Trim There are too many CPs, which pair of actors have they certified themselves?

“Trim” There are too many CPs, which pair of actors have they certified themselves?
Recently, the legendary emotional drama of the Republic of China, “The temple is not Begonia red”, is being popular in iQiyi.The story took place in Peiping in the 1930s. It is known as Peking Opera famous merchant Xirui (Yin Zheng) and patriotic businessman Cheng Fengtai (Huang Xiaoming) in order to protect the country’s original art and save the country by fighting against the cruel fate.Although in the play, Cheng Fengtai and Shang Xirui, the pair of sympathetic confidants are the official tacit understanding of the combination, and the show’s distinctive and three-dimensional portrayal of the group of characters, so that many personality charm supporting roles are also countless fans.For example, “Cheng Meixin”, the first lady in Beijing, “Cao Guixiu”, a hormonal explosion, “Du Qishao” under Wenqu stars, “Big Ancient Plow”, the head bandit, “Chen suffers from incense”, and unreliable little uncle “Fan Lian”, etc.The complicated and changeable character relations in the script, the enthusiasm of the rivers and lakes, brotherhood, confidantship, and patriotism are intertwined, so that the role of “CP” sparks among all the characters.Too many viewers said, “What do I want to” knock “for every pair of characters?”As a result, Sauna Night Network interviewed the six actors of the show, Mi Re, Liu Min, Li Zefeng, Tan Jianci, Tang Zeng, Huang Shengyi (starring in friendship), revealing the behind-the-scenes story of” The Sideburn Is Not Begonia Red “and selecting themThe most tacit understanding of character combinations.Liu Min (as Cheng Meixin): I am Shang Xirui’s “black powder” sauna night net: Where did the role of Cheng Meixin attract you?Is there something different from your previous role?Liu Min: Cheng Mei has a heavy heart, a sense of responsibility, and a responsibility to her family, of course, because of her fashion.When Mr. Yu Zheng gave me this book, he told me, “Liu Min, Cheng Meixin is a special character for you, a lady of the Republic of China, especially fashionable and has a special personality, and love and hate.”I was immediately curious about the whole character.Looking at the script later, I felt that the woman was very independent. In the family and love, she had her own choices, and she had no regrets, which impressed me.Sauna Night Net: The feelings between Cheng Meixin and Archduke are not dealt with tragically, how to understand from a character perspective?Does she still love Cao Guixiu in her heart?Liu Min: Cheng Meixin is sensible and decisive, she knows what she wants.Treating Cao Guixiu, she may feel more or less guilty in the past when she listens to the song quietly at night.However, since she made a choice, she never looked back.Therefore, she loved Cao Guixiu before marrying Commander Cao, and loved Commander Cao after marrying Commander Cao.Sauna Night Net: In the ending of the novel, Cheng Meixin thought about his brother’s future, and was quite dissatisfied with Shang Xirui.How to understand Cheng Meixin’s feelings for his brother and Shang Xirui’s attitude in the play?Liu Min: The first person in Cheng Mei ‘s heart is her family. She will have a very direct attitude when it comes to family matters.She didn’t like Shang Xirui at first because Commander Cao appreciated Shang Xirui, so Cheng Meixin was jealous. At the same time, Shang Xirui refused to sing for her husband, making her husband unhappy, and Cheng Meixin hated Shang Xirui even more.Later, it was because I worried that my brother and Shang Xirui ‘s confidant relationship would affect the relationship between my brother and my younger sister-in-law. Moreover, the character of Shang Xirui is easy to form a beam and let my brother clean up the mess. Cheng Meixin worried that his brother would be affected.I was hurt, so I blocked it.But later, because of his brother-in-law and Shang Xirui’s confidant feelings of high mountains and flowing waters, they also slowly accepted.Sauna Night Net: How do you feel about working with Huang Xiaoming this time?Liu Min: Huang Xiaoming is a very professional actor. I was working with him for the first time. At the beginning, I was a little worried about the intimate relationship between my sister and my brother, because we did n’t know it before.Before we filmed the first scene, he took the initiative to greet me and called me “Sister Ai” to make the distance closer.Later, the two became more and more familiar, and everyone who bought delicious food shared the food together.Sauna Night Net: Many viewers called Cheng Meixin “the first lady in Beijing”, and this drama has also been Cheng Meixin’s dress-up show.How many sets are there in the play?Are you satisfied with your retro style?Liu Min: There are probably more than 40 sets of clothes. I changed the makeup for a whole day. I watched a photo after I finished the photo shoot and left. I am still the only one in the group.Of course, the retro styling is very satisfactory. In fact, Yu Zheng ‘s plays are really very sophisticated, and they are very rigorous, and the clothes are exquisite.When our stylist told me to cut my hair short, I was taken aback. If someone told me, I might be hesitant, but because it was Yu Yu’s play, I was very relieved