Reveal the mystery of the ten longevity

Reveal the mystery of the ten longevity

According to the British “New Scientist” magazine, “Daily Express” recently reported that authoritative scientists from universities and research institutions around the world have conducted systematic research and analysis on the longevity archives of the past 50 years, and recently summarized 10 longevity secrets.It is claimed that if people live according to these simple health rules, the probability of living to 100 years old will increase greatly.

  The secret of a happy marriage perfect family happy marriage and perfect family is the first secret of longevity.

Studies have shown that marriage can give men two years of life and two years of life.

Linda Witt, an expert at the University of Chicago, found that a married man with a cardiovascular disease can live for four years longer than a divorced man with a healthy heart; a married man who smokes more than one pack a day and a divorced who never smokesThe life span of men is almost the same.

Scientists have discovered that a lifelong companion, a group of cute children or a good friend, can potentially increase a person’s life.

  Tip 2 The living environment and healthy living place also have a great impact on longevity.

Scientists suspect that it is related to water quality.

In addition, the neighborhood, the living environment is very important to health.

Scientists have studied older residents in a poor area of Missouri, USA, and found that poor air quality and dirty streets have tripled their chances of getting sick in their later years.

  The secret three wines are healthy and countless scientific research shows that drinking wine, eating chocolate, and snoozing are good for human health.

The fruit contains fruit antioxidants.

Eating chocolate often lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke.

Sufficient sleep is also good for the human body. Scientists suggest that unless you can adjust the circadian clock, sleeping, or staying up late, is harmful to your health.

  The fourth secret to exercise brain and brain disease to prevent disease and longevity is to exercise your brain.

Studies have shown that some clever, high-education, and literature-related work can prevent people from premature aging and avoid brain contractions or Alzheimer’s disease.

Intellectual challenges can make a person’s brain sharper and thus prevent disease.

  The secret of five diseases is better than cure and cure disease. If your family has a history of illness, you should go to the hospital for inspection.

The secret to eating low-fat food science proves that limiting excessive overlap is good for longevity, which means that you must eat low-fat, low-transfer foods.

Experiments in mice have shown that limiting migration can extend the lifespan of mice by 30%.

  Tip 7 Enjoy the fun of life. Seven requires people to dare to pursue something fun in life.

  Tips Eight embrace new technology scientists suggest that those seeking longevity should try to enjoy new technology.

Because I embrace new technology, I feel younger.

  The secret of the nine longevity secrets is to make life full of smiles and happier.

Dutch researchers have found that older people who are optimistic about life are half as likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease as older people with negative outlook on life.

  Tip 10 The low-radiation “New Scientist” magazine proposed the tenth longevity secret is properly exposed to some kind of low radiation.

According to the American biologist Joan Smith, mild X-ray exposure, mild sun exposure or sauna can cause “stressful stimulation”.

A small amount of “stress” helps the body’s self-healing system, which can extend the life of the person.