Dementia – the third biggest killer of human health

Dementia – the third biggest killer of human health

Wang Aunt, who lives in a certain district, found that Wang Dabo, a veteran temper who has always been tolerant, has a good temper. Recently, he often loses his time, often finds his own clothes, admits his toothbrush, and his temper is violent. He once overcharged the orderer.2 yuan, there was a quarrel for 1 hour, and Aunt Wang was in a hurry and heartache. What should I do if I had a high blood pressure? I quickly found out 2 yuan from my pocket and said that this was just the number of reporters.The 2 yuan received has been returned, and the matter has been settled.

  What makes Wang Aunt puzzled is that Wang Dabo has been sitting in a specialist clinic in a hospital after he retired. For more than 30 years of medical treatment, he sometimes wrote the name of the drug, the dose was not complete, or the prescription was not signed, and the time was not written.Very angry, but helpless.

Wang Dabo is also very self-blaming, always feels that his memory is declining.

Aunt Wang and his sons also thought that it was hard work. If the rest was not good, he would let him quit his job, walk around and play and strengthen nutrition.

  Until one day, Wang Dabo disappeared on his way out. His son and relatives and friends searched for advertisements on TV. They reported to the police station, the dock, and the station ran all over.

Dozens of people found the middle of the night from the morning, all exhausted, but still disappeared.

Aunt Wang cried sadly.

At 5 o’clock in the morning, suddenly the phone rang, saying that Wang Dabo was rescued by the taxi driver, and the taxi driver did not intend to see the tracing notice when he was watching dinner.

At this time, the family found that Wang Dabo was indeed sick, and he was not very ill. He immediately went to the hospital for examination and was diagnosed as “late stage of Alzheimer’s disease”. At this time, he had lost the best time for early treatment. Although he was treated in a variety of ways, his condition was stillGradually increased, memory gradually diminished, slowly with his wife, children do not know, and stayed stupid, incontinence, and eventually squatted in bed, and died of kidney failure.

  Wang Dabo’s Alzheimer’s disease is a common disease in old age.

Simply put, this disease is a complication caused by dysfunction of the brain of the elderly. It is characterized by mental decline and changes in daily behavior and personality, leading to social interaction, work, study, thinking judgment, decline in living ability, and serious cases.I can’t even live normally.

It is a group of syndromes of advanced brain dysfunction caused by organic damage to chronic or progressive brain structures, mainly characterized by advanced functions of the cerebral cortex (including memory, ability to deal with everyday problems, language and communication skills, emotional response)The control of the comprehensive damage of the acquired nature.

  Patients with Alzheimer’s disease are generally conscious and do not have coma symptoms, but the condition will gradually worsen, and finally there are many symptoms and some complications, which occupy an important position in the disease spectrum and death of the elderly.

  In the past century, the proportion of the elderly has increased by 2-3 times.

By the year 2000, the population of the world’s 5 billion people aged 65 or over accounted for 4.

2.3 billion, the number of senior citizens over 80 years old has exceeded 10 million.

According to incomplete statistics, the rate of severe Alzheimer’s disease among people over 65 years old is 5%-8%, and by the age of 80, the proportion has risen to 15%-20%.

Alzheimer’s has quietly approached us.

The consequences of dementia disease are serious.

According to statistics, Alzheimer’s disease has become the leading cause of death in the elderly in modern society, and it is the leading cause of disability and inability to live independently.

It is enough to reduce the quality of life of patients, but also brings serious harm and heavy burden to society and families.

The course of dementia is progressive, usually 2-8 years. It is rare for people who have survived for more than 20 years. It is even rarer to relieve and stop progression by themselves.

As the condition worsens, the patient becomes sluggish, has no desire, stays in bed for a long time, can’t take care of himself, often suffers from cough, pneumonia, fracture, urinary tract infection, malnutrition and other secondary physical diseases or death due to exhaustion. Alzheimer’s disease hasIt is the third biggest threat to human health after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer.

  Summary: Alzheimer’s disease is a no return