and agreed.Sauna Nightnet: In this drama, what is your most impressive or most difficult scene?Liu Min: The biggest flaw is a scene separate from the commander, which has a lot of emotional ups and downs, and the director said that one must pass, and the whole drama must be particularly coherent. After shooting the two of me and Mr. Heizi (as Commander Cao)Emotions are quite low.What impressed me most was the dancing scene with Tang Zeng (played by Cao Guixiu). He really couldn’t dance. The whole person was like a wooden stake. I laughed at the time and slowly took him to shake it.I saw someone on the barrage saying that we danced incompatible with the surroundings. I also showed it to him. When he returned to me, “hahahahahaha”, the two of us felt happy to make the audience happy.Sauna Night: Many viewers said that many of the character relationships in this show are very CP-like. Which pair of character relationships are you the “pinhead” of this show?Liu Min: I am Shang Xirui’s “black powder head”. I have always been vigilant to Shang Xirui. I first felt that he wanted to rob my husband, and then to grab my younger brother.Threat.Tang Zeng (playing “Duke Gong” Cao Guixiu): Cao Guixiu loved Gu Dali and faced the sauna night net: What is the opportunity to accept Cao Guixiu’s role?Tang Zeng: At the end of 2018, I went to Chengdu to participate in the activities of Chinese good actors. At that time, I got a simulation.Then I shared the joy in the circle of friends. After seeing it, Teacher Yu Zheng contacted me.In fact, we knew Mr. Yu very early, but we never had the opportunity to cooperate.At that time, Teacher Yu was preparing for the new drama “Datang Daughter’s Trip” and invited me to play a role, and I agreed.Later, teacher Yu contacted me again. The role of Cao Guixiu in “The Sideburns Are Not Begonia Red” was originally decided by the actor, but suddenly he couldn’t come. Teacher Yu asked me to come to the rescue, and he had the role of Cao Guixiu.Sauna Night Net: How do you understand the relationship between Cao Guixiu, Cheng Fengtai and Shang Xirui?Tang Zeng: Cao Guixiu is an officer who wants to achieve his ambitions and is also a soldier who wants to go all out to fight against the nation and save the country. He needs Cheng Fengtai’s help. In addition to their kinship, the two also feel like comrades in arms.Shang Xirui is a party representing the original culture of the country. They are one in protecting the traditional culture of the country, so Cao Guixiu’s protection of Shang Xirui is to protect the country.Sauna Nightnet: Cheng Meixin, although the feelings between the eldest sons have become “little moms”, they are sad and untreated, like a very mature Westerner’s way of handling, how to understand from the perspective of his role?Tang Zeng: It ‘s like this. Cao Guixiu really loved the beauty of the process, but after knowing that she was with Commander Cao, Cao Guixiu did n’t think too much. His sadness was positive, but he knew that he and Cheng MeixinIt’s impossible, so he put more thoughts on his career. In front of the country, the love of children is really a trivial matter. It is a soldier’s job to give up the family for everyone.Sauna Night Net: What is the difference between Cao Guixiu ‘s feelings for Cheng Meixin and Gu Daliu?Has he loved Gu Dali in this play?Tang Zeng: Cheng Meixin is a beautiful past for Cao Guixiu. He loved her and was also a person who has a place in his heart. So for the current Cao Guixiu, he is a family member. There is a place where his relatives need Cao Guixiu ‘s help.Cao Guixiu also has a love for Gu Dali. They are based on the feelings of children. Gu Daxiu has something on it that attracts Cao Guixiu. Therefore, Cao Guixiu loves and respects Gu Dali.Sauna Nightnet: In this drama, what is your most impressive or most difficult scene?Tang Zeng: What impressed me most was the scene of the Jiang family riot, which was for the merchant Xirui and Cheng Erye.This scene was my first scene in the group, 1.The 8-page paper is also the heaviest scene in my whole drama. I didn’t expect to let me shoot one of my heaviest scenes as soon as I came, and it was an opponent scene with teacher Jin Shijie.Later, I heard from teacher Yu that in fact, the scene was because I came to save the scene. I was afraid that the performance would not be good. Everyone was very stressed, and I did n’t finally decide to be me, so I tried the most important scene. After the performance,, Everyone feels good, unanimously passed, this thing impressed me.Sauna Night: Many viewers said that many of the character relationships in this show are very CP-like. Which pair of character relationships are you the “pinhead” of this show?Tang Zeng: Actually, I think I have a good understanding with my opponent actors.For example, Cheng Fengtai, played by Brother Xiaoming, the two of us felt very CP at first sight.And Liu Min, including Huang Shengyi, is also very CP-conscious. I was a little worried at the beginning because Sheng Yi was a star girl and very beautiful. Later she found that she got along well and there was a tacit understanding during the performance.Including with Du Qi (played by Li Zefeng), when I went to make trouble with the Jiang family, I only played with Du Qi at the door.I think this is a kind of relationship between actors and actors. Once the