Regular consumption of yellow croaker can increase appetite

Regular consumption of yellow croaker can increase appetite

Marine fish contains essential nutrients for the brain. Common marine fish are belt fish, yellow croaker, abalone, squid, sardine, anchovies (flat fish), anchovies, tuna, salmon (salmon), etc.

According to Professor Ai Qinghui, School of Fisheries, Ocean University of China, the liver oil and body oil of marine fish contain a highly unsaturated viscosity not found on land animals and plants, including DHA, which is necessary for the brainNutrients.

It can be said that DHA is very important to improve people’s memory and thinking from high blood pressure, through infants and young children to adolescence, and even during the entire life activities of people.

  In addition, omega-3 fatty acids and taurine are higher in marine fish than in freshwater fish.

Studies have found that omega-3 fatty acids have a good effect on healing cerebral vascular stenosis and malignant migraine, and can also improve the body’s anti-inflammatory ability.

  Freshwater fish that can be used to treat cough with carp is mainly carp, grass carp, catfish, herring, catfish, flower catfish (fathead fish) and so on.

Professor Ai Qinghui introduced that freshwater fish contains protein, vitamin A, D and various minerals and other nutrients.

  Carp has the functions of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, diuretic and swelling, cough and asthma, relieving breasts and breasts, clearing heat and detoxifying.

Carp and winter melon, lightly boiled soup can cure nephritis edema.

Large carp leave scales and intestines mixed with cooked clothes to cure yellow ulcers.

Taken with live carp and trotters soup, it can cure maternal less milk.

Carp and Chuanbei powder can be used to treat cough and asthma.

  Grass carp meat is sweet and warm. It is steamed with fritters, eggs, and pepper for folk use.

Grass carp also has the functions of warming the stomach and calming the liver, and is suitable for warm-up fitness for the elderly.

  Suitable for fish Suitable for patients with chronic nephritis and edema caused by liver cirrhosis. One fresh catfish (about 250 grams) and 500 grams of winter melon or 150 grams of red beans can be used.

Cook into anchovy and winter melon soup, or anchovy and red bean soup (do not put salt). Eat soup and fish once a day to reduce edema.

Those who suffer from chronic bronchitis and long-term cough can’t heal, you can stew catfish with brown sugar, eat it regularly to nourish yin and lungs, and nourish qi and phlegm.

  Eating yellow croakers can increase appetite. Chinese medicine believes that taking fish has the effects of nourishing and strengthening, and appetizing, and nourishing skin.

Decoction of fresh band fish 4 with half a catty of papaya has a certain effect on postpartum milk volume, trauma bleeding and other symptoms.

Hepatitis patients take the upper layer of oil after cooking with fresh strip fish. Jiufu can improve symptoms.

There are many ways to cook takoyaki, including steaming, braising, crushing, and sweet and sour food.

However, it should be noted that it is not advisable to eat more at one time, especially those with allergic skin diseases such as dialysis eczema and urticaria should be cautious.

  Flat fish protein and many other nutrients have the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and softening muscles and bones.

It is effective for indigestion, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, anemia, and sore bones.

  Regular consumption of yellow croaker can increase appetite and prevent spleen and stomach disorders and urinary tract stones.

The protein content of fresh yellow croaker fish is as high as 18%, which is more than that of many other fishes, and has no broken spines. It is most suitable for the elderly, children and the chronically ill.

  Squid has detoxifying and detoxifying effects on the liver, so it helps the body fight fatigue.

Squid also regulates blood pressure and protects nerve fibers from activating cells. Regular squid consumption can delay the aging of the body.

  The American Medical Association has conducted a survey and found that people who eat 80 grams of salmon a week have a 50% lower risk of heart disease than people who do n’t eat omega-3 fatty acids, so many doctors recommend that people with diabetes eat salmon every weekJust eat a tape-sized piece.

  Cuttlefish is commonly known as cuttlefish, mullet, and mullet is not only delicious, nutritious, but also has hemostatic and analgesic effects.

There are many ways to eat cuttlefish, such as cold salad, stir-fried mullet shredded, mullet roll, roasted mullet soup, slippery fillet, etc., especially braised mullet meat with fresh garlic moss, which is extremely delicious.

  Abalone has the function of eyesight, so it is called “eyeball”.

Abalones are mostly used in fort soups, and can also be used for making famous dishes such as braised abalone and grilled abalone.

However, abalone contains too much sodium and people with high blood pressure should not eat too much.

Do not use too much sodium-containing seasonings, such as oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, MSG, etc. when cooking.

The golden age of caring for your baby’s skin

The golden age of caring for your baby’s skin

The newborn baby’s skin looks flawless, but it is also very delicate. It may be exposed to external stimuli at any time. After the baby’s skin is fully developed, it will become irreparable regret.

