Why do girls lose themselves?

Why do girls lose themselves?

Type one: Young girl who tastes the forbidden fruit, rich in feelings and fragile in reason, full of mystery about sex.

During the love period, due to the love of the opposite sex, the other person’s intimate behavior, gentle language, and passionate eyes, they will arouse the enthusiasm buried in the girl’s heart for a long time.

And once this relationship breaks the line of reason, then sexual relations will occur.

This emotional impulsive loss is the most popular.

It can be proposed by the woman’s initiative, or at the request of the man, or it is unclear who is active and who is passive. It is like alcohol in fire, which burns as soon as it comes into contact.

  Once these young girls break in love, they will have great mental pain and internal pressure, especially for women who have sex with men at their request or deception.

Some people suffer revenge from suffering. Sometimes this revenge is not only directed at the man, but also generalized to all men.

However, more people are surrounded by the abyss of pain, unable to extricate themselves, and even embark on a dead end.

  Type two: The pursuit of sexual satisfaction enjoys the loss of women. Not only does she not have this pain, but she feels a kind of satisfaction.

They do not have a correct understanding of the values of life, happiness, and sexual morality. They pursue “sexual freedom”, use men and women as a means of entertainment, despise virginity, and think that it is feudal consciousness.

Therefore, in the process of love, they are prone to physical relationships, and they do not care whether the other party loves her, nor do they consider leaving or leaving after the sexual relationship.

Some women can even have sex with strangers, not for prostitution.

Most of these people are sensualists or female pornographers, and their loss is a sexual satisfaction, not a pain.

  Type 3: Deformed “prostitution” also has a sense of deprivation. It has neither pain nor sexual satisfaction, but only some aspects of success.

They are not for the purpose of sensuality, or to achieve a purpose other than sex, and actively donate the flesh.

For example, in order to recruit workers, turn to work and gain more material enjoyment, etc., at the expense of selling virginity, she does not have the problem of being abandoned, so there is no pain. Once they have achieved their purpose, they will actively leave the other party. In fact,An “equivalent exchange”, although it is a formal form of prostitution, it is essentially prostitution.

  Type 4: Another type of cooked rice cooked with raw rice is to lose yourself in order to own each other.

In the process of love, the woman loves and admires the man, and at the same time, she is afraid of losing each other, so she actively dedicates her virginity to express her loyalty to him, in an attempt to tie the man in this way.The stupid way of “possessing” is in the middle of some men’s arms, and some girls are third parties who have sex with married women in an attempt to seize love. Once these people fail in love, they regret it and are oftenTormented by a strong self-blame, surrounds the abyss of pain.

  Type 5: Rape However, the most painful is the loss of life under violence. Because they are completely violated by their targets and raped by rape, their pain often turns into hatred, and this hatred has no place to vent.The irretrievable facts often make them discouraged, so-some people broke the jars, violently abandoned themselves, and even played with men to achieve psychological balance; some people suffered for life and couldn’t extricate themselves, and even committed suicide.Road; after some people have lost their own body, tempting other women to lose their body, so it seems they can get some relief and so on.

These raped women often have a post-self-blame, for example, they often think: If I do n’t go that way that night, if I do n’t wear a skirt and short pants, if I scream desperately, andIt wasn’t that he saw the cold-sharp knife slumped . then he wouldn’t be defeated.

However, nothing can be done again. This regret and self-blame can only aggravate the pain.