relationship is performed, there will be a sense of CP.Therefore, the acting is still in place, so that there will be a CP feeling. This CP is not imposed by everyone, or after you play the show and attract the audience, the CP feeling will appear.Huang Shengyi (played by Gu Dali): The female bandit head and Cao Guixiu are the Godsend Satisfied Sauna Network: This time they broke through the previous character and played the female bandit Gu Dali. Why did they take on such a role?Huang Shengyi: At that time, Teacher Yu Zheng gave me the script, saying that I was quite suitable for the role of Gu Dali, which would be a breakthrough.I was hesitant at the time. After all, it was different from my previous role and my own character. Gu Dali behaved exactly like a man.But everyone around me felt that this role was good, including Yang Zi also encouraged me to challenge, so I also got rid of the burden and went out to play a female bandit.Alas, I didn’t expect the effect to be quite good after it came out, and the audience also liked the role.I think I acted right, and I was quite big.As an actor, you have to be flexible and try different roles, and you cannot be cured.Sauna Night Net: Where does this role challenge you most?How to grasp the feeling of “female version of the mountain carving” in the audience evaluation?Huang Shengyi: It is Gu Dali’s very MAN actions, eyes, and details. This aspect requires me to figure out and grasp.So before performing, I often observe the man’s movements, then imitate and act in the mirror.I also watched a lot of movies and TV series about copycat bandits to imitate some of the bandits.Sauna Night Net: Gu Dali made no secret of his interest in men, and forcibly occupied men to be the father of his children. As a good mother and wife in life, how do you understand this role?Huang Shengyi: I think Gu Dali, besides showing the domineering man, has a direct side, there are also little girls’ pursuit of innocent love, which is a type that dare to love and hate to hide.In life, I may not be as direct and domineering as Gu Dali, but when I meet the right love and the right person, I will also insist on my feelings and choices.Sauna Night Net: How do you understand the relationship between Gu Dali and Cao Guixiu?Huang Shengyi: Love at first sight, good fortune.Sauna Nightnet: In this drama, what is your most impressive or most difficult scene?Huang Shengyi: It was the scene with Cao Guixiu who still shot his teeth.After turning himself into a “man”, he also had to play “woman” under the training of Cheng Fengtai. Hahaha, it was too fine.Sauna Night: Many viewers said that many of the character relationships in this show are very CP-like. Which pair of character relationships are you the “pinhead” of this show?Huang Shengyi: Standing firmly on the pair of Gu Dali and Cao Guixiu, from the perspective of the audience, I think they are too interesting.Any lines or plots are very dramatic.Li Zefeng (playing Du Qishao): I hope that the second lord will leave Shang Xirui to Qi Shao sauna night net: Where does Du Qishao attract you?Is it different from the role you played before?Li Zefeng: Du Qi is a genius, a literati, born in a family of scholars, and returned abroad to absorb foreign cultures. He has both the simplicity of the literati and the arrogant side.Compared with previous roles, I prefer Du Qi’s character is very sloppy, direct expression, although the person on the mouth is very powerful, but in fact he is a warm person, affectionate and meaningful.Sauna Night Net: Why is Seven Young Masters so good to Shang Xirui?Li Zefeng: I think Du Qi’s appreciation of Shang Xirui is more of appreciation, but he only wants to protect him.Because he and Shang Xirui appreciate and accomplish each other on the art path, good scripts need good corners, and excellent corners also need excellent pens to achieve. The two complement each other and no one can leave anyone.Sauna Night Net: Did you refer to the famous newspaper reporters during the warlord warfare period before the performance and write writers to shape the characters?Li Zefeng: The video materials left by the writers of that period are relatively limited. I have referred to some interviews by many contemporary individual writers to observe the way they talked, and they raised their hands to sum up, summing up some characteristics into the role of Du Qi.Sauna Night Net: How to locate the relationship with Cheng Fengtai?Li Zefeng: One is Shang Xirui ‘s Wen Quxing, and the other is Shang Xirui ‘s God of Wealth, the competitive relationship between different departments.Sauna Nightnet: In this drama, what is your most impressive or most difficult scene?Li Zefeng: Du Qi’s impression of “The Qianlong” is quite impressive. It was a one-man game. It should be interpreted to be in line with the character of Du Qi. This creation process is more interesting. I understand the general literatiWhen creating the script, he may have performed the drama once in his heart, so there may be a case of crying while writing, moved by the story in the script, and following the characters in the script.Sauna Night: Many viewers said that many of the character relationships in this show are very CP-like. Which pair of character relationships are you the “pinhead” of this show?Li Zefeng: Cheng Erye and grandma, because I hope they will