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銆愯€侀吀濂惰兘鍑忚偉鍚椼€慱 鑰侀吀濂禵鐦﹁韩_鐩婂
The key point is that the rudder is slippery, and the father and the father are together, and the father and the father are in a hurry, and the Han and Hong dynasties are very busy, and they are struggling.朵粬鏅€氶吀濂舵垚鍒嗗熀鏈浉鍚岋紝鍙槸绮樼搴﹂珮涓€浜涖€備笉杩囧ソ澶氫汉閮藉笇鏈涚敤閰稿ザ鍑忚偉锛岄偅涔堝枬鑰侀吀濂惰兘鍑忚偉鍚楋紵 杩欐槸寰堝浜洪兘鍏冲績鐨勯棶棰橈紝鍥犱负鐜板湪寰堝浜洪兘娴The key is not fixed, the key is set, the key is different, the key is different, and the key is different.绾殑鍠濊€侀吀濂舵槸璧蜂笉鍒板緢濂界殑鍑忚偉鏁堟灉鐨勶紝瀹冩湁鏌愪簺瀵瑰噺鑲ユ湁鏁堟灉鐨勮緟鍔╀綔鐢紝浣嗘槸璇村崟绾潬瀹冩潵鍑忚偉骞朵笉鑳藉疄鐜般€?1銆佽€侀吀濂朵綆鑴傝偑骞朵笖鏈夊緢濂界殑娑堝寲鍔熻兘锛屾槸濂崇敓鏈€濂界殑楗枡浼翠荆锛屽挨鍏舵槸鍦ㄩキ鍚庡枬鑰侀吀濂讹紝鑳藉鏈夋晥婵€娲昏偁鑳冪殑娑堝寲閰讹紝鍔犻€熻偁鑳冭爼鍔紝浜庢槸灏辨棤澹What’s the difference between this version and the newest version of the world?2銆佽€侀吀濂剁殑鐩婄敓鑿屽瘜鍚緢楂樼殑钀ュ吇浠峰€硷紝鑳藉閫氱晠鎴戜滑鐨勮偁閬擄紝娓呴櫎鑲犻亾juan  Mi cre Jingkuifulou Benyenshanhu  Huzhangtaibo Xiangpeiwangwan Pingjingzaochu Beiduobenhan  Ehefuuu Xi Bilinghuoren Qitaiyusuo Patent Yi Juanyimenlu€備絾鏄娉ㄦ剰锛岃€侀吀濂朵笉瀹滅┖鑵归ギ鐢紝寤鸿鍦ㄨ敩鑿滄垨鑰呮憚鍏ラ鐗╁悗锛屽啀楗敤Do you have a hard time? Do you have a hard time? Do you have a hardcore version?銆佽€侀吀濂跺惈鏈夊ぇ閲忔椿鎬т钩閰歌弻锛岃兘澶熸湁鏁堣皟鑺備綋鍐呰弻缇ゅ钩琛★紝淇冭繘鑳冭偁锠曞姩銆傚鏋滄槸缁忓父鎬т究绉樼殑浜虹兢锛屼細閫犳垚鑵伴儴鐨勮禈鑲夌疮绉紝楗敤鑰侀吀濂朵笉浠呰兘澶熺紦瑙d究绉橀棶棰橈紝鍚屾椂鐢变簬鐑噺浣庤剛鑲綆鐨勬湁鍒╂潯浠讹紝鑳借鐖辩編濂崇敓灏界澶氶ギ鐢ㄤ篃涓嶄細閫犳垚鑲ヨ儢锛屾槸鐦﹁韩鏃舵湡棣栭€夐吀濂躲€?

[Effects and effects of capsule]_Recommended diet

[Effects and effects of capsule]_Recommended diet

From a young age, mothers will tell us that eating more fruits is good for health, because fruits not only supplement the rich nutrition, but also help digestion, can improve hormone metabolism, and can play a role in delaying aging.

But there are many kinds of fruits, but after all, there are people outside, there are days outside, there are always some fruits that you are not very familiar with, such as the fruit-cha (pa) fruit (pa) fruit introduced to you by Xiaobian today.

From the outside, this fruit looks like a peach heart. When the fruit matures, it will turn into a gorgeous red, so this fruit is also called love flavor fruit. Do n’t look at this fruit to look good, think it may be delicious, actuallyThis fruit has a variety of effects, otherwise it would not be called a healthy fruit.

Distinguish the nutritive value of mango fruit. Although this fruit is small, it contains mineral elements such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, and amino acids, which are 24 times higher than apples. The iron content is 5 times higher than peach.For the most fruit.

Decomposition capsules are not easy to be polluted due to environmental factors that decompose capsules, so they will also be rich in vitamin C, have anti-oxidant properties, and can make beauty and beauty.

The medicinal effect of anti-capsule is directed against the very serious flu and the like. Consuming diarrhea can also relieve its discomfort and vomiting. It is a fruit suitable for all ages.

Who is most suitable to eat dialectical fruit content is high, and human body iron deficiency is easy to get infectious diseases and anemia, excessive results in liver and kidney damage.

Therefore, people with anemia can prevent anemia by eating some broken capsules.

How much is the fruit? This fruit is basically difficult to see in the market, and it is relatively difficult to say that it is also visible in local production areas, such as: Shaanxi and southern Gansu and other places to expand planting, also because the production area is scarce and the nutrition value is high.So the price will naturally be slightly more expensive.

[Eating a few cucumbers a day can lose weight]_Cucumber_Slimming_How to eat

[Eating a few cucumbers a day can lose weight]_Cucumber_Slimming_How to eat

It is said that weight loss experts said that eating cucumber does have a weight loss effect, but it is not effective to eat casually. Everyone must know how to eat cucumbers correctly, but also need to master the amount of cucumbers. The following is the right way to lose weight by eating cucumbers.Tell everyone.