Therefore, the baby’s inherently perfect skin needs more careful care.

3 years old is the prime time for baby skin care. Recently, a study on the seasonal factors of Chinese skin growth led by Professor Ma Lin, director of the Department of Dermatology, Beijing Children’s Hospital, Capital Medical University, showed that 0?
3 years old is a period of rapid skin development for babies, and it is also a “golden time” for them to gradually improve their skin barrier function.

If the mother can supplement the baby’s skin with proper nutrition while moisturizing in time, it will help promote the development of the baby’s skin barrier function and retain their perfect skin during the “prime time” of skin care.

  But most moms don’t know, 0?
The skin of a 3-year-old baby looks tender and smooth, and is flawless. In fact, it needs special care.

Because their skin barrier function has not yet been developed and the water on the surface layer of the skin is easily lost; coupled with the thin stratum corneum, the ability to resist various external stimuli is weak, so the skin is particularly vulnerable.

These damages will cause them to accumulate with age and it will not be possible to recover after the baby’s skin has matured.

  Care for babies from now on. Baby’s skin thickness is only 1/3 of that of adults, skin cuticle is thin, barrier function is weak, and the ability to balance and regulate acid-base balance is poor. It takes 3 years to develop to the same as adultss level.

In the meantime, the baby’s delicate skin will be tested by various stimuli, including bacteria, ultraviolet rays, dust, etc. For these “attacks”, the baby’s delicate skin has almost no tricks, and is inherently “perfect”.The state is inevitably greatly reduced.

It can be seen that it is urgent to take care of the perfect skin of the baby.

According to the survey, the skin’s moisturizing activity is the highest in the infant’s birth. Therefore, the baby’s skin always looks smooth and hydrated, and is full of luster.

However, with age, the moisturizing activity of the baby’s skin will gradually decrease, and the moisturizing ability and health of the skin will depend more on the perfection of the skin function.

Professor Ma Lin advises mothers to properly nourish and protect their tender skin from now on!

  In winter, the baby’s skin needs to be “tonic”. In winter, the baby’s skin will face more severe challenges from the environment. Due to the poor barrier function, the baby’s skin will continue to be in a state of dehydration in the low temperature and dry”.

Therefore, in winter, in addition to hydrating, nourishing the baby’s skin is essential.

During the baby’s skin development, although its own ability to absorb free water molecules in the air is very high, due to the imperfect skin function, most of the absorbed water stays on the skin surface and is easily lost.

Therefore, the key to caring for the skin and maintaining its perfect state is to provide sufficient nutrition for skin development, promote skin barrier function, improve the ability of resisting external aggression and improve the skin’s self-healing mechanism.

  Experts suggest that providing nutrition for infant skin development should include two aspects: First, pay attention to the replacement of proteins and lipids (fatty acids) in the diet. Food contains a large number of nutrients that promote the development of human functions. These nutrients are important for skin development.The impact is significant.

Such as protein, aunt, vitamins A, C, D, B12, folic acid and iron, etc., and these foods of these nutrients are mainly milk, meat, fish, eggs, soy products, seafood, animal liver,Green fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, etc.

In addition, in order to prevent the loss of nutrients on the baby’s skin, in addition to the nutritional supplement of food, a certain amount of nutritional supplement must be given to the skin from the outside.

Because the baby’s skin is weakly acidic, when choosing baby skin care products, pay attention to choosing products that replace neutral or slightly acidic nutrients, such as vitamins and pearl powder, protein, etc., so that it is easier for the skin to absorb.

Lip balm can remove makeup

Lip balm can remove makeup

Makeup remover is a very important step in skin care. Choosing the right makeup remover will not only make cleaning work easier, but also benefit the skin.

In addition to using common makeup removers, some skin care products can also be turned into mild but powerful makeup removers.

  Gentle and powerful makeup remover coup 1: Remove lip gloss from lip balm. Some lip glosses and eye shadows with pearl and sequins can make your eyes and lips shine even more.Upset.

It is also impossible to pull the delicate skin of the eyes and lips with force, and using a cotton pad to remove makeup products again and again cannot be cleaned.

  The lip balm is basically inseparable from petroleum jelly and waxy. Its size is greasy and sticky, it is easy to stick to sequins, and it is mild and non-irritating. It is very suitable for the delicate skin of the eyes and lips.

Just take a cotton swab and apply a lip balm, then wipe it gently to remove the troublesome pearl glitter.

  Gentle and powerful makeup remover coup 2: Moisturizer remove mascara Brush thickly with several layers of waterproof mascara can make people instantly get charming eyes, but not easy to remove makeup.

