Comprehensive massage is easy to hurt muscles

Comprehensive massage is easy to hurt muscles

Nowadays, the popular massage, the office workers who don’t like sports, the elderly who are sore and sore are almost addicted. If they are not comfortable, they want to press.

Massage is indeed an effective treatment, but too much massage will only damage the muscles.

  The amount of activity and activity of modern people is small, and muscle tissue is relatively weak.

Comfortable life At least some people (such as continuous use of the computer) often only do a few less powerful movements, so the exercise is basically not done, so only about 20% of the muscles are in constant motion, and 80% of the muscles are in a “sleep” state.
The muscles that are always contracted in exercise will contract. The muscles that are always dormant will naturally shrink. As a result, the muscles will have a balance disorder and soreness will appear.

There is also a cause of muscle pain that may be caused by damage and inflammation of the cervical spine and facet joints of the cervical spine.

  Occasional massage can relieve pain and relieve fatigue to a certain extent, but if there is an alternative, alternating massages in three steps and five, this repeated stimulation will break the tiny muscle fibers.

It should be known that once the muscle fiber breaks, it will not regenerate, the damaged part will be replaced by the scar tissue, the amount of the scar will become larger and larger, the human flesh will become less and less elastic, and the muscle lacks vitality, but the more likely it becomes sore.
  Therefore, the transitional massage did not solve the root cause, but rather aggravated the pathogenic factors, which led people to rely more and more on massage, which became a vicious circle.

It is also necessary to exercise the body in all directions to make all the muscles contract together. This is the fundamental way to relieve muscle soreness.

Pay attention to the more familiar exercise styles. Because of the exercise that is often done, the human body will adapt.

In addition, we must choose a relatively comprehensive exercise, so that all parts of the body can move, and should be combined with speed, two major factors are very important for sports health.

  It is not the more exercise, the better, we must do what we can, stop and persist.

Excessive exercise can cause physical harm and can also cause serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.