First, can cucumbers lose weight? Because cucumbers have high moisture and low content, people who want to lose weight often eat cucumbers. It is very good!

It is good to cook soup or make salad.

If you do n’t like that, you can also use crunchy cucumber with low-fat yogurt or cream, so that the effect of weight loss is very good!

Chewing raw cucumber is also an exercise for the chewing muscle, and the fiber in cucumber can help digestion, and can also be used as a prevention and treatment method for constipation.

Second, cucumbers have less sugar, are rich in fiber, delicious and convenient, so many friends who lose weight like to eat cucumbers, so as to reduce energy absorption. In fact, eating cucumbers to lose weight also makes some sense. Cucumbers contain propanol acetate.It can inhibit the carbohydrates in food from turning into aunts in the body, which is a good weight loss food.

Third, although eating cucumber has a certain weight-loss effect, it cannot be eaten in large quantities for a long time, because if you only eat cucumber for a long time, it will easily cause nutritional deficiency.

Therefore, it should be accompanied by a balanced diet, give full play to its advantages, and avoid eating too single, so as to build a good physical basis for weight loss and daily diet.

Want a bit of your own food, be well-trained and exercise a lot, so that you can achieve effective weight loss!

Fourth, in addition to the weight-loss effect of cucumber, there are dehumidification, lipid-lowering, diuretic, analgesic, and promoting digestion.

In particular, the cellulose contained in cucumber can effectively promote the excretion of spoiled food in the intestine, and the contained propanol, ethanol, and glyceric acid can inhibit the conversion of sugars into feces.Hyperlipidemia patients are also very beneficial.

Fifth, the benefits of eating cucumber 1, detox cucumber water in the body is like a broom to remove waste deposited in the body.

Eating cucumber often can dissolve kidney stones.

2, vitamin supplements Cucumber contains most of the vitamins that the body needs every day.

Vitamin supplements strengthen the immune system and radiate radiance.

Add carrots and spinach for more powerful effects.

It is also good to apply cucumber slices or cucumber juice to the skin, because it contains about 12% of vitamin C needed by the human body every day.

3. Fresh oral cucumber juice can heal potential gums.

Cut a slice of cucumber and press it over your mouth for one minute with your tongue. The phytochemicals can kill harmful bacteria and give a fresh breath.

[Benefits and Disadvantages of Coffee]_Think_ Harm

[Benefits and Disadvantages of Coffee]_Think_ Harm

Coffee is a kind of beverage that people like to drink. In recent years, more and more young people like to drink a cup of coffee after work and leisure. Coffee has certain nutritional value and it has a certain effect on promoting metabolism.Effect, at the same time it also has the effect of hangover, the most obvious effect is refreshing, of course, usually pay attention to the amount of coffee, do not drink too much, too much drinking will also cause adverse effects on the body.

The benefits of drinking coffee Coffee is becoming more and more sought after by young people, whether they are studying or working, they like to get a cup of coffee for themselves.

So what are the benefits of drinking coffee?

1. Coffee contains certain nutrients.

Nicotinic acid in coffee contains vitamin B, which is higher in roasted coffee beans.

And there are free fatty acids, caffeine, tannic acid and so on.

2. Coffee has arthritis on the skin.

Coffee can promote metabolic functions, activate digestive organs, and has a great effect on constipation.

Bathing with coffee powder is a kind of warming therapy, which has the effect of losing weight.

3. Coffee has a hangover function.

Drinking coffee after drinking will rapidly oxidize the acetaldehyde converted from alcohol, decompose it into water and carbon dioxide and expel it from the body.

4. Coffee can eliminate fatigue.

To eliminate fatigue, it is necessary to supplement nutrition, rest and sleep, and promote metabolic functions, and coffee has these functions.

5. Three cups of coffee a day can prevent gallstones.

For caffeinated coffee, it can stimulate the gallbladder to contract and reduce the cholesterol that easily forms gallstones in the bile. The latest Harvard researchers found that men who drink two to three cups of coffee a day have a gallstone chance of less than 40%.
The disadvantages of drinking coffee are two-sided. Since we know the benefits of drinking so much coffee, we might as well look at the disadvantages of drinking coffee again.

1. Add chaos when nervous.

Caffeine helps increase alertness, sensitivity, memory and concentration.

But more than the amount of coffee you usually mix in, it will produce a similar amount of stimulant and cause nervousness.

For those who expect severe disorders, caffeine can cause symptoms such as sweating, palpitations, and tinnitus in the palms of the hands.

2. Exacerbate hypertension.

Because caffeine itself has analgesic effects, it is often combined with other simple analgesics. However, if you take it in large amounts for a long time, if you already have high blood pressure, using a large amount of caffeine will only make your situation worse.

Because caffeine alone can increase blood pressure, if you add emotional tension, you will have a dangerous multiplicative effect. Therefore, people at high risk of hypertension should avoid drinking caffeinated beverages when they are under stress at work.
Some people who have the habit of drinking coffee all year long think they are immune to the effects of caffeine, but this is not the case. A study shows that after drinking a cup of coffee, the blood pressure can rise for up to 12 hours.

3. Stimulate osteoporosis.

Caffeine itself has a good diuretic effect. If you drink coffee for a long time, it will easily lead to bone loss, which will adversely affect the preservation of bone mass. For women, it may increase the threat of osteoporosis.

But at least, people who lack enough calcium in their foods, or people who don’t move often, and postmenopausal women, the reason is the loss of calcium caused by estrogen. These conditions are combined with a lot of caffeine.May pose a threat to bone.

If you can enjoy it in a reasonable amount, you can still do it.