However, when removing makeup, you will find that the mascara that has been dried out becomes thick and hard, especially when it is cold, it is difficult to completely remove the dry and mascara with makeup remover.

  The moisturizer contains rich oils, which can soften the dead dead skin cells. Similarly, it can also soften dry mascara, making it easier to remove eyelashes.

Just use a cotton swab to dip a small amount of moisturizer and gently apply it to the eyelashes. After a while, the eyelashes will return to a soft state.

  Gentle and powerful makeup removal coup 3: How can alcohol cotton remove false eyelashes and remove false eyelashes without bothering to pull and easily remove it?

A small piece of cotton with alcohol can help you.

First wipe off the false eyelash glue with an alcohol cotton ball, and then point your fingers at the skin of the outer corner of the eye and gently peel it off from the inside to easily remove the false eyelashes.

  Gentle and powerful makeup remover coup 4: Baby oil removal body painting is a sign of young people’s self-characteristic whether it is on the body or on the side, but behind the scenery, special paint makes it difficult to remove ordinary makeup products.Clean, if rubbed repeatedly, it will hurt the skin surface and make the skin rough.

  Baby oil has the ability to dissolve oily dirt on wet skin, and it has a mild and irritating property, and can easily dissolve painted pigments.

You can use a wet wipe to wipe the painted area first to wipe out most of the color, and then use a cotton swab moistened with baby oil to gently wipe the dissolved oil.

  Gentle and powerful makeup remover coup 5: Baby wipes remove light makeup If you go out and get used to the light makeup mm, you can complete the makeup removal without spending a lot of money on various professional makeup removers.

As long as you use a baby moisturizing towel, it is not only gentle in nature, but also non-irritating to the skin. It can also dissolve and wipe as a light makeup removal for you.

Not only the effect is obvious, the use is convenient, and the skin will feel moisturized after using it.

Check out 10 herbal tea recipes for colds

Check out 10 herbal tea recipes for colds

In the Tang Dynasty, there was the saying that “medicine tea cures all diseases”. Nowadays, colds are popular, and there are many herbal medicines for contagious colds. For the current symptoms of influenza and colds, let’s take a lookSee the 10 herbal tea recipes recommended by Chinese medicine experts for treating colds.

  1. Walnut, onion and ginger medicinal tea: 5 grams of walnut kernels, 25 grams of onion white, 25 grams of ginger, 15 grams of black tea leaves, treating colds, fever, chills, headaches, etc.

It is suitable to smash the above medicines, add them to the casserole with black tea leaves, add water to cook, remove the residue and take the juice, daily preparation, warm the soup, cover with bed, wait for sweat, and avoid the wind.

The principle is published in light white, Tongyang, ginger Xinxing table, are all Xinwen products, containing a large amount of volatile oil.

Modern research has confirmed that the volatile oil contained in scallion white is mainly allicin, which has an inhibitory effect on staphylococci, dysenteriae and streptococci. Walnut kernels nourish the lungs and kidneys, and with ginger to strengthen its effect, together treat colds and colds.

  2, Cangzhu Guanzhong herbal tea: Cangzhu, Guanzhong equal parts, to prevent influenza.

The usage method is to grind the fine powder of the two flavors together and wrap them with cloth, each package is 30 grams, brew with boiling water, and drink frequently instead of tea.

The principle is that Cangzhu has a preventive effect on colds, and Guanzhong decoction has an inhibitory effect on various influenza viruses.

  3, Banlangen green leaf medicinal tea: take Banlangen root, large green leaves each 50 grams, wild chrysanthemum, honeysuckle 30 grams each.

Add the same to the cup and use boiling water to brew tea and replace it.

It has better curative effect on preventing colds, epidemic encephalitis and epidemic respiratory infections.

  4. Herbal tea of perilla leaf: 16 grams of perilla leaf, add brown sugar in moderation, treat early cold.

Usage is to knead dried perilla leaves into coarse powder, brew in boiling water, add sugar to dissolve, and drink tea frequently.

The principle is that perilla leaves have a bitter taste, warm nature, return to the spleen, and lung meridians, and have the functions of publishing cold and spreading qi, so it is suitable for the early stage of cold and cold.

  5, ginger sugar medicinal tea: take 3 slices of ginger, brown sugar amount.

Use boiling water, 1?
2 times, warm service at any time.

For colds, fever, headache, cough or nausea, vomiting, bloating, stomach pain and other symptoms.

  6, dandelion medicinal tea: dandelion 20 grams, attending viral, influenza.

The usage method is to dry and chop dandelion before flowering, fry the water, substitute for tea, daily preparation, use 3?
5 days.

The principle is that dandelion water decoction has an inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus and a certain therapeutic effect on influenza virus.

