your sleep habits. What exactly keeps you so excited at night?