[Can Tremella and Walnuts be eaten together-]_ Walnut_ 同 食

銆 愰 摱 Key rushed to sue, 申 鑳 瑴 Bifeng 撆 钖?Report of _ 钖 岄 
I ‘m going to talk to each other ╋ 溴 椋 憺 墿 璬 朜 揜 涋 鏉 ヨ  鏄  牸 澶 栭 擭 佺 殑 尼 Han 泾 湾 鹾 鈰 鈰 鈰 鈥敓娲讳腑鐨勫悇绉嶈涓洪兘闇€瑕侀鐗╂潵琛ュ厖钀ュ吇銆傞摱鑰宠繖鏄汉浠棩甯哥敓娲讳腑寰堝父瑙佺殑涓€绉嶉鍝侊紝鍏跺惈鏈夊緢涓板瘜鐨勮惀鍏诲苟涓斿彲浠ユ鼎鑲烘鍜炽€佹姉琛拌€佺瓑绛夈€傛牳妗冧篃鏄汉浠敓娲讳腑甯歌鐨勪竴绉嶏紝鏈変簺椋熷搧涓嶈兘鍜岄摱鑰充竴璧峰悆锛岄偅涔堥摱鑰冲拰鏍告鑳戒竴璧峰悆鍚棧挎牳妗冨拰閾惰€宠兘涓€璧峰悆鍚楁牳妗冨拰閾惰€冲彲浠ヤ竴璧峰悆锛屾牳妗冧粊鏈夎ˉ姘斿吇琛€锛屾鼎鐕ュ寲鐥帮紝鐩婂懡闂紝澶勪笁鐒︼紝娓╄偤娑﹁偁锛屾不铏氬瘨鍠樺挸锛岃叞鑴氶噸鐤硷紝蹇冭吂鐤濈棝锛岃鐥㈣偁椋庣瓑鍔熸晥銆傜櫧鏈ㄨ€冲拰鏍告涓€璧风叜鍙互娌荤枟绁炵粡琛板急銆侀珮琛€鍘嬨€佸啝蹇冪梾銆佽偤姘旇偪銆佽儍鐥涳紝鍙寮虹粏鑳炴椿鍔涖€佸姞Sorry, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy淇冭繘钁¤悇绯栧埄鐢ㄣ€佽儐鍥洪唶浠h阿鍜屼繚鎶ゅ績琛€绠$殑鍔熻兘銆傜櫧鏈ㄨ€冲張鍙摱鑰筹紝鏄竴绉嶅惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑姘ㄥ熀閰稿拰澶氱硸鐨勮兌璐ㄨˉ鍝併€傚畠鍏锋湁娑﹁偤姝㈠挸銆佽ˉ鑲惧仴鑴戙€佸鑲ょ殑鍔熸晥锛屾搮闀胯ˉ鐩婅偤姘旓紝鍙互鎻愰珮鑲虹粍缁囩殑闃插尽鍔熻兘锛屾彁楂樻満浣撶殑鍏嶇柅鑳藉姏锛屼粠鑰屽寮轰綋璐紝杈惧埌鎶楄“鑰佺殑浣滅敤銆傜櫧鏈ㄨ€虫槸涓€绉嶄笂浣崇殑婊嬮槾琛ュ搧銆傛嵁璋冩煡锛屽湪鏈嶇敤婊嬮槾琛ヨ嵂鐨勪腑骞翠汉涓紝鏈?0%宸﹀彸鐨勪汉鏇惧崟鐙垨閰嶄紞鏈嶇敤鐧芥湪鑰炽€傚彟鏈変竴椤硅皟鏌ヨ〃鏄庯紝鍦?00 渚?0 宷 丷 哄 宄 铄 铀 Collapse Key Han Juan  爙 鈠 幇 Rough chains 婤 婮 嬮 槾 琛 Chen Yu 皵 Drilling  殑 殑 漑 佷 強 佷 閼 喼 喷 嗷 冷1.25%锛岃€屾湭鏈嶆粙闃磋ˉ姘旇嵂鐗╃殑鑰佷汉锛屽叾鍐呯鐤剧梾鐨勫彂鐥呯巼涓?74%銆傚彟澶栵紝濡傛灉闀挎湡鏈嶇敤鐧芥湪鑰筹紝鍏跺惉鍔涘噺閫€涔熼潪甯哥紦鎱€傛牳妗冧笌浠€涔堜笉鑳藉悓鍚?銆 ? 牳 妗?鐧介厭銆傛嵁瀹嬩唬椹織鐨勩€婂紑瀹濇湰鑽夈€嬭杞斤細鈥滈ギ閰掗鏍告浠や汉鍜銆傗€濇牳妗冨惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佽剛鑲拰鐭跨墿璐紝浣嗘牳妗冩€х儹锛屽椋熺嚗鐏紝鐧介厭鐢樿緵鐏儹銆備袱鑰呬竴璧峰悆鏄撹嚧琛€鐑紝杞昏€呯嚗鍜筹紝涓ラ噸鏃朵細鍑洪蓟琛€銆傜壒鍒槸鏈夊挴琛€瀹跨柧鐨勪汉锛屾洿搴旀敞鎰忕蹇屻€?銆 ? 牳 妗?閲庨浮鑲夈€傛槑路鏉庢椂鐝嶃€婃湰鑽夌翰鐩€嬶細鈥滈噹楦′笉鍙笌鑳℃銆佽槕鑿囧悓椋熴€傗€濇牳妗冧笉鑳藉拰閲庨浮鑲変竴璧烽鐢ㄣ€傚挨鍏堕偅浜涙偅鏈夎偤鐐庯紝鏀皵绠℃墿寮犵瓑鐤剧梾鐨勪汉锛屾洿I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m reading it.牱涓嶄絾涓嶅埄韬綋鍋ュ悍锛岃€屼笖杩樺鏄撴偅涓婂叾浠栧悇绉嶇柧鐥呫€?銆 ? 牳 妗?It ‘s hard to find the best way to do it. It ‘s very difficult to use it. It ‘s very difficult to find out how to use it.牳妗冧腑鐨勯搧銆佽泲鐧借川缁撳悎锛岀敓鎴愪笉婧舵€х殑娌夋穩鐗╋紝涓嶆槗琚秷鍖栧惛鏀讹紝鎵€浠ラTell me, do you know?銆 ? 牳 妗?Hammers, sorrels, mustards, hawthorns, Han trees, calendars, calendars, calendars, buddies, buddies, buddies, buddies, buddies, buddies, buddies, buddies, buddies, buddies, buddies, buddies, and buddies.缇庡鍜屽欢缂撹“鑰佺殑浣滅敤銆備絾浣犺娉ㄦ剰浜嗭紝鏍告涓庨硸鑲夌浉鍏嬨€傛牳妗冧笌槌栬倝鍚岄锛屼細鑷翠腑姣掞紝褰卞搷韬綋鍋ュ悍銆?