  7, mulberry syrup and almond medicinal tea: mulberry leaves, yellow chrysanthemum, almonds 10 grams each, the amount of white sugar, attending cold cough.

The usage method is to decoction the above three medicines, mix with white sugar, substitute tea.

The principle is mulberry leaf bitter, sweet, enters the lung, liver meridian, can relieve wind and heat, clear liver and eyesight.

Yellow chrysanthemum is slightly cold, sweet, bitter, enters the liver, lung meridian, and functions like mulberry leaves, can detoxify.

Amygdala is mild and enters the lungs and the large intestine.

White granulated sugar is sweet and cold, and plays a role in clearing wind and clearing heat, and declaring lungs and relieving cough.

  8. Ginger and perilla leaf tea: take ginger and perilla leaves 3 grams each.

Put it into the cup and brew with boiling water for 10 minutes, mix it with tea, and take it twice in the morning and evening.

Suitable for colds such as cold and cold, headache and fever.

  9, Guanzhong Banlangen medicinal tea: take Guanzhong, Banlangen 30 grams each, licorice 15 grams.

After the above 3 flavors of Chinese medicine boiled water are brewed, the tea is blended.

Poisonous anti-influenza virus has good curative effect.

  10, onion ginger tea: 10 grams of onion, 3 grams of ginger, brown sugar amount.

Wash and slice the shallots and ginger, add them to the casserole with brown sugar, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil for 10 minutes.

Take the juice while it is hot and drink it.

It can relieve sweat, relieve symptoms such as exogenous wind chills, head, chills, nasal congestion and runny nose.

The ancients talked about the drama and health of sex

The ancients talked about the “drama” and health of sex

Ancient Chinese medicine emphasized that there must be a sufficient preparation stage from the spiritual to the physical before sexual life. We cannot blindly make quick progress. Only through tenderness, snuggle, touch, and love words can we achieve spiritual harmony and sexual desire on both sides.Appropriate things, the result will be happy and coordinated, will also play a role in life extension.
  The ancient book of traditional Chinese medicine “Yangsheng Fang” refers to the preparatory activities used by the house before the event as “drama.
The specific methods are: Xu (spoken sentence) (slowly exhale), Xu Bao, Xu Fu (slightly snuggled and attached), Xu Cao (slightly manipulative), Xu shaking (slowly shaking), and appropriately cooperate with qigong guidanceInducement (such as sucking each other’s mouth Tianjin, Italian Shou Dantian, closed eyes, thinking, sucking gas and so on).
In this way, not only can the passions of both parties be moved, and the heart can be refreshed. If it is often done, it can also have the effect of preventing old age and disease.
“Dong Xuanzi” also believes that the “harmony” (ie drama) of the room before the event is required for sexual harmony.
There is a fairly straightforward account of how to do this.
For example: “The man sits and holds the woman in his arms, so he stretches his waist, touches Yuyu, Shen Yanwan, Suxianmu, and agrees with one another, embraces Chale, spreads in two forms, and makes two mouths (mouth) .” and so on.A series of actions.
As a result, “masculine yin” and “feminine yang” are gradually synchronized with each other, and then they act naturally and enjoyably, which is beneficial to physical and mental health.
This is consistent with the claim that modernity knowledge requires stimulation of “emotional zones”.
  ”Yufang Zhiyao” pointed out: When the normal men and women “love contract, both happy,” can achieve the “female vibrancy, male stems flourish” effect.
If after the “drama”, you are still not excited and think it may be “frequently caused by internal diseases”, you should actively treat or control sexual intercourse.
“The Minutes of Guangxi” states that “Couples are not in harmony with each other, although the relationship is not beautiful”, if one side still cannot inspire passion through touching and hugging, one should not force marriage.
“Dong Xuanzi” said: “If a man shakes a woman, he should not, a woman moves but a man disobeys, which directly harms the man but also harms the woman.”
“The Secret of the Jade Room” also has such a paragraph: “I want to make a strong handover today, the jade stem can’t afford it, my face is ashamed, my sweat is like a bead, my heart is greedy, I can help my hand .
The main idea is that after the “He Zhi”, the men and women did not reach the “sense of harmony and sympathy”, barely handed over, because of the tension, the penis could not be erected, and the heart felt ashamed and sweaty, but they kept on, Greedy for a moment of joy, help each other by hand, forced intercourse.
In fact, this is far from reaching a state of psychological and physical coordination, it is also easy to damage health, and may form a vicious circle in spirit, so it is very undesirable.
  The “drama” of men and women, to achieve the desired effect, has a close relationship with family harmony and the feelings of couples.
In particular, the gentleness and thoughtfulness of the man is very important.
“Guangxi Minutes” believes that: if a man has “bad-hearted nature, often with grudges”, or “loves but not special”, “betrays his wife, prostitution wife” and other bad virtues, he will give his wifeTrauma left in the soul, the woman will be “loveless” at the time of intercourse, and she will have a feeling of “resentment and increased suspicion”.
Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the cultivation of husband and wife’s feelings and respect each other.
In addition, the “drama” of the room before the event should also be selected “not cold, not hot, not hungry” and “emotional tranquility”, because this will help to concentrate and achieve a smooth body.
This kind of sex life can make “men endure bad, women get rid of all diseases, mind entertaining, strong strength”.
  It is also worth mentioning that the “drama” of men and women should also include multiple forms of sexual intercourse.
“Health Prescription” proposes “Ten Festivals”, all of which are imitation life names when animals such as tigers, cicadas, locusts, fishes, apes, etc. are mated.”,” Crane Neck “,” Rabbit Sucker “and other sexual postures, and made a more detailed description.
In the past, these works that were often regarded as “indecent obscene” were ashamed to express.
But the ancients believed that they can make men and women happy and treat many diseases.
In fact, these asanas help to overcome the monotonous sex life and increase boudoir fun.
Some modern sex medical experts also believe that sexual intercourse with different postures can prevent certain sexual dysfunction diseases.
Nowadays, we should give proper evaluation to the ancient people’s exploration-oriented cognition, and we must not obliterate it.

