Learn to be tepid in the workplace

Learn to be tepid in the workplace

In fact, encountering setbacks at work, not paying attention to abilities, colluding with colleagues, vicious competition, or inadequate corporate systems and environment, openness, and high unemployment rates are all causes of workplace anger.

In addition to external factors, their own problems are also critical, such as mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia; In addition, they are too inflexible and think that they are sacrificing for others, or like to control and instruct others, alsoEasy to cause workplace anger.

  Anger is an emotion. The conflict between external stimuli and self-awareness does not disappear in a vacuum.

If the anger is not handled well, it will have many consequences. In addition to being unhappy, it is easy to offend others, make interpersonal relationships worse, lead to unsuccessful work, and even lose jobs.

In addition, anger can also cause physical distortions, such as insomnia and stomach pain.

  As for anger, we should usually cultivate a positive management style.

Learn to treat others with compassion, and think more of each other.

Knowing how to face others, learn to be humble, and not stubbornly regret can avoid disrupting relationships.

  In addition, it is important to choose the emotional management method that suits you.

It is recommended to adjust through muscle relaxation and deep breathing. It can also help soothe emotions through meditation.

Humor also has the function of eliminating anger, which can help you get new ideas from the following ideas, and it is also a servo of interpersonal relationships.

Do not want to be angry office workers, remind yourself from time to time: ‘Smile is better than anger.

“Absolutely, going out and walking more is a good way to adjust to bad moods. Let the anger transform the sweat away from the body and start again.

A philosopher once said: “Anger is the real enemy of human beings.” Learning to manage the anger of the workplace is as important as improving work efficiency.

  However, venting anger is not entirely possible.

Anger is sometimes used to defend one’s rights, thereby regaining control and improving psychological symptoms, while also warning the other party not to violate their own bottom line.