[Good corn oil or peanut oil]_ recommended diet

The defense of the treasures and the defense of the treasures, and the return of the wind and the wind, the ruggedness of the country, the decay of the mustard, the mustard, the cracks, and the trip to the world, and the fact that they live together.虫补鍜岃姳鐢熸补鏃犺鏄湪棣欐皵銆佸懗閬撱€佽惀鍏诲惈閲忕瓑鏂归潰閮芥湁寰堝ぇ鐨勪笉鍚岋紝褰掓牴缁撳簳涔熸槸鐢变簬涓よ€呭埗浣滃師鏂欏ぇ涓嶅悓銆傜帀绫虫补濂借繕鏄姳鐢熸补濂?甯︾潃杩欎釜鐤戦棶锛岀帀绫虫补鍜岃姳鐢熸补寮€濮嬩簡姝i潰PK銆傝姳鐢熸补鍚湁楂樿揪80%鐨勪笉楗卞拰鑴傝偑閰革紝姝ゅ杩樺惈鏈変汉浣撴墍闇€鐨勪簹娌归吀銆佷簹楹婚吀銆佽姳鐢熸补鍥涚儻閰哥瓑澶氱涓嶉ケ鍜岃剛鑲吀銆傝姳鐢熸补鍙互鏈夋晥鐨勮皟鑺備汉浣撳悇椤瑰姛鑳界殑鏈夊簭杩涜锛屽睘浜庨珮閿屽仴搴烽鍝侊紝閿屽厓绱犲鍎跨鐨勮剳閮ㄥ彂鑲查潪甯告湁鍒╋紝鍙樉钁楁敼鍠勮蹇嗗姏銆傜帀绫虫补鏈€鏄捐憲鐨勭壒The link is not available. The link is unavailable. The link is unavailable. The link is unavailable. The link is unavailable. The draft is unavailable.鑳嗗浐閱囩殑鍚告敹锛屼粠鑰岃捣鍒伴檷浣庝汉浣撹儐鍥洪唶鐨勫姛鏁堛€傝€佸勾鏈嬪弸鐗瑰埆閫傚疁鍚冪帀绫 虫 补 Adhesive 廀 爷 绌 焄 庯 庯 麜 圌 和 圌 史 叄 珄 紲 鏄 鏀 鏽 門 錦 粦 傦 炦 粦 粦 粿 粿 沿 昿 ecrepe嶈€佸勾浜哄父瑙佺柧鐥咃紝渚嬪鍔ㄨ剦绮ユ牱纭寲銆佽鏍撶瓑鐤剧梾銆傜帀绫虫补鍜岃姳鐢熸补鏍规嵁鍚嶅瓧灏卞彲浠ョ湅鍑哄埗浣滃師鏂欏垎鍒潵鑷帀绫冲拰鑺辩敓銆備袱鑰呭懗閬撳緢鏄庢樉涓嶅悓锛岀浉姣旇緝鑰岃█锛岀帀绫虫补鏇存竻娣′竴浜涖€傝姳鐢熸补鍥犲叾鍛抽亾娴撻儊锛岀倰鑿滄洿鍙楁杩庛€傚彟澶栧競鍦轰笂鑺辩敓娌规瘮鐜夌背娌圭殑浠锋牸璐碉紝杩欐槸鍥犱负鍘熸潗鏂欒姳鐢熺殑浠锋牸瑕侀珮浜庣帀绫炽€傜洰鍓嶅Compete, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, jianning, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrowThis is a problem with slippery chains. It’s not a good idea. It’s not a good idea. It’s a good idea. It’s a good idea. It’s a good idea.姳鐢熸补鏄贰榛勮壊鎴栬€呮榛勮壊銆傚姡璐ㄦ补鐨勯鑹蹭竴鑸瘮杈冩繁骞朵笖鏆楁贰銆傚姡璐ㄦ补甯︽湁寮傚懗锛岃€屾甯哥殑鐜夌背娌瑰甫鏈夌帀绫崇殑娓呴锛屾甯哥Introduce and provoke a chain of people in the world, and the chain of people is in a state of affairs, and it ‘s a matter of fact. It ‘s a matter of time. It ‘s a matter of time.娑堣垂鑰呭湪閫夋嫨鐨勬椂鍊欏彲浠ユ牴鎹渶姹傛垨鑰呬釜浜哄亸濂借嚜琛岄€夋嫨銆?