Why do girls lose themselves?

Why do girls lose themselves?

Type one: Young girl who tastes the forbidden fruit, rich in feelings and fragile in reason, full of mystery about sex.

During the love period, due to the love of the opposite sex, the other person’s intimate behavior, gentle language, and passionate eyes, they will arouse the enthusiasm buried in the girl’s heart for a long time.

And once this relationship breaks the line of reason, then sexual relations will occur.

This emotional impulsive loss is the most popular.

It can be proposed by the woman’s initiative, or at the request of the man, or it is unclear who is active and who is passive. It is like alcohol in fire, which burns as soon as it comes into contact.

  Once these young girls break in love, they will have great mental pain and internal pressure, especially for women who have sex with men at their request or deception.

Some people suffer revenge from suffering. Sometimes this revenge is not only directed at the man, but also generalized to all men.

However, more people are surrounded by the abyss of pain, unable to extricate themselves, and even embark on a dead end.

  Type two: The pursuit of sexual satisfaction enjoys the loss of women. Not only does she not have this pain, but she feels a kind of satisfaction.

They do not have a correct understanding of the values of life, happiness, and sexual morality. They pursue “sexual freedom”, use men and women as a means of entertainment, despise virginity, and think that it is feudal consciousness.

Therefore, in the process of love, they are prone to physical relationships, and they do not care whether the other party loves her, nor do they consider leaving or leaving after the sexual relationship.

Some women can even have sex with strangers, not for prostitution.

Most of these people are sensualists or female pornographers, and their loss is a sexual satisfaction, not a pain.

  Type 3: Deformed “prostitution” also has a sense of deprivation. It has neither pain nor sexual satisfaction, but only some aspects of success.

They are not for the purpose of sensuality, or to achieve a purpose other than sex, and actively donate the flesh.

For example, in order to recruit workers, turn to work and gain more material enjoyment, etc., at the expense of selling virginity, she does not have the problem of being abandoned, so there is no pain. Once they have achieved their purpose, they will actively leave the other party. In fact,An “equivalent exchange”, although it is a formal form of prostitution, it is essentially prostitution.

  Type 4: Another type of cooked rice cooked with raw rice is to lose yourself in order to own each other.

In the process of love, the woman loves and admires the man, and at the same time, she is afraid of losing each other, so she actively dedicates her virginity to express her loyalty to him, in an attempt to tie the man in this way.The stupid way of “possessing” is in the middle of some men’s arms, and some girls are third parties who have sex with married women in an attempt to seize love. Once these people fail in love, they regret it and are oftenTormented by a strong self-blame, surrounds the abyss of pain.

  Type 5: Rape However, the most painful is the loss of life under violence. Because they are completely violated by their targets and raped by rape, their pain often turns into hatred, and this hatred has no place to vent.The irretrievable facts often make them discouraged, so-some people broke the jars, violently abandoned themselves, and even played with men to achieve psychological balance; some people suffered for life and couldn’t extricate themselves, and even committed suicide.Road; after some people have lost their own body, tempting other women to lose their body, so it seems they can get some relief and so on.

These raped women often have a post-self-blame, for example, they often think: If I do n’t go that way that night, if I do n’t wear a skirt and short pants, if I scream desperately, andIt wasn’t that he saw the cold-sharp knife slumped . then he wouldn’t be defeated.

