To get healthy, you only need to be in line with your 4-year-old child.

To get healthy, you only need to be in line with your 4-year-old child.

We all know that there are many reasons for being a child to have happiness.

Seeing the snow, laughing at any little joke, you can store your body energy indefinitely in a few minutes.

But do you know that making yourself like a four-year-old child will really make you healthier?

  Whether you are a happy girl of 4 or 40 years old, you can use the following 4 simple ideas as a starting point to make your 2011 a healthy year!

In addition to being a child, what else do you need to do?

  1.Thinking about small changes If change is a directional, slow development, rather than a sudden change in the opening of the morning, I believe we are all willing to bring about change.

  Nowadays, many four-year-old babies are very intelligent. No one wants to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when they sleep at night, or do they want to see Jane the next morning?


  Whether we are learning to adapt to a new habit or to change an old habit, this is your progress.

If you want to eat healthier, then the first and easiest step is to throw away all the foods in your storage room that contain unknown ingredients.

  If you want a better job, set a goal and get in touch with one person every week.

Imagine the slow but steady pace of the baby – remember, the tortoise won the race, not the rabbit.

  2.Does anyone say “take a break”?

  Just think about the phrase that gives you a smile.

  If a four-year-old child goes to work in 30 minutes, sits in front of the computer all day, and then watches TV on the sofa all night, what happens?

  Even if you can’t change or control the time spent on the way to work, everyone should have some changes after getting up.

Give yourself 15 minutes of rest every day.

Get up, walk around the office, or walk around the block.

Breathe some fresh air.

  So, hurry up, OK?

  3.When we are hungry, we can hear this at any time.

  ”Drink your dinner, there are many children in Africa who die because of the newborn.

“No one wants to waste food, but if you force us to eat food because it is already on the plate, it will make you eat too much, not according to your body’s needs.”

  Remember your bottom line: Eat when you feel hungry, of course, when you feel full, you can.

  4.Have a clearness. Have you ever had such an experience when you were a child, and write a New Year plan for yourself at the beginning of the new year?

If this New Year’s plan is an essay, then when the teacher is reading, I believe that you will be very careful to hear that many determinations are very similar to your own, but the difference is that he is very specific.

  This child may not be simply losing weight “I want to be healthier,” or write like this, “When my mother says to go to the supermarket, I have to ask if we can go there by bike.

“And,” I want to practice football every day, so I will get better.

“A clear goal will make us change our track and go on with concern.

Children don’t always do well with unclear expressions or ideas – they like the details they write on paper.

  So we can learn a new maxim from preschoolers – if you can’t put it outside, you probably won’t do it.

  So go, let yourself be like a child.

  In addition to being like a child, what else do we need to do?

I believe that you must have a lot of very good ideas and be very happy to listen.

Thank you, dear, for sharing your thoughts with us. I hope we all have a wonderful 2011!

  So let’s get started now.