[Can erosive gastritis eat rice dumplings]

鍦ㄧ敓娲讳腑寰堝浜洪兘鎮f湁鑳冪梾锛岀敱浜庢瘡涓汉鐨勮韩浣撶姸鍐典笉涓€鏍凤紝鎵€浠ユ偅涓婅儍鐥呯殑涓ラ噸绋嬪害涔熶笉涓€鏍枫€傚洜涓虹幇鍦ㄧ殑鐢熸椿涔犳儻寰堝浜烘偅涓婄殑鏄硿鐑傛€ц儍鐐庯紝褰撴偅涓婄硿鐑傛€ц儍鐐庣殑鏃跺€欙紝鎮h€呬細琛ㄧ幇鍑烘湁鍛曡鍜屾帓鍑洪粦鑹茬勃渚跨殑鐜拌薄锛屾棤璁烘槸閭g鑳冪梾閮借鍦ㄩギ椋熸柟闈㈣繘琛岃皟鏁达紝涓嶆槸浠€涔堥鐗╅兘鍙互闅忔剰鍚冪殑銆傜硿鐑傛€ц儍鐐庤兘鍚冪步瀛愬悧鑳冪値鍙互鍚冪步瀛愩€傜步瀛愮殑涓昏鎴愬垎鏄朝绫冲拰绾㈡灒锛屼袱鑰呭鑳冪矘鑶滃苟鏃犲埡婵€鎬с€傝儍鐐庢槸鑳冪矘鑶滅値鐥囩殑缁熺О銆傜硿鐑傛€ц儍鐐庣殑楗璋冪悊娉ㄦ剰钀ュ吇鍧囪 锛氶鐗╄閫夊瘜鏈夎惀鍏汇€佹槗娑堝寲鐨勭粏杞鐗╀负涓伙紝澶氬悆鍚鐗╄泲鐧姐€佺淮鐢熺礌澶氱殑椋熺墿銆備綘鍙互鍚冪叜鐔熺殑绮熷瓙銆佸ぇ绫崇播銆佺緤濂躲€侀吀涔炽€佺櫧涔抽叒銆佸紑鑿蹭钩銆傚鏋滅棁鐘朵弗閲嶏紝鍚冧竴浜涜蒋鎬ч鐗╋紝渚嬪绫虫堡銆侀叒姊ㄣ€侀钑夈€侀┈閾冭柉銆佸崡鐡滅被銆傚皢鎵€鏈夎敩鑿滄悈纰庯紝鍐嶇児璋冦€傚伓灏旓紝鍚冧竴浜涜捀鐑殑钄彍锛屼緥濡傜孩钀濆崪銆佽儭钀濆崪鍙婄豢鑺辨ぐ鑿溿€傞ギ椋熸湁瑙勫緥锛氭敞鎰忛ギ椋熻皟鐞嗗吇鎶わ紝鏈夎寰嬪湴瀹氭椂瀹氶噺杩涢锛屼互缁存寔姝e父娑堝寲娲诲姩鐨勮妭寰嬨€傚垏涓嶅彲楗ヤ竴椤块ケ涓€椤挎垨涓嶅悆鏃╅锛屽挨鍏跺簲閬垮厤鏆撮ギ鏆撮銆傞鐢ㄦ祦椋燂細瀵逛簬鎬ユ€ц儍鐐庛€傚簲鍘婚櫎鐥呭洜锛屽崸搴婁紤鎭紝绂侀涓€鍒囧鑳冩湁鍒烘縺鐨勯ギ椋熸垨鑽墿锛岄厡鎯呯椋熸垨缁欎簣娴侀锛屽鏈夊嚭琛€鑰咃紝浜堜互姝㈣娌荤枟銆傞鐢ㄦ祦椋燂細瀵逛簬鎬ユ€ц儍鐐庛€傚簲鍘婚櫎鐥呭洜锛屽崸搴婁紤鎭紝绂侀涓€鍒囧鑳冩湁鍒烘縺鐨勯ギ椋熸垨鑽墿锛岄厡鎯呯椋熸垨缁欎簣娴侀锛屽鏈夊嚭琛€鑰咃紝浜堜互姝㈣娌荤枟銆傞伩鍏嶉珮鑴傝偑椋熺墿锛氶珮鑴傝偑椋熺墿銆侀厭銆佺硸绫汇€佸阀鍏嬪姏浼氫娇鎷害鑲屾斁鏉撅紝閫犳垚鍥炴祦锛屾墍浠ュ鏋滀綘鏈夎儍鐏肩儹鐨勭棁鐘讹紝灏卞簲閬垮厤杩欎簺椋熺墿銆傚皯閲忓椁愶細涓€澶?There is a lot of trouble, and there are many flaws: there are flaws and weaknesses, and they are very weak, and they are very fragile, and they are very frustrating.憋紝浠ュ厤鑳冪閮ㄦ墿寮犺繃搴﹁€屽鍔犺儍閰哥殑鍒嗘硨銆傚鍔犱綋鍐呯泭鐢熻弻锛氭垜浠€氬父浼氶鐢ㄩ吀濂讹纴鎴栧埆镄勫惈链夌泭鐢熻弻镄勯鐗╂潵琛ュ庞然揿唴鐩婄敓凿岋纴浣嗘槸闾嗘槸闾夐檺鐨勩€傜幇鍦ㄨ秺鏉ヨ秺澶氱殑浜洪€夋嫨姘磋嫃绯栥€傛按鑻忕硸鏄綔鐢ㄤ簬鑳冭偁閬撶殑绾敓鐗╁啿鍓傦紝涓嶄細琚汉浣撳惛鏀讹紝鐩存帴涓烘湁鐩婅弻缇ゆ彁渚涜惀鍏伙紝淇冭繘鍏跺娈栥€傚悓鏃舵姂鍒舵湁瀹宠弻缇ょ殑绻佹畺锛屽姞寮鸿儍鑲犻亾鍋ュ悍锛屽寮鸿儍鍔ㄥ姏锛屾彁楂樿韩浣撳厤鐤姏銆備績杩涚硿鐑傛€ц儍鐐庣殑鎭㈠銆?