However, nothing can be done again. This regret and self-blame can only aggravate the pain.

People who love to wipe here generally live long

People who love to wipe here generally live long

Longevity is a temptation for anyone, but according to people’s living habits, it is actually very difficult to want longevity.

In fact, there are many habits in life that are beneficial to longevity. So what are the scientific methods of longevity?

The following editor will explain it to everyone!

  When we are tired, we are often used to rubbing our faces or ears, and we will feel a lot more energetic after rubbing.

  Rub your face when you are tired. Rub your face comfortably, and your eyes are bright, so you feel refreshed.

Rubbing your face can also stretch your facial nerves and muscles, or prevent facial paralysis, vision loss, and colds.

  When rubbing your face, the strength is slightly heavier, and the speed is preferably 1 time per second.

Rub your face 3 times a day?
5 times, each time more than 5 minutes, until the ends feel hot and dry.

  People with dry skin should not rub their face too hard, and don’t do it too fast, so as not to rub the skin.

Zhuang Ping pointed out that if the face is rubbed too hard, it can easily cause blood pressure to rise, and it should be stopped.

  Rub the ears and ears with dense acupoints to reach all parts of the human body. When the human body is sick, it is usually displayed on the ears.

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about the kidney opening to the ears, and often rubbing the ears can replenish the kidney and strengthen the waist.

  Zhuang Ping pointed out that rubbing the ears with the outer ear wheel (the part of the cartilage rolled up inwardly in the ear) can promote the filling of capillaries and the improvement of mutual circulation.

Be careful not to press too hard when rubbing your ears.

  Need to be reminded that elderly people with severe hypertension have ear ulcers, and some patients with tumors should avoid rubbing their ears.

  Rubbing the waist and eyes The waist and eyes are located at the top four fingers of the pelvis.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the waist and eyes are “with veins” and are where the kidneys are.

The kidneys are warm and cold, and massaging the waist and eyes can warm the kidneys and yang, and the qi and blood can be smoothed.

Rubbing the waist, eyes and palms with the palm can not only dredge the belt and strengthen the lumbar spine, but also can serially solidify the kidney and prolong life.

  During the massage, both hands rub against the heat, press tightly on the waist and eyes, pause for a while, and then rub down firmly.

Do 50 each time?
100 times a day, morning and evening.

Gently fist in both hands after rubbing, and use the fists or fists to rotate and massage the waist and eyes every 5 minutes.

  Rubbing the feet, the human body merges in the reflex area on the feet, and often rubbing the feet can insert the effects of nourishing the brain and nourishing kidneys, nourishing and calming the nerves, and promoting blood circulation, and can also cure forgetfulness, insomnia, indigestion, decreased appetite, abdominal distension, constipation, and heart, liver, Bile and other organs implanted.

  There are two types of rubbing feet: dry rubbing and wet rubbing.

The method is to hold the front of the left instep with your left hand, and rub it up and down along the sole with your right hand 100 times to make the soles feel hot; use your left hand to rub the soles of the right feet.

The intensity of kneading should be comfortable.

When wet rubbing, put your feet in a warm water basin, soak until the feet become red, and then rub them dry.

Zhuang Ping reminds diabetic patients to rub their feet carefully.

  Conclusion: From the above knowledge we can grind, in fact, longevity can also be rubbed out by our hands.

In fact, longevity is not very far away from us. As long as we usually do a good job in health care and protect our bodies, longevity can be achieved.

Hope the above knowledge can help everyone!

Learn to be tepid in the workplace

Learn to be tepid in the workplace

In fact, encountering setbacks at work, not paying attention to abilities, colluding with colleagues, vicious competition, or inadequate corporate systems and environment, openness, and high unemployment rates are all causes of workplace anger.

In addition to external factors, their own problems are also critical, such as mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia; In addition, they are too inflexible and think that they are sacrificing for others, or like to control and instruct others, alsoEasy to cause workplace anger.

  Anger is an emotion. The conflict between external stimuli and self-awareness does not disappear in a vacuum.

If the anger is not handled well, it will have many consequences. In addition to being unhappy, it is easy to offend others, make interpersonal relationships worse, lead to unsuccessful work, and even lose jobs.

In addition, anger can also cause physical distortions, such as insomnia and stomach pain.

  As for anger, we should usually cultivate a positive management style.

Learn to treat others with compassion, and think more of each other.

Knowing how to face others, learn to be humble, and not stubbornly regret can avoid disrupting relationships.

  In addition, it is important to choose the emotional management method that suits you.

It is recommended to adjust through muscle relaxation and deep breathing. It can also help soothe emotions through meditation.

