Pilates attack body size

Pilates attack body size

The plate training method, the scientific name “Static Muscle Strengthening”, is a unique training system for balancing the body. It uses the combination of breathing and exercise to enhance the effect of human breathing on human movement, thereby improving the body’s motor function.In order to balance the skin and restore physical therapy, the effect is very remarkable.

The difference between Pilates and Yoga is in the simplest and simplest way. The former is that the dynamic shell is static.

  Fitness Club Yoga and Pilates’ respective scenery yoga, two familiar words, have become the most popular and popular items in large and small fitness clubs.

Why does yoga “give everyone a favor”?

In addition to weight loss and body sculpting, yoga also has the role of self-cultivation. Those who insist on practicing yoga for a long time will face the things around with a calm and calm heart. Invisible, the pressure is reduced, life becomes easier, so high-pressure lifeWhite-collar women like to use yoga as a way to relax and decompress them.

  However, only yoga can’t satisfy people’s increasing taste.

The sublimation version of yoga in the previous month – Pilates has landed in Guangzhou, and it has been a whirlwind.

Prior to this, Pilates had swept through Hollywood in the United States, and many big-name stars are eager to see it.

Madonna practiced Pilates. At the age of four, she still showed a beautiful figure at the concert. After Elizabeth Haley gave birth to her child, she quickly leaned over with Pilates and continued to twist her water snake. Pilates is aA collection of yoga, dance, gymnastics body training.

Oriental sports such as yoga and Tai Chi focus on breathing and concentration of mind; Western sports focus on muscle physical training.

Pilates combines the concepts of both, highlighting the “body axis”, which is the strengthening of the abdomen to achieve the purpose of body shaping.

  Speaking of the difference between Pilates and yoga, the most concise sentence is that the former is dynamic and the outer shell is static.

Of course, you have to lift your legs while doing yoga, but the point is to reach a certain position, and then use your strength, balance, and toughness to maintain a posture.

Pilates, the focus is on the process of completing a certain position, it does not care that you do not reach the most perfect posture.

Pilates’ weight loss is absolutely first-class, and it is a good thing. It has become the favorite baby of many Hollywood stars.

It has not only gradually reduced the problem of losing a few pounds of fat, Pilates can also make the muscles strong and rich, and the body looks physique.