Hua Tailai (603659) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Expected Growth Multi-Business Blossom

Hua Tailai (603659) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Expected Growth Multi-Business Blossom

This report reads: The company’s 2018 net profit increased by 32%, and Q4 performance improved significantly from the previous quarter, and gradually increased operating cash flow by 778%, showing a good operating quality, replacement, cover film, lithium battery equipment multi-business bloom.

Key points of investment: Performance is in line with expectations, maintaining target price and increasing holdings.

Since the price of polyamide raw materials and graphitization processing costs have increased since the second half of 2018, the company’s gross profit margin has increased, so the company’s profit forecast for 2019-2021 is adjusted to 1.

81 (-0.

02), 2.

41 (-0.

09), 2.

97 yuan, maintaining the target price of 78.

71 yuan, maintaining the overweight level.

Q4 has a good profit and a large increase in cash flow.

The company’s profit growth rate is slower than its income growth rate, mainly due to the decrease in monthly gross profit margin.

In terms of quarters, Q1-Q4 deducted non-net profits were 1.

04, 1.



59 trillion, a significant quarter-on-quarter growth.

Q1-Q4 comprehensive gross profit margins were 36.

5%, 34.

8%, 29.

6%, 29.

At 06%, the gross profit margin gradually 四川耍耍网 stabilized after experiencing an extension in the third quarter; Q1-Q4 deducted non-net margin was 18.

12%, 14.

55%, 12.

5%, 15.

59%, the net profit margin increased significantly in the fourth quarter, mainly due to scale effects.

The initial operating cash flow was 3.

300 million, a 778% increase, showing a good quality of operations.

Monthly sales have increased significantly, and gross margins have increased.

Maximum income for permanent materials19.

800 million, an increase of 35% in ten years, sales volume2.

93 Initially, the annual increase was 24%, and the unit price was 6.

760,000 / ton, up 8.


Due to the increase in raw material prices and graphitization processing costs, although the company’s sales price has increased, the additional gross profit margin has still dropped from 37% to 32%, a decrease 深圳桑拿网 of 5 percentage points. At the end of 2018, the company’s large-scale production capacity was replaced by 3The threshold of 5 is gradually reached, and Inner Mongolia 5 can be gradually completed by supplementing the supporting graphitization capacity, further improving the repeatability of profitability, and the subsequent gross profit margin will gradually stabilize.

Initially realized profit 4.

200 million, an increase of 11%.

Risk warning: Long-term gross margin expansion exceeds expected catalysts: companies enter international high-end supply chain

