Watch out for mercury traps in life

Watch out for mercury traps in life

Mercury is commonly known as mercury. It is a silver-white liquid at room temperature. It can dissolve many metals such as gold and silver. Mercury and most of its compounds are toxic. No matter the thermos pot, the thermometer, or the battery have mercury, even air can spread.

  The European Commission recently made a decision to remove mercury thermometers from the European market within four years from 2005.

After this newspaper carried out a report a few days ago, it received calls from many readers.

  They asked, in addition to mercury thermometers, what other supplies in life contain mercury, how to avoid their health hazards?

We asked the experts for a detailed explanation.

  Mercury is commonly called mercury. It is a silver-white liquid at room temperature and can dissolve many metals such as gold and silver. Mercury and most of its compounds are toxic.

Hao Fengtong, director of the Institute of Occupational Diseases and Poisoning, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University, told reporters that in addition to mercury thermometers in life, many supplies contain different amounts of mercury, and we should understand and avoid the possible harm.

  Hao Fengtong pointed out that mercury is the only liquid metal at room temperature. Once the articles containing it are broken, the mercury will evaporate.

Moreover, its adsorption is particularly good.

Mercury vapor is easily adsorbed by buildings and clothing, becoming a source of continuous air pollution.

  Although a small amount of inhalation does not cause too much harm to the body, a large amount of inhalation over a long period of time causes mercury poisoning.

He said that mercury poisoning is divided into acute and chronic: acute poisoning has abdominal pain, diarrhea, hematuria and other symptoms; chronic poisoning mainly manifests as oral inflammation, muscle tremor and mental disorders.

  In our daily life, there are too many supplies related to mercury.

For example, various types of fluorescent lamps contain mercury; some thermos bottles are used to reduce heat radiation, and the outer wall is coated with mercury; the back of early mirrors was coated with mercury; electronic products such as computer monitors also contain a certain amount of mercury; anodes, if not used for a long timeCorrosive substances such as acids and alkalis contained in the battery will damage the outer wall and cause mercury leakage . Hao Fengtong reminds everyone that if you accidentally break the above items, you must be careful when handling them, and do not dump them with other garbage.

Otherwise, mercury will enter water bodies, soils, and through the food chain, and endanger human health.

  Hao Fengtong said that once the articles containing mercury are broken, the mercury will form a sphere and roll off.

At this time, first turn off all heating devices in the room and open the windows to ventilate; then wear gloves, use a small shovel to collect the mercury and bury it deeply, or sprinkle some sulfur powder on it. The reaction between sulfur and mercury can generate water that is not easily soluble in water.Mercury sulfide, the harm will be greatly reduced.

  Since mercury can evaporate into a gaseous state at normal temperature, it can be easily inhaled into the respiratory tract and cause poisoning. Therefore, it is best to wear a mask when handling mercury scattered on the ground.

  Kong Xiangqin, deputy chief physician of the Department of Poisoning of the Ninth People’s Hospital of Shenyang City, said in an interview with the media that after the supplies containing mercury are broken, children may swallow them by mistake if they are not properly supervised.

Once this happens, don’t panic.

  Basically, daily necessities are mainly metal mercury, and the content is very small, and it will not be absorbed by the digestive tract even if it enters the body. It can be excreted from feces for several hours or as many as tens of hours.

  If the amount of mercury swallowed by mistake is dissolved, you can take milk or egg white orally to combine the protein and mercury in it to protect the gastric mucosa.

If the wound encounters mercury, it should be checked at the hospital’s poison prevention department, and then treated if there is poisoning.