Humor also has the function of eliminating anger, which can help you get new ideas from the following ideas, and it is also a servo of interpersonal relationships.

Do not want to be angry office workers, remind yourself from time to time: ‘Smile is better than anger.

“Absolutely, going out and walking more is a good way to adjust to bad moods. Let the anger transform the sweat away from the body and start again.

A philosopher once said: “Anger is the real enemy of human beings.” Learning to manage the anger of the workplace is as important as improving work efficiency.

  However, venting anger is not entirely possible.

Anger is sometimes used to defend one’s rights, thereby regaining control and improving psychological symptoms, while also warning the other party not to violate their own bottom line.

Summarize 13 hidden differences between men and women

Summarize 13 hidden differences between men and women

What are the differences between men and women?

The British “Daily Mail” December article invited British and American experts to summarize the “13 hidden differences between men and women.”

1.Women have better ability to distinguish colors Andrew Rotary, professor of ophthalmology at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, said that women have more “color vision” genes in their eyes than men, which makes them more capable of identifying different colors.

Men’s bones are stronger. Paul Allen, an orthopaedic specialist in Kent, UK, says that the outer layers of men’s bones are thicker than women’s, causing fractures.

Male bones are large and female pelvic cavity is small, but the size of the bone opening at the lower end of the pelvic cavity is convenient for having children.

3.Men’s nose diameter Men’s noses are on average 10% larger than women’s because men have more muscle groups and need to inhale more oxygen.

4.Men’s liver cancer David Royd, an expert in liver surgery at the General Hospital of Leset, UK, said that women’s livers are smaller than men’s, so they are used to replace alcohol dehydrogenase and drunken alternatives.

5.Women’s hearts are small, and their heart rate is slow Dr. Green Thomas, an expert from the Bristol Heart Institute, said that women’s hearts are about two-thirds of men’s; men and women have an average heartbeat of 80 and 72 beats per minute; women with AF have a risk of strokeThan male sex.

6.Women are relatively relative Although women are smaller than men, they are both the same length.

Therefore, with the same amount of food, women are more likely to feel full.

7.Dr. Rocht Lal, a London lung cancer expert on women’s lung load, said women’s lung capacity is 30% smaller than men’s, and the airways are narrowed, which reduces lung load.

8.Women are more flexible. Professor Alan Hillman, an expert at the British Arthritis Institute, said that women’s ligaments are looser and easier to stretch, and it is less difficult to complete the splits.

9.Women’s urinary tract is shorter Christopher Eden, a urologist at the Royal Surrey Hospital in the United Kingdom, said that women’s urethra is only 3 cm on average and men’s 20 cm.

Therefore, women are more likely to develop urinary tract infections.

10.Men’s beer belly, women’s buttocks, thick legs, men’s fat are often lightly accumulated on the waist, while women easily accumulate on the chest and thighs.

11.After menopause, women’s voices become thicker. After women’s menopause, estrogen decreases and the vocal cords swell, so the voice becomes a bit heavy.

12.Women’s skin is thinner Dr. Sagad Rajippa, an expert in dermatology at Birmingham, UK, says women’s skin is thinner and therefore more prone to wrinkles.

Men have a higher ratio of dermal protein to skin, which makes them look younger.

13.Women’s immune system is more active. Women’s immune system is more active, and their ability to cope with infection is stronger. After infection, the body is injured less than men.

Women’s immune system ages more slowly, which results in longer life.