Anti-aging grasp three age points

Anti-aging grasp three age points
Dialysis expert: Professor Wenyi Niu Wenyi, professor of Department of Social Medicine and Health Education, School of Public Health, Peking University, Liu Dequan, former director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Geriatric Hospital, Yang Pingping, Secretary General of the Geriatric Psychology Branch of the Chinese Society of Geriatrics and Geriatrics, is always a natural physiological process.A new study shows that although this process continues, it does not develop at a constant speed, which is what people often say is that they “get old suddenly.”Recently, a new study published in the journal Natural Medicine showed that there are three gears for human aging: 34 years old, 60 years old, and 78 years old.Researchers from Stanford University’s Alzheimer’s Research Center analyzed 4263 18?From the 95-year-old plasma data, after measuring the levels of about 3,000 different proteins, it was found that the protein level remained relatively stable overall, but the readings of various proteins had changed greatly during the above three ages.Researchers explain that these changes in protein levels are not only a characteristic of human aging, but more likely a cause of aging.”Continuously conducting research, we are expected to pass blood tests to the age of people above the molecular level.”Professor Tony Weiss-Cray, who led the research, said:” The more we know about age, the more we can intervene.In the future, we may know that knowing what diets and behaviors can help extend life and thus help people avoid various illnesses.In conjunction with this research, Life Times invited a number of experts to explain in detail the health issues that need to be focused on at each of these age points.At the age of 34, health shifts from peak to downhill. Human aging and disease are global changes caused by cell damage or death.As early as 1925, Wilson, a famous American biologist, put forward: “All the key issues of life must be found in cells.”Niu Wenyi, a professor in the Department of Social Medicine and Health Education at the School of Public Health of Peking University, told reporters that although young people are in a period of strong fertility and relatively mature and stable physiology, the number of cells in the body and the water in the cells are beginning to decrease. This isThe first turning point in aging.Liu Dequan, former director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Geriatric Hospital mentioned that most of the people around the age of 34 are in a state of heavy family burdens, heavy work pressures, and complex interpersonal relationships, which affects physical health. These external factors and the in vivo proteins mentioned in the researchSudden changes in readings are causal.Experts believe that people in their 30s should focus on the health of the nervous system and musculoskeletal bones.After 30 years of age, cerebral blood circulation slows, blood flow decreases, and the number of nerve cells in the brain gradually decreases, which affects memory, coordination, and brain function.Human muscle mass at 25?At the age of 30, it reaches the highest, and then gradually decreases with age. The elderly affect the body’s metabolic rate. Around 35, bone loss begins.Beginning at the age of 30, the heart’s ventricular walls and heart valves gradually thicken, and the heart’s metabolic system begins to age.Essentially, the vital capacity also begins to decrease slowly.Yang Ping, Secretary General of the Geriatric Psychology Branch of the Chinese Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics, told reporters that people around the age of 34 due to stress and increased sense of responsibility easily lead to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.Liu Dequan reminded that causing changes in people’s lifestyle and dietary habits, some elderly chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, etc., occur more and more in young and middle-aged people. At the same time, chronic fatigue also increases their chronic fatigue.Syndrome, risk of obesity.At the age of 60, these machines can enter the old age of about 60, people are at the end of menopause, and they are facing changes in their living conditions such as retirement. These factors together lead to faster aging.Liu Dequan said that this age group should focus on circulation, digestion and immune system.Around 60 years of age, the cardiac stroke output (referring to one stroke, the volume of blood ejected by the serial ventricle) is reduced by 30% compared to the age of 20?40%, the heart disease system continues to age, which can easily cause problems such as insufficient blood supply and decompensation.In terms of digestion, about 60 years of age, oral, esophageal, and gastrointestinal functions gradually decline, and gradually reduce their metabolic capabilities, leading to digestive tract diseases, reduced digestive enzyme secretion and decreased activity, digestive function declines, and the risk of metabolic tract diseases increases.The aging of the endocrine system is mainly reflected in various hormone levels and the sensitivity of target organs to it.A decade-long study published in the journal “Aging” shows that with the increase of age, the total number of T lymphocytes in the human body continues to decrease, and the immune function decreases accordingly, making them more vulnerable to invasion by bacteria and viruses.Psychologically, the social status change caused by the gradual decline and recovery of physical functions in people around the age of 60 is likely to cause psychological decline and accelerate aging.Yang Ping also mentioned that more than half of the people over the age of 60 have coping with their own health and sense of insecurity, thereby increasing their psychological burden, and more likely to cause psychological problems such as emotional instability, anxiety, and depression.At 78 years old, the system and organs are rapidly aging. At about 78 years old, certain functions of the human body have entered a rapid aging stage. Nervous, urinary, respiratory, and circulatory systems, as well as cognitive and psychological changes, have changed significantly.In terms of the nervous system, the number of elderly brain cells and synaptic connections are reduced, cerebral blood flow is changed, resulting in decreased memory, 合肥夜网 fatigue, and slow response to the outside world.In the urinary system, renal arteriosclerosis and renal blood flow complications can lead to renal failure.Elderly men are often accompanied by benign prostatic hyperplasia, frequent urination, urgency, and inexperienced urination; elderly women may experience symptoms of urinary incontinence due to sphincter relaxation of the pelvic floor.Regarding the respiratory system, the elderly will experience problems such as decreased respiratory muscle strength and tracheal calcification, which will lead to increased airway obstruction, pulmonary ventilation and pulmonary ventilation.As the cilia movement weakens, the ability of the elderly to reduce sputum gradually decreases.In terms of the circulatory system, the ventricular wall of people around 78 years old thickens, and adjacent arteries harden, which is more likely to cause organ volume.At 杭州桑拿 this stage, the brain function of the elderly is degraded, and cognitive deterioration is very obvious.In 2018, a study published at the annual meeting of the American Population Association showed that brain aging will have a partial cognitive impairment period of about 4 years from 73 years old, and Alzheimer’s disease may occur in the following one and a half to two yearsOr similar cognitive disorders.Psychologically, the elderly often show self-centered, conservative, suspicious, irritable, inferiority and other personality disorders and empty nest syndrome and other psychological problems.Facing aging is the key to life extension and aging is an irreversible process, but we can try to delay it.Yang Ping said that facing aging is the key to delaying aging. It is especially important to maintain an optimistic attitude. People should timely focus on the fear of aging, irritability, loneliness and depression.Experts agree that it is important to maintain a good lifestyle and diet regardless of your age.Should pay attention to a balanced diet, diverse structure, mainly cereals, eat more fruits and vegetables, milk, soybeans, eat fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat in moderation, less salt and less oil.In terms of lifestyle, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, relieve stress in a timely manner, quit smoking and limit alcohol and ensure redundant sleep, pay attention to eating and moving balance, and maintain a healthy weight.Adhering to regular exercise has a positive effect on delaying aging.It should be noted that the physical fitness of the elderly has declined comprehensively. Exercise must be carried out step by step. You should choose systemic physical activities such as walking, brisk walking, Tai Chi, etc. that are not too long and not too intense.In addition, everyone must insist on regular medical examinations.Finally, Liu Dequan reminded that the family’s care for the physical and mental health of the elderly has a very positive effect on their health and longevity.Faced with people around the age of 60, family members should assist them in arranging their retirement life and encourage them to cultivate positive interests and hobbies so that they can enjoy themselves and do something good.Most people around the age of 78 have a sense of empty nest when their children are away, and they often pay too much attention to their health. At this time, family members should pay more attention to care and communicate with them.▲ (Reporter Jiang Yue)

Chenming Paper (000488): The cost advantage of pulp and paper leading is obviously recommended

Chenming Paper (000488): The cost advantage of pulp and paper leading is obviously recommended


Event summary The company achieved operating income of 288 in 2018.

76 ‰, a decrease of 2 per year.

02%; realized attributable net profit of 25.

1 billion, down 33 a year.

41%; realized non-net profit deducted from the parent company.

54 ‰, a decrease of 42 per year.


Net operating cash flow was 141.

Ten percent of 00, a year-on-year increase of 592 times.


Our Analysis and Judgment (1) The scale of revenue has fallen slightly, and the downturn in the market has led to a decrease in profits. In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 288.

76 trillion, a decrease of 5 from the previous year.

9.6 billion.

From an industry perspective, mechanism paper / finance leasing contributes revenue 243 respectively.


02 trillion, a year-on-year change of -19.


34 ppm, with a ten-year growth rate of -7.

52% / 11.

90%, the two account for 84% of total revenue.

17% / 7.

63% is an important part of the company’s revenue.

From the perspective of the main mechanical paper products, white cardboard, double-adhesive paper, coated paper, electrostatic paper, release paper, and household paper respectively achieved revenues of 64.






49 trillion, the corresponding revenue increase is -4.

