Chen Qingling director cooperates with Yang Chaoxu Xu Kaicheng, and listen to Fengming teaches immortality

“Chen Qingling” director cooperates with Yang Chaoxu Xu Kaicheng, “and listen to Fengming” teaches immortality
On December 30, the TV series “And Listen to Fengming” officially announced that it will be starred by Yang Chaoyue, Xu Kaicheng, Fu Jing, Chen Yihan, Wang Haoxuan, Guo Cheng, Gao Jicai and other actors and starring for the first time.It is reported that the play was adapted from Su Xiaonuan’s novel “Queen of the Phoenix”, and has been officially killed recently, and is expected to be broadcast on Tencent video.According to the summary of the Douban plot, “And Listen to Fengming” was directed by Chen Jialin, one of the directors of “Chen Qingling”, and pointed out that the genius girl Feng Wu (Yang Chaoyue), a genius girl in Junwu, was secretly turned into a waste.Release vitality including sleep.In essence, Meng Yuan, a modern house lady and college student of Chinese medicine, accidentally entered this world of fairy cultivation due to a game and became a phoenix dancer, and she had a seemingly non-existent marriage contract with Jun Linyuan (Xu Kaicheng), a son of Junwu family.In the days of living and practicing as a phoenix dancer, Meng Yuan used his modern thinking and knowledge of Chinese medicine to protect his family in a different world. He became a partner who fought side by side. He also fell in love with Jun Linyuan and opened her sweet intertwined.A second life supported by Jun Linyuan.As early as in the air, Yang Chaoyue received much attention because he starred in the cross-border starring online drama “Extreme 17: You Walk Together”, and the performance of the outside world was also mixed.It is reported that in addition to “and listen to Fengming”, Yang Chaoyue has at least three other works to be broadcast in 2020, including the costume drama “Chang An Nuo” and “Jian Ye 2”, and the modern drama “Midsummer Sky” starring Xu Weizhou”star”.The actor Xu Kaicheng starred in many popular online dramas, including “How to Boss Want to Marry Me”, “I’m a Pet at Dali Temple”, “Brother Please”.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Li Ming