The ancients talked about the drama and health of sex

The ancients talked about the “drama” and health of sex

Ancient Chinese medicine emphasized that there must be a sufficient preparation stage from the spiritual to the physical before sexual life. We cannot blindly make quick progress. Only through tenderness, snuggle, touch, and love words can we achieve spiritual harmony and sexual desire on both sides.Appropriate things, the result will be happy and coordinated, will also play a role in life extension.
  The ancient book of traditional Chinese medicine “Yangsheng Fang” refers to the preparatory activities used by the house before the event as “drama.
The specific methods are: Xu (spoken sentence) (slowly exhale), Xu Bao, Xu Fu (slightly snuggled and attached), Xu Cao (slightly manipulative), Xu shaking (slowly shaking), and appropriately cooperate with qigong guidanceInducement (such as sucking each other’s mouth Tianjin, Italian Shou Dantian, closed eyes, thinking, sucking gas and so on).
In this way, not only can the passions of both parties be moved, and the heart can be refreshed. If it is often done, it can also have the effect of preventing old age and disease.
“Dong Xuanzi” also believes that the “harmony” (ie drama) of the room before the event is required for sexual harmony.
There is a fairly straightforward account of how to do this.
For example: “The man sits and holds the woman in his arms, so he stretches his waist, touches Yuyu, Shen Yanwan, Suxianmu, and agrees with one another, embraces Chale, spreads in two forms, and makes two mouths (mouth) .” and so on.A series of actions.
As a result, “masculine yin” and “feminine yang” are gradually synchronized with each other, and then they act naturally and enjoyably, which is beneficial to physical and mental health.
This is consistent with the claim that modernity knowledge requires stimulation of “emotional zones”.
  ”Yufang Zhiyao” pointed out: When the normal men and women “love contract, both happy,” can achieve the “female vibrancy, male stems flourish” effect.
If after the “drama”, you are still not excited and think it may be “frequently caused by internal diseases”, you should actively treat or control sexual intercourse.
“The Minutes of Guangxi” states that “Couples are not in harmony with each other, although the relationship is not beautiful”, if one side still cannot inspire passion through touching and hugging, one should not force marriage.
“Dong Xuanzi” said: “If a man shakes a woman, he should not, a woman moves but a man disobeys, which directly harms the man but also harms the woman.”
“The Secret of the Jade Room” also has such a paragraph: “I want to make a strong handover today, the jade stem can’t afford it, my face is ashamed, my sweat is like a bead, my heart is greedy, I can help my hand .
The main idea is that after the “He Zhi”, the men and women did not reach the “sense of harmony and sympathy”, barely handed over, because of the tension, the penis could not be erected, and the heart felt ashamed and sweaty, but they kept on, Greedy for a moment of joy, help each other by hand, forced intercourse.
In fact, this is far from reaching a state of psychological and physical coordination, it is also easy to damage health, and may form a vicious circle in spirit, so it is very undesirable.
  The “drama” of men and women, to achieve the desired effect, has a close relationship with family harmony and the feelings of couples.
In particular, the gentleness and thoughtfulness of the man is very important.
“Guangxi Minutes” believes that: if a man has “bad-hearted nature, often with grudges”, or “loves but not special”, “betrays his wife, prostitution wife” and other bad virtues, he will give his wifeTrauma left in the soul, the woman will be “loveless” at the time of intercourse, and she will have a feeling of “resentment and increased suspicion”.
Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the cultivation of husband and wife’s feelings and respect each other.
In addition, the “drama” of the room before the event should also be selected “not cold, not hot, not hungry” and “emotional tranquility”, because this will help to concentrate and achieve a smooth body.
This kind of sex life can make “men endure bad, women get rid of all diseases, mind entertaining, strong strength”.
  It is also worth mentioning that the “drama” of men and women should also include multiple forms of sexual intercourse.
“Health Prescription” proposes “Ten Festivals”, all of which are imitation life names when animals such as tigers, cicadas, locusts, fishes, apes, etc. are mated.”,” Crane Neck “,” Rabbit Sucker “and other sexual postures, and made a more detailed description.
In the past, these works that were often regarded as “indecent obscene” were ashamed to express.
But the ancients believed that they can make men and women happy and treat many diseases.
In fact, these asanas help to overcome the monotonous sex life and increase boudoir fun.
Some modern sex medical experts also believe that sexual intercourse with different postures can prevent certain sexual dysfunction diseases.
Nowadays, we should give proper evaluation to the ancient people’s exploration-oriented cognition, and we must not obliterate it.