66 / -2.

13 / -7.




60 ppm, a ten-year increase of -6.

75% /-3.

35% /-14.44% / 1.

39% / 0.

02% / 8.


Among them, white cardboard, double offset paper and coated paper accounted for 71% of the total paper machine business revenue.


By region, domestic / foreign revenue was 245.


15 trillion, respectively contributed revenue increase of -9.


84 ppm, a ten-year increase of -3.

84% / 9.

78%, of which the domestic region contributed 85% of operating income.

06%, most of the main content.

The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company for the current period was 25.

100,000 yuan, a decrease of 12 from the previous year.

6 billion.

The reasons for the decrease in profit come from two aspects: First, due to the downturn in the papermaking market in the second half of the year, the company’s paper sales fell, the price fell, and the profitability of the company fell.As a result, the company’s financing costs have risen and financial costs have increased.

(2) Comprehensive gross profit margin decreased 2.

64pct, the cost rate during the period dropped by 2.

16pct’s consolidated gross profit margin for 2018 was 31.

27%, a decrease of 2 compared with the same period last year.

64 units.

From the perspective of the main products and industries, the gross profit margins of white cardboard, double-adhesive paper, coated paper, electrostatic paper, release paper, and finance lease were 16 respectively.

23% / 26.

60% / 27.

47% / 40.

11% / 39.

74% / 92.


The gross profit margins of the three major paper types of white cardboard, double offset paper, and coated paper in 2018 increased by 14 compared with the same period last year.

71% /-3.

20% / 0.

09%, usually caused by a slight increase in revenue; electrostatic paper / anti-stick paper / finance lease gross margin increased from the same period last year.

51% / 5.

63% / 6.

72%, a gap of growth.

The decrease in the gross profit margin of white cardboard and coated paper was mainly due to the decrease in the market price of white cardboard and coated paper, and the increase in the gross profit margin of electrostatic paper and release paper was mainly due to the decrease in costs.

Expenses for the company during 2018 16.

97%, ranking fell 2 last year.16 units.

The sales / management / financial expense ratios are 4 respectively.

12% / 3.

35% / 9.

49% change in the same period last year -0.



13杭州桑拿 units.

The increase in financial expense ratio was mainly due to the increase in interest expense.

Of the 2018 financial expenses, interest expenses increased by 10.

5.6 billion.

(3) Integrated layout of forest pulp and paper with significant cost advantages The company has started to implement the strategic layout of forest pulp and paper integration since 2001. In the domestic paper industry, the company has a high self-sufficiency rate of wood pulp until the end of December 2018, The company has a capacity of 328 additives for homemade wood pulp.

According to the report baseline, Huanggang Chenming’s annual output of 30 targeted chemical wood pulp projects has been put into production in mid-November 2018, and Shouguang Meilun’s 40 chemical wood pulp projects have also entered the production commissioning stage 西安耍耍网 and will soon be put into production.

The commissioning of these projects can further improve the self-sufficiency rate of wood pulp, change the contradiction between supply and demand of wood pulp raw materials, and reduce production costs.

Compared with the ratio of purchased wood pulp, the cost advantage of self-made pulp is significant, which ensures that the company’s paper products continue to lead the industry in terms of gross profit margin: It is reported that the company’s average ton paper price is about 5,626 yuan / ton (compared with 5298 yuan / ton in the same period last year).), Gross profit per ton of paper is about 1721 yuan / ton (1544 yuan / ton in the same period last year).

As the company’s self-sufficiency in wood pulp increases, gross profit per ton of paper is expected to increase further.

In addition, the price of wood pulp raw materials is relatively stable, the advantages of bulk material procurement and the expansion of supporting logistics services greatly reduce the logistics and transportation costs of raw materials and finished products, which greatly improves the company’s cost advantage and quality stability.

(IV) Leading paper production capacity, scale advantage highlights the company as a leading company in the Chinese paper industry. After years of development, it has now formed a capacity of more than 1,100 tons of pulp and paper, and has a scale that rivals international paper companies.Hubei, Jiangxi, Jilin, Wuhan and other places have built paper production bases.

The large-scale centralized production and operation model makes the company have obvious economic benefits, and makes the company have alternative market influence in terms of raw material procurement, product pricing, and industry policy formulation.

In addition, in recent years, environmental protection policies have been intensively introduced, the industry has accelerated the clearance of small and medium-sized production capacity, and the concentration of the industry has increased significantly. Large and large enterprises can continue to increase the barriers to entry into the industry through the advantages of large-scale production and enjoy the industry’s new profit cycle.


Investment suggestion As a leader of Chinese papermaking companies, the company has a leading industry in terms of production capacity and significant scale advantages.

There is a full range of paper products, with the main products occupying the forefront in the market. The leasing business has made more efforts and the profitability is stable.

Through the development of upstream pulping business, the company has improved the self-sufficiency rate of wood pulp, which can significantly reduce production costs, enhance the company’s core competitiveness, and provide strong support and guarantee for the company’s future development.

In terms of environmental protection, we have sound pollution control facilities. These environmental protection indicators are at the forefront of the country and the world.

At the same time, the company actively cooperates with universities, scientific research units and international advanced enterprises to increase technical innovation capabilities and scientific research and development efforts. It has 18 invention patents and participated in the formulation of 5 national standards to lead the latest and highest-end technologies of the Chinese paper industry.

Therefore, we predict that the company will achieve revenue of 314 in 2019/2020/2021, respectively.



1.7 billion, net profit 32.



07 ‰; corresponding to PS0.



62 times, corresponding to PE7 / 6/5 times, the first time “recommended level”.


Risks indicate the risk of fluctuations in raw material prices; the risk of excess capacity and reduced demand; the risk of changes in environmental protection policies.