leave Shang Xirui to Du Qi group “Qirui CP”.Mire (Fan Lian): Duan is the law of survival of the youngest uncle. Sauna Night Net: Where does Fan Lian attract you?Is there something different from your previous role?Mige: He is not the same as the role I played before, and it is very different from my own personality. It is a big challenge for me.Fan Lian’s background, role background, and his love for listening to dramas are also a senior ticket friend. He also counts as a contribution to the promotion of traditional Chinese culture.Sauna Night Net: In your opinion, Fan Lian and Cheng Fengtai are some kind of relationship between younger brother-in-law and brother-in-law?Mi Re: I think Fan Ripple and Cheng Fengtai kissed Fan Ripple and his sister Fan Xianger. The typical Bray elbow turned outward, hahaha.Fan Lian has never paid nothing to Cheng Fengtai’s words, and his brother-in-law will help him when he is in trouble, even “happy father”.Sauna Night Net: Some viewers laughed and said that Fan Lian was a “tool man.” The brother-in-law just gave the big elbow and cookies to the business owner. When he returned home, he let Fan Lian drive, and Fan Lian couldn’t get in the mouth.Do you personally verify this “identity”?Mi Ge: Actually, I want to refute this view, because Fan Lian is very clear about his weight in the heart of his brother-in-law. He is a person with a high emotional intelligence, not a silly person on the surface., So I think this is his own “law of survival.”Sauna Nightnet: In this drama, what is your most impressive or most difficult scene?Mi Ge: The most difficult part of the opera is because we have to film this drama before we start to understand the opera slowly. In the play, Fan Lianyi knows the opera very well, so when I speak about the professional content of the opera, I must also actVery, very confident, there will be no bottom in the beginning, but after gradually understanding it is much better, and even have to listen to a drama every morning.Sauna Night: Many viewers said that many of the character relationships in this show are very CP-like. Which pair of character relationships are you the “pinhead” of this show?Mi Ge: The most tacit understanding is that my brother-in-law and the boss of the business, after all, is a friend.Tan Jianci (decorated by Chen Bleaching Incense): Don’t succumb to fate, and finally hang out on the stage on the sauna night net: Where does the role of Chen Guanxiang attract you?Is there something different from your previous role?Tan Jianci: The character of Chen Jianxiang is not the original one, but the original character in the play. He has his own independent story line and character direction. Although there are not many plays, he can see the fate of his life.Especially at the end of the stage, it is very enjoyable to perform such a dramatic bridge.The highlight of Chen Diaoxiang is that he accepts destiny but does not succumb to it, insists on pursuing the life he wants and finds happiness in adversity.A person who has not lived so well, can adjust and change his state in various ways.These are worth learning.Sauna Nightnet: Is the Peking Opera part relatively large for you?Tan Jianji: It’s very difficult.”One minute on stage, ten years off the stage.”The actor of Peking opera is not able to practice in a short time.When studying Peking Opera, it is allowed to observe the teacher’s expressions and try to imitate in form.More importantly, we should observe the private lives of teachers and learn their words and manners.Sauna Night Net: How to understand the relationship between metabolic incense and Shang Xirui?Tan Jianji: Both of them are very talented famous actors in Peking Opera, and they are also very rare friends in the troubled times.Shang Xirui is more pure and Chen Radix is more pragmatic. He did not live in the drama like Shang Xirui.For example, Shang Xirui was asked to hold a gun against his head.But if it is Chen Gaoxiangxiang, he must choose to die.Chen Fatianxiang loves drama, but he is more concerned about the realistic issues such as the spread of drama. After his legs are folded, his first worry is whether the fairy footwork will be lost.So he also pinned his hopes for Beijing Opera on Shang Xirui.Sauna Nightnet: In this drama, what is your most impressive or most difficult scene?Tan Jianji: The most difficult scene was when Chen Shangxiang came to power and watched the letter sent by his girlfriend, while putting makeup in front of the mirror.Because he is going to act as a person who is about to commit suicide, his mentality and ideas must be very complicated and very difficult to figure out.Being hit by the reality to the bottom is crazy, bearable, collapsed, desperate, indifferent, maybe all.There are many ways that can be expressed, and I also thought of many kinds. In the end, I chose an extremely calm and lonely interpretation to present the last moment of his life. It was also my last farewell to Chen Shangxiang.Sauna Night: Many viewers said that many of the character relationships in this show are very CP-like. Which pair of character relationships are you the “pinhead” of this show?Tan Jianci: Shang Xirui and Chen Dianxiang.Boys and boys CP, I think at first the two have a common hobby, a common direction, together they can make trouble and play.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo