Quick-acting, shrinking, waist-waist meal, beautiful figure show

Quick-acting, shrinking, waist-waist meal, beautiful figure show

Thin waist and flat stomach, can eat it.

Eat more high-fiber vegetables, less food that is easy to grow meat, especially meat that is easy to cause constipation, remember to eat less. Breakfast → ham sandwich 1 material whole wheat toast 2; low-fat cheese,1 slice of plain ham; 1 cup of sugar-free tea.

  Fat trap: In general, 10g milk balls are about 30kcal in an instant, and the conversion of sugar packets is also 30kcal. If you drink tea without sugar or creamer, you should use 喔.

  Lunch→Sushi, miso soup 1 material white rice 125g; 1 egg; 1 teaspoon oil; carrot, cucumber 40g each; seaweed 1?
2 sheets; lettuce 10g.

  2 materials tofu 55g (about 1/4 box); miso 10g; grape 10?
12 capsules.

  Fat trap: The sushi itself is not high in transients, but many sushi sold on the surface of the city are filled with fish, meat or mayonnaise, so pay special attention; if you can do it yourself, in addition to being more hygienic, you can control the range.

  Dinner → two-color salad, celery flower branch, radish ribs soup 1 material cooked asparagus, white broccoli 50g each; salad dressing 15g (about 3 tablespoons).

  2 materials celery 50g; flower branch 30g; guava 1/2.

  Fat trap: As long as you have enough to eat, don’t overdo it. It is recommended to eat more vegetables instead of starchy foods, to reduce the excessive feeling, and not to accumulate too much.