University campus depressed pandemic

University campus “depressed” pandemic

Psychologists point out that improving depression tolerance and more autonomously bearing the consequences of their behaviors can effectively dispel depression. Senior Wang Xiao Wang, turned around last night and didn’t sleep all night.
“It’s not because of the postgraduate entrance examination and job search that it’s too stressful!
After going online to get rid of depression, you can find yourself more depressed after returning from the virtual online game world to reality.
Xiao Wang told reporters distressed.
  Xiao Wang recently knows his postgraduate entrance examination results, but the score line has not come out.
He judged that he might be a little bit behind, but maybe there is still a glimmer of hope, which can’t stand up, making him restless.
“There are more and more graduate students. Listening to everyone’s evaluation, this year’s foreign language is not difficult, but for me, it is precisely the foreign language that hinders me.
Muttered Xiao Wang.
  The future of graduate studies is uncertain. Relatives have helped to contact a good work unit. In the eyes of the classmates, Xiao Wang’s good fortune is good, but Xiao Wang’s heart is depressed: “My mother has no work and the family’s economic conditionsNot very good, it is not easy for me to study.
After college, I ca n’t find a good job on my own, and I need relatives to help me with the relationship. Moreover, my parents may have to spend a lot of money on this, ashamed.
I’m still hesitant-is it to swear the end of the postgraduate entrance examination?
Or take this job opportunity to go to work first?
“These three words have become his mantra.
  Xiao Li, a junior student, although he has not yet faced the pressure of employment and postgraduate entrance examination, often puts “depression” in his mouth.
“有时候必须去操场上奔跑,否则会窒息”,小李说,“系里风气很不好,谁优秀大家就‘灭’谁,所以,我在报名参加君政学者评选的时候,都没Dare to tell the people in the dormitory that I’m really afraid of extracurricular activities. ”
  Not familiar with some “strange phenomena” in the school is the main reason for Xiao Li’s depression.
In the second half of 2003, Xiao Li’s faculty and department wanted to develop a group of reserve party members, and their monitors were among them.
“平日里,班长尽职尽责,任劳任怨,成绩又好,可公示期间,竟有人跑到系里说他‘待人不够真诚’,班长入党的事情就此泡了汤”,小李告诉记者,每年评奖学金When this happens, such strange things always happen. Some students who are excellent in all aspects will often be unfairly evaluated by some students, and eventually they can only pass by the scholarship.
Xiao Li told reporters, “One of the popular words on the campus Internet is ‘I’m so depressed.'”
  It should be said that the word “depressed” has been popular on university campuses for a long time.
Fan Fuquan, a professor of applied psychology at the Institute of Education at Tsinghua University, told reporters that she first heard the word on a student discussion group six years ago, and it was “really serious” at that time. Later, the word gradually becameThe mantra of many students.
A media survey of university buzzwords once showed that “depressed” topped the list with a 55.2% turnout. Recently, a teacher from a college in Jilin Province told reporters that after visiting his 12 classes, he found that 80%The above students claimed to be “depressed.”
  The “depressive wind” on the university campus has no tendency to stop. When talking about the topic of “depression” with students, there is always a lot to say.
The reporter found that freshman students were mostly depressed about “the university in reality is not the same as the ivory tower in imagination”, “the top student in middle school, and became an ordinary member at the university”, “the loss of motivation and life goals”,Sophomores are mostly depressed because of “sensitive interpersonal relationships on campus”, “partial malpractices in colleges and departments”, and “social injustice that reveals the gap between the rich and the poor on campus”.A series of problems caused by love “and depressed.
  ”Depression is a general reflection of psychological sub-healthy emotions,” said Professor Shen Jian, a member of the College Student Psychological Counseling Committee of China.
Last year, the Jilin Provincial Department of Education’s College Students’ Mental Health Task Force distributed more than 3,000 sample questionnaires to 15 colleges and universities in the province. The results show that 46.7% of college students have “psychological problems or need attention”.
As one of the team’s contributors, Jian Shen told reporters that the survey showed that college students’ psychological problems are mainly manifested in obsessive-compulsive tendencies, depression, hostility, interpersonal sensitivity, paranoia, anxiety, etc., “and these will cause depression.
  ”The depression of college students should be viewed dialectically.
Depression is the confusion and pain of college students when facing difficulties. I think and I am here. People have pain, which proves that he is thinking.
“Tian Yu Yu, a teacher at Jilin University who has been working as a student for many years, said that the campus depression is popular and it reflects the contradictions and turbulence in the social transformation period in universities.
He said that in the period of social transformation, the redistribution of interests and intensified competition have brought more pressure on people and caused deviations in psychological identity. Depression is more common.
On the one hand, social problems have become complicated. On the other hand, the new generation of college students are mostly single children, and their ability to resist setbacks has declined. Some of them have been long-standing problems among college students.
  Professor Fan Fuzhen divides depressed college students into three types: the first is ridiculous. For them, “depression” is just fashionable words hanging on their mouths. As long as they are uncomfortable, they all call “depression”; secondThis type is maladaptive, and they often feel depressed; the third type is really psychologically disturbing. Instead of saying “depressed”, these students are the most dangerous.
In general, special attention needs to be given to the latter two college students.
  ”It’s like holding a cup. It’s okay for a while. After 24 hours, you can exhaust your arm.
What do you always do with depression?
You complain that the environment and conditions of the university are not as good as you think, but have you made full use of the existing environment and conditions?The light is depressed. If you don’t do anything, you can’t see the future and you will become more depressed.

“Professor Shen Jian pointed out that if the depression of college students is accumulated for a long time, it will definitely have an adverse effect on their own growth.

He suggested that college students strengthen self-regulation, take the initiative to adapt to the environment, face the reality with optimism, and improve themselves.

Professor Fan Fuzhen also pointed out that colleges and universities should provide targeted services to help college students resolve depression, guide everyone to increase their tolerance for frustration, establish a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and bear their own consequences more autonomously and responsibly.