Early symptoms of convulsions

Early symptoms of convulsions

It is a common skin disease in our life. The often affected part is our sole. It is a kind of extra creature on the sole of the foot. This skin disease is caused by viral infection and is contagious.Expansion, the infected skin area will become wider and wider, and it is more difficult to treat. It is difficult to cure once, so what are the symptoms at the beginning?

Symptoms of common symptoms in the early stage of siltation, there is obvious pressure and pain.

This disease occurs in the foot, and our feet are the most stressful part of our body. The feet usually wear shoes all the time, the shoes will always have some feet, so this squeeze will haveThe feeling of pain, and overcoming the deterioration of the condition, the feeling of pain will become more and more serious, so it is better to treat it earlier.

Symptom 2, the lesion will have a rounded papillary shape of the keratinosis problem.

The first is that the stratum corneum of the affected area will gradually thicken, and if the condition is not well controlled and worsened, the surrounding good skin will also become thicker due to infection, which makes the sebum relatively soft.

A tear will fall, there is a soft loose horny soft core inside, looking more disgusting.

Symptom 3, and then the obvious part of the disease is the heel.

There is also the toe between our toes, the heel is because the force is relatively large, often subject to friction, so the disease is more repeated, and the distance between the toes is too small, the usual contact is longer, so it is easy to infect each otherThis disease is more difficult to treat, and it is for this reason that it is constantly infected with each other.

So summing up the main symptoms of sputum is the above three, first of all, there is pain, the pain is stronger when it is squeezed, and then it will be thickened, and the thickened area will be thickened.It will become wider and wider, and finally the part of the skin that is sick is mainly between the heel and the fingers.

Although the disease is more stubborn, as long as the treatment is adhered to, it can still be cured.

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